Yin Yang VII

Chart for May 25, 1977

It is in Taurus that King Minos secured his rule of Crete with a bull that rose from the sea, and when he did not sacrifice the bull back to Neptune, Venus pointed the arrow of Eros at Pasiphae his wife, and she fell madly in love with the bull; a love addiction began.

Pasiphae asked Daedalus the inventor to build a contraption for her to mate with the bull, and from the union of a queen and a bull, the Minotaur was born; a secret that became Minos’ responsibility.

Minos asked Daedalus to build a labyrinth beneath the palace to hide the secret, and Daedalus built a labyrinth that connects Taurus and Scorpio, and can begin on either side.

Taurus can hold secrets, generational secrets, that don’t just have to do with love addictions. The sign was holding the secret of Luke’s father, a jedi knight who was seduced by the dark side of the force. This is the Minotaur in the story.


Across from Taurus is Scorpio, and there is in Scorpio the exploration of the mind and human psychology, a resource that distinguishes us from other animals. The force relied on this resource, and like anything else, it has a light and a shadow.

Uranus is in Scorpio, and the spirit of the times asks that we speak frankly about human psychology; he asks for a reckoning. In Scorpio, he can blurt out a truth kept hidden; he can open the labyrinth lid and let the Minotaur out once and for all.

But across from Uranus is Mercury in Taurus, holding the caduceus. With the caduceus, Mercury can begin a story, and pause it in between, like a television remote control.


He can go back in time to make sense of things and put them in order. He can travel through every layer of the heavens, the earth, the underworld, for deeper understanding.

Taurus is the earth, the body, the marks the body leaves on earth, and in Taurus, Mercury studies the genealogy of a secret, unpacks it layer by layer. He asks Uranus to work with him and unravel the psychology of a secret in the same way, layer by layer.

We’ll start with the surface, he tells him, and slowly open the lid.


Farming is a good occupation for Merc in Taurus, and Luke was a farm boy with mechanical abilities; he could fly a skyhopper and fix droids. There is Hephaestus and there is Daedalus in Taurus, and Merc touches Uranus and awakens an inventive and creative mind; brilliance that comes with great responsibility, in time.

He thought his father was dead. His uncle sat on the labyrinth lid and protected him from the truth, prevented him from leaving the farm, until the day came when he could no longer hold him.


Jupiter in Gemini brought him a gift amidst the loss, the gift of a teacher come to teach him a new skill.

Ben, who was Obi Wan Kenobi, took the responsibility of sitting on the labyrinth lid, while introducing Luke to the jedi knight his father had once been. He told Luke that Darth Vader had betrayed and murdered his father. Darth was a jedi who had turned to evil, and helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the jedi knights.

He encouraged Luke to learn about the force, and to come with him to help princess Leia and the rebellion.

With nothing holding him back, Luke agreed to go. He was now determined to learn the ways of the force and become a jedi knight like his father.


They hired the polyglot Han to take them to Alderaan.

Jupiter in Gemini multiplies the multiplicity of the sign; multiple troops marching in formation, multiple creatures communicating in multiple languages, and translations are provided. Jupiter joins Gemini with Sag, and Neptune is in Sag, accentuating the qualities of the sign. There is a lightness to the sign, the play acting and the costumes that can accompany Sag territory.


But there is also a search for knowledge in Sag, a cause to fight for, a belief system to live by, and Ben offered the force.

He instructed Luke on how to access it, how to feel it flowing through him.


Then he had him wear a helmet that covered his eyes, and told him to let go of his conscious self and act on instinct.


Luke succeeded in deflecting the bolt. He told Ben that he had felt something, that he could almost see the remote, and Ben said that he had taken his first step into a larger world.

Luke tasted something new and was drawn into Aries. There is a quest mentality in Aries, and a quest had begun, a quest for the larger world the force promised.

Venus attracts, and in Aries, she attracts initiations. She had been attracting Luke to Aries for a long time, but his uncle wouldn’t let him leave the farm, wouldn’t let him join the academy.

She was attracting others, like his friend Biggs, who was going to join the rebel alliance.

With Venus in Aries, the rebel alliance was growing.

With Mars in Aries, the rebel alliance was getting stronger. Mars in Aries demands Arete in any field of study or venture we embark on.

That’s why princess Leia was so upset when they came to rescue her without an escape route.


The thing is that Venus pulls Taurus and Mars pulls Scorpio into Aries, and with Taurus and Scorpio comes the labyrinth.

The millennium falcon was sucked into the labyrinth,


and from then on, they had to rely on that side of Venus that protects what is hers, and that side of Mars that is pure instinct and fights to survive, and the Odysseus side of Aries that thinks quickly and improvises.


They had no idea the princess was in the labyrinth until they got there.

She had been battling the Empire alone, never mincing words, but being strategic about concealing the location of the rebel base.


In an emergency situation, she too could access the raw sides of Venus, Mars and Aries, and she accessed them to save their skins.


Saturn is in Leo, and in Leo, we protect children and the inner child, and we cater to children.

Saturn is in a square to Mercury and Uranus, pushing for the language to be straightforward, the robots entertaining, the weapons eye catching.

He touches Neptune in Sag and Jupiter in Gemini, and there is a market in Gemini, and together they make creatures that are marketable.

There is mastery of a competitive market here,


and there is also this kind of competition, to win a woman’s heart.


Pluto is in Libra, digging for riches, studying Themis who holds the scales away from her body and measures how far a whisper can go.

Pluto in Libra measures how far a few words or an action will go, and when they’ve gone as far as they can go, he introduces more to keep the audience engaged.

It’s an action packed movie,

with a philosophy of life that the audience learns about with Luke. The relationship formed between the audience and the story is a pupil teacher relationship that requires ongoing attendance.

Pluto is in a quincunx to Mercury in Taurus, and there is an alliance between them; to open the lid only as far as is necessary and keep the audience coming back for more.


There is artistic and commercial strategy in Libra,

and this kind of strategy, the ripple effect.


Aries humour permeates the story, the humour of the most unselfconscious sign in the zodiac.


The sign is bossy when Mars is there, and has a style that accentuates the head when Venus is there. He wants what he wants and she wants what she wants, and the sign attracts relationships that require courage to face a fight.


They say that when a vision rises in Aries, Aries acts immediately; there is no time lapse between vision and action, no separation between the two, and the sign is described as impulsive.


The force was teaching Luke to develop Arete in this quality of the sign; the ability to envision an action, measure it and carry it out simultaneously.


He was learning to use the force while fighting to uphold its principles.

There is faithfulness wherever Pluto is in the chart, and in Libra, he is faithful to a set of principles.

In the quincunx to Mercury in Taurus, there is also an alliance with people hiding in a rebel base, fully equipped for a war, and believing in the force.


Pluto is in a sextile to Leo and Sag, and the rebels had taken the responsibility of securing hearth and home, and people’s freedom.

Luke was disappointed when he saw Han packing up to leave, but Han said that fighting the battle station was suicide. Besides, he had business to take care of.


The Sun is in Gemini, bringing out the essence of the sign, and the essence of Gemini is rescue, not business, and Han got turned around.

He covered his friend,


and Luke hit the target.


Ketu is in Aries, and there is originality in Aries; it is a creative sign. Star Wars introduced a new vision to popular culture. It began with Luke looking for a way to step out into the world, and his way out came via a message in a droid spoken by a woman with ram horns. She triggered a quest, and Luke’s quest was underway. He had trusted the force and completed the mission, but there was more to learn, more to find out-

Rahu is in Libra, and Libra has a good sense of timing. It knows when to wrap things up and leave an audience fulfilled and expecting more.

Pluto adds a touch of the beau laid to Libra’s symmetry, and when Leia lost her temper, she called it

a big walking carpet.


Chart for December 18, 1987

It began earlier in December, when Venus had just entered Capricorn; she wasn’t in a square with Jupiter yet and the Moon wasn’t waning.

Venus rules Libra, and brought with her the principles she had been living by to be reviewed by Capricorn; Capricorn studies the past to plan for the future.

In the past, Loretta had married a man she loved at the city hall, and two years, he was dead; hit by a bus.

So when Johnny asked her to marry him, she decided to live by more traditional principles; maybe they would serve her better, maybe they would bring her luck.


There is hierarchy in Capricorn, place of gods, of the god Enlil who sent a flood when the earth got too noisy, and the god Enki protector of humankind.

She made him get on his knees to propose to her, and then drove him to the airport. He was going to go see his dying mother, and before he boarded the plane, he asked her to get in touch with his brother, invite him to the wedding, clear the bad blood between them.


There is reliance in the sign, relationships based on reliance, like the gods relied on us to feed them, and we relied on Enki for our survival, to feed ourselves, to feed the gods.

He relied on her to invite his brother and repair the damage between them, and he called her from his mother’s death bed to remind her, because


By then Venus was conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, and the Moon was waxing in Gemini.


Chart for December 4, 1987

Neptune accentuates the qualities of the sign, planning for the future, and he dissolves any principles Venus may carry that will interfere with the future, territory of the gods, and territory of the spirit world. Neptune rules Pisces and joins Capricorn with Pisces, where the barrier between us and the ones who came before us is thin.

Neptune Venus are in a sextile to Pluto Mars in Scorpio, and Pluto is digging for riches in family life, clan life, and Mars asks for Arete in the same department. Together they work to give away and disseminate principles that will protect a clan and hold it together. Together they work to carry out the wishes of the gods, the spirit world.


There are alliances between them and the growing Moon in Gemini. The Moon in Gemini romances with a rescue, and there was a mother in need of rescue. Loretta’s mother wanted Loretta and her future husband to move into the family house, but


Gemini rules siblings, and there was a tormented younger brother in need of rescue too; Ronny.


Across from the Moon is Mercury in Sag, and Mercury in Sag looks up at the sky, at the galactic centre, to find meaning in life, to understand where we come from and how it all began.

There is study in Sag, a study of origins. The big bang theory comes from a cosmologist and Catholic priest with a Sag Ascendant, and the theory of evolution comes from a naturalist with Neptune Saturn in Sag.

When the Moon is involved, emotions spark the search for meaning and understanding, and Ronny’s impassioned talk about how he lost his hand and his bride drew Loretta to him, and she studied him.

The Sun in Sag brings out the essence of the sign, and the essence of the sign is knowledge, and the light of the Sun lights up the Moon in Gemini, and rescue would come by getting to know him.

Saturn Uranus join Sag with Aquarius, and she rose above the emotions to get a bird’s eye view of him.

She saw him give the cry of Pan,


and take refuge in Puccini’s La bohème.


She saw him affect an audience.


There is clan is Scorpio, but deeper, there are the mysteries of the mind and human psychology, and she saw him explore the mysteries to affect an audience, over and over again. He had been reliving the loss of his hand the loss of his bride over and over again

There is study in Sag, and Saturn asks for mastery in a field, and Uranus asks for freedom, and together they are inventive in the field they choose to master.

There is the art of storytelling when Neptune Venus are together in Capricorn; there are stories to be told here.


She wasn’t going to be his audience; she cooked him a steak instead, a bloody one to feed his blood.

Then she told him a story that she hoped would bring two brothers together, and she drew inspiration from the same planets that fed him.

She told him that the big part of him had no words; it was a wolf, and that the bride who had left him had been a trap. She had caught him, 


He chewed his own foot to get away from her; that was the price he had to pay for his freedom.

It had nothing to do with Johnny; what happened to him was between him and himself.

If he had stayed away from women ever since, it was because he now knew that the big part of him had the courage to chew his own foot if he made a mistake in love again.

When she finished, he recognized himself in her, and asked her


She didn’t tell him that she had modified her principles hoping for better luck; she just said, because she had no luck.

That’s when he stood up and told her that his brother had made him turn the other way and he lost his hand. If she married him, he could make her look the other way and she’d lose her head. She’d be a bride without a head. A wolf without a foot, she responded, and there was nowhere else to go after that than


Jupiter in Aries brought them a gift of new love, passionate love.

He expands the qualities of a sign, and there is desire in Aries to birth and create and go on a quest, to live, and when Ronny and Loretta went to the bed, they came back to life.

Anything that begins in Aries requires the courage to do something for oneself, the self. It is the sign of I am and I matter. Jupiter in Aries comes to teach us that there is ego that needs tending to.

Ronny was ready, but Loretta wasn’t; she was engaged to his brother and she was going to marry him. She was going to sacrifice the rest of her life for a man she did not love. But before she did that, she agreed to go to the opera with him.

There is opera in the chart.

Ronny had turned his bakery his home into a theatre, but when Jupiter in Aries awakened him, he needed to take someone he loved to the opera.

There is colour and fashion in Aries, and Jupiter adds glamour. He joins Aries with Sag, where there is study and invention in set design and costumes. He joins Aries with Pisces, where there is the cry of Pan and feelings are expressed, and where there is refuge in music. Aries is drawn to Pluto and Mars in Scorpio, where actors practice the art of moving an audience.

Venus attracts and we can say yes and we can say no to her, but Jupiter is a magnet.


He is in a trine to the planets in Sag, and in Sag we cross the boundaries of what we know. She was  going to the opera for the first time, a place that didn’t take her away from her clan, a place that was true to Pluto in Scorpio, but a place that was foreign to her.

Ronny would guide her.


By then the stellium in Sagittarius was conjoining; the planet of enlightenment and the planet of illumination, the planet of commitment and the messenger of the gods were aligning.

When Jupiter in Aries touches them, they can bring fire knowledge, wolf knowledge.

After the opera, Ronny told Loretta that he loved her, not with the kind of love in storybooks, but the kind that wasn’t perfect; we aren’t here to make things perfect. He loved her with the kind of love that didn’t make things nice, that could ruin everything and break our hearts.

He extended his wolf foot to her, the foot he had chewed off to save him from the wrong woman, and she took it.


There is in Aries the story of Romulus and Remus, children of Mars, founders of Rome. A wolf fed them and a woodpecker protected them until they were found and given a home.


In Aries, Jupiter’s gifts can come with a sacrifice; he can ask us to give up an old story to begin a new one. He asked Ronny to give up his former self, victim of an accident and victim of abandonment. He asked Loretta to give up playing safe not to be hurt by love.

By then Venus was forming a square to Jupiter, pushing to establish a new relationship, make it official.

Venus in Taurus can attract secrets and keep them, but Venus in Capricorn is an open book.


He came unexpectedly to meet Loretta’s family, and when he found out that Johnny was coming too, he said,


There are astrologers who say, be careful who you go to the bed with, because you can end up carrying their unremembered dead, and Ronny was carrying Loretta’s unremembered dead. They made him feel right at home.


Jupiter joins Aries with Pisces, and in Pisces, generations dead and alive come together to ensure that a bride does not lose her head, and a wolf does not chew off another foot.

When Johnny arrived, Loretta’s father said, 


Ketu is in Virgo, sign of the apprentice, where we choose a path to follow,

but love can throw us off the path, and when we have to choose again, we are in Pisces, that place of raw material.

In Pisces, there is a world in flux, and there can be turmoil and confusion and a miracle all at once.


Rahu in Pisces seizes the moment.


Chart for October 23, 1998

There was no colour in Pleasantville; it was all in black and white.


David indulged in watching the show.

School gave him a grim picture of what was in store for his generation, and he couldn’t get a date, so he found refuge in Pleasantville, a fantasy world filled with good old fashioned family values.

The TV station was going to have a Pleasantville marathon followed by a trivia contest, and he had been looking forward to that all year.

It was about to begin, when Jen came down the stairs and asked him for the remote; Mark was coming over to watch the concert on MTV with her.

They fought over the remote and it broke, and like a miracle, a TV repair man came over to give them a new one, and like a miracle, they found themselves in Pleasantville.


It didn’t feel like a miracle at first; the situation they were in was bewildering. But David reached for Jupiter in Pisces and took charge; he promised Jen that he’d find a way to get them out of there.

Jupiter in Pisces is in opposition to Mars in Virgo who asks for order, and David found himself begging his sister to follow the order of the episode they were in. He begged her to go out on a date with Skip, the captain of the basketball team; that’s what her character did in this episode. If she didn’t go out with him, she could throw the whole Pleasantville universe out of whack.

She got ready to go.


Jupiter is in a trine to Mercury in Scorpio, and David’s fight to maintain the order and the rituals of the town relied on his knowledge of the people and how they thought.


Boys and girls in Pleasantville went to Lovers’ Lane to hold hands; they didn’t know about sex.

But the time was right for them to find out.


Jupiter in Pisces can draw a teacher who opens new territory for exploration, and in a trine to Mercury in Scorpio, there is an invitation to explore the workings of the mind, psychology and sexuality, family relations, and crisis management too.


Wherever Mercury is, he heralds, and in Scorpio, he heralded an initiation.


Scorpio and Virgo are joined by their rulers, and people’s initiation into sex introduced a new ritual to Lovers’ Lane.


Without realizing it, David too became a teacher. In trying to control Jen and look for the repair man on TV, he was often late or absent from work. It threw Bill off,


and David encouraged Bill not to depend on him. He encouraged Bill to think for himself and do things by himself.

Bill did, and went a step further.


David encouraged independence, an independent mind, and he awoke Uranus in Aquarius.

Aquarius is a forward thinking sign; only a step away from Pisces where an old order can be dissolved. Saturn ruled Aquarius is careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, careful not to precipitate anything, but Uranus ruled Aquarius can spark a dissolution.

Awakened, Uranus activated the sextile to Pluto and the Moon in Sag; an independent mind digging for knowledge,


romancing with knowledge.


Pluto and the Moon are in a square to Mars in Virgo, and Mars is a planet of action, and Virgo is a practical sign; together they bring knowledge down to earth.


Mars is in a quincunx to Uranus, and Mars Uranus can give an explosive demonstration of acquired knowledge.


They brought fire to Pleasantville. 

An independent mind cannot rebel and spark a dissolution without fire,

fiery emotions.


David helped her conceal them, conceal the colours that rose in her.


There is artistry in the chart. There is a commitment to colours with Saturn in Aries, and there are principles of art with Venus in Libra. They can be colours and principles that will create no ripples and cause no heads to turn, and that will enforce the laws that Neptune in Capricorn accentuates.


They can be colours and principles that will create ripples and cause heads to turn, and that will challenge the old laws.


Either way would require courage; Saturn retrograde in Aries musters courage to prevent the birth of something new, and to push forward with it.

Either way would require an initiation. The Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Venus, and the Sun brings out the essence of the sign, and the essence of Scorpio is initiation.

Mercury had heralded the initiation carried out by Jen, David’s twin, and the initiation multiplied and kindled a fire.

Mercury is in a trine to Jupiter in Pisces, sign of the collective, and Jupiter in Pisces can start a movement that can get out of hand,

like Typhon got out of hand.


To stop him, Pan cried out loud,

and to stop the movement and retain a world in black and white, people in Pleasantville did the same; they cried out loud and the cry of Pan got out of hand.

There was destruction, and a crowd can find initiation in destruction, a rebirth.


The mayor calmed everyone down.


He introduced a code of conduct to repress the coloreds,

and the coloreds answered back with a mural.


In the natural zodiac, Pisces is in the twelfth house, and in the twelfth we retreat from the world to convalesce, meditate, reflect on our actions.


Across from Pisces is Dikê in Virgo handing out rewards and punishments. They say that she sits beside Jupiter and leans over to him with lamentations whenever a judge violates justice.


In the beginning, David reached for Jupiter in Pisces to take charge of the bewildering situation he and Jen found themselves in. Not this time; this time he reached for Mars in Virgo to explain as clearly as possible what was happening in Pleasantville.

Pluto in Sag     Don’t get too technical.

Moon in Sag     Why don’t you romance them instead?

Uranus in Aquarius     Yeah, give them an explosive demonstration.

Jupiter in Pisces     Whatever you do, make sure it opens up new territory for exploration.

David said that the people in colours were no different from the people in black and white. They had simply had the guts to reach for something that was already inside everyone.

He was talking about feelings, the expression of true feelings. He knew that sex had initiated change in Pleasantville, but colours came when sex was accompanied by true feelings, or when people found something that moved them.


He made his father realize that what he missed about his wife wasn’t just the cooking and the cleaning, but something more profound and hard to put into words. He made his father feel what it was that he really missed, and colours rose in him.


When we are young, we are hushed when we say something that is considered inappropriate. It happens to Scorpios a lot. Scorpios can sense what lies beneath the surface, in a conversation, between people, and when they point it out, they are hushed.

It happens to Aquarians too. Aquarians can rise above a group of people to see how they operate, and they can rise above a system we live in to see how it operates, and when they point out something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem right, they are hushed.

Ketu is in Aquarius, and when David was explaining about this thing that is inside all of us, the mayor called him a liar.


To talk about feelings in Pleasantville was taboo; it could disturb people’s pleasant demeanor, but David would not be hushed.

Rahu is in Leo, and Leo is a sign of personality and self expression. Rahu in Leo makes us labour to find out who we are.


In the natural zodiac, Leo is in the fifth house of the things we love and how we show our love.


Lit by the Sun, Leo cannot hide feelings.


David prodded the mayor to express true feelings, heartfelt feelings,


and his mother sent him the Sun to show them to him.

The Sun in Scorpio is an initiatory Sun, and the Sun joins Scorpio with Leo.


The chart is an in between chart; not easy to move away from. Saturn retrograde at 30 degrees Aries asks that we reconsider what it is that we are birthing, what it is that we are committing ourselves to.

Saturn had been direct in Aries, and Jen made plans to be popular, to sleep with Mark. When Saturn entered Taurus, she nourished her plans and took care of her skin and bought new underwear.

Then Saturn began his retrograde, and when he touched the tip of Aries, she and David were zapped into Pleasantville.

She contributed what she knew to the town, but David resisted.


Then came the fire, and he was pushed into contributing.


The town celebrated his heroism, and after that, he contributed willingly; Jen could count on him to help her.


Ketu is in Aquarius, and in Aquarius we contribute to the social group.

A group made up of individuals in black and white stays the same and becomes predictable.

But a group made up of unique and colourful individuals, each one with their own strengths and interests, is a creative group.

The more Jen and David contributed to Pleasantville, the more people found their colours, but they themselves were still in black and white.

The medicine for black and white is in Leo, and Rahu is in Leo.


Jen got lost one day and ended up in the library, and when she looked at the books, the books were blank. Later on she told a story, and her storytelling filled in the pages of a book, but only half way; she couldn’t remember what happened next. David remembered, and the rest of the pages filled in.

They awakened the Moon, holder of memories, and the rest of the library books filled in.

Jen picked up a book that moved her. It awakened an interest in literature, in the study of literature, and she found herself in Leo, lit by the Sun.


The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and there is faithfulness to the mother and the motherland. The Moon joins Sag with Cancer, and Caner defines the borders of mother and motherland, and Pluto in Sag studies the borders, analyzes them; there is analysis in Pluto.

The Moon Pluto find ways to cross the borders and transform them,


but changes to the borders can bring danger, 


and they find ways to secure them.

When David protected his mother, his love for her awakened an interest in security and social justice, and he found himself in Leo, lit by the Sun.


Jupiter in Pisces opens new territory for exploration, and Mars in Virgo stimulates the search for an apprenticeship.

Jen and David found a field of study in Pleasantville. They contributed to the town with Ketu in Aquarius, and found an interest with Rahu in Leo.

By then, Saturn was direct in Aries, and they had changed their plans and made new ones.

By then, Venus had cazimi the Sun in Scorpio, and each one had chosen their clan.

They were ready to follow their heart.


Chart for November 9, 1990


It is in Leo that Hercules took the Nemean lion’s pelt and covered himself with it. He showed us who he was with the pelt; he made his personality visible.

The Nemean lion was born of the Moon at Hera’s request, and when Hercules wore the lion’s pelt, he turned that which had been created against him into a shield, to protect him. There is this kind of alchemy in Leo.

The Moon is watery and emotional, and when Hercules wore the pelt, he felt the need to express himself,

like John Dunbar expressed himself when he realized they were going to cut off his foot. He preferred to die than to lose a foot.


He survived and was decorated; he became a hero. He received the best medical attention and was awarded the horse he rode across the field; and he was given transfer to any station he desired.

He seized the moment and requested a station in the frontier; he wanted to see the frontier before it disappeared; he wanted to see buffalo and Indians.

The first time he saw an Indian was when he was doing the wash, when he wasn’t wearing any clothes, when the only thing that defined him was love for his horse; the Indian was trying to steal his horse.


The Indian was Kicking Bird, and back home, Kicking Bird said that John must be a man without fear to be living alone, a man with medicine.

There is hearthfire in Leo, and there is the storytelling and the dance, the makeup and the masks that accompany the hearthfire.

Jupiter in Leo can draw a person who triggers conversation around the hearth.


Jupiter joins Sagittarius and Pisces with Leo, and they spoke about a man of a different background, a man who could give them insights about the white people coming.


Jupiter in Leo can draw people who give us a new pelt.


Kicking Bird and Wind in his Hair gave him a buffalo hide, and when John offered them food, they did not accept. What they wanted in return was information, and they invited John to their village.

Stands with a Fist translated for them, and Kicking Bird began by asking what was he doing at the Soldier’s Fort. John interrupted and asked them what were their names. He brought the conversation down to a personal level, where they weren’t just Indians and he wasn’t just a soldier. He was


He was John Dunbar, a soldier waiting for those higher in command to give him directions. But Mars retrograde in Gemini was asking him to direct himself.

Stands with a Fist had felt the energy, and she resisted being told what to do by Kicking Bird; she resisted remembering her language. Remembering brought back memories of her childhood and who she had been before; Christine.

Gemini and Scorpio are joined by their rulers, and Mars R asks for self direction, and Mercury in Scorpio asks to work with one’s psychology.

When Stands with a Fist introduced herself, she chose her Sioux name.


A thundering herd of buffalo woke John up one night, and he rode to the village to give them news that the buffalo had returned.


For this, he went from being someone of suspicion to someone of genuine standing. But he did not join in the celebrations before the hunt. He had seen what white hunters had done to the buffalo, and he could see what they had done from the Sioux point of view; the disrespect.

There is this too in Gemini, the ability to hold two different points of view.


During the hunt, John rescued Smiles A Lot, and in appreciation, Wind in his Hair offered John the first bite of the buffalo heart. 


He offered John his friendship. They all offered him his friendship. Jupiter in Leo can bring a gift of friendship.


The third house is the village that raises us, and neighbours belong in the third. Friends are in the fifth, the friends we sit around the fire with. In the natural zodiac, Leo is in the fifth house, and it carries the energy of play and friendship and romance.

Jupiter in Leo expands the qualities of the sign and the stories of the sign, and there are labours in Leo, and there is atonement.

The movie is Kevin Costner’s personal atonement for his country’s past, and when his country awards it, it becomes his country’s atonement.

The Moon in Leo romances us with the things he loves.

When his friends watched him play with Two Socks, the moment caught their attention. They saw something that distinguished John, and they changed his name to Dances with Wolves. With his new name, John began to learn the language and the ways of the Sioux in earnest. He shaved and he dressed like they did, and he romanced us with his change in personality.


There is a frankness to the sign, and we are most frank in the house Leo is in the chart.


The first time John and Wind in his Hair met, Wind in his hair shouted that he was not afraid of John.

He kicked John out of the village when John rode in carrying Stands with a Fist.

Then the buffalo returned and John rescued Smiles A Lot, and John and Wind in his Hair traded pelts.


The movie ends with Dances with Wolves seeing himself through the eyes of a friend.


Chart for March 1, 2002

The Moon was in Libra.

Aditi had broken up with Vikram, but she went to see him that day, the day she was getting engaged to Hemant.

Her cousin Ria disapproved, and she told Aditi that she shouldn’t be getting married to someone she did not love.

But Aditi wasn’t going to wait around for Vikram’s wife to agree to a divorce, and she wanted to settle down. She didn’t need the advice of her older unmarried cousin Ria; she punctuated the words when she said them, and then quickly apologized.

She got engaged as planned. There were no retrograde planets in the sky; Mars was at 30 degrees Aries and plans for her wedding had been made and they were moving forward.


After the engagement, she threw her brother out of the room to call Vikram, but Vikram’s wife answered the phone and she hung up.


By then the Moon in Libra was across from Mars in Aries, and for her it was a Moon lit by wedding plans.


The same Moon gave Alice the courage to ask the wedding planner if he wanted water, room temperature or from the fridge.

PK had been sensing a tug from the spirit world all day, a tug to pay attention. He had been sensing her presence, and now he knew who she was.


All the while that wedding plans were being made, Mars in Aries was in a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer.

Cancer carries with it the energy of the nadir; it carries with it a lake of childhood memories, and Jupiter’s transit through Cancer can bring members of a family back home to revisit the lake.

If the wedding plans materialized, Jupiter’s transit would expand the lake to include the memories of another family.

The wedding plans materialized, and when Mars entered Taurus, they needed to be nurtured.

Lalit borrowed money to nurture them.

PK went to the kitchen to ask Alice for a glass of water.

Hemant took Aditi’s hand, but she pulled her hand away with the excuse that she wasn’t a morning person.


When the Moon in Scorpio was in a trine to Venus in Pisces, Aditi slipped out of the house to see Vikram; she was still holding on to that old relationship.


With the same Moon, Alice fantasized about what could be. She took Aditi’s wedding jewellery and tried it on; she played.


But the Moon was also in a square to Uranus in Aquarius, and Uranus in Aquarius rules electricity. He can shine a light on what we think is private,


and he can shine a light on what we think is secret.


Aditi asked Vikram not to leave her alone, but Vikram was on the phone with his wife, with the woman who carried his unremembered dead, and he asked Aditi to keep it down.

So Aditi reached for the same square that had put her where she was to get away, and she drove off alone in Vikram’s car.

Then the Moon entered Sag and Pluto was in Sag. When the Moon touches Pluto, Pluto asks for soul making, and in Sag, he asks us to look up for soul making, to face up.

With the Moon in Sag, the men apologized to Alice,


and with the Moon in Sag, Aditi told Hemant about Vikram. She was now ready to start a new relationship, and she did not want to start one based on deceit and lies.


There is soul making in dancing, and when the Moon Pluto formed a square with the Sun in Pisces, the crowd got bigger and the music louder.


PK reached for the Sun and Venus in Pisces and got creative; he made a tableau to declare his love to Alice.


The day before the wedding, Venus was at 29 degrees Pisces. She was in a t square with the Moon conjunct Chiron in Capricorn and with Jupiter in Cancer.


Venus in Pisces can draw a person who offers a place of refuge.

The Moon and Chiron in Capricorn can draw a person who offers medicine to correct a broken law.

Jupiter in Cancer can draw a person who offers protection of the home.

When Ria saw Tej taking Aliya with him, she offered medicine. She reached for the Moon Chiron in Capricorn and slid down the quincunx to Saturn in Gemini, and she went after them.

She rescued Aliya, and then said what Tej had done to her when she was small. Uranus was conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, and what she said shocked the people around her.


That night, the family revisited the lake of memories.


All the while that ceremonies were taking place, Mars in Taurus was in a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer. Together they were providing nourishment and hospitality to members of a family who had gathered together for a wedding.

But Mars is also a soldier and Jupiter a military leader. Together they can expel a member who causes harm.

Lalit asked his sister and her husband Tej to leave, and he secured the family grounds.


The essence of Pisces is hard to pin; fish are slippery. The essence of Pisces is the ability to shape shift. It is in Pisces that Jupiter takes the form of a shower of gold, a magnificent cow, a swan.

The Sun in Pisces in a square to Pluto in Sag can transform something ordinary into something meaningful. With Jupiter in Cancer, they can transform a bridge or a tent into sacred grounds.


When Aditi and Hemant walked around the sacred fire, Venus entered Aries, and a new relationship began its journey.


Venus formed a square to Jupiter, and there is passion in this square.

Mira Nair said that she wanted her movie to be a tribute to the city she grew up in. She wanted to celebrate being from India.

She made the movie when the skies were filled with air travel. We crossed borders more than ever before when Pluto was in Sag, and the Indians in her movie are local and international.

When Lalit asked a friend to lend him money, he said he would pay him the following month; he had a big shipment going to Macy’s.

There is mastery of exchange with Saturn in Gemini, the exchange of goods and information, and there is also life in the city, the chit chat and the banter between people who see each other regularly, and between siblings; Gemini rules siblings. The trine to Neptune in Aquarius gives what is particular to one place or one family a universality.

Neptune in Aquarius accentuates the qualities of the sign, and in Aquarius there is individuality and universality, and people from around the world told Mira that they could identify with the characters and the themes in her movie.

Mars in Taurus asks for quality control, and the movie is exquisite to watch and to listen to.

Whatever passion could not be expressed with dialogue was expressed with music and song.

The movie ends with Ria freed from the past. The wedding had brought Tej back home, and with him came an experience that she had suffered alone. Now her experience was a shared experience, suffered by the whole family and held in the lake of memories.

In that moment when she felt her freedom, Mars in Taurus formed an exact sextile to Jupiter in Cancer at 5 degrees and 44 minutes.

Mars at 5 degrees Taurus is sexy,


and Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer won’t let you go.


Chart for December 25, 2007

She did her Saturn before speaking to her parents, and Saturn is retrograde in Virgo, and he is across from Uranus in Pisces. It must have dawned on her all of a sudden why she was missing her period, and she must have travelled back in time to figure out when she had the sex.

She tried to make the pink plus sign go away,


but it was there to stay; Saturn R doesn’t let us off so easy.

There is an easy reach from Saturn R to Mercury in Capricorn, and Capricorn rules social structures, the bones of our society. She called Women Now to book an appointment, but before she could book it, they asked her how old she was and how long she had been sexually active.


They were collecting data. In Capricorn we monitor social patterns to know things like the age kids should be taught about sex in school.

In Capricorn we rely on patterns of behaviour to predict the future, like the time Bleeker would leave his house to go running.


A Jupiter transit through Capricorn can offer a new pattern,


but Saturn retrograde in Virgo keeps the order of things, and Mars retrograde in Cancer has a say in who is allowed inside the home.


A new pattern was not the gift Jupiter brought them.

Bleeker and the rest of the team running was a constant before and throughout her pregnancy, a reassuring pattern.


Mars in Cancer can bring a group of people together. Mars retrograde in Cancer can feel like not belonging to the group, and as she got bigger, she felt that all people did was look at her stomach and talk behind her back.

Her pregnancy was setting her apart.

There is courage in the chart; Saturn touches the Sun in Capricorn and there is the courage to be in the public eye. 

And whether the public approved or disapproved, Jupiter put them in formation.

This is her when it all began,


and this is her when she began to show.


He too was being set apart, in a different way.


Juno had decided to have the baby and give it to someone who really needed it, and with Leah’s help, she found


There can be the need for singularity in the chart. In the Mars R opposition to the stellium in Capricorn, there can be the need to make a difference, and Juno was going to make a difference.

In traditional astrology, the Moon and the Sun draw the chart holder’s parents, and in the chart, the Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Capricorn.

In the story of Cancer there is Karkinos who came to Hera’s aid; Hera whose Roman name is Juno, goddess of marriage and goddess of childbirth.

In the story of Capricorn there is Enki, god of the abzu.

When Juno told Brenda and Mac that she was pregnant,

Brenda thought of her stepdaughter’s health, and she made a note to buy vitamins and make a doctor’s appointment.

Mac said,


He didn’t want his kid getting ripped off by a couple of baby starved wing nuts.

When Juno went back upstairs, he felt the weight of Jupiter’s transit.


He wasn’t ready to be a pop pop, and Juno wasn’t ready to be a mom, but she was.


Juno watched her and her face lit up; she was watching the mother of the child she was carrying. The Moon, mother in the sky, and Venus, mother of Eros, are in a trine in water signs, and they made her feel the tenderness of the moment. Venus is in a square to Neptune in Aquarius, and they gave her a vision of the future.


There is commitment in Capricorn; Enki was committed to ensuring the survival of the human race. He was a resourceful god and he put everyone to good use. He wrote the rules of every trade and every social function, from how to make beer to how a ceremony should be carried out. He wrote the laws of every social institution. In the natural zodiac, Capricorn is in the tenth house of the work we do to provide for ourselves and others.

Capricorn carries the energy of the tenth house, and the story of an old god with an earthy sense of humour.

Juno shared Mac’s sense of humour, and Mac explained it as


She befriended Mark in a way that did not include Vanessa; she got to know his fifth house.

Brenda reached for Mars R in Cancer and corrected her behaviour; she told Juno that she could not just drop in on a married man; there were boundaries. But Juno kept dropping in and she triggered something in Mark.

He told Vanessa that there were things he still wanted to do and he was not ready to be a father, and Vanessa felt the weight of Jupiter’s transit.


Juno left crying, but she came back to drop a note off, and then went home,

and her dad gave her a bit of Enki wisdom.


After that Jupiter lightened up and began to deliver gifts.


When we figure out what we were born to do, we are in Capricorn.


When we figure out what we were born to do, and honour it no matter what, we are in Capricorn.


Jupiter’s transit took him to the next stage of parenthood,


and it took Bleeker to the next stage of maturity; he became someone that Juno could rely on.

The Sun brings out the essence of the sign, and the essence of Capricorn is reliability and support.


They say that art foretells what is to come, and by the time Juno delivered, Pluto left Sag and went into Capricorn. We began to shift our attention from cultural practices and beliefs to the social structures that hold us up.


Chart for March 23, 2007

It began with a coin.


She knew that he played established songs during the day, and his own songs at night, and she came to ask him about it when the Sun was young in Aries and the Moon was young in Gemini, eager to make a new connection.

He thought she was just a passerby, and when she showed up with her vacuum cleaner the following day, he tried to dismiss her.

But the Sun in Aries wants what he wants, and the Moon in Gemini can talk us into doing thing.


They connected as musicians in the music store, and when she asked him to play one of his songs, he reached for Mercury in Pisces and showed her how to join him. There is in the square between Mercury in Pisces and the Moon in Gemini the ability to organize an eclectic group of people. 


Uranus can bring out the anonymity in Pisces, the individual lost in the crowd. But Uranus is in a square to Jupiter in Sag,

and he was singled out with a coin, at night, when nobody paid attention,


and when they played and sang together, the owner of the music store raised his head.


There is the story of Pabilsag in Sagittarius, and there is the energy of the centaur, unbound, and there is the energy of the ninth house where we go beyond that which we know.

Jupiter’s transit through Sag can bring opportunities of growth, a teacher who will guide us.

In aspect to Pisces, he brought someone who recognized a talented musician in the crowd, and the musician recognized the talent in her. They made harmony together, and they lit up the sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Taurus. There can be song writing in this sextile, songs that rise from experiences with love and relationship.

He told her about the woman he loved in song, raw,


and he almost jeopardized a budding opportunity when he invited her to stay the night.


Jupiter and Uranus are in a square, and although the chart does not show it, Uranus is in a quincunx to Saturn retrograde in Leo.

Leo carries the energy of the fifth house, of the things we love and the things we do to nourish our inner child, and he loved music. He fixed vacuum cleaners for a living, a trade his father had taught him, but he aspired to be an established musician.

Saturn R joins Leo with Capricorn, and there was here a budding opportunity to earn a living with his music.


There is romance in the fifth, and if Jupiter was bringing a romantic opportunity, Saturn retrograde in Leo brought a romance from the past to be reviewed, to be renewed, and while he worked hard at his music, he reviewed and he renewed a romantic commitment.


There are children in the fifth. The sign in the fifth house tells us how we parent our children and how we relate with our parents; what we offer them.

She had a child. She went out to work and her mother took care of her child. She had left her husband behind in Czech Republic, and she was reconsidering her decision because she did not want her child growing up without a father.

When he asked her to come with him to a musical group, she called her mother first. Saturn retrograde in Leo asked her to take care of her responsibilities first.


Across from Saturn in Leo is Aquarius, a sign Saturn rules, and Mars Neptune are in Aquarius.

Mars Neptune in Aquarius can do this.


He gave money to the guy who robbed him.

Mars Neptune can be charitable, romantic, lyrical when they are together. They asked him to polish the songs he wrote, to get them ready for an audience.

He decided to make a recording of his music before he went back to London, and he asked her if she would join him.

She said yes, and they did too,


and he put the Mercury Moon square to work.


The Sun brings out the essence of a sign, and the essence of Aries is creative. The Sun in a square to Pluto in Sag asked for an adventure that would transform them, that would give meaning to life, that would make them feel alive.


After the recording, he asked her to come over, but Jupiter was watching. He was in league with Mars Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn R in Leo, and there were limitations to the opportunity he brought them, a lyrical opportunity that did not interfere with their responsibilities. There would be no hanky panky.

Before he left, he looked for her to say goodbye, but she wasn’t there. So he reached for Jupiter in Sag and rode down the square to Uranus, and he singled her out

with a piano.


Ketu is in Virgo, in that place where Jupiter sent Mercury to negotiate a deal with Pluto, where we keep things in order, where we perfect a craft.

Rahu is in Pisces, in that place where Jupiter fought a war when it was his turn to rule, where we find refuge, where we draw inspiration.

Jupiter is in Sag at the bending of the nodes, and Jupiter in Sag can look for guidance, give guidance, seek approval, give approval.

He can take the shape of a mother,


a man who presses buttons,


a father,


 a double decker bus.


Chart for June 5, 2000

There is the wisdom and the strategy of Athena in Cancer, Athena who is Minerva. They say that she stood behind Hercules and inspired him to work with his nephew Iolaus, and she inspired them both on how to defeat the Lernaean Hydra.

We learn to work with others in Cancer; Mercury in Cancer becomes a team player.

So when a plane announced that it was having trouble maintaining altitude, a team must have looked at an aerial plan of the city to find a safe place for it to land.

They found the I-


and put traffic police to work. The work in the chart is in Gemini, in the busy streets of a city, at the level of commuters. Mars in Gemini diverted traffic with the help of helicopters’ view from above.

If the Sun Venus in Gemini got fiery about the change in direction, all they could do was turn the radio on to look for meaning, and the radio said that the 405 Southbound had been shut down completely, and a two mile stretch of the highway had been cleared for some sort of police activity.


This was the time when Pluto in Sag looked at the shortcomings of the places Sag rules, places we go to for guidance, like places of worship, places of higher learning, like universities, and places of long distance travel, like airports and hotels. 

Chiron is conjunct Pluto, and wherever Chiron is, we are asked to


Pluto asks for transformation, and the work to transform such places was in Gemini.

There is rescue in Gemini ruled by Mercury, and air traffic controllers and traffic police worked together to close the gap between a plane in distress and the landing.

He slipped through the gap. 


He looked left and saw cars on the 405 Northbound, but around him not a car in sight. The Sun Venus in Gemini promised a joyful day, traffic free, but the Sun Venus were across from Pluto Chiron in Sag and he was missing a piece of information.

The missing piece showed up in his side view mirror,


and he reached for his will to live, and Mars in Gemini told him to go faster. He went as fast as his jeep could go, but it wasn’t fast enough.


The plane collided with the back of his jeep and the nose gear collapsed, and the plane relied on the jeep’s tires to come to a complete stop.


Jupiter was transiting Taurus, and he was conjunct Saturn, and Uranus in Aquarius was in a square to the conjunction.

Uranus in Aquarius brought out the likes of Prometheus, independent thinkers, unafraid to go against the grain.

Saturn in Taurus asked for a commitment to all things Taurean, to the earth, to the body, to security, to heritage and history, the marks of our ancestors, to the containers of our resources, to the inventive side of the sign, the sign that holds the story of Hephaestus and his automatons, and Daedalus who made the labyrinth and wings to fly.

Uranus and Saturn squared each other, fueling innovation,

and when Jupiter joined Saturn, he brought growth and influence to commitments made during this time, commitments that took into consideration the foresight of Uranus in Aquarius and the pressure of social groups concerned with Taurean matters.


Planes take a long time to come to a complete stop, and he was going faster than the jeep could go when he saw the old Lincoln.

Uranus     Looks like a 1965 Lincoln Continental.

Saturn     Taurus collects them.

Jupiter     We won’t look good if something happens to it. Just imagine; an old Lincoln crushed under a plane on the day I’m conjunct my dad in Taurus-

Saturn     And in a square to your grandfather.   (to Uranus) They’ll blame it on you.

Uranus     I know.

Jupiter     Not good. Here we are establishing an era of digital technology-

Pluto     Among other things-


Jupiter (continues)     The digital wallet, the digital homemade movie-

Mars     Faster bandwidth-

Venus     Isn’t this movie supposed to influence a lot of people-

Mercury     It will put pressure on the marketplace to make digital technology more accessible to the hoi poloi.

Sun     It won’t work if the old Lincoln gets crushed.

Uranus     Well why don’t you have the guy in the jeep reach for the Moon in Cancer.

He reached for the Moon in Cancer and Karkinos rose in him, and he honked and gestured for the old Lincoln to get out of the way, but the old Lincoln was caught in the wide Sun Venus in Gemini trine to Neptune in Aquarius, caught in the good old days.


Jupiter     She’s deaf. We really should get her out of the way.

Uranus     Okay, I’ll get her out of the way. Mars, help me out here.

He closed his eyes and feared the worst,


but nothing bad happened.

The old Lincoln gave him the finger, but nothing bad happened.

Mars     He’s never going to forget this.

Uranus     The thrill of a lifetime.

Saturn     The gift of three generations.

Jupiter     Safe and sound. What more could he ask for.


Chart for October 5, 1979

He turned 42 when the Moon was full in Aries. The Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries left him invalided. There was nothing new to celebrate; he had not concretized anything new.

The Sun and the Moon touched Mars in Leo, and Sam had gathered friends together for a surprise party,


but that was not what he wanted, not the kind of intensity he craved.

Wherever Pluto is in the chart, we can crave intensity, attract it, create it, and Pluto was with the Sun in Libra, conjunct Venus and Mercury.

In Libra, Themis holds the scales away from her body,


and Venus and Mercury in Libra arrange forms to create beauty and harmony.


Pluto in Libra asked him to get closer.

When he saw her,


he wanted to get closer, and the chart came alive.

Venus     I have the list of labours ready; a visit to the church, to the reverend and the dentist-

Pluto     We should add a touch of the beau laid to all of them.

Mercury     Mind the Gap is in all things Taurean; nature and the body-

Chiron     Leave it to me.


There is craftsmanship in Virgo, and Saturn in Virgo is serious about his craft, and serious about keeping the order of rituals and other such things. Saturn in a sextile to Uranus in Scorpio can break down the seriousness with humour, with the humour of things we’d rather keep private,  

like crashing into a police cruiser because we were trying to catch a glimpse of a good looking woman.


Uranus in Scorpio was in a semi sextile to Neptune in Sag, and Uranus in Scorpio can sense things lying beneath the surface, and Neptune in Sag can sense a disturbance in the field, and Sam asked him, What’s up?


There are the mysteries of the mind in Scorpio, and Uranus asked him to bring them to the surface, and Neptune in Sag asked him to find guidance to explore them,

but he didn’t tell her what was up.

He told his therapist, and for a moment, his therapist thought that he was struggling to come out of the closet.


There could be a struggle to keep the order of things and to dissolve them and be free in the Saturn square to Neptune.

But there could also be the search of new inspiration for one’s craft.

Jupiter’s transit through Virgo was bringing him the opportunity to find new inspiration, and he found himself on a flight to Mexico.

In Mexico he got closer to her,


and wished that Sam could save him.


Mars in Leo pointed at the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra, and his heart told him that it was time to take his relationship with Sam to a new level, time to concretize it,

but before that, the shaman of the zodiac was taking him under and initiating him to a new stage of life, middle age,

and Jupiter was bringing him a gift of inspiration.

All the planets in unison     Time for him to start minding the gap.

Chiron     Leave it to me.


He looked at David asleep on the surfboard and at her asleep on the beach,

and he got caught in the square between Saturn and Neptune, dissolving the order of things and imagining a new order.


Moon     He’s back to thinking this is all about a new relationship.

Jupiter     That’s all right.   (whispers to him) Find a way to make it real.

Mercury (chastising him)     I know what you’re thinking, and you’re  not going to make it real by letting David drown.

Mars (pushing him to take action)     Go out there and rescue David and she’ll thank you and you’ll get even closer.   


Pluto     The last thing we need is for both of them to drown.

Uranus     Leave this one to me.


One of the labours Venus gave Psyche was to go to the underworld and bring back some of Persephone’s beauty ointment.


There can be the work of beauty in Virgo, and Saturn in Virgo can have a rigorous workout schedule.


Jupiter in Virgo can give the gift of beauty.


She inspired him to write a new composition, an arrangement of intense emotion.

He played it and became hearth fire in the room, just like Don became hearth fire when people sat around the bar for drinks. Mars in Leo can become hearth fire.


For her generation, his music was elevator music, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was so enchanted to be with her, dance with her, walk on the beach with her.

She was comfortable with him; she had seen him on the Dinah Shore and he had saved her husband, and her father knew him; the labour of going to the dentist was paying off.


His wish was coming true, but when he got as close to her as he could get, he realized that she was treating the sex between them like a workout, that she was sexercising to Ravel’s Bolero, and that she wasn’t where he was, with the stellium in Libra lying across a passionate Moon in Aries.

He used the Moon to argue his way out, and went back home to Hugh and to Sam, and he asked Sam to marry him.

He had spent all his intense emotion in the new composition, and he could now slide down to Saturn in Virgo in a sextile to Uranus in Scorpio and in a square to Neptune in Sag and play a little; break down the seriousness and dissolve the order of things and play.

She taught him to play.


 A month later was the Iran hostage crisis.

Chiron was still in Taurus, asking us to mind the gap in all things Taurean; the earth, the body, resources, inventions, and security.

Chart for November 4, 1979

Pluto was digging in Libra, where Themis holds the scales away from her body, measuring her actions to make war and to make peace. There is in Libra the art of diplomacy.

Before she was her own sign, Libra was a part of Virgo and a part of Scorpio, and when Pluto was in Libra, he joined her to both.

He joined her to the story of Pluto and Persephone in Virgo, when Demeter turned the earth barren, and Jupiter sent Mercury to negotiate a deal with Pluto.

He joined her to Dike, goddess of justice, who sits beside Jupiter when she passes judgement.

He joined her principles to negotiations and to justice.

He joined her to Scorpio, the sign that he rules with Mars. He joined her to the stories of Artemis and her brother Apollo, to Orion and to Scorpius. He joined her to the art of clan, of protecting a clan and deciding who will be allowed entrance and who will be barred.

He joined her principles to clan.


Pluto was in a sextile to Mars in Leo and to Neptune in Sag.

There is leadership in Leo ruled by the Sun, and Mars in Leo can bring competition between leaders; the need to outshine each other.

Neptune in Sag asked them to step into foreign territory, territory that was foreign to them, for better understanding of each other’s principles.

There can be a breakthrough when Mars squares Uranus, and when Mars in Leo was in a square to Uranus in Scorpio,

The United States allowed the shah of Iran to enter the country for cancer treatment,

and students in Iran climbed over the gates of the American embassy.


The spirit of the times was in Scorpio, and Uranus had us exploring psychology and sexuality, the mysteries, and all things hidden and taboo in a society; Uranus brought them to the surface.

In a personal chart, Saturn in Virgo in a sextile to Uranus can apply the material that comes from explorations in Scorpio to work and fields of study.

They can play with the material too; there is play in a sextile.


There are underworlds in both signs.

There is the underworld of Ereshkigal in Scorpio, where she initiated Nergal, and where she took Inanna on a journey of death and transformation when the Bull of Heaven died. Venus in Scorpio can attract such journeys. 

There is the underworld of Pluto in Virgo, where he took Persephone to be his queen. With Persephone’s return to earth came the seasons, and Demeter taught Triptolemus the art of agriculture. There is apprenticeship and craftsmanship in Virgo, and there is the order of things.

Neptune in Sag accentuates the qualities of the sign, and in Sag there is a centaur free to roam the earth, unbound. Neptune in a square to Saturn can ask that he dissolve the order of things and set the hostages free, and Saturn can reply, not until there are successful negotiations.

But the order was dissolved on November 17 to set 13 hostages free, all women or African Americans.

On November 17, Venus was conjunct Neptune, asking for benevolence, and the Moon was in Libra, conscious of her public image.

Jupiter in Virgo in a square to Mercury in Sag can be involved in international negotiations and with the international courts, and the United States took its case against Iran internationally.

Chart for January 27, 1980

On this day, six American diplomats who were not taken hostage prepared to leave Tehran. They had been given protection by the Canadian embassy, and were staying in the homes of the Canadian ambassador and senior immigration officer.

They were all at risk; the times asked for risk taking. Pluto was digging for riches in Libra, and he was in a sextile to Neptune in Sag. He dug for riches in the arts, in relationship, in principles that would take us places we had never been to before, open up the world some more.


Uranus in Scorpio brought mysteries to the surface, and as a by product, he exposed things that we preferred to keep private.


But Saturn in Virgo kept the order of things, and during this time, Saturn was retrograding in Virgo, taking extra precautions.

When the journalist Jean Pelletier figured out that Canadians in Iran were sheltering American diplomats, he did not publish the story.


A CIA agent arrived to Tehran on Jan. 25 to coach the American diplomats and help them leave. He arrived when the Moon entered Gemini, holding Geminian secrets.

There is multiplicity in the sign, and mimicry, and the ability to make connections and see different points of view, and there is rescue.

The government of Canada had fabricated new identities for the Americans to leave as Canadians, and the CIA agent had assigned them different roles; they would be leaving as part of a film crew come to Tehran for a couple of days to scout for locations.

The Moon in a trine to the Sun Mercury in Aquarius speaks of human rights and humanitarian reasons,

and the Moon in a trine to the Sun Mercury in Aquarius speaks of systems without a centre, like science and universal health care and the cosmos.


Antonio Mendez, the CIA agent, had come up with the idea of turning the American diplomats into movie producers. He said that movie producers were known to be eccentric; they wouldn’t raise suspicion if they went scouting for locations in a country going through a revolution.

He always considered himself an artist. He joined the CIA as a technical service officer, and his responsibility was identity transformation.


He had worked with people from the United States and friendly to the United States; he had helped hundreds of friendly assets escape danger.

Venus in Pisces can ask that we help friendly assets escape danger.

There is a place of refuge in Pisces, and in a revolution, she can ask that we find a safe place to protect our resources, send them abroad and offshore; Venus, ruler of Taurus.

Pisces carries the energy of the twelfth house, and the twelfth rules monasteries, hospitals and prisons; places of retreat. Venus in Pisces can ask that we tend to people in such places and be charitable; Venus, mother of Eros.

There is raw material in Pisces, and Venus can find inspiration in Pisces. The American diplomats found inspiration in the packages they received from the government of Canada, and in the bios written by the CIA. They said that they had fun learning their parts and how to speak with a Canadian accent.

A Canadian diplomat who spoke Farsi dressed like a revolutionary guard and ran them through mock airport drills.

They played.

They shape shifted.


Across from Venus in Pisces were Jupiter and Mars travelling retrograde in Virgo.

They had been conjunct and travelling direct the days before and after Khomeini became supreme leader of Iran, travelling direct and driving people forward, crowds of people.

There can be a burst of energy on the ground when Jupiter and Mars meet in Virgo. Mars is a warrior, fearless, and Jupiter expands what he touches.

Virgo carries the energy of the sixth house, the history of the sixth house, and the stories of the sign, of Demeter and Dike.

Once upon a time, the sixth house was the house of serfs, servants and slaves, of how we were treated by our bosses, and how we treated the people who laboured for us. With time, it evolved to become the house of apprenticeship, craftsmanship, pets.

Khomeini became supreme leader when Jupiter and Mars were conjunct in Virgo. He shepherded people that were here, and was carried to power by the working class.

When the planets began their retrograde motion, people must have looked around and realized that they had to clean up the mess and get back to work.

On January 27, 1980, the Sun Mercury pointed at Virgo and told the diplomats that if they were going to pull this caper off, it better be now. People were not so volatile, and the planets in Virgo had brought them someone who had mastered the art of exfiltration, someone who had taken his talent and worked hard to develop Arete.

He had learned to master his temper too; Tony Mendez said that whenever he was angry, he went to his studio, picked up a paintbrush, and reached for Venus, ruler of Libra.


Chart for January 28, 1980, 7:35 am, Tehran

The diplomats claimed to have arrived on January 25, and they were worried that the immigration officer would check if this was true. When he took their passports and went in the back room, they thought he’d mind the gap in security. But he came back stirring a cup of tea, and handed back their passports.

They were free to board their Swissair flight, and when they were going up the steps, one of them noticed that the name on the fuselage of the plane, AARGAU, echoed the name of their movie.

It was like seeing St. Elmo’s fire, a visible sign that the Dioscuri were near.

They took off with the Moon in Gemini in the fourth house, the house of home and homeland, and Neptune in Sag in the tenth house, the most public house in the chart.

The Moon asked that the CIA’s involvement in their rescue be kept secret, for the sake of the hostages.

Then in 1202, when Jupiter was transiting Gemini, everyone came to know.


Chart for October 12, 2012


Jupiter R in Gemini in a quincunx to Mercury in Scorpio can bring back a top notch CIA agent to tell us the story of an exfiltration no longer classified.

Moon Venus in Virgo (in a square to the agent)     Could you tell us more about the prosthetic makeup you used.

The Moon Venus in Virgo can draw an audience made up of makeup artists from Hollywood.

Jupiter in Gemini     This particular operation didn’t require too much makeup.

Moon Venus in Virgo     We heard that you worked with John Chambers-

Jupiter in Gemini     I call him by his code name Jerome Calloway.

Moon Venus in Virgo     You know that he pushed the limits of makeup with Planets of the Apes; he mentored many of us.

Jupiter in Gemini     Yes, but for the six diplomats in Iran, I didn’t need his help in that capacity-

Neptune in Aquarius     Chambers helped a lot of people get into the makeup union, which back in the days was a closed shop.

Neptune accentuates the qualities of a sign, and in Aquarius there are the groups we belong to, the unions we belong to.

Mars in Sag (in a square to Neptune in Aquarius)     He hired makeup artists that according to union rules had no business in the movie industry. He defied the union-

Neptune in Aquarius     He accused it of nepotism-

Mars in Sag     You should put that in your movie.

Saturn in Libra     I would tread carefully with the makeup union. Better stick to the ideals that Neptune in Aquarius inspires, the ideals and the humanitarian principles-

Uranus in Aries (waking up)     If there isn’t a first in the movie, it won’t work. The spirit of the times requires a first.

Saturn in Libra     It was the first time the CIA used making a movie as cover. It was a sci fi movie, Lord of Light.

Jupiter in Gemini     Calloway changed the title to Argo

Uranus in Aries     My guy’s ship! Sailing off to get the golden fleece. What did you sail off to get?

Jupiter in Gemini     Six American diplomats in Iran. Julio was my backup.

Uranus in Aries     Drop him.

Moon Venus in Virgo     Weed him out.

Sun in Libra     Focus on your relationship with Chambers; elaborate on what the two of you did for the country-

Moon Venus in Virgo     The two people the country couldn’t thank-

Pluto in Capricorn     You mean the two institutions the country couldn’t thank.   (pause) A movie about institutions; how Hollywood helped the CIA on a rescue mission. The Academy will love it.


He was on the phone with his son, watching Planet of the Apes on channel 5, when he had a eureka moment.


The trine between Uranus in Aries and Mars in Sag lit up, and he knew the cover he would use to get the six diplomats out of Iran; he would turn them into Canadian movie producers, crazy enough to go to Iran in the middle of a hostage crisis.

Pluto was digging in Capricorn, and there is history in Capricorn, a look at the past to plan for the future, and Uranus in Aries in a square to Pluto asked for a fresh look at history,

and Uranus in Aries in a trine to Mars in Sag gave poetic license. There is a centaur in Sag who will not be bound by conventions, and Mars in Sag accentuated this quality, and with a nod from Uranus, he ran with poetic license,

only to be kept in check by Neptune who retrograded back into Aquarius, and reminded him that a movie disseminates ideas; and so Mars used his poetic license to add humour and edge of the seat entertainment


to Jupiter’s history lesson.

Gemini rules information and language, and Jupiter in Gemini can gather information and languages and the jargon of professions.

In Gemini, history doesn’t pretend to be linear and it doesn’t pretend to be objective. We hear multiple points of view when we are here, and we see what is happening around the world simultaneously;


cameras filming a student in Iran reading a statement,


and while we hear her voice,

there is a camera filming actors about to begin reading the script for


The actors read their parts,

and we enter the Canadian ambassador’s living room,


and she is in the background putting two and two together,


and the TV switches from Carter to Khomeini,   


while hostages are lined up for a mock execution.


There is speed in the sign and the ability to make connections, and Jupiter in Gemini can ask that we connect the dots quickly; he can bring a test to our intelligence.

The sign does not aim for truth, but for the richness in complexity,

and for that he gives us context,

and the Sun in Libra in a trine to Jupiter measures how much context the story needs, and that it be based on actual footage of the time, interviews of the time, and the little ironies of the time.


Sun in Libra     I’m zooming in on this one.

Jupiter in Gemini     Go for it.


There can be play when the Sun and Jupiter are in a trine, and in a Libra Gemini trine, they can play with words and with references to their roles outside the screen. Like when Chambers looked at the diplomats’ bios and chose who would be the director, and Tony asked if you could teach someone to be a director in a day.


The Sun brings out the essence of the sign, and in Libra there are principles,


and in Gemini there is rescue, 


and Jupiter in Gemini can draw others to join in the rescue, and to ask for rescue.


There is medicine in Scorpio, and Mercury in Scorpio in a trine to Jupiter in Gemini can have medicine in the words they speak,


in the tools they hold.


There is courage to cross the boundaries of what we know when Mars is in Sag, but before there is courage, there can be fear,


and opportunities come to build courage

for the sake of the group.


Chiron in Pisces asked that they mind the gap in things that could get out of hand,


but they had to go to the bazaar or it would look suspicious.


Doubt set in after their visit to the bazaar,


but Tony counted on them being ready to leave the following day, and he drilled them.


Jupiter in Gemini was bringing them rescue, but to be rescued, they had to cross a line,

like the Canadian minister of foreign affairs had to cross a line to issue them Canadian passports. Canadian law prohibits such falsification, and she said that her hands trembled when she signed the passports.

With her Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini, she took Vance aside and suggested that the diplomats leave on bicycles. Gemini, after all, rules things that go.

The movie elaborated on her remark; there can be elaboration, exaggeration and play when Jupiter touches the Sun.


After the movie was released, the city of Ottawa honoured her by naming a new bicycle and footbridge over the Rideau Canal, the Passerelle Flora Footbridge.

Saturn (taking Jupiter aside)     You should take a look at Clark’s birth chart.


Jupiter (taking a look)     Hanky panky in security.

Saturn     Challenged to cross the line in office. He was the right prime minister to have during the crisis.

Jupiter     She was the right foreign minister to have during the crisis.


Mars in Sag     If we allow those guys to simply walk out of the airport and board the plane, the movie will be a box office flop.

Uranus in Aries (to Neptune)     Give him back his poetic license.

When they were ready to cross the line together, State cancelled the operation, and Tony said,


and Jack said,


Typhon was required to follow orders too.

Ketu was in Taurus and Rahu was in Scorpio, and the work Tony had done and the risks he had taken were for his clan, and he was now being asked to abandon the six diplomats and return home alone. It didn’t match the chart; it didn’t match Mars in Sag asking him to be a guide, and it didn’t match the Uranus Mars trine asking him for the challenge of a first.

So he picked up the phone and said,


and hung up.

Mars in Sag (to Uranus)     We should do something to mark their entry into the danger zone.


The movie then follows the principles of a thriller. There are cliffhangers,


and just in time moments,


 a ticking clock,


 added tension,


and a chase.


There are principles in Libra, the principles of a people, the principles of an art form. There is arrangement and balance,


 and a balancing act,

balancing history with a story of the two institutions that could not be acknowledged and honoured in 1980.

There is also this in Libra; a whisper, a comment,


that strengthened his resolve.


He had thought things through in his hotel room, and he’d looked at the passports. This was the best bad idea they had, but never a f- mission.

Libra was once part of Virgo, and with Venus in Virgo, every detail had been taken care of.

Libra was once part of Scorpio, and with Saturn between both signs and Mercury in Scorpio, he’d known what to say to prepare the group.

They were ready,

and he was now ready to cross a line that he had never crossed before.

When he thanked the ambassador, he thanked him for not telling the group that the operation was cancelled, and for giving him time to show up.