Yin Yang XVII

Three times

In Leo Jupiter asked Helios not to rise for three whole days. He took the form of Amphitryon, Alcmene’s husband, and loved Alcmene for a night that was three times long. The night Hercules was conceived.

When Amphitryon returned from Thebes where he’d been, he saw his wife with child, and in her face a smile. You came to me, she said.

He shook his head.

The sun began to rise and the first rays fell on the growing child, and between them there was comprehension.

The child grew up with a substitute father.

He laboured to atone for his sins, and his Labours were dictated by King Eurystheus. Behind the king was Hera.

He found himself through his Labours, the father within.

The story carries on to make him a god, but people worshipped him as a demigod.


Chart for August 24, 1955

The time Moses Wright could not protect his great nephew Emmett Till. He was barred from exercising his authority as substitute father when the child was taken from his home. Barred by his marginality.

Emmett’s mom wanted her child brought back to Chicago, and the funeral took place there. She opened the casket for everyone to see what they had done to him.

Uranus was making his entry into Leo. Pluto and Uranus in Leo. Jupiter too. During the trial Moses pointed his finger at the men who took the child away. He did it knowing that his family was safe, knowing that he had to get himself to safety.


Mike Huckabee was born on August 24, 1955.

He was a Baptist minister before he became Governor of Arkansas. He says his office door was nailed shut because he belonged to the wrong misl. But he broke through with moral clarity.



Chart for July 13, 2021

Laws to protect the most vulnerable.

A time when we were asked to get vaccinated for the good of the community. To set apprehension aside, the father in us aside, talk to a trusted health practitioner if necessary, and get vaccinated.   

They say this is the month that the ArriveCAN app was repurposed to enforce the COVID-19 mandate coming in October. For now, those who had proof of vaccine had to submit it via the app, and those who didn’t would be asked to self isolate.

The tone was changing.


Chart for March 5, 2021


Just a few months before, there had been such enthusiasm. People had been waiting, waiting for vaccines, and millions were on their way. Jupiter had flown over Saturn and burst open the coffers of pooled resources. He was now conjunct Mercury and there was great generosity. Medicine for all.

By July 10, 2021, 68 percent of the population had received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 43 percent was fully vaccinated.


Chances were that at least 68 percent would be fully vaccinated, and that is high in a democracy, but not enough for herd immunity. Measles requires 95 percent to be vaccinated for herd immunity, and polio 80 percent. We still don’t know what the percentage is for COVID-19, but at least 80 percent.

When Venus conjoined Mars in Leo on July 13, the ruler was in Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

Sun opposition Pluto     Why don’t you take your pelts off and join the pool?

Mercury     For herd immunity.

Many did, for fear of losing their livelihoods and not being able to participate in the community. By October 8, 2021, 76 percent had received at least one dose, and 71 percent was fully vaccinated.

They seed when they come together. In Leo that labours and atones for the sins of others. In a wide opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, and in a square to Uranus in Taurus. The right to say no.

To know


Chart for January 15, 1929, the day Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia

He spoke of freedom.

He shepherded.

There’s a mountain in Sagittarius, that isn’t hierarchical, that doesn’t have a ladder. The mountain of the seeker. He climbed the mountain with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. He couldn’t just preach about his vision and have a following. He was tasked with sewing what he preached and increasing the number of his following.


The Sun in Capricorn can bring out the wisdom of Enki, who saved mankind, who found a purpose for everyone. Not based on the colour of their skin. He worked on uprooting the image of the negro as inferior, ingrained in the subconscious of a people. He worked on giving the negro full citizenship rights. He led the way to complete something old and left unfinished. The undifferentiation between black and white.

There’s a chart for him based on data from memory.

Born at noon. Taurus in the first house. The MC conjunct the Sun in the ninth and the IC in Cancer in the third.

He dug in the riches of Cancer, brought up memories to the surface, promises made to the group he belonged to, sons and daughters of slaves.

He was stabbed during his first Saturn return, the tip of the blade on the edge of the aorta. It activated Chiron, Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Taurus. The outpouring of love. Good thing you didn’t sneeze, someone wrote, to carry on the work that began with a dream.

A dream he couldn’t quite recall, in Leo in the fourth. So the Sun took him to the mountaintop with Saturn, and brought Mercury in Aquarius along.

His dream, a vision of the future. The near future he hoped.


Chart for November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy was assassinated


There is the mountain of the seeker in Sagittarius. There is Pabilsag leading souls to the galactic centre, ultimate knowledge.

Jupiter tells us what brings us back.

Jupiter in Taurus in the first house, with the ruler in Pisces.

He became the guardian of black people in America.

He came to stand for a cause, equal rights.

He took every opportunity there was to lead a march, every opportunity to give a speech. It was his life. In a time when Uranus and Pluto danced together in Virgo, changing the order of things, changing culture, questioning the justice system.

On this day of crisis he sat with Mercury in Sagittarius, and with Mars conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, touching his natal Saturn. He sat with them and made a conscious decision to carry on with his life, even if it meant death. He was willing to die, he said, if the price to be paid was to free the soul of the nation, and to free our children from a permanent spiritual death.

He said it publicly, with Saturn transiting his most public house, and Jupiter conjunct his natal Uranus in Aries. The willingness to be a martyr.


Chart for December 18, 1888, the day Robert Moses was born

He seeded one public works project after another during the Depression. The plans went to DC and came back with funds, and a hundred thousand unemployed people had work.


He proved to be incorruptible and resourceful.

When the funds weren’t enough to complete a project, he raised money by issuing bonds.

He was responsible for setting up the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.


He found the pelt that Saturn retrograding in Leo asked him to find, and held the purse that the trine to Sagittarius asked him to hold, and with Uranus in Libra, he masterminded transactions that financed future projects.

He rooted himself in city planning.

Pools, parks, beaches, parkways, bridges, the Lincoln Center- He didn’t build the Lincoln Center. John D. Rockefeller III did, but it was under Moses’ urban renewal program of the 1950s and early 60s. Cleaning up the slums.

He ran into opposition when people considered the slum he was trying to clean to be heritage and part of the fabric of the city.

But he was a visionary.

Spent long hours on the mountaintop digging with Pluto in Gemini.


And if one vision did not seed, he’d find another.


He walked home thinking of the interview. He was a stubborn man, true, but they also didn’t have people with the ability to take his place. Resilient enough to face the criticism.

“Resilient enough to be the scapegoat,” said his wife. “Why isn’t Rockefeller blamed for displacing people? Or the mayor? It’s always you.”


Chart for December 18, 1888, 6:30 am, New Haven, Connecticut

He lived in an era when more and more people owned automobiles and wanted better roads and highways. To answer questions about road and highway maintenance and construction in the United States, he was the one chosen.

He spoke about the federal funding that would be needed for the whole country. He gave specifics about how much New York would need. And when he was asked how many people would be displaced to build the New York Thruway, he answered the truth.


“It’s not like we’re throwing people out on the street. They’re moving into new homes.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t go on TV and the radio so much.”

“But it’s my job, and no one else will do it.”

“They’re hiding behind you.”

Pisces can bring all generations together. It can capture the zeitgeist of a period in time.

Jupiter in the chart joins Pisces in the fourth house of homeland to the first house.

He would become the face of an era.

He would become the scapegoat for an era.


Centaur by Gregory Radionov

In 1959, Uranus was transiting Leo, conjoining his natal Saturn.

“He’s freeing you, Robert. Times are changing. The age of big public works has ended.”

“After the world’s Fair. We’re organizing one for the city’s 300th birthday.”

Venus and Mars were also transiting Leo.


Chart for June 15, 1959

“When will it be?”

“We’ll run it April to October in ’64 and ’65. I’m flying to Paris to meet with the Bureau of Expositions.”

The International Bureau of Expositions only allowed a country to hold one fair in a decade, and because Seattle was holding one in ’62, it did not support the fair in New York. It requested members not to support it.

He still went ahead.

“Members won’t be participating, so we’ve invited our American corporations to join in. General Motors, IBM, DuPont, they’re all coming. Disney too. And guess what? The Vatican’s coming. I’ve asked Cardinal Spellman to get me an audience with the Pope.”

“The Pope!”

“Wouldn’t it be something if he sent us Michelangelo’s Pietà?”

“The Pietà has never left the Vatican.”


On the day of the conjunction, the Sun was in Gemini opposing him natal Sun, offering him medicine. The public accused him of antagonizing the Bureau, badmouthing the Bureau and not playing by the rules.

No matter what he said, he was sensitive to criticism, and in normal circumstances, he would have negotiated a compromise. But the Bureau was unegotiable. It wouldn’t budge.

That’s when he broke free and found himself again.

If he played by the rules, there would be no fair.

So he thought up a new kind of fair and wove it to the fabric of society.

Cancer in the eighth house of crisis asked him to be inclusive, not to leave anyone behind, and the Moon transiting Libra in the eleventh house asked him not to leave anyone behind in the group that he belonged to. 


Cancer in the eighth house of crisis asked him never to let go.


Chart for December 1, 1962

They say that Pisces in the fourth house enjoys being close to the ocean.


Jupiter’s transit through his fourth house brought him a gift.

“I’m going to need a home office.”


“No regrets?”

“No. I want to be a student again. IBM gave us a presentation on their exhibits, data processing systems and computer applications. I want to learn more about it.”

Saturn was transiting Aquarius and Mars was transiting Leo.



Venus was transiting Scorpio.

Descent into that place of soulmaking.


Pluto and Uranus were dancing in Virgo, bringing a new order. He realized he had to make room for a new generation, the work of his generation complete.



Chart for November 22, 1963

The work of his generation was being re evaluated by the new generation.

His work. His reputation.

Complicit in leaving the black man out.

“You’re kidding me. We weren’t dealing with a black population. We were dealing with wealthy Long Islanders protesting against a parkway close to their estates. They didn’t want cars stopping on the side to picnic, and they wanted bridges for their exclusive use. The bridges were a good idea. To prevent commercial trucks and buses from driving on a scenic road.


Of course there were buses going to Jones Beach. Not everyone owned an automobile!


Where? They drove on roads that led to the beach.


Listen, the parkway wasn’t designed to go anywhere. The parkway was a destination in itself.”


“My strengths? Knowing what land to acquire for the enjoyment of future generations. Creating escapes into nature for ordinary people. And securing the funds to do it, other people’s money.   (pause) We agreed not to run the parkway straight across the estates and took a detour around Wheatley Hill. That meant cutting through some farmland, but the estate owners agreed to contribute large amounts of money for it. A compromise.”


Housing? I wasn’t the mayor! But we did clean up the ghettos. They were an eyesore.



I guess you could say that my generation dealt with issues of class, and your generation is dealing with issues of marginality. The journey continues.”


There is some form of blame, some form of scapegoating in all the fire signs.

In Aries there’s a stepmother blaming Phrixos and Helle for a famine.

In Leo there’s Hera blaming Hercules for her husband’s indiscretion.

In Sagittarius there’s a centaur with an instinct for the jugular, ready to fight the limits of civilization.


Jupiter was transiting Aries, forming a grand trine in fire in his chart.

They walked to the mountaintop.

“Behind the interview, there was blame. I seem to be carrying the miasma of a whole generation.”

She took his hand, “How do you think the fair will do?”

“I’m staying optimistic, but I don’t think it’ll make the profit we prognosticated. Maybe half.”

“The Vatican announced they won’t be loaning any artworks anymore. They received so many requests for loans from all over the world that they decided New York will be the only time. The Pietà will crown the fair.”


“Kennedy’s death is going to bring change.”

“Sometimes a man has to die to bring change.”

“Sometimes he has to be tamed.”


“I’ve been barred from making any more changes.”

“The world’s gone retro.”

“From hero to monster. What’s there to live for?”

“To stand up for yourself. Stand up for public service and sacrifice.”





Chart for Aron Ralston, born October 27, 1975, Ohio, data from birth record


Cancer contains the nourishing waters of the womb. The place where we find nourishment, the place where we give nourishment. Soul nourishment.

He found nourishment in himself. With the Moon in Leo, he found nourishment in hard labour, climbing mountains by himself. There can be a loneliness attached to Saturn, a mastery achieved alone and long lasting.

Cancer can nourish and Cancer can crush. A time of separation. Without it, without leaving the old shell behind, there is no growth.

He was crushed by a boulder, his arm trapped, and what followed was a story of survival. Mars in Cancer feeds from Scorpio and Aries. Initiation and survival.

He has learned to tell his story on a stage. There is telling in Mercury, Pluto Mercury in Libra. He makes it relevant to others, nourishing others.

Saturn can cut the public in half. He’s a hero, he’s not a hero. He’s a seeker.

His IC is in Virgo in the third house. Recognized and loved by the village that raised him. Persephone taken under, finding beauty in adversity. He fosters the cult.


The power of water


Chart for October 16, 1854, the day Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland

There is a chart available for him, the original source of the data unknown

His home in Sagittarius.


Wilde     There’s a typo in the seventh paragraph. He didn’t write. She wrote: All poets love their mothers…

In college he excelled in Greek and Roman studies, literature, Dante-

Wilde     I thought he was my ancestor! There I was, with Taurus in the ninth house of higher learning, digging into my supposed heritage, when someone caressed my cheek.   (sighs) My professor. Our eyes met and I felt myself grow-

Saturn (to Mercury)     Not so explicit, Merc. You’ve got to disguise it. Remember it’s the Victorian age.

Mercury     Our eyes met and a curious sensation of pleasure came over me.

Wilde     Pleasure mixed with terror.


It turned his world upside down. The cultural idea of what a man was no  longer matched who he was, and he suffered. He learned to have two lives, one on the surface, heterosexual and lawful, and one in the underworld, homosexual and unlawful.

There is craving in his chart, and the underworld life was the life more alive, until he ran into Aesthetes.

Venus in Libra delighted when she heard them say, Art for the sake of art with no moral obligation.

Don’t forget me, said the Sun at a lower degree, ruler of Leo.


Hercules choosing between Virtue and Vice by Emmanuel Michel Benner, 1899

Don’t forget me, said the Moon in Leo, ruler of Cancer in the eleventh house of the group that he belonged to.


Attributed to Pelagio Palagi

Athena     If he doesn’t follow the road to Olympus, he’ll get crushed.

Neptune     He’s not nourishing your old fashioned age, Athena. He’s nourishing the age to come.

Sun     Oh.   (to Jupiter) Are we legalizing the homosexual relationship?

Jupiter     Not when I’m in the fifth house chasing nymphs, no. Anyhow, we need to first break down cultural constructs of gender. Stereotypes of gender.

Mercury     With comedy.

Venus     Art for the sake of art.

He inverted gender roles for a good laugh.


Entertained, in good taste.

And wove a new image of the artist. Flamboyant. Testing limits. Subversive, in a way that was-

Venus     Sideways.

Saturn     He fashioned a new mold of the artist.


More like this.


In 1890, he stirred the pot with The picture of Dorian Gray.

Perverted. Poisonous. Criminal, critics decried.

The beginning of his exclusion.

Cancer is an inclusive sign, but it can bar entrance to protect and safeguard against contamination.

Sacred space, the womb.

He stirred the pot some more when he met 22 year old Bosie Douglas, during his Uranus opposition Uranus.

Bosie’s father accused Wilde of sodomy, and Wilde sued him for libel. He defended the purity of his love for the younger man.


But he couldn’t defend himself against witnesses brought to court. He was convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years of hard labour on May 25, 1895.

Venus and Mars were transiting Cancer, six degrees apart. They formed an exact conjunction on June 5.


Chart for June 5, 1895, timed to make Virgo the rising sign

There is a trial in Gemini.

His friends pushed him to leave England, go to France, but he stayed. Neptune paving the way for a trial in his tenth house of reputation, and Pluto joining him.

He wasn’t charged for the words in Dorian Gray or in his letters to Bosie.

Words of an Aesthete. Words of Eros.

He was charged for making transactions with young male persons.


Christ driving the money changers from the temple by El Greco, 1568

There is great generosity when Jupiter and Mercury come together, and a whole village crushed by water.


A stormy landscape with Philemon and Baucis by Peter Paul Rubens, ca 1625

To seed again, with Saturn R in Scorpio. A love still taboo, but following unspoken rules set by the trial.

On this day in June, the public read news of Wilde.


A crisis brought him to Aries, and Mars pulled him to the fourth house, Mars in Sag held by Saturn retrograding in Gemini.

Anchored in his work. Anchored in his ancestry and name.

When Neptune conjoined his natal Saturn, he lost his anchor. In De Profundis he says that he became suicidal.

For others he became a martyr. In Gemini a brother gave up his immortality for another.

In Virgo was the temple swept by the claw.

The transit would pass and he found anchor in humility.

Friends intervened and arranged for him to have books to read, paper and pen. He heard from people he’d never met. They sent him condolences when his mother died. He treasured the memory of a man tipping his hat at him outside the courtroom.

The Moon did not return him to Cancer, but sent him abroad to Paris.

They say he lived in a rundown hotel. But all he’d looked forward to was to lie on the grass and look at the sky and the sun. Lie on the grass and write a poem in the light of the moon.


Poster for Oscar Wilde’s play Salomé, and portrait of Wilde, by Toulouse-Lautrec. The play premiered at the Théâtre de l’Œuvre in Paris in 1896

At first chaos came to be

The power of water to dissipate chaos


Chart for January 28, 1985

There are the seminal waters of the abzu in Capricorn, and there’s raw material in Pisces, all that came before.

Fresh water and salt water, and where they meet, Neptune.

Neptune, antiheroic. His rival, Athena, daughter of Jupiter, patron of heroes. A rivalry that began over turf.


The contest between Athena and Neptune for the possession of Athens by Cesare Nebbia, 1570

There’s turf in Scorpio.

Saturn in Pisces can consolidate all that came before, and Saturn in Scorpio can consolidate turf.


Turf to seed seeds that will dissipate chaos. Bring relief from chaos. Build barriers against chaos.

In Pisces are the things we can’t control, ruled by Jupiter, thunder maker, ruled by Neptune, earth shaker.

In Capricorn we study patterns of the past to prepare for the future. There’s a promise here of surplus and generosity

if the seeds sown are antiheroic.


Libra is the first self conscious sign.

In Scorpio we merge with another.

Digging in Scorpio and creating something new in Sagittarius.

Finding words that will make people care about the plight of a foreign land. Evoking a sense of gravity and responsibility.

“We need distinct voices, recognized by everyone.”

“You mean famous.”

“Famous people willing to merge their turf with the turf of other famous people, to sing half a line.”

“Wait till the Sun is in Aquarius. Aquarius rules the group. Distinct voices, separate but together.”

“How about right after the Music Awards? Easier to round everyone up.”

“Outstanding idea. Do you have the list? I’ll send the demos.”

After the Music Awards, the famous people invited and willing to merge headed to the recording studio.

“Where’s the classroom?” they asked.


“Listen up everyone!”

“Have you seen Prince? I want to congratulate him.”

“I don’t think he’ll come and sing Michael Jackson lyrics after winning all those awards.”

“Why not? They’re both Lunar Pisces.”

“There’s a war in the heavens in Pisces, you know.”

“Can we have the soloists up on stage!”

“Where’s Madonna?”

“I don’t think she’s invited.”

“Are Cyndi Lauper and Madonna Lunar Pisces too?”

“No. But I think Madonna has the Black Moon in Pisces.”

“She’ll be hurt when she finds out.”

“Whoever didn’t invite her may have sown a rivalry between them. There’s a rivalry in the heavens in Pisces.”

“Leave that to the media.”

“Okay, let’s give it a try!”

By 8 am the recording was done.


Chart for January 29, 1985, 8 am, LA

“I think we nailed it.”

“Universality and human rights. Altruism and compassion.”

“Lovers coming up on the horizon.”



Chart for Vincent van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, Netherlands, data from birth record

Cancer is an insular sign.

There are codes in Cancer, of a person, a people,

an auction house,

a church.

Codes to live by, codes to decipher.

In a square to Mercury in Aries, his solar house, a square that asked him to write his own code.

He got fired from the auction house. He got fired from the church. Accused of unseeding established codes.

He brought chaos.

Venus Mars formed an exact conjunction four days before he was born. She was now moving on, leaving him in charge, ruler of Aries, warrior of the Sun. Live or die.

Live, said his mother.

He turned around and saw her working on a watercolour. Her pastime.

He took up art lessons. Became fervent about art. Never to have to work for anyone again.

Jupiter joins Sagittarius in his sixth house to Pisces.

It would solve the problem with codes.

He would create his own.

They say that during this time he fell in love with a model who had a child and was expecting another, and who’d been a prostitute.

Scorpio is in his fifth house of romance, and the ruler with Venus in Pisces.

When they broke up, he wrote that he had hoped to be her barrier against chaos, and that she would find her feet in his care, but then realized that her character was far too gone to find them.

In the meantime, he made progress with his art, and relied on his brother’s financial support to do so.

Charity belongs in the twelfth house. Gemini in the twelfth. The charity of a brother who loved him.

But he wished to move his brother’s support to the seventh house, and began sending him paintings in return for the money.

Capricorn in the seventh accepted the move, even when the paintings weren’t selling. The ruler in Taurus in the eleventh house pushed his brother to invite him to Paris.

“Come to Paris, Vincent. There’s a new movement called Aestheticism. A new code that is freeing colour from line. An art that is breaking away from the Royal Academy.”

“Do you sell it?” Vincent asked his brother.

“Most of what we carry is academic. But it sells in exhibitions of independent artists.”

He came to belong to the group of independent artists.

Artists that painted light.

They studied the old French masters, and recent ones too, and brought light to the fore.

He joined them in their study, decoding, and building his own code.

They say that Gauguin joined him in his dream to form an artists’ commune in the south of France. But they had a argument. They argued over differences in method. Gauguin could paint from memory. Vincent could not. The Moon in Sagittarius in the sixth house required his presence.

If they argued over style, Vincent could be critical, he could unseed.

A heated argument that made Gauguin pack up and leave.


He had not internalized grief. Mars Venus in Pisces a barrier from the chasm of grief.

Mars rules metal and sharp objects.

In a trine to his first house and in a square to the Moon, he cut off his ear.

And gave it to someone to hold. Hold my grief.

Grief made visible. Recovery from grief.


The public is drawn by the Moon Jupiter into Sagittarius, a large public. A public that goes to the source.

His letters to his brother Theo.

He was in need of money and Theo sent him money. How he wished society would have funding for artists.

Pooled resources to ease an antiheroic journey, the idea behind the commune. Take the burden off his brother.

There’s a weaver in Sagittarius,

and in Pisces there is water that can dissipate chaos.


The sower at sunset by Vincent van Gogh, 1888