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Philip K. Dick, born December 16, 1928, Chicago, IL

In Hellenistic Greece, astrologers used the whole signs system, where the entire first sign is the first house, and the Ascendant line marks the horizon in the first house.

If the AC is at 2 degrees, the DC is at 2 degrees of the seventh sign and house.

The MC does not always fall in the tenth house. Here it does. The entire tenth sign is the tenth house, and the MC marks a line, noon, in the tenth.

If the MC is at 1 degree, the IC, midnight, is at 1 degree of the fourth sign and house.

Astrotheme does not have the whole signs system. Astrodienst does.
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There are multiple points of view in Gemini, but there is also the need for definite answers, the steps to get somewhere, do something. There is knowhow in Gemini.

In Sag there is exploration. What is reality. Why do we see and experience the same event differently. Why are we here, on this planet.

Scorpio can live with the mysteries, revere them. Sag likes to explore them, to juggle the mind and see where it takes us.

Wherever Uranus is in the chart, he asks for originality. On the AC, he asks for an original life, and in Aries, a life that is bold and unselfconscious.

Mars on the IC squares Uranus and slows things down. In retrograde motion, he is measured and strategic. In Cancer and in the darkest hour of night, he keeps the chart holder awake, reading, listening to music, studying. Mars and Pluto draw Scorpio, and he studied the mysteries of the mind. Mars draws Aries, and he studied his own psychology. Study gave him the foundation he needed to be original.

PKD chose a literary genre that his country considered to be from the ghetto, a genre not so easily welcomed in the homeland’s pool of memories.

He worked hard to lift science fiction from the ghetto, to give it substance, elegance, and he left behind a body of work that is influential.

In Sag he imagined the future. He explored where science and technology could take us. He imagined robots that could pass for humans, but that didn’t struggle with questions of morality, or have empathy, or fight to survive like we do.

He imagined the future with Mercury in Sag, promethean. Saturn conjunct the Sun Mercury asked him to pen it down. Saturn rules the MC in Capricorn, and Saturn asked that he turn fire into earth and leave traces behind.

He wrote from noon till 2 am. He wrote while the Sun travelled clockwise, set in Libra, and continued down to the point of Rahu in Gemini. He wrote 121 short stories, 44 novels, and more left unpublished. An experimental life. 

They say he was addicted to drugs, but his addiction must have first been to writing, and the drugs helped bring him the visions he needed to keep writing.


Many call him a visionary.


by Paul Karasik, The New Yorker, March 2, 2022

In ancient times, they would have called his visions oracles.

It was in the throes of madness that the followers of Dionysus brought back oracles and prophesied.

Jupiter, father of Dionysus, is in Taurus, in the second house of resources, personal and material. He is in retrograde motion, working hard to secure resources.

Chiron is also in Taurus, and Chiron in Taurus asks that we mind the gap in the body and in nature.

Even when he wasn’t minding the gap, and relying on his drug induced visions to tell stories, he had a public in Aquarius. There is science in Aquarius, medicine too, the sweet nectar of immortality. His public was privy to his explorations, and to his bold and unselfconscious life.


Today, people dig in his body of work looking for riches, turning his words back into visions.

Blade Runner is based on his book Do androids dream of electric sheep.


Chart for June 25, 1982

The story begins with a question involving the desert and a turtle. Would Leon flip the turtle back on its belly. Leon wanted context before he answered the question. Which desert was it and why was he there.

Mercury scooped out the inside of a turtle to make a lyre. With the lyre, he made peace with his brother and opened doors to many stories.

It was the same when he killed Argos Panoptes. He set the cow free, and the cow roamed the earth and got involved in many stories.

To kill Argos, Mercury put every eye to sleep with stories and music, and some say with charms. He became known as Argeiphontes, slayer of Argos, a title that proclaimed his ingenuity.

Deck was a blade runner, slayer of replicants, but he’d quit. He’d quit quit, until Gaff came along and took him to see Bryant.


Gaff made an origami chicken, while Bryant updated Deck on the replicants that had escaped the colonies and come to earth.

Maybe he meant it to be a rooster. Roosters herald new beginnings, a new day, a marriage.


He left an origami man with an erect penis in Leon’s apartment, but Leon didn’t see it. Deck saw it. Deck went looking for clues, and he found scales in the bathtub and photographs in the drawer. He took the right scale and the right photograph. They led him to one of the rogue replicants, and then he saw the one called Leon.

Rachel saved him from Leon, and a romance began between them.


Rachel was the finest replicant. She wasn’t a rogue. She was an experiment. Deck met her at Tyrell’s. Tyrell told Deck that commerce was the goal of his corporation, and to make replicants more human than human was his motto.

He said replicants didn’t have feelings, but could develop them in time, love, hate, and so he shortened their lifespan to 4 years.

He was now experimenting with giving them memories, to control them better, and to be able to increase their lifespan.

Rachel belonged to the new batch.

He was her maker.

There are powerful planets in Libra. Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. When Saturn and Jupiter come together in Libra, they can herald new principles, principles that carry ripples. With Pluto involved, they can transform society.

This was the year of the Canada Act 1982.

This was also the year of the Falklands war.

There is a war in the heavens in Pisces, a turn of the ages, and there is a war on earth in Libra, brought on by an alliance between people, the Trojan war. It begins with a whisper, discord between three goddesses, and a contest.

When Helen of Sparta became Helen of Troy, she joined Gemini to Libra and brought in her mortal twin sister, Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra’s husband was Agamemnon,

and Agamemnon was the brother of Menelaus, Helen’s husband.

Like all those who fought against the Trojans, Agamemnon had sworn to protect Menelaus against injustice.

But the winds did not favour him when he set sail to Troy, and an Oracle said that for the winds to favour him, he had to sacrifice his daughter.

Some say he sacrificed his daughter. Others say that Artemis whisked her away and replaced her body with that of a deer.

Either way, the winds favoured Agamemnon after the sacrifice, and he set sail. But when he returned from Troy, Clytemnestra and her lover killed him.

Then Clytemnestra’s son Orestes avenged his father and killed her.

She carries the shadows of retribution.

Castor and Pollux

Helen and Clytemnestra


Clytemnestra, Martha Graham Dance Company

Deck loved Rachel in Gemini. He didn’t switch sides. He was still going to kill the remaining replicants.

He explored her side.

He taught her what to say to him, told her to repeat after him, and she learned quickly words of love.

Venus brought them love, and while they loved each other,

Roy Batty felt unloved,

cheated by his maker.


Tyrell had not known when to stop. Venus and Mercury in Gemini can bring passion for a field where we research, experiment and make connections. 


They touch the planets in Libra.

There are two sides in Libra.

He was trying to merge two sides, mechanical and human.

It began like this,


and now the machine had questions and wanted answers,

it wanted context,

to see if flipping the turtle opened doors to more stories.

It wanted to live longer.

Roy Batty killed his maker.


But he saved Deck.

Kinship, he said.


There is kinship in Gemini.


Castor and Pollux by Robert Fagan, 1793

Deck watched Roy die, and questions we don’t have answers for rose to his mind. Gaff interrupted his mind wandering to remind him there was one replicant left. If Deck didn’t kill her, somebody else would.

Deck went to save Rachel, and saw that Gaff had already been there and spared her life.

He left an origami unicorn.

Good luck.



We can now give Medea back to Aries.

Libra has Themis and the Trojan War,

Aries has Jason and the Argonauts,

Jason and the dragon,

Jason and Medea.


Woman in Gold, released April 3, 2015

When Chrysomallus brought Phrixos to Colchis, Phrixos sacrificed the ram to the gods, and gave the golden fleece to king Aeëtes, son of Helios. The golden fleece came to symbolize Aeëtes’ right to rule. It became a symbol of power.

Adele’s portrait by Gustav Klimt also became a powerful symbol. Hubertus told Randy and Maria that she was embedded in Austria’s identity.


Maria wanted to retrieve the painting, because it belonged to her family, and because of justice. She asked Randy to help her. Randy helped her reluctantly, until he saw the value of the painting.

They flew to Vienna, and Hubertus appeared out of the blue to open doors.

Even then, they couldn’t get the painting back. It was protected, not by a dragon, but by the heads of powerful institutions and deeply engrained beliefs.

By society.

Jupiter and Saturn are the social planets. Jupiter in Leo loved Alcmene, not once, but three times, and three times longer than anyone else. He ordered the Sun not to rise for three days. Saturn in Sagittarius is rooted and retrograde. In Sag, Pabilsag guides, not one person, but everyone in the same direction, toward the galactic centre.


But Pluto in Capricorn asks that the laws that no longer serve us be broken down. He squares Uranus in Aries to make room for new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing.

Randy could imagine Austria without the painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer.


He got angry in that room and dropped his papers and raised his voice, but he didn’t kill.

All along people recognized Randy’s surname, Schoenberg. He was the composer’s grandson.

Mars in Taurus attracted people who constantly reminded him of his heritage. He learned early to control his impulses, be polite, live up to his name.

Mars is in a quincunx to Saturn in Sag and the Moon in Libra. Mars asked him to use his mastery and knowledge, and to abide by the principles of society to fight.

Venus in Taurus took him to pay his respects at the Holocaust Memorial.

Venus is Inanna, and back in Sumer, she stole the mes of Enki, the laws. She left her temple in Eridu and went to his temple, the temple of the Abzu, in Uruk. They feasted together and he got drunk and she stole the mes. When Enki realized what she’d done, he sent monsters after her, but Inanna’s vizier protected her, and she arrived safely back to her temple in Eridu with the mes. Enki made peace with her and allowed her to keep the mes in Eridu. She had grown mature enough to take the responsibility.

Randy paid his respects, and Maria’s quest became his quest.


Jason’s quest became Medea’s quest too. Jason stepped aside and let Medea lead.

Aries asks for leadership.

Randy quit his job and got a loan from his father. He did it without consulting his wife. He didn’t want anyone stopping him. Something was carrying him forward ever since Vienna.


There is the memory of children about to be sacrificed by a stepmother in Aries.

There is the memory of Jason claiming a throne rightfully his in Aries.

There is a stolen fleece, and a murdered child, and Aeëtes going after the fleece, and collecting the pieces of his son’s mutilated body in the water.

Sign of survival,

and Mercury rescues children.


Mercury in Aries, with the Sun and Uranus, can say such rash things when he is young.


But as he grows older and more self conscious, he feels the touch of Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sag,

and he practises to be on stage,

and learns to speak more thoughtfully and succinctly.

Most of the time.


The ancient story says that when Jason asked Aeëtes for the fleece, Aeëtes told him he could have the fleece if he completed three labours successfully. Jason completed them successfully with Medea’s help, and still Aeëtes would not let him take the fleece.

In this version, Medea doesn’t kill the king’s only heir to distract him and run away with the fleece. He chooses arbitration in Vienna.

By then Maria had told him that he was on his own. He’d have to go to Vienna without her.

Hubertus met Randy when he arrived, and they attended a Schoenberg concert together.

The day of arbitration, when Randy took the floor to present his argument, Maria showed up.

Mercury has his joy in the first house, and Aries is the first sign in the natural zodiac. Randy spoke like a bard, and he and Maria retrieved the portrait of Adele without carnage.

There is a painting of Jason and Medea that includes Orpheus. Some say Orpheus accompanied Jason and the Argonauts to Colchis. They say his music could charm all living things, and here he sings and plays his music, while Medea tames the dragon snake, and Jason takes the golden fleece.

Randy specialized in art restitution to tame the dragon again and again.


 Medea, Jason, Orpheus and the dragon by William Russell Flint, 1910

Mary Poppins, released August 27, 1964

Demeter took the form of a servant and found employment with the king and queen of Eleusis. In her grief over the loss of her daughter, she exiled herself and came to earth, and took care of the king and queen’s two sons, Demophon and Triptolemus. The children blossomed in her care. Triptolemus blossomed with the milk she fed him, and Demophon blossomed with anointments of ambrosia.

Demeter put Demophon in the hearth at night to burn off his mortality, some say to replace the daughter she had lost, and others say to show her gratitude to the king and queen. But when the queen saw her child in the fire one night, she did not understand and threw the goddess out.

Demeter revealed herself to the queen and brought understanding. To honour the goddess, the queen built the Temple to Demeter. She honoured the goddess with good works.

There are good works in Virgo, and there is learning and understanding, and there is teaching.

When Mercury brought Persephone back to Demeter, Demeter taught Triptolemus how to grow wheat, and Triptolemus spread the word.

Sign of the apprentice.

In this chart, Pluto and Uranus are in Virgo, in the sign of the goddess. They ask that we break down old archetypes and build new ones, and there is the archetype of the servant in Virgo, the teacher, the apprentice.

Jane and Michael triggered the chart when they wrote an advertisement for the kind of nanny they wanted.


Demeter didn’t come herself, but sent a messenger. The wind changed direction and brought Mary Poppins.


She was mercurial, as in, pertaining to the god Mercury,



Mercury by silentrebel193

and she had a bit of Dike in her.


She arrived, unpacked and had the children tidy up. She put their coats on, took her staff, and spit spot, they were off on a outing,

many outings,

with Bert, who was mercurial himself. He had sensed the change in wind direction and heralded her arrival.


There is pressure in the chart. With Saturn in Pisces, there is the pressure of giving form to the imagination and to abstract ideas, and there is the pressure of time.


With Mars Venus in Cancer, there is the pressure of birthing something new at home. The children had nanny after nanny, and just when their father was getting used to the new one, she’d leave and another one would arrive.

Then Mary Poppins came along and stayed, and they birthed outing after outing, song after song, dance number after dance number, and a new word.


On the surface, it was frenzied. They were all in a frenzied state of doing

and undoing

Mr. Banks.

Mercury is retrograding into Pluto, Mercury of the underworld, and he is an evening star. He took Mr. Banks to the underworld for some soul making.


It all began when Banks took the children to the bank where he worked. Michael wanted to buy crumbs with his tuppence to feed the birds, but Banks wouldn’t let him. He, along with the heads of the bank, sang to Michael why he should put his money into an account. When Mr Dawes Sr. snatched Michael’s tuppence away, the children caused a bank run.


Jupiter was transiting Taurus, bringing gifts, but Jupiter’s gifts don’t come easy.

Mr. Banks got sacked with Jupiter in Taurus and the Moon in Aries.

He was led-


No, not to the gallows.


He was led to the boardroom

and dismissed.


Mercury brought him out of the underworld, reborn and ready to put his resources to good use. He fixed the children’s kite, and sang to them that with tuppence for paper and string


It all worked out in the end and the bank made him a partner.

He learned that he didn’t have to be a servant of the bank all day long. He could provide and he could nurture.

He could be two people at once.

Virgo can teach that.

Virgo knows how.


When Mercury brings Persephone back to Demeter in the spring, she is the young maiden, or Kore as we call her. And when Mercury takes her back to Pluto in the fall, she is queen of the underworld.

Kore and queen.

She was wife


and suffragette.


The old Mr. Banks was undone just when the wind changed,

and a new sort of father was introduced to the home.

Frenzied action for a purpose,

and before she had to go.


Apocalypse Now, released August 15, 1979

On one level, it was an aesthetic experience.

Pluto digs in Libra and there are aesthetics in Libra.

Coppola wanted it to be a big movie, a big experience, in sound, the sound of helicopters surrounding the audience.

The Sun Jupiter Venus in Leo speak of a grand stage, and Mercury in Leo tells a story on a grand stage.




There is the Trojan war in Libra, and Pluto in Libra digs in the relationship we have with war and sending people to war.

Uranus in Scorpio adds the psychological elements missing in the relationship, the psychological impact of war.

Saturn in Virgo in a sextile to Uranus in Scorpio can study the psychological impact of a craft, of war. He can study, name and describe what lies hidden in a person,  

and Mercury can make it visible in Leo.

Leo lit by the Sun.


The stellium in Leo demands a big personality, or attracts it.


It demands a personality that can be hearth fire for others.


With Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Scorpio,

it demands a personality that will give nourishment to the clan, and be the glue that holds the clan together,


a personality that puts home and homeland first.

There is patriotism in the chart, and there is music. Mars in Cancer can express himself through music,

warn the enemy of his arrival with Wagner.


The chart is a solar chart, and Mars in Cancer is in the twelfth house, the house behind the scenes and the house of rest.

The action was behind the scenes, warfare in a foreign land,

warfare and R&R combined.


The key to survival was here, in the ability to combine both, 

to enjoy the smell of 


and play with flares.


There is play in Leo.

There is also a moral dilemma in the sign.

Willard was on a mission that carried a moral dilemma for him. He’d killed people before, but this time he had to kill someone on his team, an American officer with an impressive career.

With the Sun in Leo are the rulers of the second house of resources, the third house of skills, the fifth house of romance, the eighth house of crisis, and the tenth house of career.

They can put the chart holder in charge of all decisions.

But Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Scorpio connect the chart holder to a bigger picture, a team, an army, a country.

Kurtz had become disconnected from the bigger picture. He didn’t wait for missions, he made his own, had his own army, natives who worshipped him

Willard studied Kurtz’ dossier, trying to figure out what had caused the disconnect. Then the choice he made between carrying on to his destination and diverting his way to help a wounded woman brought him closer to understanding Kurtz. He shot the woman to carry on.


What happened to Kurtz could happen to him.

The loss of moral judgement to guide the way.

Kurtz had seen a pile of little arms, hacked after his team of special forces had inoculated them against polio. To live with the horror, he sided with it, admired the strength it took to do such a thing.

He became disconnected from the bigger picture and from the person he’d been before, the outstanding officer and humanitarian man.

To kill without the impediments of morality and judgement was how he wanted to win the war.

To be killed without judgement was how he wanted to die.

He asked Willard if he was an assassin. Willard answered that he was a soldier. Kurtz told him that he was neither. He was an errand boy-

The mention of errand boy woke the slayer of Argos. He looked behind him and he was backed by the Sun Jupiter and Venus.

Willard completed his mission, but before that, he made the decision to take his pelt off. His gut must have told him it was time to do something else.



John Milius wrote the script for Apocalypse Now. It went through changes with the input of the director and the actors and the times, but he wrote the original script.


Chart for John Milius, born April 11, 1944, St. Louis, Missouri

He’d seen hippies wearing the peace sign,


and he changed it to a B-52.


He was born when the spirit of the times was in Gemini, and the movie invites the public to explore the complexities of war. All the sides,



errand boy.

The movie was produced when the spirit of the times was in Scorpio.

Soldiers sit on their helmets,

and the amphitheatre is filled with American students in the Philippines and the children of the cast. One big family watching the bunnies.

With his Sun in Aries, he wanted to add elements of Odysseus’ journey. The bunnies are the sirens.

With Venus in Aries, he drops Chef’s head on Willard’s lap.

He ends Conan the Barbarian with a beheading as well.

Venus plays with gore in this chart.

Milius digs in issues of morality, explores the crossroads in Leo.

He wanted to fight in Vietnam but his asthma kept him home, researching, talking to people who’d been there, writing and listening to music. He chose all the songs in the movie. Playing Wagner before the helicopter assault is his idea.

There are no special effects in the movie. Everything was filmed in the fields. It took over a year to film and more time to edit. The movie was released when Milius was having a Mars and Jupiter return. The ending of a cycle and the beginning of another. If he felt excluded not being able to fight in Vietnam, he didn’t anymore.


Chart for Another Round, released September 24, 2020

In the natural zodiac Leo is the house of joy, friends, children, Virgo is the house of work, learning and spreading knowledge, and Libra is the house of contracts.

In this chart the three houses are joined by their rulers.

Martin, Tommy, Peter and Nikolaj were friends and colleagues in a school.

Mercury in Libra speaks of a place of work that tries to get everyone on the same page.


Venus in Leo asks to find joy in the contracts that bind us,

but Martin was joyless in the school and in his marriage.


There is a wedding banquet in Libra’s story. Libra rules celebrations, the seating arrangement, the pairing of alcohol and food, manners.

The four friends were in Libra when they celebrated Nikolaj,


and Mercury is in Libra, holding his caduceus. He joins Libra with Virgo and Gemini, and Rahu is in Gemini, sign of experimentation.

Martin tried out Skårderud’s hypothesis.


Mars in Aries lying across from Mercury in Libra gave him the courage. Mars in Aries is a risk taker.

The four friends turned Skårderud‘s hypothesis into a study, to see if it would increase their social and professional performance. With Ketu in Sag, the work was in Sag, and Jupiter joins Sag to Capricorn, the most public house in the natural zodiac.


Jupiter, father of Dionysus.

With Pluto R in Capricorn, he can take us on a soul journey.

With Saturn R in Capricorn, he can take us on a soul journey while upholding societal structures.

In a square to Mercury in Libra, he can keep the experiment going as long as we keep the contracts that bind us.

In a square to Mars R in Aries, he pushes for measured risk, risk that will not jeopardize marriage, work, reputation, life.

Together they ask that we follow




They found inspiration.

Even when they were sober.

Jupiter sextiles Neptune in Pisces, that place of raw material.

A place of refuge.

Stay too long in the Valley of Nep and it can get addictive.


Jupiter and Neptune quincunx Venus in Leo.

Some say that a quincunx carries a blind spot,

until we see it.

Jupiter and Neptune quincunx Venus in Leo, and Venus follows her heart in Leo, and their hearts asked for more. More joy. The experiment went from a group experiment to everyone’s individual experiment.


They moved from Libra to Aries,


and back to Libra when they decided to go for catharsis, ultimate oblivion.

To reach Jupiter.


A crisis triggers Mars. Mars is in a t-square that asks for rules,

and Mars trines Venus in Leo.

Trines come easy.

Disapproval that comes with intimacy.


Obligation that comes with love.


A crisis triggers the Sun.

They sat around the table and Eris threw the apple of discord.


What followed was real catharsis.


In Martin, the experiment that had brought him back to life was replaced with saving his marriage.

Then Tommy saved them all when he came drunk to the extraordinary meeting. He unknowingly took the blame for all of them consuming alcohol in school.

There is rescue when Mars and Mercury touch.


There can be new beginnings when Mars is in Aries. The beginning of a new story.

There is storytelling in Mercury. Mercury in Libra can tell a story that doesn’t have a conclusion, a story that sends ripples,

a story that takes us inside an institution. Saturn Jupiter in Capricorn speak of institutions that hold us up.

When Saturn Jupiter come together in Capricorn, they can establish new institutions. With Pluto in the mix, they can dig inside old ones, like schools.

In a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, they choose

a typical school,

a common problem.

The loss of self confidence and joy.

Venus in Leo makes the story more personal, and looks inside the lives of four colleagues held together by friendship.

A story about the recovery of self confidence and joy.

The Moon rules Cancer, home and homeland, and the Moon in Capricorn brings home and homeland to the fore.

The Moon rules the Nadir, and the Moon in Capricorn can bring what is private to the public house.


The Moon, mother in the sky, in a trine to Uranus in Taurus can find atypical ways of nurture. It can nurture in a way that shocks us and makes us laugh.


They add a moral touch to the story,


but with Rahu in Gemini there is no judgement.

There is a study in Sag, 


and exploration,


but there is no judgement, and therefore no blame and no atonement.


The movie ends the way it began, with a school Dionysia, institutionalized revelry.

This time they were a part of it.

On the same page.


Chart for Ghost World, released July 20, 2001

Enid could draw.

In the natural zodiac, Gemini is in the third house of the village that raises us, and she found the people in her village interesting and entertaining.


Gemini rules the hands, and Saturn Venus in Gemini can be a master draftsman. Across from them are Mars Pluto in Sag, and there is imagination in this combination. Seeing what lies beyond the surface.


Mastery and Arete in the Gemini Sag polarity. Her ticket to transforming her life.

It almost happened,


and maybe it would happen in the future, or the following year, when Ketu was in Sag and Rahu was in Gemini.

Like the art teacher, her dad had higher education in mind for her. He suggested that she go to the city college part time, and she could live at home and get a job if she wanted to.


But she wasn’t ready to make any changes.

In the natural zodiac, Cancer is in the fourth house, and the chart is rooted to home and homeland, and childhood memories. The Sun Moon in Cancer ask for a bubble to hold her, and her room held her, and her friendship with Rebecca held her.

In Aries we conquer. In Cancer we mark territory. The Sun Moon in Cancer can be territorial.


Fight to protect territory.


They are in a quincunx to Uranus in Aquarius. The spirit of the times is in Aquarius, and Neptune accentuates the qualities of the sign.

There is an outsider in Aquarius.

There was an outsider in the core of her being. It asked for separation, to be set apart. To look in from the outside.

There is retro in Aquarius, the sign that makes new what’s old.

The planets in Cancer gave her a taste for the old in her country, and the planets in Sag gave her a taste for Indian rock n’ roll from the 60’s.


There is truth saying in Uranus, and never more than when he is in Aquarius.

She couldn’t help telling people the truth of how she felt and what she believed.


Some say there is a blind spot in a quincunx.

She’d have to learn to curb the truth not to get fired.

Rebecca was counting on her getting a job so they could rent a place together. She was already doing the work in Capricorn to have a home of her own.

In this regard, Ketu Rahu in the Capricorn Cancer polarity were having the opposite effect on Enid. She wanted to stay under the protection of her dad.


Uranus in Aquarius, lightning, touching a new Moon in Cancer can give great intuition. They can give great insight.


They can reveal what it feels like to inhabit a specific skin. Like the art teacher who showed Mirror, Father, Mirror, to people she met for the first time


They can also be intrusive, intrude in people’s private lives. Idle mischief.






It’s how she met Seymour.

She described him as the opposite of everything she hated in people.

Mercury can tell us what we talk about, and in Cancer, they talked about music. Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer can pull in someone with knowledge in a Cancerian field, and Seymour knew a lot about music. He introduced her to music that was new to her.

He worked for Cook’s Chicken, and a painting he had of an old logo brought up history she wasn’t aware of, and ideas about race she hadn’t thought about.

Mercury is in a semi sextile to Saturn Venus in Gemini, and there is loyalty to friends here. She offered to become his own personal dating service, and they walked around town together, went to Anthony’s together.

Mercury is in a quincunx to Mars Pluto in Sag, and Mars Pluto join Scorpio to Sag. Their conversations were widening her horizons within her own environment, among her clan.


They went to a bar and he came out disillusioned. He told her that he couldn’t relate to 99% of humanity. She told him that she couldn’t either, 


She encouraged him to call Dana back, stood beside him when he made the call. She corrected her mischief, and in a way, did the work in Capricorn. There is an occupation and a partner for everyone in Capricorn.

Her talk of Seymour began to burst one of the bubbles that held her in Cancer,


and when Seymour started dating Dana, another bubble that held her burst.

Then her father topped the bubble bursting when he said Maxine was moving in with them at the end of the summer.


In a crisis, Mars conjunct Pluto in Sag can look for a transformational experience.

Enid filled out the application form for the art academy, but found out that she couldn’t apply anymore.

She had missed what had transpired at the art gallery.

The planets were keeping her home.


She went to see Seymour after that,


and Seymour took what she said seriously.

But when he called her, she wouldn’t pick up.

She went to see Rebecca after that, and begged her to let her movie in with her, and promised to get a job.


But when the time came to move in, she didn’t show up.

She was attached to her lake of memories.


Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun, and Rahu in Cancer can speak of influence at home, in the homeland.

They asked her to participate in a lake of memories.

To play

in a responsible and well mannered way.

There was medicine in her cartoons and light entertainment for herself and others.


But first she had to heal some wounds,


and figure herself out.


Go nowhere and figure herself out.


Chart for The Santa Clause, released November 11, 1994


There is initiation in Aries,

and in Scorpio there can be a taste for many.


It is in Scorpio that Inanna became Inanna Ereshkigal, Nergal became Nergal of the underworld, and Scott Calvin became Santa Claus.

There is an underworld in Scorpio and a natural inclination for the mysteries.


There can be art when Venus and Mercury are together. They lie across from Saturn and the Moon in Pisces, and there is the collective in Pisces. Saturn can separate the collective into G, PG 13 and R, and Saturn and the Moon can cater to a specific audience.

There is tradition in Saturn, and in Pisces where there are no boundaries, it can go a long way back. A tradition that goes a long way back. A story that goes a long way back. The Moon conjunct Saturn brings in Cancer, and Cancer can speak of a tradition, a story, that belongs to a specific lake of memories.

Venus R and Mercury in Scorpio can fall in love with an old story and bring it back to life.

Vampires are old.

Santa Claus is old.

In a vampire movie, Saturn at 5 degrees Pisces in a trine to Venus R at 5 degrees Scorpio can look like this.


In a Santa movie, they are careful, they are chaste.


Venus R is not so impulsive, but with the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in the same sign, she can be.


Scott was too. Venus rules sugar, and he needed cookies and milk to aid in his transformation.

Mars in Leo made his transformation visible,

and worrisome.


There are children in Leo, the inner child in all of us. There is youth in Leo, and in Scorpio there is Asclepius, son of Apollo, medicine man. He cured people, and when he began to bring the dead back to life, Jupiter struck him with a thunderbolt.

Mars in Leo in a square to the Sun in Scorpio can speak of medicine that rejuvenates.

It can give a taste for stories about immortal life, vampire stories and stories about elves.


Scott went to see his doctor looking for answers to what was happening to him, and his doctor told him to cut down on the calories. Other than that, he was in perfect health.

The stellium in Scorpio asked him to believe, but he believed that everything that happened the night Santa fell off his roof was a dream.

His son believed. In the Mars square to Jupiter Pluto was his son guiding him through his initiation and transformation. Charlie could see what was happening.


When the planets in Scorpio are young, they can blurt out what they sense and what they see beneath the surface. Unknowingly, Scott gave Charlie his first lesson in being a Scorpio.


Laura and Neil were in shock when they saw Scott at the park. They thought he was changing on purpose, to convince Charlie that he was Santa and thereby win his affections.

Neil offered him medicine.


A square can ask for protection. There is clan in Scorpio and a child in Leo, and a clan can come together to protect a child.

The spirit of the times is in Capricorn, and Neptune in Capricorn accentuates the qualities of the sign. There are rules in Capricorn, laws to protect children.

Uranus Neptune in Capricorn in a quincunx to Mars in Leo can ask that every case be given individual consideration.


Mercury rescues children and Venus protects them. In a trine to Saturn and the Moon in Pisces, they can ask for consensus, the best way to protect Charlie.


There is also this way.


In the natural zodiac, Pisces is in the twelfth house of retreat, and Saturn and the Moon can put people in a retreat for the good of the community.

In the natural zodiac, Scorpio is in the eighth house of crisis, and Venus Mercury can master rescuing people in a crisis. They can use their imagination and tinsel to save a person who’s fallen into the gap of marginality.

Scott went from being a toy maker to being Santa. A medicine man. His purpose was in Scorpio, and the traditional ruler of Scorpio tied his purpose to Leo.

To keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

To keep the inner child alive.

Jupiter Pluto can offer medicine to keep a mystery alive.


Uranus Neptune in Capricorn sextile Jupiter Pluto and add singing to the medicine,

and yin yang rules.

Yin yang rules aren’t official rules. Laura threw those in the fire.

Yin yang rules operate on a different level.


Chart for Some Kind of Wonderful, released February 27, 1987

At 29 degrees Pisces, Jupiter is at a border crossing.

In a square to Uranus in Sag, he can take a risk to see what’s on the other side.


But Saturn in Sag asks him to take calculated risks and honour life.


In Pisces, there is a war in the heavens, a power play that isn’t visible.

In the natural zodiac, Pisces is in the twelfth house of what lies behind the scenes, hidden.


Mercury in Pisces can talk, but half of what he says comes from the ones who came before us, in the spirit world.

He can also speak unspoken words, words that one soul says to another.


Mercury retrograde is Mercury of the underworld. Cazimi the Sun, he is messenger of the gods. Conjunct the Moon, he relies on his instincts.

In Pisces, he is timely.


In Cancer, molecules are packed.

Scorpio learns to pack them.

In Pisces, they are loose.  

Say a word in Pisces and-


Keith asked Amanda out and she said yes.

Word spread,  

and two men prepared for battle.


Hardy had a Jupiter complex. The shadow side of Jupiter in Pisces.


He strategized in the mall.


Keith had a taste for border crossings,


but Saturn can make us aware of our limitations.


He listened to Saturn and reached for Mars, and Mars is in Taurus across from Pluto in Scorpio.

There are resources in Taurus and there is clan in Scorpio, the riches of a clan.

He strategized in the detention room with his new friends, unseen, unheard.


They say that Jupiter in the twelfth house is a guardian angel.


He can bring out the guardian angel in us,

and draw them in when we need help.

In a square to Uranus in Sag, they can be rough on the outside, and surprisingly knowledgeable inside.


In a square to Uranus in Sag and a sextile to Venus in Capricorn, they can allow us entrance into sacred places,

places of high art.


There is intelligence when Jupiter and Mercury are together, and in the stellium in Pisces, there is soul knowing, and across from Pluto in Scorpio, a sense of what lies beneath the surface.

Amanda could see the battle Keith was involved in. She could see that he had used her, and she put him in his place.

She got a chance to put Hardy in his place too.

Neptune in Capricorn accentuates the qualities of the sign, and Capricorn can put people in their place.


Jupiter in Pisces is a shape shifter. In a square to Uranus in Sag, he can shape shift and adapt to different rhythms.


The chart is a chart in flux.


It allows for change to occur.


When the battle was over, Keith recognized his Venus. She was disciplined in her craft, drove him to school every morning, and had good taste in jewellery.

He listened to his Moon. She spoke to him in silence

and with hindsight.


Chart for The Little Things, released January 29, 2021

In Aquarius, we learn to detach.


Rembrandt, 1635

Aquarius can give us medicine that teaches us to detach and rise above a situation.

A defense mechanism.

There are fields that require it.


There are fields that can benefit from a bird’s eye view.


The Sun brings out the essence of the sign, and there is service in Aquarius.

Saturn Jupiter in Aquarius can speak of institutions that provide a service to society.




They are planets of the day. They ask for cohesion. All three together can draw attention. They can put such institutions and those who represent them in the public eye.

With Mercury involved, they can answer


They can ask for pointers.  


Deke had drawn a black bean and fallen into the angel business.

He got entangled and ended up in the peripheries. Aquarius can give us medicine to detach and rise above a situation in the peripheries.

But when Jim took him to a crime scene, the past came back. 

A crime scene is a place of raw material.

They picked up raw material to find out who was responsible. Neptune in Pisces is in a quincunx to the Moon in Leo, and the Moon in Leo can hide an individual until the blind spot is filled in.

Across from the Moon is Mercury in Aquarius, answering questions about what lies hidden, looking for pointers to lift the veil, picking up raw material and taking it to a lab. There is science in Aquarius, and the internet, systems with no centre.

The rulers of Pisces and Leo are conjunct in Aquarius. Deke and Jim relied on Aquarian resources to nail the guy.


Mercury in Aquarius scans.


After having breakfast at Jim’s house, Deke went to visit the woman who’d been his Venus, Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. He was still faithful to her, still wore his wedding ring.


Venus Pluto in Capricorn can find riches paying attention to the small things, things repeated, patterns that say something about a person’s psychology.


Whoever was watching them scanned and looked for patterns too.


The Sun Jupiter’s gravitational pull can attract followers, and Albert was a fan.


He said he was a crime buff and listened to police radio traffic at home.


Deke pointed a finger at him, at the Moon in Leo.



He pointed a finger at Deke, at the Moon in Leo.



In Leo, suspects can play.

They had an Aquarian dialogue.


Like Deke, Jim got entangled. He got off the horse that walks on water and could be persuaded

to help Deke get inside Albert’s place,


to get inside Albert’s car,

and to dig.


In a crisis, we reach for Mars, and Mars is in Taurus conjunct Uranus.

In Aries we fight to survive.

In Taurus we secure our survival.

Uranus Mars in Taurus can think and act outside the box, outside the system, to secure survival.


In a square to the stellium in Aquarius,

they can ask for cohesion,


be kept in check,  


and help someone detach and rise above a situation.


The work was in Sag. In Sag, Jim reached for a guide to help him solve a case. They sat after hours and drew a sketch of the guy who did it. They needed to find him. They needed a conclusion.

The guide saw Jim through his entanglement, contributed to it, used it, and then tried to help him out of it.

Rahu is in Gemini, and there are crossroads in Gemini, and there is kinship and rescue.

The rulers of Sag and Gemini are in Aquarius.

Jupiter with the Sun and Saturn at five degrees can draw a guide who is admired. Jim called him Kojak.

With Mercury they investigated, and the guide convinced Jim to transgress, to explore the other side.


Sag can ask for one perspective, one truth. Like Flo said, there is either good or bad.

Deke and Jim were two good men who killed by accident.

Gemini brings in multiplicity, many perspectives, many truths. It doesn’t allow for heroes. It can be anti heroic.

Rescuing Jim helped Deke get disentangled. He almost kept Albert’s box. A box is useful. Then he changed his mind and threw it into the fire, along with the rest of the barrettes.

Little things could bring back the past.

Uranus in Taurus can bring back the past. Uranus energized by Mars challenged him with the past.


Chart for The Bodyguard, released November 25, 1992

The Sun brings out the essence of a sign, and in Sag there is a search for meaning.

The Moon in Sag can give us a taste for freedom to find meaning,

but Mars is in her sign, in her domain. A transit can trigger Mars in Cancer to set boundaries, enforce limits.

A Saturn transit that touches the natal Mars in Cancer can do that to discipline and protect.

But the Moon does not see Mars. There is a blind spot between them, and she is set on her freedom.

She is in Jupiter’s domain, and Jupiter is in Libra, and he can step in to help her see reason. 

Jupiter is of the day. He pays attention to the planets in the day sect, to the Sun and to Saturn, the social planets that ask for cohesion.

He pays attention to a Saturn transit, and when a transit touches Mars, Mars triggers the Sun, and the Sun triggers him anyway.

He drew a man who could become her husband. Foreign to her trade, offering new meaning, and pleasing to the eye. He caught her eye.

Farmer came to do the work of Mars. He put boundaries around her house, and himself around her.

Mars in a trine to Pluto and Mercury R in Scorpio can speak of a person trained in stealth and secrecy,


 guns and medicine.


She rebelled against him.

Hellenistic astrologers said that the day planets worked better in air and fire. They were tamer, or simply more at ease and could set their own pace in these elements.

The night planets worked better in earth and water.

They only knew of 7 planets, and the night planets are the Moon, Venus and Mars. Mercury is of both day and night.

The Moon in the fire of Sag can be a rebel Moon.

Farmer came to do the work of Mars, but found himself doing the work of Jupiter in Libra as well, trying to get her and her people on his side.

Jupiter is in Venus’ domain, and she is in a square to him in Capricorn, challenging him.

In Capricorn Venus can be keeper of the laws.  


Inanna delivers the laws to Uruk by galam-huru7

With Uranus Neptune, she can sing with a voice that sends ripples.


With Uranus Neptune, she can improvise.


With Uranus Neptune,  she can change the laws that have been established in original ways.


After that night, she told him that she would try to cooperate, and she asked him if he would take her out on a date.

He came to do the work of Mars in Cancer in the eighth house of crisis, in a trine to Pluto and Mercury R in Scorpio in the twelfth house of secret enemies.

Romance is in the fifth house, and here the fifth is in Aries, and Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio, is in Cancer in a trine to Scorpio.

The eighth house is the house of crisis, the house of sex, in a trine to the twelfth house of secret enemies, house behind the scenes.

There are undertones of sexual intensity and eroticism in this trine.


Morning brings cohesion, and In the morning, he remembered that his profession required him to keep a distance and swallow his children.


Saturn in Aquarius can ask for separateness. He can swallow his children, his emotions, to get his work done.

Jupiter in Libra in a trine to Aquarius can free Saturn’s children,


but Saturn is strong in his domain, and he can teach us to be together but separate.


There are ideals in Aquarius.

In Aquarius, Jupiter took Ganymede to be cupbearer of the gods because he was the most beautiful of mortals.

In Aquarius, Uranus pushed his children back into Gaia’s womb because he was repelled by the form they took.

Ideas and dreams can be more fulfilling in Aquarius than the material form they take.

But Saturn asks for material form, and Uranus in Capricorn is on fertile land, land washed by the waters of the abzu that give shape to ideas.


With the Sun in Sag, he was a centaur using his knowledge to keep her safe.

With Saturn in Aquarius, he was a samurai conquering his fear of death.

With Jupiter in Libra, he tried to get her to see reason and be on his side,

but she rebelled against him again and made him jealous, and a jealous Moon in Sag can cause a storm that breaks cohesion.


He felt the conflict that a romance with samurai in Aries can bring when Mars is in Cancer in the eighth house.

With Mars in Cancer he was a bodyguard, the boundary that kept a person safe. Mars touches the planets in Scorpio, and in Scorpio there is Scorpius shielding Artemis, and he shielded a person with his body and with the weapons he was trained to use.

With Mars in Cancer he could end up in bed with his client, get emotionally involved, fall in love.

When he lost cohesion and wanted to quit, she brought it back. A phone call scared her enough to reach for Mars and the Sun, and he was there.


There is home and a lake of memories in Cancer, and there is family and clan in Scorpio, and because he loved her, that’s where he took her to keep her safe.

She brought her sister with her. The third house can tell us something about siblings, and Saturn in Aquarius can speak of mastery in a field that has no centre, and the ability to rise above a situation to see it with a bird’s eye view. In Nicki’s case, it spoke of a sister with bottled emotions.

Jupiter in Libra is in the eleventh house of the social groups we belong to, and the house of fans.

There are aesthetics in Libra, and in a sextile to the Sun in Sag, they can explore new territory, and in a square to the stellium in Capricorn, they can create new patterns.

Jupiter drew a fan that transgressed into Rachel’s territory and left her letters that were collages.

The letters freed Nicki’s emotions.

She found herself doing the work in Gemini, identifying with the story of Clytemnestra who walked in her sister’s shadow. There is retribution in her story.

Nicki went looking for someone to kill her sister.

Mercury is in Scorpio, in a quincunx to Gemini, and the quincunx hides the killer, and there are no planets in Gemini to give Mercury any clues.

But Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio tells us that he had the same skills Farmer had.


He was a bodyguard who could smell danger.

Pluto is digging in the sign of Artemis, finding riches in her story. He can dig up the shadows, and there is betrayal in her story.

Retribution and betrayal.

Nicki confessed to Farmer what she had done and asked him to stop the killer.

Then came a funeral,

and the decision whether Rachel would attend the Oscars or not.

A crossroads.


Gemini is in the seventh house of contracts, and wherever Gemini is, we can explore what lies on the other side of what is considered sensible, right and good, the other side of the rules.

She joined him at the crossroads, and her rebel Moon told him that she was going to the Oscars. She wasn’t going to worry about it because she had him to protect her.


In Gemini we explore.


In Cancer we learn to set boundaries,


and by the time we get to Scorpio,


He shielded her at the Oscars because he was her bodyguard and because he loved her. Would he have made it on time if he did not love her.

Only the Dioscuri know.


With her,

Because of her,

Because of her rebel Moon,

he found himself with Rahu in Sag. He went beyond what he knew and conquered his fear of death.

He would have died for her.

A hero.


With her aesthetics, she took the song they danced to on their date, one of those


and sang it with feeling and understanding,

the full expression of the day planets.

Chart for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, released June 22, 1988

The Moon in Libra is separating from the Sun in Cancer. She carries the wishes of her tribe, on her way to Capricorn, Enki’s house, the lawmaker. She is halfway to a full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Neptune,

making wishes known,

granting them.

She carries the wishes of her tribe,

and separates from her tribe.

In a square to the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Capricorn, the Moon in Libra can have something to say about the character and the laws of her tribe.


She may want to have a debate about them,

dissolve them,

enforce them.


In a square to Uranus Saturn R in Sag and Neptune in Capricorn,

she can introduce and legitimize unorthodox methods to achieve her goals,


and she can defy the laws, break them.


Judge Doom had a vision based on a plan he stumbled upon at city council, a plan for a freeway.

Uranus Saturn R are in Jupiter’s domain, and Jupiter is in Taurus. There are resources in Taurus, and the containers of our resources. 

He had become the sole shareholder of Cloverleaf Industries.

There are inventions in Taurus,

and Jupiter in Taurus is in Venus’ domain, and Venus is conjunct Mercury in Gemini.

He relied on the skills of Venus and Mercury retrograding in Gemini, the experimentation, the draughtsmanship, to design a machine that would erase Toontown and allow his vision to become a reality.


In a natal chart, Uranus Saturn R in Sag lying across from the Sun can be something internal, something felt, something that can rise in us.

The courage to stop Judge Doom’s vision.


Valiant had taken to drink.

Jupiter, father of Dionysus, is in Taurus, sign of nurture,

and he is in Venus’ domain, and Venus is with Mercury in Gemini, sign of kinship.

He drank to fill the void his brother left.

Together they had rescued Toons.


In a crisis, we reach for Mars, and Mars is in Pisces.

When we go to the theatre, and the walls between us and the screen disappear, and we’re in the story, moved by the story, we’re in Pisces.


The walls of the sign are permeable. They allow access to the spirit world, access to the world of no words that exists between us, access to the world of Toons,

and for Toons, they allow access to our world.


Mars in Pisces penetrates, and Roger had come in through the mail slot. He was wanted for murder, falsely accused, and when he reached for Mars, he reached for the team known for rescuing Toons.

There is rescue in Gemini, and Venus Mercury R in Gemini are eclectic in their methods, versatile. In a square to Mars in Pisces, they can be pushed to work with what is felt but not seen. They can be pushed to work with Toons and bring back knowledge to rescue others

and themselves.


Jupiter in Taurus can talk of securing survival. Mars is in his domain, and Uranus Saturn R are in his domain too, and they can aid him in securing survival with Toon knowledge and Toon philosophy.


It could kill the weasels,

and that’s how Valiant killed them.


He then found out that Judge Doom was the shapeshifting Toon who killed his brother.

There is the unknown in Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, and Mars in Pisces can play with the unknown. He can have an active imagination.


There are ideas in Pisces, place of raw material. In a sextile to Taurus, a story can come out of Pisces that draws on heritage, on cartoon characters that a culture has grown up with.

The Moon in Libra can speak of contracts, and Disney made a deal with Warner Brothers to use their characters.

Saturn Uranus in Sag can break barriers between people, between companies-


By the time Valiant washed away the dip, the Moon must have been conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. The Sun and the Moon touching Pluto in Scorpio, digging in the riches of clan.


For a moment, Valiant thought Jessica called him a hero,


but she didn’t.


She had eyes only for Roger. Things don’t always make apparent sense in Pisces. There are soul matters in the sign.

The sign carries the awareness that many play a part in making a hero, many among the living and the remembered and unremembered dead.

Pisces can diffuse the spotlight.


The work is in Virgo, and in Virgo things make sense. The seasons are in order and there is a logic to the order.

In times of chaos, or when a complex story is told,

Virgo can give us an anchor, something to hold on to, something to help us see the story through.


In Virgo there is Persephone and her beauty ointment,

and Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is in Gemini, conjunct Venus.

Persephone, Helen, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall.


Valiant pursued her,

and when she drove through the tunnel that led to Toontown,

he mustered the courage to keep pursuing her.


All along he found her love for Roger perplexing and tried to make sense of it,


and when it was all over and she brushed him aside,  

Dolores stepped in and took his hand.


Chart for Eve’s Bayou, released November 7, 1997

The eighth house is the house of the remembered dead, and somewhere back in time there was a general and the medicine woman he freed.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, joins the eighth house to Scorpio. He brings ancestry into the solar house, and she was named for the medicine woman, Eve.

The Sun in Scorpio is in a square to the stellium in Aquarius. A Sun awakened by a stellium that brings out the qualities of Aquarius, and in Aquarius there are ideals, there are the rights of man.

The stellium in Aquarius is in a sextile to the sixth house in Aries, first sign of the zodiac, where we fight for survival.

The sixth house can speak of work environment, employee employer relations, the servant and the master,

and the sixth house in Aries can speak of the military, and Saturn in Aries can bring mastery in the military. With the ruler of Aries in Sag, he can be a master unafraid to go where no one has been before,

for the love of a woman. Mars is conjunct Venus in Capricorn, and Venus in Capricorn, in the realm of Enki, in the realm of Pan, can honour the laws of nature, the properties of medicinal plants to save a man.

When Jupiter in Aquarius touches Saturn in Aries, a general can free a slave.


They say that planets in the eighth house can see too much too soon, and Scorpio carries the energy of the eighth house.


Her sister too had an eighth house experience, just when her body was initiating her into womanhood, with the menstrual cycle.

Pluto is the shaman of the zodiac, present at every initiation in our lives, and he is in Sag, reaching for what is foreign,


foreign in one’s own territory. She was still young, and the stellium in Aquarius rooted her to home, the home of a doctor and a doctor’s wife, spacious, airy.

Pluto touches Uranus in Aquarius, and every initiation could trigger the breakdown of an old archetype and the creation of a new one at home.


He can force it upon us with hurt.


Eve swore that she would kill their dad for hurting her.

When Cisely left, she lost the anchor she had at home,

and aunt Mozelle came to sit beside her.


The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio can give a taste for the mysteries, and Eve was drawn to this mysterious aunt who romanced her with stories of the men who  loved her, and who romanced her with the work she did, the gift she had.

Pisces is in the house of romance, where the walls are permeable,

and Sag is in the house of resources, where a centaur guides souls to the galactic centre.

The ruler of Pisces and Sag is in Aquarius, abode of the gods,

and Jupiter in Aquarius had Eve growing up with an aunt who had the gift of visions, and conjunct the Moon, she had tribal knowledge of voodoo,

to be of service.

In the sextile between the planets in Aquarius and Saturn in Aries, there can be an apprenticeship going on that the Sun does not see, until he sees it. Aries is an independent sign, self directed, and Saturn in Aries can master a trade that relies on Self, and on a gift passed on in a family.

When Eve asked Mozelle,


Mozelle asked her who she wanted dead. By then Eve had learned to keep a secret, but her hands revealed enough to give Mozelle a shock.

Charts progress,

one day for every year,

and Eve was ten years old.

If she was born on November 7, she would be ten on November 17.

The birth chart is the imprint of the planets under which we are born. Progressions can help us understand changes we may experience.


Chart for November 17, 1997

When Eve read the letter her dad left for Mozelle, she read a different version of what happened the day he hit Cisely.

To understand better, she asked Cisely for her hands.

The Moon, ruler of the ninth house of knowledge, had progressed to the ninth, and across were Mars and Venus birthing something new in the third house of skills.

It was the first time she used the skill she had seen Mozelle use, and the vision she drew from the lake of memories made her understand better.

There can be confusion when the ruler of the fifth is in the fourth,

when the planets are young,

confusion in a child,

confusion in a drunken father.

Saturn in Aries, in the sign of Chrysomallus, can rescue a child, separate a child from harm, and separation came in a way that made Cisely want to die,

fall back.

Virgo asks for negotiations. With Mercury, ruler of Virgo, in Scorpio, Virgo asks that eighth house matters be discussed, brought out into the open.


But the father stayed silent,

and the child stayed silent,

like the matter were taboo.

Eve discovered her gift through her sister, in the third house of skills, the third house of siblings. There are laws in Capricorn, and a gift, a skill in Capricorn comes with laws attached to it.

She could pierce the psyche,

bring eighth house matters to the surface,

and she knew not to judge,

to show compassion.

She took her sister’s hand. She got her anchor back, and her sister found an anchor in her.


Chart for Cinderella, released March 4, 1950

Demeter left the realm of the gods and came to earth to look for Persephone.
She looked for her in the margins, and met the likes of Baubo who tried to cheer her up.
She brought marginalia into Virgo,
entertainment in the margins.

The History of Marginalia: medieval manuscripts

Saturn in Virgo can master the art of marginalia, and the Moon conjunct Saturn can draw an audience to watch marginalia,


and a love story.

If this were the chart of a prince, we’d tell him the story of Demeter and how she took the form of a servant. We’d tell him that he could marry a woman who may be dressed in rags, but has an air of queenly grace, and a throne is really her proper place.


He couldn’t see her yet because she was in the sixth house, in Leo, but one day his soul would guide him to her.

If the prince showed concern, we’d tell him not to worry. She wasn’t wrestling with a lion, or with morality.

She was labouring for a stepmother and two stepsisters, in the company of small animals and their marginalia. The sixth house is the house of small animals, and in Leo,  they take a central role.


Pluto in Leo can find riches in challenging situations, like battling the Hydra, and outsmarting Lucifer.


Lying across from Jupiter Mercury in Aquarius, he can confront a difficult situation to make something old new again.

There is Athena’s protection in Leo,

goddess of war,


goddess of handicraft.


Cinderella wanted to go the ball, and her stepmother said she could go if she finished her chores and found something suitable to wear.

With Ketu in Libra, the work is in Libra, and Cinderella always did the work she was told to do.

Neptune accentuates the qualities of a sign, and in Libra there is Themis advising Jupiter. She must have advised Cinderella not to stir the pot,

and Mars Retrograde in Libra bides his time.

When she came down the stairs ready for the ball, her stepsisters tore her dress and put her back in rags.

They too did what they were told.

In Libra there is Eris and an apple, Paris and a contest.


Mars Retrograde bides his time, and she told her daughters now was the time if they wanted a chance to marry the prince.


Jupiter Mercury in Aquarius lying across from Pluto in Leo could speak of a husband with high ideals, faithful to a position that put him on a stage. Aquarius in a trine to the planets in Libra in the eighth house could speak of a husband who managed other people’s resources or an inheritance. A rich husband. Mars R in a trine to Venus at 5 degrees Aquarius in the twelfth house could speak of charity and nobleness.

They say that Jupiter in the twelfth is a guardian angel,

or a fairy godmother.

With Mercury by his side, she had a magic wand and spoke magic words.


Venus rules love, and when they met and recognized each other, Venus told Mars it was time,

and Mars triggered Uranus in Cancer.

It was time to stir the pot.

Uranus rules breakthroughs. He brings change, and in Cancer, he brings change to the home and the homeland. In the fifth house, he brings change through romance.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, is in Virgo,


conjunct Saturn.


Her sudden departure, and the glass slipper she left behind, sparked the change that was to come.

Rahu in Aries asks for independence, and with Mars, ruler of Aries, in Libra, he asks for an independence gained through the resources of others.

Mars joins one’s resources and strength in the second house, to the resources and the strength of others.

Cinderella was in love, and when her stepmother locked her up,

Mars rose in her and in the small animals she cared for.


Pluto in Leo joins the sixth house to Libra in the eighth house of crisis, house of rescue, and Libra can unite small animals to fight a war,

maker of heroes.


Chart for Cinderella, released March 13, 2015

Mars travels faster than Uranus, and when he approaches Uranus, he is applying. He energizes the spirit of the times.

Today, he is applying to Uranus in Taurus, in the sign of resources, invention, nurture, security, heritage, responsibility.


Chart for July 28, 2022

The pope is in Canada, apologizing for wrongs of the past that Uranus unearthed and made visible to all. The action is in Taurus where Mars and Uranus are coming together. Momentous. The pope’s visit has been carefully planned, but with Uranus there can always be surprises, the unexpected. The planets are in a square to Saturn in Aquarius who makes sure nobody throws the baby out with the bathwater. They are in a square to Mercury in Leo where matters of children and matters of morality can be discussed, and where we are careful who we blame.

Jupiter is in Aries, stationary at 8 degrees before he turns retrograde. He is in a square to Venus in Cancer. New wisdom for the homeland.

Pluto in Capricorn can break down outworn patterns, and Uranus in Taurus can create new ones with this new wisdom.

In the chart for Cinderella, Mars has already applied to Uranus in Aries,

in the sign of birth, fight, sacrifice, courage, alchemy, leadership. Unselfconscious sign.

Mars is conjunct Uranus, with one degree of separation. He is separating.

He can look back and say, We need to update Cinderella.

The work is in Aries, where there is a stepmother who would sacrifice her stepchildren, and where there is divine rescue.

The work is in Aries where Jason lost a shoe helping an old woman cross a river, the goddess Hera in disguise.

He was on his way to get his kingdom back, and Pelias, usurper of the throne, recognized him because of this. An oracle had told him that the rightful king would come to claim his throne limping on one shoe. He told Jason he would give him back his throne if he brought the golden fleece, and Jason went on a quest.

Objects can become powerful symbols in Aries, and with the Sun in Pisces, the object can be a glass slipper.


Chart for Cinderella, March 13, 2015, 9:08 pm

They said her house had been in the family for generations, 200 years at least.

When she was asked why she stayed there when they treated her so badly, she said it was because she promised her parents to cherish the place they were so happy,


Pluto in the fourth house can bring transformational experiences at home,

and he can uproot and root again. In a square to the seventh house, marriage can be the cause of it.

But she wasn’t going too far in terms of distance.

Capricorn makes the laws for the subjects in Cancer, and Cancer is in the tenth house, most public house,

and the ruler of Cancer is in the third house of the village that raises us.

Her home and public reputation were tied to the village that raised her.

She was raised in a Sagittarian village, where knowledge from abroad reached her.

In Sag we break away from the confines of social convention, from what has been set in stone,

but Saturn is in Sag,

and wherever Saturn is, there can be hurdles to overcome, and he had hurdles to overcome before he could reap the fruits of Sag.


Wherever the Sun is, we shine brightest, and the Sun is in Pisces, in the sixth house of work, work environment, work relations.

Wherever we shine brightest, we can attract jealousy,

and she attracted the jealousy of her stepmother and stepsisters. They didn’t mind the gap in Pisces, and their jealousy got out of hand.


There is war in Pisces, and there is refuge, and she took refuge in the forest,

and met Kit.

Mercury tells us what we talk about, and in the forest, he told her that he was an apprentice at the palace.

Pisces can blur the lines between a pauper and a prince.


There are small animals in the sixth, and big animals in the twelfth, and Mercury joins the sixth with the twelfth.

She asked him not to hunt the stag, and when he shifted to Saturn in Sag and told her that hunting stags is what’s done, she squared him and said,  


There is a turning of the ages in Pisces,

and Mercury in Pisces can open doors for the new age to begin.


The action is in Aries. With Mars applying to Uranus in Aries, in the sign of new beginnings, preparations for the ball began. There was bustle and excitement in the air. After all, the prince would choose a bride at the ball.

The seventh house says something about who we are in a marriage, and who we attract in a marriage.

Uranus Mars in Aries


can send shivers up and down a spine.


Venus in Aries.


In a trine to the Moon in Sag, she brings her own style to the latest ballroom dance.

The stellium in Aries in a trine to Jupiter in Leo is  



The action is in Aries, and when Mars was cazimi Uranus, he picked up her glass slipper and chose her.

He would have gone after her,


but he felt the weight of Venus. Venus, ruler of Libra, brings etiquette into Aries. Venus, ruler of Taurus, brings the responsibility of an inheritance. 


When Mars was separating from Uranus, he looked back at the spirit of the times, and he told his father what he believed and what he would do.


With his father’s blessing to marry the mystery princess, he proclaimed his love for her and asked her to present herself at the palace, but she was locked up in an attic. 

There are agreements in the seventh house,


and she would not agree.

There is an usurper in the story of Aries,

and she would protect the prince and the kingdom from such a thing, no matter what became of her.

There is sacrifice in the sign.


There are also objects that carry great significance.


Aquarius is in the fifth house of romance, but the prince wasn’t in love with an idea. He was in love with a good country girl who had squared him and opened his horizons.

He was set on marrying her.

The quest began for the maiden whose foot would fit into the glass slipper,

and when he found her, he asked her who she was.

Cinderella, she said.

The house belonged to Ella’s parents.

Cinderella was free to leave.


She married a king who would rule by her side.

Rahu is in Libra in the first house. The first house can say something about the body and appearance. The first house can say something about what we have to offer.

She offered him her principles.

He would rule by her side and by her principles.


Are you ready

Chart for Shrek, released April 22, 2001

Chart for Shrek, April 22, 2001, 12 pm

With Cancer in the twelfth house, he wanted privacy and seclusion behind the scenes.

He laid claim to a swamp, and marked his territory with signs that said,


But the more he tried to enjoy a quiet life,


the more he was intruded upon,


until the intrusion became unbearable.


The head of the dragon kicked him out of the twelfth, and off he went with Donkey to find Lord Farquaat.

The Ascendant at 3 degrees Leo in a square to the Sun Mercury in Taurus required his presence in the most public house of-


He had a body that drew attention, and he was a skilled fighter, entertaining.

He asked Farquaat for his swamp back, and Farquaat made him a deal.

In Taurus there is King Minos who established his rule with a bull that came from the sea.

In Taurus Farquaat needed a princess to become king of his kingdom.

In Taurus Shrek needed the deed to the swamp.


He was in his element on that rocky and brimstony terrain, enjoying himself, and when we enjoy ourselves, we are in the fifth house.

It is through the fifth that we get to know people intimately, and Donkey found out that Shrek could play on a rickety bridge over boiling lava to help him get to the other side.

Sag is in the fifth, and in Sag there’s a guide leading us into foreign lands.

Mars in Sag brings the action into the house of friendship, house of romance, and wherever Mars is, he asks that we conquer fear, build courage,


and conjunct Chiron, he asks that we mind the gap in information.

He is in a square to Venus, and Venus in Aries, in the ninth house of knowledge, minds the gap with her love of reading.

Shrek had sat on the toilet with a book, a book that guided him where to find the princess.


He had torn out the page about true love’s first kiss. He thought that page was a load of-


but when the dragon’s tail sent him flying into Fiona’s room, that’s the page Fiona wanted.


The work is in Capricorn, and in Capricorn we follow patterns.

In 2001, Pluto wasn’t breaking down outworn patterns.

He was in Sag, breaking down outworn molds of romance,

and Uranus was creating new ones in Aquarius, in the seventh house of marriage.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, ruler of Aquarius, has a foot in Taurus and a foot in Gemini.

Saturn in Taurus upholds tradition.

Saturn in Gemini, and Jupiter in Gemini, the two social planets, can be pushed by Pluto and Uranus to concede to new molds of romance and marriage in society.

Jupiter is willing, ready to spread the word.

Saturn says, Okay, but some things must stay.

Saturn in a sextile to Venus in Aries wants the kiss of true love to stay.

Aries, first sign of the zodiac, still holds a string to the gods, to enchantment and divine rescue.

She wasn’t going anywhere without the completion of the pattern,


and the kiss that would break her enchantment.


She was.


Taurus is a down to earth, practical sign, and Mercury in Taurus delivers.

Mercury tells us what we talk about, and Shrek told Donkey stories about the stars.

There is heritage in Taurus, and there are libraries.

Shrek told Donkey that he was like an onion.

There are layers in Taurus.

But people judged him by his appearance,


and there was more to him than his appearance. That’s why when he got his land back, he was going to build a 10 foot wall around it.

The princess heard him say these things, and her heart reached out to him. When the heart reaches out to someone, we’re back in the fifth house.

There are centaurs in Sag,


They also hold a string,

to keep them grounded,

to keep them from going too far, looking for meaning.


They almost kissed.


When he was building up the courage to tell her how he felt about her, he overheard her say,


He didn’t mind the gap in Sag.

He didn’t react with Venus in Aries, didn’t ask her what she meant.

He reacted with the Moon in Aries, conditioned to think of himself as hideous and ugly. He was hurt, and he rejected her.

Pluto in a trine to the Moon asks for the transformation of one’s conditioning,

through love.

The Moon had watched him tear the page out.


He tore it out because he didn’t see himself as the knight who could give a princess true love’s first kiss.

In the story of Leo, the Moon gave birth to a lion, and the lion’s pelt protected Hercules.


The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau, 1897

In this story, the Moon in Aries sent Shrek a donkey to put some sense into him, to expand the idea of me and my swamp to our swamp.


The Moon touches Uranus in Aquarius in the seventh house.

Neptune in Aquarius accentuates the qualities of the sign, and in Aquarius there are ideals, the ideal princess, the ideal prince.

Uranus in Aquarius asks for originality, a new ideal.

It could have been this,


but he was marrying her for her title, and his kiss would not have broken her enchantment.

When Shrek re conditioned his Moon, she triggered Uranus.


The Moon in Aries is a volatile Moon. If there are obstructions to an objection, she can


With that taken care of, he completed the pattern.



Chart for Inception, released July 16, 2010

The work is in Cancer.

Cancer carries the energy of the fourth house, the Nadir, house of dreams, and the movie takes place inside dreams.

With Mercury in Leo, the talk is about children. Cobb wanted to go back to his children. He carried the guilt of having planted an idea in his wife’s mind, the idea that the world she was living in wasn’t real. It wasn’t. He planted the idea so that she would leave the world of dreams and come back to reality. But when she came back, the idea he planted kept growing, and she killed herself. Cobb was wanted in her death.

He accepted Saito’s job offer, to incept an idea into Fischer’s mind. Fischer was going to inherit his father’s business empire, a monopoly, and Saito wanted Fischer to dismantle it, break it up.

In return, Saito would ensure that Cobb could return home safely to be with his children.

The crossroads in Leo did not make Cobb and his team hesitate.

Mercury brings a different set of crossroads, and this way was the way home.

What made them hesitate was whether or not the inception could be carried off successfully.

The action is in Virgo. Cobb hired a student, an apprentice, to build the architecture of the dreams they needed for the inception. Venus joins Taurus with Virgo, and the student’s name was Ariadne. She built dreams that were like mazes, and she had the clues they needed to navigate them.

When they went inside the dreams, the talk again was of children, of Fischer’s relationship with his dad.

What he had experienced with his dad in real life was different from what he experienced in the dreams. He found out that his dad had been disappointed to see him follow in his footsteps. His dad wanted him to be his own man.

The inception worked.

The ancients said that the fourth house is the house of the mother, and the tenth house is the house of the father, and men followed in their father’s footsteps.
Capricorn carries the energy of the tenth. With Pluto in Capricorn, Fischer would break the patterns his father had established and create patterns of his own.

In the dreams, Cobb met his wife who insisted he stay with her, but for the sake of his children, he let her go.

Saturn is in Virgo,

and in Virgo there is craft,

there is service,

there is compromise.

In Virgo Demeter lost her daughter, and to be able to see her again, she had to make a compromise.

The Moon is separating from Saturn in Virgo.

If the Moon were applying to Saturn, Fischer’s conditioning may have been harder to break.

But the Moon is separating from Saturn and making her entry into Libra, and across from the Moon is Jupiter, beginning his transit through Aries.


Chart for The King’s Speech, released December 22, 2010

Chart for The King’s Speech, December 22, 2010, 7:06 am

He had knock knees when he was young, and had to wear metal splints that caused him great pain.

Sag rules the legs, and Capricorn the bones, the knees, and the Sun has a foot in Sag and a foot in Capricorn.

The Hellenes did not have zero. Zero was one degree. But we have zero. Why not use it.

Mercury is six degrees from the Sun, in retrograde motion. He was cazimi the Sun and is separating from the Sun, becoming a morning star. A morning star in retrograde motion, promethean and epimethean, carrying foresight and hindsight.

Mercury can tell us what we talk about,

and Churchill told him that war was coming, and they would need a king who they could all stand behind, united. He ignored the panic attack Bertie was having, and asked him what he would call himself. What about George, after his father. George the Sixth had a nice continuity to it.


Later on Churchill would tell him that he had a speech impediment himself, which he turned into an asset.

Capricorn is in the second house of assets, and the Sun joins the body to the second house.

His assets were tied to the motherland.

His liabilities were noticed by the motherland.


He had a stammer that sent his wife Elizabeth on a search, and she found Lionel who was both a guide and a practical man.

When Elizabeth told him that her husband was required to speak publicly, Lionel suggested that he change jobs. In Capricorn there’s a suitable job for everyone.

Lionel wanted to go back in time to find the source of the stammer. He wanted to do the work in Cancer in the eighth house, house of mysteries, mysteries of the mind. But royal highnesses didn’t discuss personal matters.


And so it was agreed that they would stick to the head of the dragon in Capricorn.


There were times when Bertie had sudden outbursts, times that allowed Lionel to see what the Moon was hiding.

When his father died, Bertie came to Lionel and told him what happened to him in childhood, the neglect and the abuse at home. The Moon was moving away from the beams of the Sun, revealing what lay hidden.

Wherever Mars is there can be fear, and Mars asks for courage. He lies across from the Moon, and he asks for courage to confront the deepest recesses of the mind.

Wherever Mars is he asks for arete,

arete in helping people in a crisis,

arete in leading a people in a crisis.

It is what Enki did when people grew too noisy and the gods decided to send a flood that would get rid of them. He told a wall of reeds to build a raft because a flood was coming, and behind the wall of reeds there was a man who heard him.

Enki, lover of mankind,

Enki who ensured the gods would have someone to grow their food when the floods receded.

His father died and his brother abdicated, and what Bertie knew was coming came.

Mars is in a sextile to Venus in Scorpio in the twelfth house, trining the Moon. There was an easier way to serve the homeland, behind the scenes.

His wife had refused his first two marriage proposals because she didn’t want a life of tours and public duty,


In Leo we find our individuality.

In Sag we can differentiate ourselves from the clan by reaching for what is foreign. We can look for a guide to lead us into foreign territory, a book, a costume, a guru,

a woman.

To break away from who we’ve been told we are.

His brother broke away.

Mercury R in Sag is in a sextile to Neptune Chiron in Aquarius in the third house. A sextile can chastise. A sextile can ask that we work hard, that we use foresight and hindsight to mind the gap in not belonging and being turned into satellites.

There are structures that hold us up in Capricorn. There are hierarchical structures in Capricorn, uniforms and rank. In Capricorn we can distinguish ourselves visibly within a structure.

Bertie distinguished himself and stood in a hall with his remembered dead, but felt that he did not belong.


This was the time of the Arab Spring, the beginning. The spirit of the times was in Pisces where there is a turn of the ages. Jupiter applying expanded the need for change and sparked a rebellion that went unbounded.

Uranus is where we are most original, unorthodox. Jupiter Uranus in Pisces can draw a teacher who improvises, who feels the needs of a student and shapeshifts. In a square to Mercury R in Sag, they can guide a student into formation with unconventional methods, methods learnt out in the fields, with experience. In a square to the Sun entering Capricorn, their methods can be questioned by the establishment, become part of the establishment.

In this chart, Pisces is in the fourth house of home, parents. Uranus in Pisces can ask that we take raw material and re invent ourselves. Dare to be different. Jupiter applying can expand the need for this, the necessity.

The square to Mercury R can push for accommodations, despite the gap.

The square to the Sun can prevent any accommodation, minding the gap.


Now that he was king, he could own his planets.

He went back to Lionel. Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn can turn a stammer into an asset.

To speak with gravitas.

When war broke out and he had to give a speech,

accommodations were made.

Mars and the Moon are in a t square to the MC conjunct Saturn in Libra.

A leader and his people united by a set of principles.

A leader and his people united by public broadcasting.

Wherever Saturn is, there can be limitations, and wherever he is, he can ask for mastery. A long walk.

Saturn in Libra asks for mastery in the spheres Libra rules, spheres of relationship, spheres that unite, spheres that send ripples, spheres of war.

He was a war time king.

The MC in Libra in the eleventh house did not require him to give a speech in view of the public, so they took the easier way. Mars in a sextile to Venus trining the Moon.

He spoke to his people in a cozy room behind the scenes, with the help of his trusted friend, Lionel.