Yin Yang XI

Chart for Bullets over Broadway, released October 14, 1994

The Sun in Libra can highlight arrangements, a floral arrangement, the seating arrangement at a dinner party, the arrangement of words. He arranged words. He was a writer, an artist.

He wore the mantle of the artist in Leo, like his friends.

Mars is in Leo, and Mars is the ruler of the first house and the ruler of the eighth.

Birth and rebirth.

Wear the wrong mantle, and he’ll bring us to our knees,


David was still young, and with Mars in Leo he fought to keep his mantle,


no matter the advice of his agent.


The work is in Taurus, and there is nurture in Taurus, resources and responsibility. Venus in Taurus in the second house can provide. Venus, ruler of Taurus, in Scorpio in the eighth house can find other people to provide.

She is in retrograde motion, Venus of the underworld, Ereshkigal. In Scorpio, she initiated Mars to be prince consort. Mars the warrior when he could be seen in the sky, and Mars of the underworld when he couldn’t be seen in the sky,

ingratiating himself with her.


She bumps into Jupiter in retrograde motion, and Julian bumped into Valenti at the cotton club. Valenti offered to fund David’s play on the condition that his girlfriend Olive be given a part.

Venus Jupiter in Scorpio can be generous.

Venus R Jupiter in Scorpio can be generous with strings attached.

There is an underworld of mysteries in Scorpio, and there can be an underworld of crime, and Valenti was a mobster and a powerful man.

He brought them an opportunity they couldn’t say no to.


The work is in Taurus, and Taurus is a practical sign. Things have to make sense here, and when they didn’t


and David insisted that she just repeat her lines,

Cheech rose to defend her, like Inanna Ereshkigal rises to defend Taurus.


It was in Scorpio that Inanna descended through the seven gates of the underworld, stripped naked, to rise again as Inanna Ereshkigal.

There is leadership in the Venus Jupiter combination.

Jupiter is king of Olympus, granter of wishes. He expands what he touches, and he touches Venus, ruler of Taurus, ruler of Libra, resources and arrangements.

There can be artistic leadership in this combination.

In a sextile to Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, it took them by surprise, and came from where they least expected, the mobster bodyguard.

There are the structures that hold us up in Capricorn, but Uranus Neptune in Capricorn can speak of structures that are fleeting, structures that rise up momentarily, for the sake of art, for a purpose, and then dissolve.


Cheech rose and challenged the Sun,


place of the ego, sensitive, jealous.


But Helen knew what to do, what to say and how to say it. Venus in Scorpio can feel the emotional undercurrents in a person, and she played with his emotions, playfully, and used them to get what she wanted, tactfully.


Mercury tells us what we talk about, and she wanted to talk about him making changes to the play. Anything else she preferred to have the last word. 


In retrograde motion, Mercury edits. In Scorpio, he edits a play that is a mystery. Nobody finds out what the play is about. All we know is that it is a melodrama that keeps changing and getting better.

Mars in Leo is where the focus is, in the fifth house of individuality. In a square to Mercury in Scorpio, he challenges Mercury to describe the psychology of an individual.


The actors were challenging David to describe the psychology of the people they were playing, in words that could be read, understood, and felt. They had to feel right to be acted on stage.

Saturn is in Pisces, and in Pisces, Saturn can give form to something that is abstract. He is in a trine to Mercury in Scorpio, and together they can give form to people’s psychology, describe why they do the things they do.


David made peace with Cheech, and they sat behind the scenes working on the play. 

The actors asked David,


The quincunx between Mars and Saturn did not allow them to see Cheech. It was David’s responsibility to reveal him, and he almost did,


but didn’t. He looked up and Cheech didn’t seem to mind.

After that he went to Cheech every time he rewrote an Act, and Cheech offered him his alchemy.


Pluto is digging for riches in Scorpio, and in Scorpio there can be secrets, things we hide.

When Venus and Uranus are together, they play.

Here Venus Jupiter in Scorpio are in a sextile to Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, and they make a feast of eighth house material for public viewing.

Addictions and infidelity,


and crime.


There is responsibility in Taurus, and there is clan in Scorpio, and Venus brings the signs together. The responsibility of clan.

Although Olive wasn’t a good actress, she was still part of the clan.

David wished she wasn’t.

Cheech wished she wasn’t, and did something about it, like his father did before him when a guy stunk in his favourite opera.


Cheech killed Olive, and Valenti sent his men to kill Cheech, and the gunshots added to the play.


It was a success that felt like a miracle to her,

but not to David.

The Moon in Aquarius can speak of an audience with an acquired taste for Woody Allen films.

The Moon in Aquarius can also hold ideals, the ideal artist, and feed them to the Sun. But Pluto touches the Moon and took him on a soul journey that brought transformation and a new ideal, the family man.


Chart for Les invasions barbares, released September 24, 2003

There is creative potential in Pisces, Eros.


There is Demeter teaching Triptolemus the art of agriculture in Virgo.


The Pisces Virgo polarity has something to do with culture, with the formation of the young, initiating the young into culture, teaching cultural practices.

There is a man horse in Sag, attuned to nature, explorer, crossing boundaries searching for knowledge, expansion.

There can also be knowledge in Sag that appears to rise from the earth, through the body of a horse, and uttered through the mouth of a man who points an arrow at the sky,

knowledge so rooted that it is considered



There are men and horses in Gemini, tamers of horses, breaking down knowledge to make it more transmittable.  They can walk around the horses and see what’s on the other side, experiment with the other side of truth, break it down, make it more transmittable.


The Sag Gemini polarity has something to do with the foundation of our cultural practices, the truths that make up the foundation, new knowledge that brings expansion, points of view that question and ask for change.

Pluto in Sag can bring a review of the truths held by a society,

and a Jupiter transit through Virgo can lay the seeds of a new cultural practice. Fertile god.

With Jupiter lying across from Uranus Mars in Aquarius, it is a cultural practice tied to a system with no centre, a system that functions with pooled resources.

Mars is a warrior. Uranus is a revolutionary. Together they can burst a bubble, an ideal, the ideal of universal health care, the ideal of unions. Mars in Pisces is retrograding into Aquarius, Mars in the sign of the sea, seminal waters. Jupiter lies across, expanding the explosion, and fertilizing something new.


Timed chart for September 24, 2003

The Sun is in Libra in the eighth house, with Venus rejoicing in her sign, sign of arrangements. She pulls in Taurus, and Rahu is in Taurus, sign of the earth, the body, the senses. Sex, food and shelter.

The Sun can say something about the father, and Rémy had been a womanizer. Lover of women.

The eighth house can say something about how we handle a crisis, and Sébastien-


was a wealthy man. He invested other people’s money with a prophetic eye, seeing it grow in the future. There is prophecy in Libra, sign of Themis.

He created a pleasant environment for his dad, called his friends to be by his side, and to ease his pain, he went looking for heroin.


The work is in Scorpio and Scorpio is in the ninth house of knowledge, and Nathalie brought Scorpio knowledge with her.

Scorpio can see beneath the surface, feel the undercurrents in what lies hidden, and across from Scorpio is Taurus, and Taurus can bring what lies hidden to the surface.

In Scorpio, there is venom that kills and venom with healing properties.

In Scorpio, there is Asclepius, son of Apollo, medicine man.

Sébastien said he would pay for her supplies, his dad’s supplies, and for the time she spent with his dad, and she agreed and entered Virgo in the seventh house with him.

Jupiter too entered the seventh house, holding her accountable. There is Dike in Virgo, measuring actions, rewarding and punishing.

Mercury can tell us what we talk about, and with Mercury in Virgo she told Sébastien that she was a proofreader, she corrected mistakes. Then she asked him what kind of heroin he wanted.

Jupiter began his transit through Virgo. He would be conjunct Mercury, and she would teach Rémy how to use the drug, and the audience would learn about it too.

Mercury is conjunct the Moon, ruler of Cancer, sign of home and homeland. A movie made to teach something to the homeland, to stimulate a review of its beliefs.

Mercury is conjunct the Moon, ruler of Cancer in the fifth house, and Nathalie and Rémy would talk about their lake of memories. They would have the kind of conversations friends have, intimate.

Mercury and the Moon are in a sextile to Saturn in Cancer, and Saturn brings in Capricorn, sign of Enki, lover of mankind, law maker, and Chiron is in Capricorn, asking us to mind the gap, fill the gap in authority.

He must have filled the gap in authority in her life, emotional gap,

like she filled the gap  in authority in his life, easing his pain, bringing him the opportunity of a release, a return home.


Every seventh house relationship heads toward the eighth house of crisis, and crisis came when she did not show up one night and Rémy went into withdrawal.

A nurse helped him.

After that, a change came over her. She took the responsibility to get clean.

Conversations that bring problems to the surface.

Healing conversations.

Conscious decisions.


She entered the house of knowledge, house of wisdom, with the responsibility of helping Rémy die.

Mercury and the Moon are in a square to Pluto in Sag, and they were in Sag on the way to Pierre’s cottage, in the tenth house.

He didn’t want to die.

She told him it was the law. When he died, millions would close their eyes at the same time.

He didn’t want to die.

He felt as helpless as the day he was born.

If he’d at least learned something.

He searched for meaning.

He had to keep searching.

He touched her, touched the audience.

To have a meaningful life.


He brought her back into the fold.

Rahu is in Taurus, and Taurus is in the third house,

and she sat surrounded by the village that raised her,





He brought her back into the fold with her medicine.


With Pisces rising, Sébastien offered her Rémy’s place, a place of refuge, and she accepted the gift.


Jupiter lays seeds, and the Sun germinates.

Jupiter lays seeds in Virgo where there are cultural practices.

The Sun germinates in Libra where there are the principles of a society.

They touch Neptune in Aquarius.

There are gods in Aquarius. There is the realm of the gods and there is the realm of man, and the gods share the nectar of immortality with man through Ganymede.

Ganymede can draw people who prolong life, people who examine the properties of a scorpion’s venom, people who experiment, diagnose, cure.

Ganymede can draw people who ease the transition from life to death.

When Jupiter and Saturn are together, they can speak of institutions, the institutions we work for, create, transform.

Here they are in a sextile, with fingers of god touching Neptune in Aquarius.

Sextiles can bring opportunities, an opportunity for institutions in Cancerian and Virgoan fields to talk about Aquarian matters.


Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, 12 years to return. Jupiter returned to Virgo in August 2015 for a year.

He was in Cancer when Quebec passed legislation legalizing euthanasia in 2014, but the Government of Canada challenged it.

He was in Leo when the Supreme Court of Canada decided to allow euthanasia in 2015.

He was in Virgo when the federal government passed the Medical Assistance in Dying Act in 2016.


Chart for Iron Man, released May 2, 2008

The work is in Leo, and in Leo there is the Choice of Hercules. 


Hercules at the Crossroads by Paolo de Matteis, ca 1700

Virtue tells him to

Assert the heavenly race
every danger boldly face
level pride’s high plumed chest
and bravely succor the distrest



Vice paints a picture of sparkling hills where she reigns, where there are feasts and music to melt the soul to love, rich odors, choicest sweets, fresh flowers for his brow and bed.

Come, blooming boy, with me repair
to these ambrosial scenes of peace
there bid adieu to noise and care
embathed in bliss and wrapt in ease



They say the Olympics have their seed in the labours of Hercules.


He defined his personality with his first labour, by wearing the Nemean Lion’s pelt.

Two of his labours were disqualified.

Cleaning the Augean Stables was disqualified because he received payment.

Killing the Lernaean Hydra was disqualified because his nephew Iolaus helped him.


A scene in Leo.

A scene in Cancer.

In Cancer there is a lake. There is the Lake of Lerna with an entrance to the underworld,

underworld of dreams,

underworld of imagination.

Karkinos left the lake when the goddess Hera asked for help. He nipped at Hercules’ ankles trying to get him to lose his balance, and Hercules crushed him.

Mars in Cancer can make the exoskeleton stronger

to protect the home, the homeland.


Mars lies across from Jupiter in Capricorn in the sixth house of work, and this was the work Tony did. He was the CEO of a company that sold weapons to the military, a position inherited from his father when he came of age.


Timed chart for Iron Man

He had the reputation-


of being a playboy,

a patriot,

a brilliant and unique man.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, in Taurus in the tenth house put him in the limelight. A public figure.

Venus is in Taurus, in her sign, and Venus in Taurus ensures survival.

Mercury is in Taurus, on the cusp, joining Taurus with Gemini.

There is Hephaestus and Daedalus in Taurus,

and the ability to make connections in Gemini.


Arc Reactors,

and such.


Yinsen saved his life with an electromagnet hooked to a car battery. It prevented shrapnel from reaching his heart.

Leo rules the heart.

Leo is in the first house of the body, and of what we have to offer, and it is here, wearing this device that was keeping him alive that Tony faced a moral dilemma.


Bound to Taurus by the Sun, a sense of responsibility rose in him and he refused.

There is a grand trine in earth in this chart. Venus in Taurus in a trine to Saturn in Virgo in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Love, Commitment and Faithfulness to his father and the people who raised him, to the culture he belonged to, and the laws of his country.

Saturn in Virgo in the second house of resources brings in Capricorn and Aquarius, and Rahu is in Aquarius, the direction he was meant to travel.

His company was his biggest material resource, and it wasn’t an easy company to have. The use of weapons involves the courts, the laws and ethics every day.

A society draws lines in Aquarius between what is ethical and what isn’t. His company had drawn a line between who to sell weapons to and who not to.

Someone had sold his weapons to the people holding him captive, broken the line. He didn’t know who it was, but he would later on.

Breaking the line begins with a moral choice.

He preferred to die before breaking the line.


The making of a hero.

Every hero has an Athena.


He triggered Mars and the will to live.

There is an underworld of imagination in Cancer, and Mars in Cancer touches Uranus in Pisces, Prometheus in seminal waters, imagining the future.

He touches the Moon in Aries, fertilizing a new vision.

The Moon once birthed the Nemean lion, Hercules’ pelt.

With Mars in Cancer, she birthed an armoured pelt for Tony.


They spoke about the earth,


and mathematics,


and they made a plan of escape, and Yinsen made Tony memorize the directions.


Mercury is in a square to Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo.

Neptune brings out the qualities of a sign, and in Aquarius there is a bird’s eye view.


Saturn in Virgo corrects mistakes.


Tony perfected the pelt when he got back home, and kept his project in his private server.

We can start off naïve wherever Aries is in the chart, and here it is in the ninth house of knowledge. He had shared his knowledge freely with his company before his captivity, but now he wasn’t sure anymore who he could trust.

He was learning to connect his ninth house to the twelfth house behind the scenes, house of secrets,

a secret mission to repair a broken line,


a secret enemy.


Obadiah mentioned Pepper, too bad she had to die, and Tony’s eyes widened.

She was the only one he had, and he was the only one she had. It triggered Venus in Taurus in a square to Mars in Cancer, and he lifted himself up to find the reactor she’d held on to and put in a glass case.

Sag is in the fifth house of children, house of our creations, and he’d created robots that needed to have a purpose.


In a crisis,


Uranus in Pisces can start a war. He can elbow Jupiter in Capricorn and remind him that he’s in charge, and he can point at the pelt and tell him to put it on.

He put it on and tempted a friend to broaden his horizons.


He was told to read his statement word for word.


There is the individual in Leo, and there is the individual in service to the group in Aquarius. Rahu is in Aquarius and he should have been able to read the statement word for word.


But Leo is in the first house,

Leo ruled by the Sun,


and Leo in the first can offer personality.


Chart for The Dark Knight, released July 18, 2008

There is solidarity in Venus, and Jupiter. They can ask for solidarity.

Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Capricorn can ask for solidarity with a figure who is hearth fire, a figure who stands for the laws that protect people.


His work was here, solidarity with Harvey, the hero with a face. Harvey had already locked up half the criminals in Gotham, and if he continued this way, Gotham would no longer need Batman.

Rachel would come back to him if he wasn’t Batman anymore.

Harvey and Bruce loved the same woman,

and the Joker, standing at the crossroads in Leo, figured it out.

Rachel’s death broke Harvey. He killed five people-


They didn’t want the people of Gotham to lose hope, and they didn’t want the Joker to win.

So Batman took the blame.

There is atonement in Leo,

and in Leo, we’re careful who we blame.

Batman took the blame and said


The Sun, ruler of Leo, joins Leo with Cancer, sign of home and homeland,

and the Moon, ruler of Cancer, joins Cancer with Capricorn and Aquarius.

Rahu is in Aquarius, and in Aquarius there are the ideals of the homeland,


and the ideal woman of a man in love.

Alfred burnt Rachel’s letter to Bruce because sometimes the truth isn’t good enough.



Chart for Diva, released March 11, 1981

The Moon in Gemini rains down the energy of Gemini on earth, and in Gemini there is exchange, equal trade.

Commerce begins with trade.

The Moon in a trine to Jupiter Saturn in Libra can be in a trine to an institution, and Cynthia Hawkins had become an institution, fine art with her own principles.

Venus in Pisces can ask for solidarity with the creative process, the whims of the creator, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn can ask for solidarity with the principles of an institution.

Cynthia asked to exchange her voice, ephemeral, for an audience,

and her manager pressured her to record her voice. He reminded her to mind the gap in Taurus, the gap of the body, the voice, aging.

Mercury is what we talk about, and Mercury is in Aquarius, and Cynthia spoke of the purity of her art.

To record her voice would cheapen her art, commercialize it, turn it into Beatles art.

Mercury is what we talk about, and Mercury is in Aquarius, and others spoke about sharing her voice,

like the gods share their nectar.

They threatened to appropriate it and share it without her permission.

The others came from a foreign place where they would not be punished for doing such a thing. Mercury touches Neptune in Sag and Pluto in Libra, and here was an opportunity for the foreign place to dig in the riches of their foreign principles, and here was an opportunity to correct the foreign place, make them break down their foreign principles and bring them into the fold, into the international copyright agreement.

Jules triggered the turbulence that came into Cynthia’s life and his.


Timed chart for Diva

He delivered mail, moved around in a mobylette,

in love with an institution,

fan of an opera singer who shape shifted with every piece she sang,

and every piece filled him with emotion.

Venus, the Sun and Mars in Pisces in the house of fans can adore. They can become unbounded, and he crossed borders to hear her sing.

The work is in Aquarius, and Mercury is in Aquarius, Mercury of the crossroads.

Jules wanted to take Cynthia’s voice with him,

perfect voice, ideal voice,

not to trade, not for a bag of coins.

He wanted her voice for pure enjoyment, pleasure, fifth house sort of thing, innocuous. The rules did not apply to him.

He recorded her voice, and behind him sat the others with a bag of coins in mind.

They reached out to him for his recording,

and he found himself in Leo’s crossroads,

and Rahu is in Leo.

There are equal rights in Aquarius, and there are the rights of the individual in Leo.


By then they had walked the night together and their particles had become entangled, and she could feel his distress.

Later on he would feel hers.


The Hellenes would have said that Uranus, spirit of the times, was at 1 degree Sag, but unlike the Hellenes, we have the zero, and Uranus is at 0 degrees 06 minutes of Sag. He dipped into Sag briefly during this time, never reaching 1 degree, giving Cynthia a taste of a bigger world, and he was stepping back into Scorpio, finishing his transit through Scorpio.

In Scorpio, Artemis protected her chastity, virgin goddess, protector of the chastity of youth.


He was going to protect her ideals, her principles, her chastity, and bring the recording, own up to what he’d done, like he owned up to taking her dress.

He chose the path of virtue and faced many perils,

a shot on the shoulder,

but friends came to his rescue,

and he made it back to her.


He played it for her and she heard herself for the first time.

The stellium in Pisces is in a square to Neptune in Sag, and there can be fight in a square, and she’d fought to hold on to her beliefs, her truth,

and Gemini rising showed her what lay on the other side.

The stellium in Pisces is in a quincunx to Pluto in Libra. A finger of god initiating her to a new set of principles.


Bo Burnham made the movie Eighth Grade.


Chart for Bo Burnham, born August 21, 1990, 2:10 pm, Hamilton, MA

Eighth Grade | Bo Burnham | Talks at Google   www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z-vogZt8iQ


He is a Sag rising, a centuar. In the natural zodiac, Sag is in the ninth house of knowledge. There is shepherding in the sign.

Jupiter, ruler of Sag, is in Leo.

His work is in Leo, in his solar sign. In the natural zodiac, Leo is in the fifth house of our creations. There are children in Leo, and there is a moral crossroads in the sign.

In his birth chart, and thinking in terms of the whole signs system, Leo is in the ninth house, Sagittarius’ natural house.

He is shepherding us to think about the technology that we create,


Venus and Jupiter in Leo ask for solidarity with Leo matters, and his movie responds to the request.


Rahu is in Aquarius in the third house of talks and interviews, and there is social consciousness in the sign.


The stellium in Capricorn can give him panic attacks when he’s on stage, but also Enki’s sense of humour. The stellium touches Mercury conjunct his MC in Virgo, and it is with a sense of humour that he writes and addresses cultural practices.

There is faithfulness to his clan with Pluto in Scorpio, and a sense of responsibility with Mars in Taurus.

There is spirituality

and stamina.


Chart for Eighth Grade, released July 13, 2018

Timed chart for Eighth Grade 

The work is in Aquarius,

in the third house of the village that raises us.

An Aquarian village

is a village that can make room for the rulers of the sign,

Saturn, the traditional ruler,


and Uranus, the modern ruler.


A village that can incorporate the sign’s contradiction, holding on to the past, and making room for the future,

integrating the old and the new, a blackboard behind a smartboard.

Schools are like that.


They voted Kayla most quiet.


In the natural zodiac, Aquarius is in the eleventh house of the groups that we belong to. The sign can put people into groups, distinguish people by the group they belong to.

The eleventh house is also the house of hopes and dreams, and Aquarians can be dreamers, and dreamers can idealize the group they don’t belong to, and dreams can cloud reality.


The third house is the house of the village that raises us, and the house of skills and communication, and she had a youtube channel. She made how to videos, how to be yourself, how to put yourself out there, how to be confident. She turned personal experiences into lessons.

There are horses that walk on water in Aquarius. There is the ability to separate oneself from an experience, take away the emotion of an experience, to be able to teach.


A Mars transit energizes a sign and a house, and school life was busy, she was getting ready to graduate, and she was invited to Kennedy’s birthday party.

She met Gabe at the birthday party. He was unselfconscious, worried about survival, and we’d find out later that he was an archer.


She got a chance to talk to Aiden at the birthday party.


A Moon transit through Leo can bring up issues with children and with morality, and with Leo in the ninth house, it can bring up issues with a guide.

Mars touches the Moon, and there is passion and activism in this combination, and it can spark controversy. Bo Burnham faced controversy when the movie was released. There were questions about who the movie was for, how the movie should be rated, and whether Bo had crossed a line in some of the scenes.

But in the movie, Mars touching the Moon emboldened Kayla to step out of her quietness and take the microphone.


There is a mirror in Leo, natural ruler of the fifth house of personality, and with this move, she was changing her reflection,

wanting to change the group that she belonged to in school.


They say that Uranus and Mercury rule astrology. Uranus looks at the bigger picture, and Mercury makes connections.

There is a mystic rectangle in the chart, two oppositions encased in a calm exterior.


The Sun in Cancer lies across from Pluto in Capricorn. So many possibilities. In this movie and in a crisis, there is a daughter and a father in dialogue, changing the rules of parenting, initiating a new stage.

Neptune in Pisces lies across from the Midheaven in Virgo. So many possibilities. In this movie, there is a child swimming in seminal waters, searching for an anchor. Who will I be when I grow up.

There is the process of becoming,

a creative process.

By the time Kayla graduated, she was speaking up.


She’d find another group to belong to in high school.

She accepted Gabe’s invitation to dinner, and he praised her videos. He suggested a pelt she could wear in the future. He pointed at Rahu in Leo and said he was thinking she could


With Sag rising, whichever pelt she chose to wear would entail


A Mars transit energizes a sign, and Mars is transiting Gemini where Leda was seduced by a swan. Jupiter loved her in the form of a swan by day, and her husband Tyndareus loved her by night, and she laid two eggs, and gave birth to two sets of twins,

Castor and Pollux whose names are tied,


and Clytemnestra often left out.


Leda by Andrea de Brescianino, 1507

An immortal child and a mortal child in each egg,

the Dioscuri,

Helen and-


Leda by Vincent Sellaer, 1540

the one whose story opens doors to multiple points of view, like all their stories do, but hers does it literally,

and the one whose story inadvertently allows us to walk around a truth, the creation of a truth. 

Clytemnestra, mother of Orestes, Iphigeneia, Electra and Chrysothemis.

Helen and Clytemnestra were married to the brothers Menelaus and Agamemnon, and when Menelaus went to war, Agamemnon was bound to follow, but he could not follow because the winds were calm.

An Oracle said that he should sacrifice his daughter Iphigeneia for favourable winds, and he lied to his wife that he was taking Iphigeneia to marry her off, but instead took her to the sacrificial altar.

To sacrifice a child to honour the oath to a brother

Some say Artemis snatched her away from the altar and replaced her with a stag, and her father’s blade never touched her skin.


The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia by Charles de la Fosse, 1680

Whether it did or did not, the winds favoured Agamemnon after that, and his fleet set sail for Troy.

When he returned, Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus killed him, and Menelaus saw his brother’s death in a dream, and Orestes saw his father’s death in a dream


by Pierre-Narcissus Guérin, 1817

Orestes went to Apollo’s temple at Delphi, and Apollo spoke to him in an oracle and warned him of the terrible things that would befall him if he did not avenge his father’s death,

and Orestes avenged his father’s death and killed his mother.

But a terrible thing befell him nevertheless. The furies haunted him. He asked them why they had not haunted his mother like they haunted him, and they said because she had not murdered blood kin like he had murdered blood kin.


Orestes pursued by the Furies by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1862

Apollo told Orestes to seek refuge in Athena’s city, and Orestes fled to the Acropolis and clasped Athena’s statue, and the furies came after him, and Apollo stood beside him, until Athena appeared and asked what was the matter.

Orestes told her what the matter was, and the furies told her what the matter was, and they asked for her judgement, and she said that she would not be the judge. From this day on, she would appoint judges for murder cases, twelve of her finest citizens to bring in a considered and just verdict.

The jurors took their seats and listened to arguments of whether a child is blood kin of the mother, Apollo’s argument, the furies’, Orestes’. At the end of it, Athena asked them to cast their votes and their votes were tied. Freedom and exile.

It was Athena’s ballot that determined Orestes’ fate, and her ballot set him free,

not on moral grounds,

or based on a set of principles,

but because of her point of view. She said she was born of father alone and was very much her father’s, blood kin of her father.


Cameo of the Trial of Orestes, Asia Minor, 1st century BC

Twelve Angry Men was released when Mars was transiting Gemini.


The action is contained in a room.

Twelve men sit in a jury room to decide whether an 18 year old is guilty or not guilty of killing his father.

It begins with eleven of them believing he is guilty, and Juror 8 having reasonable doubt.

Juror 8 leads them to review each piece of evidence, walk around each piece to see whether it is foolproof.


Chart for Twelve Angry Men, released April 10, 1957

Mars is at 14°58′ of Gemini. The longitude he is in is 14°58′ of Gemini.

Mars excites the multiplicity in the sign,

the movement, the exchange, the sparring in the sign.

In the Trial of Orestes, when the votes were tied, movement was stilled, and Athena broke the stillness.

A sign in constant motion.

In this trial, whenever the men reached a deadlock, Juror 8 called for a vote and kept the discussions and arguments going.

He challenged them to look at the evidence in ways not presented in court.

There are points of view in Gemini, and Mars in Gemini asks for individual points of view.

Some of the men went along with the prosecution’s point of view

because it matched their beliefs about a boy like the one being accused,

or because they were in a hurry to get to a ball game and did not feel a moral obligation or a sense of responsibility.

But Juror 8 did.

There is survival in Aries and rescue in Gemini,

and a life was at stake,

and he kept challenging them to look at the evidence in ways not presented in court.


Mars was out of bounds on April 10, 1957.

Out of bounds is not an ancient practice. It is a recent theory in the field of astrology.

Out of bounds introduces a dimension not available to the ancients. It brings in latitude and the word declination.


The Sun is never more than 23°45′ north or south of the equator. Some say the number is lower, 23°28′.

If we extend the imaginary equatorial line at 0° into space, and draw lines of latitude north of the equator with a plus sign, and south of the equator with a minus sign, we have lines of latitude or measurements of declination.


The oob theory states that when a planet reaches a declination greater than the Sun’s maximum declination, greater than +23°45′ or -23°45′, the planet is out of bounds.

No planet ever goes beyond a 30° declination, and not all planets go out of bounds. Saturn and Neptune never do, and Jupiter very rarely.

The longitude of Mars in this chart is 14°58′ of Gemini, and the declination is +23°55′. The declination is not on the chart, but there are programs and online ephemerides that show declination in a separate grid.

The oob theory states that when a planet is out of bounds, it has escaped the Sun, the king’s sight, and is liberated. Free to break limits. Free to follow its own rules.

In light, extraordinary.

In shadow, a dangerous planet.

But there are extraordinary people and dangerous people who do not have planets out of bounds.

There is much research to be done in support of the oob theory. Astrology is an ancient mystery, and out of bounds is a recent theory, still to be explored and differentiated from, for example, the significations of Uranus. There is the possibility here of transferring the significations of Uranus to planets out of bounds.

On April 10, 1957, Mars was out of bounds, but Juror 8 did what Mars in Gemini usually does. He took a walk through the boy’s neighbourhood, went inside a pawn shop two blocks from where the boy lived,  

and bought the same knife the boy supposedly used to kill his father,

a knife that had been presented as one of a kind.


This is Gemini.


Maybe Mars needs to be at a higher declination to understand what it is that distinguishes oob from Uranus or the expansive qualities of Jupiter.

Maybe it is that he will go out of his way.

In this particular case, with the Moon in Leo bringing up matters to do with children,

and in light,

he went out of his way to let a child live.

Juror 8 went out of his way and took a walk through the boy’s neighbourhood.

He had three children of his own.

Pluto is digging in Leo, breaking up old ways of parenting, and Uranus creates new ways.

Jupiter is transiting Virgo, the sign of Dike, goddess of justice, the sign of Demeter and her teachings,

Jupiter come to bring a gift to the justice system.

Ruler of Pisces, ruler of Sag, and with Saturn retrograding in Sag, his gift is a guide, a jury made up of people without law degrees, twelve among the hoi poloi, and with the ruler of Virgo in Taurus, they point out flaws in the evidence, flaws of the body, one witness dragging his foot, the other witness with marks on her nose.

The court room must have been surprised to hear a unanimous verdict of not guilty, the kind of surprise that comes with bringing back to life, because the Sun is life, and Mars is the will to live.

Maybe Mars out of bounds means that he will go out of his way to bring back to life, and in this particular case, he brought back to life the Gemini way.

Mars enters oob every year for approximately a month, and longer if he turns retrograde.


Chart for the Gouzenko Affair, February 5, 1946

Mars R, longitude 15°48′ of Cancer, declination +26°29′

Igor Gouzenko did not have Mars oob, and neither did Prime Minister Mackenzie King.

Mars was not oob when Gouzenko left the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa on September 5, 1945, carrying documents that revealed Soviet spying operations in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom,

and Mars was not oob later that month when Prime Minister King travelled to Washington DC and London for secret talks.

Mars in Cancer entered oob on December 28, 1945 (23°51′) and left on April 6, 1946 (23°42′) reaching a maximum declination of 26°29′ between February 5 and 9, 1946.

There is something here that was also present in the jury room.


In the jury room, there were men reluctant to confront something in themselves, and were forced to confront it.

Here there was a reluctance to confront the Soviet Union. World War II had just ended, and times were uncertain, and King did not want to damage diplomatic relations. He also did not want to jeopardize upcoming talks between the Soviets and the Allies on nuclear arms control.

He would have preferred to discuss matters behind closed doors with the Soviet ambassador, and there were discussions with the U.S. and the U.K. on the right course of action,

when an American journalist broke the news on February 3, 1946.

At this time, only a few high level government officials were aware of the defection, the ensuing investigation and PC6444, the top secret Order in Council  that he signed on

October 6, 1945.

Five months, and not a leak.

Mars in Cancer can fill a stadium.

Saturn Mars in Cancer can limit entrance. Discipline. Mars travels faster than Saturn, and he would be conjunct Saturn in the days to come.

On October 6, 1945, he was at a lower degree than Saturn, and stronger, and he could have potentially escaped Saturn’s authority,

but he is in a square to the Moon, ruler of Cancer, and in a square to Mercury and the Sun in Libra. There is in this square acute awareness of the ripples that actions and words can create.

Neptune in Libra accentuates the qualities of the sign, and Libra measures consequences. There is determination when Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, the determination to keep the order of things or disrupt the order of things.

Libra is the sign of relationships, alliances, and the Jupiter Neptune conjunction can ask that we choose one relationship over another.

The P.M. was hesitant to disrupt the order of things, and hesitant to choose one relationship over another. It would make an enemy of the Soviet Union.

Later that year, on December 5, 1945, the government’s legal advisor recommended the appointment of a royal commission on espionage.

A royal commission that detains and interrogates suspects could not be kept secret,

and could therefore not be appointed with Saturn retrograding in Cancer.


Chart for December 5, 1945

Mars too had turned retrograde. He had reached 3° of Leo, where he could work on matters of morality, the set of morals attached to citizenship,

but he’d been turned back to join Saturn in Cancer again, to tie loose ends with matters of homeland security, and commitment to a set of principles.

Saturn R and Jupiter were in a square, and when Saturn and Jupiter touch, they can trigger the formation of an institution, a social entity, that can have something to do with homeland and principles.

A recommendation can be a trigger.

On January 20, 1946, Mars formed an exact conjunction with Saturn in retrograde motion, and he was conjunct Saturn with a 4° separation

on February 5, 1946.

Two days after the leak, the P.M. signed PC411, the Order in Council appointing the royal commission on espionage.

With Mars and Saturn in retrograde motion, it was something that had already been considered, examined.

Mars was at a lower degree and he’d escaped Saturn’s authority, the secrecy.

Mars is a warrior.

Mars R is a warrior with strategy.

Out of bounds, he seems to


and to spring something unexpected to the public.

In Cancer, it looked like this.

Brought back to life.


Mars Saturn are in a quincunx to Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Aquarius, and the methods of the royal commission to extract confessions


would raise debate on civil liberties.

The spirit of the times was in Gemini, encouraging debate about the principles that ruled



Chart for William Lyon Mackenzie King, born December 17, 1874, Kitchener, Ontario

Throughout the Gouzenko Affair, the P.M. was having a Jupiter return.

Jupiter in Libra takes counsel.

There is prophecy in the sign, the sign of Themis.


Jupiter is conjunct Mars in his chart, and Jupiter is at a lower degree and stronger, and the P.M. took counsel before acting.

He took time to act toward the Soviet Agency in Ottawa back in the 1920s, to raid the place when they were suspected of involvement in forging Canadian currency, because he waited, had to wait, for the counsel of the British.

When Jupiter transited Libra during the Gouzenko Affair, he met with Truman and Attlee, and top officials in his own government, but still he waited to make the affair public,

because he could feel that times were changing,

and making the affair public would precipitate change.

Ketu is in Libra, and he looked outward at world affairs, which is what Themis does.

But Rahu is in Aries, and the Moon, ruler of Cancer, is in Aries,

and with his announcement of the threat of communism and treason in the country, and with the debate that ensued in the nation, he was pioneering a more independent Canada.

Mars does not enter out of bounds in the Libra Aries polarity.


Since 1960, he has entered oob in the Gemini Sag and Cancer Capricorn polarity, and only twice in the Leo Aquarius polarity.


Chart for the Shag Harbour UFO incident, October 4, 1967, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

Mars, longitude 16°43′ of Sag, declination -24°28′

An Air Canada captain and first officer were flying over Sherbrooke Qc to Toronto from Halifax. People in uniform. They reported an object, rectangular, with lights, tracking along on a parallel course at 7:15 pm.


Chart for October 4, 1967, 7:15 pm, Sherbrooke Qc

In Taurus, a king stood by the sea shore and prayed to the gods to help him secure his rule, and Neptune sent him a magnificent bull from the sea, the bull of Neptune that made him king and rooted his lineage.

He should have sacrificed the bull back to the god of the sea, but he sacrificed a lesser bull, and kept the bull of Neptune, the bull that brought responsibility to the sign,

the responsibility of ensuring the safety of his kingdom,

the safety of the passengers.

Taurus was rising when two people in uniform reported an unidentified flying object. People in uniform give credibility to a UFO.

In the whole signs system, Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in the fifth house of children and our creations, in Virgo. There is marginality in Virgo.

She is conjunct Jupiter in the fourth house, the roots of our being, home, in Leo.

There is solidarity in this conjunction,

the rooting

of a creation that is marginal.

There is a centre in Leo, hearthfire, and because of what happened later that day, a place in Nova Scotia would become the centre, the hearthfire of something marginal.

The study of UFOs.


Shag Harbour UFO Centre

Pluto is digging in Virgo, breaking down outworn ways of looking at marginality, and Uranus revolutionizes. He can bring


a spark of life

to something marginal.

Taurus relies on the senses to believe, and Scorpio relies on something else, extra sensory. Relationships would form based on this experience, having seen a mystery.

Mars in Sag is in a square to Pluto Uranus, energizing the conjunction, initiating, awakening, with something foreign that travelled parallel to the aircraft.

Mars in Sag is in a sextile to the Sun in Libra, and in a wide trine to Saturn in Aries.

Libra is in the sixth house of work, sensitive to how one is seen. There is the beginning of awareness of oneself in society in Libra.

Aries is in the twelfth house behind the scenes, unselfconscious, but Saturn in Aries can add caution.

When the Sun and Saturn touch, they ask for courage, but before there is courage, there has to be fear, and something foreign flying some miles away can cause fear. The pilots reported it, described it.

It wasn’t a Douglas DC nine dash fifteen.

It was brilliantly lit, with smaller lights trailing behind, one silent explosion, and another that faded to a blue cloud around the object.


Mars in Sag is oob, and when he is oob, he seems to go out of his way to force a reluctant person to acknowledge something or do something.

The UFO definitely went out of its way. In Sag, it crossed boundaries and broke barriers,

but we don’t know the effect the sighting had on the personal lives of the pilots or the passengers who saw it. We may not have heard of it if they had been the only ones,

but there were others.

Captain Leo Howard Mersey left an account of what he and his crew of twenty fishermen saw aboard his vessel on October 4, 1967.

He left us a time of birth. Born June 12, 1922, Nova Scotia.

Mars R, longitude 18°13′ of Sag, declination -26°03′

His natal Mars is in the region of the chart where Mars can enter oob.

He was having a Mars return. Mars in Sag can ask for exploration, going farther than one has been before, and when his Mars returned, Mersey witnessed something he’d never witnessed before.

The last sighting that day was at 11:20 pm. It was the sighting that made headlines.


Chart for October 4, 1967, 11:20 pm, Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

Laurie Wickens says he wouldn’t have been out so late if he wasn’t helping a friend who’d bought a car that didn’t have plates yet, and if they hadn’t run into friends who needed a ride. He was sixteen back then.

Driving up a hill to drop them off, he saw something in the sky travelling parallel to the car, something with four dim lights in a row. As they reached the top of the hill, whatever it was that was travelling beside them turned at a 45° angle, and he couldn’t see the lights anymore.

He drove back down the hill, and he saw the lights over the harbour, and then one light on the water. He used a payphone to call the RCMP and reported a plane crash. When the RCMP got there, they saw the light disappear under water. The RCMP contacted the RCC and reported a plane crash, but there were no aircraft missing. The RCC labelled it a UFO report and contacted the navy, and a detachment of navy divers combed the sea floor in the days that followed, but didn’t find a trace of anything.

In the whole signs system, Mars is in Sag in the sixth house of work, searching for an answer. He took people out of their way to find one. With so many witnesses, and witnesses in uniform too, National Defence hoped to find something concrete.

With Mars in Sag, something unknown appeared in the sky, and people were forced to accept not having an answer.

When asked if the incident changed him in any way, Wickens says no,

but he moved to Shag Harbour at some point, and has been involved with the UFO Centre. He is currently promoting the upcoming UFO expo 2022.

With Cancer rising the night four dim lights chose him, he’s never been able to let it go. He has continued to tell his story throughout the years, without adornments, faithful to how he saw it, even if it sounds boring.

Today, transiting Mercury is retrograding from Libra into Virgo. He is at 29° Virgo, and will be at 25° Virgo on September 28, conjunct the natal Uranus of October 4, 1967.

Transiting Mercury will be stationary at 24° Virgo on October 1, and turning direct at 24° Virgo on October 2, the two days of the UFO expo 2022, enlivening talks about a marginal subject.

Today, Mars is transiting Gemini. He is at 15° Gemini, across from the natal Mars of October 4, 1967, and we’ve been drawn to revisit the incident.

Mars transiting Gemini is a busy period, and Wickens has been busy preparing for the expo.


Venus and Mars.


They formed an exact conjunction between February 16 and 17, 2022, in Capricorn. His declination was +23°03′ and hers was -16°53′.

Both within bounds.

Mars had left oob earlier, on February 11. On February 11, he was at +23°24′, and on February 12, he was at +23°20′.

He entered out of bounds on January 13, in Sagittarius, with a declination of +23° 28′.

His declination peaked at 23°51′ between January 25 and 29.

On January 25, he stepped into Capricorn,

and on January 29, he was conjunct the Moon in Capricorn.


Chart for January 29, 2022

He drew an audience, but not in a stadium.


In Capricorn there are the structures that hold us up.

He couldn’t see her yet, but Venus too was in Capricorn, and in Capricorn, Venus holds the mes.

They say Venus can tame Mars,

but he was at a lower degree and stronger, and in an applying sextile Jupiter.

Jupiter can expand what he touches, and in Pisces, Jupiter can turn an audience into a crowd.

In Libra we grow aware of how we are seen in society. In Capricorn, we are most self conscious. In Aquarius we learn to work in a group, separate but together. In Pisces we can lose our individuality in a crowd. The walls in Pisces are porous.

There are opportunities in this sextile to turn an audience into a crowd, to join a crowd and the mentality of a crowd.

The talk is about matters in Capricorn. Mercury R conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is studious. He can study history, the patterns of the past, the laws of a society,

the mes that Venus holds. She too is in a sextile to Jupiter, and there are opportunities here to demonstrate solidarity with the mes, and dissension.

Jupiter is in a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. When Jupiter and Uranus meet, there can be breakthroughs. A sextile brings opportunities for breakthroughs in Taurean matters, matters of the body, the earth, resources and the containers of our resources, and matters that ensure safety and survival.

The Sun and Saturn are in Aquarius in a square to Uranus in Taurus. A square can fuel. The service and pooled resources in Aquarius fueling the need to ensure safety and survival in Taurus. The need to ensure safety and survival in Taurus fueling the service and pooled resources in Aquarius.

Jupiter is a shapeshifter in Pisces.

He can bring chaos, fuel chaos, and he can bring order, fuel order.

There are opportunities here to bring order to a crowd, study a crowd, outwit a crowd.

But first Venus had to tame Mars.

Chart for February 11, 2022

Venus rules relationship and she can work with others.

Mars can be a lone wolf.

He is still at a lower degree, but the chart says that she’s taming him. The Moon in Gemini speaks of a willingness to exchange with others.

Venus and Mars can give birth to something new when they come together. In Capricorn they can birth new structures, like an enhanced ICC.


Venus and Mars by Sandro Botticelli, 1485

But the enhanced ICC needed reinforcements to command,

and they came when Venus was minutes lower than Mars.


Chart for February 18, 2022

They are in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, and Neptune diffuses the action in Capricorn, for others to see, for others to learn.

They are in a trine to the Moon in Virgo,

Demeter’s Moon,

Dike’s Moon.

Mars left oob before this, on February 11. While he was oob in Sag, he journeyed to a destination, and the atmosphere was festive.


When he reached Capricorn, he surprised everyone by occupying downtown. He broke the pattern of a regular protest.

But while he was oob, there were no reported stories that stood out of reluctance and being forced to acknowledge something, do something.

The state of emergency lifted

on February 23, 2022 at 5 pm, and gave us a timed chart.

In the whole signs system, Sag is in the fifth house, and Capricorn is in the sixth house of work.

Venus and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn,

and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, is in Aquarius, and there came new laws that have to do with pooled resources.

Taurus is in the tenth house, with the spirit of the times, and Rahu, and there is here the responsibility of clan.

Leo is the rising sign, and at its best, the hearthfire in Leo shines evenly on the people around the fire, people who laboured during a crisis.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, is in Pisces, in the eighth house of crisis.


Jupiter’s Great Red Spot as seen from Voyager 1

In 1977, Mars entered oob on August 31 in Gemini, and left oob on September 12 in Cancer.

NASA launched Voyager 2 before Mars entered oob,

on August 20, 1977.

Mars declination +23°07′

NASA launched Voyager 1

on September 5, 1977

Mars declination +23°31′

They both had problems during launch.

Voyager 2 went on alert because the launch rocket shook so much. At first, nobody understood what was wrong with it, but the person who wrote the code figured it out and reprogrammed it.

Voyager 1’s software was fine tuned to allow for more movement before it was launched, but had a problem of its own. There was a fuel leak on the launch rocket. People on the ground feared there wouldn’t be enough fuel for it to reach the right velocity, but there was just enough.

The first problem was in their hands. Mars in Gemini is in a square to Mercury in Virgo, rescuing.

The second problem wasn’t. The Moon in Gemini is in a square to Mercury R in Virgo conjunct the Sun, identrecognizing a problem that could hamper reaching a destination.

When the two Voyagers reached space, they had access to both charts, recognizing problems and rescuing.

They recognized that the Voyagers’ signals became fainter the farther they got from Earth, and to solve the problem, they upgraded the antennas on Earth, and when the upgrades weren’t enough, they developed a technique to combine multiple antennas to work as one.


Neptune’s Great Dark Spot

Neptune was in Sag accentuating the qualities of the sign, and in Sag there is exploration and breaking barriers, going farther than we have before.

Jupiter, ruler of Sag, in Gemini, can open doors for exploration, and Jupiter in Cancer can embrace the results, bring them into the lake of memories.

Jupiter Mars in Cancer were expanding our borders. In a trine to Uranus in Scorpio, they were expanding our borders by revealing mysteries of the solar system.

Uranus is in a square to Venus in Leo, and Venus in Leo distinguishes herself with a unique personality,

and the Voyagers showed us the unique personality of the planets and their moons.

They say that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune align every 176 years. The alignment allowed the Voyagers to use gravity assist to swing from one planet to another in about twelve years, within the lifetime of people eager to see them up close.

There is hearthfire in Leo,


and Saturn in Leo asks for mastery of the hearth, that it shine its light evenly on those around it.


As many different cultures of the Earth were included in the golden records, and not just the culture that made the Voyagers.

The Sun, Saturn and Venus in Leo.

Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer.

The Voyagers attracted the attention of the world. The world was in solidarity with them. 

Saturn is in a sextile to Mars in Gemini, and in a wide trine to Neptune in Sag, and this was an opportunity to give directions to the unknown. Some criticized the pulsar map. Why would we send our location to alien forms that could come and eat us.

It got people talking, in schools and on crosswalks.

The Voyagers were successful in the first part of their mission, exploring the solar system, completing the grand tour of the four planets, and they began their interstellar mission.



Pluto was digging in Libra.

In Leo we develop personality, and Libra is the first social sign, the beginning of seeing ourselves among others. We can choose to send ripples, and we can choose not to disturb the social fabric.

Venus in Leo in a sextile to Pluto in Libra is an opportunity to disturb.


Pluto disturbs. He breaks down and gets rid of what is outworn and not useful anymore, and he carries initiations.

He was initiating us into a new way of seeing ourselves among others.


Pale Blue Spot by Voyager 1

NASA has called the spacecraft the ultimate workhorse. They did not expect them to go this far. One problem solved after another, one surprise after another, and the spacecraft’s mission kept getting extended.

They are powered by plutonium 238, and the supply is slowly depleting. Only some of the instruments are functioning now, and they are expected to stop functioning entirely in 2025, unless they surprise us again and NASA extends the mission.

There has been a reluctance to shut them down, but one day we will be forced to bid them goodbye.

In 2025, both Voyagers will have a Jupiter return, exact between June 10 and June 23.

Although there are two, they have acted as one.

We can have separate trajectories with Ketu in Aries, but be on the same team with Rahu in Libra.

Pluto can disturb,

and Pluto can dig for riches,

and in Libra there is team work, cooperation, collaboration.

In the Aquarius Leo polarity, there is the group and the individual. To distinguish oneself among others in a group is Leo. The Nobel Prize is Saturn in Leo, hearthfire for the group.


Chart for the launch of Kosmos 954, September 18, 1977, 13:55 UTC

Mars declination +23°21′

Jupiter was transiting Cancer in the ninth house of knowledge,

and Mars was transiting Cancer. The focus was on obtaining knowledge for the homeland. Mars  was in a square to Pluto in Libra in the twelfth house, house of secrets, secret strategies.

A square can fuel,

and on this day the Soviet Union launched Kosmos 954, a reconnaissance satellite that orbited the Earth. The satellite was powered by Uranium 235.

This was during the Cold War, a time of open enemies. Taurus was is in the seventh house of relationship and open enemies, and Chiron in Taurus asked that they mind the gap in the body, the earth.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, was conjunct Saturn in Leo, in the tenth house, most public house.

Venus in Leo distinguishes herself, and Saturn, ruler of Aquarius in the fourth house, asked that she distinguish herself as hearthfire of an ideal, democracy, socialism,

and in space.

Open enemies distinguished themselves during the Cold War. They competed with each other.

There is competition in Leo. They say that the Olympics begin with Hercules’ Labours. Athletes distinguishing themselves for their country.

But Venus also rules Libra, and Rahu in Libra asked that open enemies work together.

There is no information available about the launch of Kosmos 954,

but Jupiter is in a trine to Uranus in Scorpio in the first house, and Jupiter can attract experts in a field to check the body of the satellite, the power source and the circuits. There is something the Moon hides in Sag, in the second house of resources, a missing piece of knowledge.

The Moon fuels Mercury in Virgo, and there is talk of recognizing the problem, correcting the problem, and an opportunity to rescue the satellite.


The Moon in Sag can attract the attention of a foreign audience, resourceful audience, but it didn’t while Mars transited Cancer.

Mars entered Leo on October 27, 1977. He stationed at 11° degrees of Leo, and turned retrograde on December 13, 1977.

Mid December, Kosmos 954 began to lose altitude,

and on December 19, 1977, the United States noticed that it was losing altitude.

Mars declination +22°32′

Maybe there was a problem with the design and it came back to haunt them. Maybe something collided with it. Whatever it was that caused it, the United States had seen it happen before to two of their spacecraft.

They recognized it and got in touch with the Soviet Union.

The Moon was transiting Aries, activating the Ketu Rahu polarity.

Pluto in Libra in a sextile to Neptune Venus in Sag, and in a sextile to Mars retrograding in Leo brought the opportunity for two leaders, ideologically opposed, who could not see eye to eye or speak the same language, to come up with a strategy.

They came up with maintaining absolute secrecy.

They would share coordinates of where they calculated Kosmos would fall.

Jupiter was retrograding in Cancer, across from the Sun in Sag and Mercury R in Capricorn. Bringing back together heads of state to touch on matters touched before.

The United States warned its allies of the situation they were in, and everyone agreed on absolute secrecy.

Saturn was retrograding too, blocking the light from entering Leo, and in doing so, forming a sextile with Jupiter. When Saturn and Jupiter touch, they can sow the seeds of institutions. Here, there was the possibility of an institution that had to do with the laws that protect us, international laws about the use of space, justice

and moral obligation.

Mars R in Leo is in a square to Uranus in Scorpio. The spirit of the times was in the sign that protects clan.

The moral obligation of protecting clan.

It must have sent a shudder down everyone’s spine who saw the satellite tumbling.

Memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

even though there was atmosphere between it and the Earth.

Mars R entered oob on January 16, 1978

Mars declination +23°29′

Gemini can hold a paradox.

The paradox of nuclear power.

In 1946, when the spirit of the times was in Gemini, Canada established the Atomic Energy Control Board.


Chart for January 1, 1946

We do not have the exact date, but it was in 1946. Pluto in Leo, digging in the riches of the sign, the moral crossroads of the sign, bringing us bigger challenges to face as individuals, and Uranus in Gemini, expanding the mind to hold a paradox.

We began to experiment with plutonium and uranium


Saturn in Cancer asked for safeguards.

There is the ability to hold a paradox in Gemini, and there is rescue. That’s what AECB was about. They say nobody knew much about them until


On September 16,

Jupiter was retrograding in Gemini, and it was a time of gathering information. Later on, when people complained that the Soviet Union should have given more information about the satellite, the United States said that it gave as much information as they would have given in the same situation, what was needed to prepare for a cleanup. Jupiter R in Gemini can prepare. He can test equipment and put people in formation.

Mars was retrograding in Leo, and out of bounds. It was a time when there was no blame, no propaganda, and no competition. A time of agreement.

Maybe it was forced upon them when the experts estimated that Kosmos would fall in the area of the Aleutian Islands.


Mars was in a quincunx to Mercury in Capricorn, and Jupiter was in a quincunx to Venus and the Sun in Capricorn. There can be harmony when Mercury, Venus and the Sun are together in a sign.

They didn’t see it, until they did. A brief moment of harmony.

Mercury in Capricorn, Chiron and the Moon in Taurus, and Saturn R in Leo were forming a grand trine, and there was talk of minding the gap, and the moral obligation to the public to avoid causing a panic.

Mercury in Capricorn lies across from Jupiter in Gemini, and a word from Capricorn could multiply, be exaggerated,

but Jupiter was retrograding in Gemini, downplaying, careful not to let anything slip.


Chart for January 24, 1978, 11:53 GMT

The declination of Mars was +24°18′. It peaked at +25°23′ mid February, and left out of bounds on March 31.

On this day, radioactive debris scattered across the northern landscape of Canada. The Moon in Leo can bring up matters with children, the child in all of us, and this was one of those days. Mars energizes a sign, and there are Labours in Leo, and there is home in Cancer, and people were mobilized to labour for the homeland, protect its children.

They were mobilized in Hercules aircraft.

Both the United States and the Soviet Union offered assistance to Canada.

Leo is in the seventh house of partnerships, and Leo holds a mirror, and Canada chose a partner that best reflected the country’s personality.

Saturn R is in Leo in a sextile to Jupiter R in Gemini in the fifth house, an opportunity to solidify an old partnership and friendship built on exchange.

Canada said yes to the United States and no to the Soviet Union, and Canada and the States worked together during the time that Mars was oob, in the first phase of the cleanup.

The fifth house is the house of friendship and children, and how we protect our children,

and Jupiter in Gemini drew a grid, and they started combing square No.1.



If Mars had to be agreeable working with an open enemy when Venus and the Sun were in Capricorn, he now had to be agreeable working in a group.

The rising sign was Aquarius, and the Sun was in Aquarius, bringing out the essence of the sign, sign of service. Venus too was in Aquarius, gracing the sign with unusual beauty,

and the day began with an unusual light flaming the northern sky.


Aquarius keeps things clean, and with Saturn, ruler of Aquarius, in the sign of Hercules’ Labours, the cleaning was arduous.


Ruled by Saturn and ruled by Uranus.

Uranus in Scorpio, in the tenth house, brought a body to the fore, the AECB. They worked in the front lines during every phase of the operation, managing the crisis, handling the radioactive debris, and assessing environmental and health impact.

Mercury in Capricorn in a sextile to Uranus, an opportunity for a structure that holds us up to enlighten clan on the hazards of radioactive debris.

There is Pan in Capricorn, and Capricorn in the twelfth can take people to the wilderness of northern Canada, on a dog sled adventure.

It took a couple of naturalists there, and they came across antlers rising from the snow, part of the satellite.

Mercury is in a square to Pluto in Libra, and naturalists can spread the word about their find, and they can stir Pluto to review principles that have to do with the use of radioactive material.


The Midheaven is in Sag in the eleventh house, and Jupiter joins the fifth house to the eleventh. Where are we going with our creations.

There is determination when Jupiter and Neptune touch, and here they are in a wide opposition in Gemini and Sag.


They say that the United States was hoping to find something about the Soviet Union’s creation, hoping to find out what went wrong. The literature doesn’t tell us whether they did.

If there is reluctance and being forced to do something or accept something when Mars is oob,

then maybe the debris did not yield much information, and they were forced to return with nothing substantial,

or the debris forced them to admit something about the Soviet Union’s capability.

Or it was something internal and personal for everyone.


In 2018, Mars entered Aquarius on May 17, stationed at 9°, and turned retrograde on June 27.

He stationed at 9° Aquarius for twelve days.

Mars R entered oob on July 7 at 8° Aquarius,

and his declination peaked at -26°33′ on August 15 and 16 in Capricorn,

Mars turned direct, and re entered Aquarius on September 12.

He left oob on September 24 at 3° Aquarius.


On October 17, 2018, the Government of Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis. It comes with restrictions, and a licence issued by Health Canada is required to market products.

The legalization of cannabis begins with the plight of people like Terry Parker who suffers from epilepsy. He argued that he needed marijuana to control his condition.

On July 31, 2000, the Court found that the prohibition of cannabis was unconstitutional because it did not allow access for medical use.


Chart for July 31, 2000

Mars within bounds

Saturn and Jupiter were separating. They had been conjunct in Taurus with an orb of less than 3 degrees all of May and June, and in a square to Uranus in Aquarius, spirit of the times. 


Chart for May 31, 2000

When Saturn and Jupiter come together they can lay the seeds of an institution. In Taurus, it can have something to do with food and drugs.

In a square to Uranus in Aquarius, it can be fueled by the study of neurological disorders. Aquarius rules the nervous system, synapses.

The spirit of the times asked that whatever was established in Taurus be based on updated scientific reports, updated sociological data.

On July 31, the planets transiting Leo and Uranus in Aquarius were having a back and forth. The needs of the individual were informing the social group, the need to play too. When Venus touches Uranus, they can express the need to play.

Uranus is in quincunx to Mercury in Cancer, and Uranus can bring revelations, enlighten, broaden the conversation at home, change the way we think. He is where we are most truthful.

By July 2001, Canadians could access cannabis for medical use, but not to play.

On May 27, 2003, the government tried to pass a bill that would have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis for recreational use. Punished with a fine.


Chart for May 27, 2003

Mars within bounds

Mars was activating the degrees of Uranus in Aquarius in 2000.

Mercury Venus were activating the degrees of Saturn and Jupiter in 2000.

Jupiter was activating the stellium in Leo in 2000.

Mars energizes a sign, and in Aquarius there are the gods and there is humanity. Prometheus stole the fire of the gods to give to humanity. He brought the arts and sciences to humanity, and the gods punished him for his transgression. Hercules freed him. He was on his way to a Labour when he saw Prometheus tied to a rock, and freed him.

Jupiter in Leo across from Mars in Aquarius can free Prometheus,

but the bill wasn’t big enough to free him.

It wasn’t ethical enough. It punished.

It wasn’t moral enough. It made people take the road to the black market.

In Aquarius, we rise above to see social construct. The illegality of a plant makes it unethical, and taking the road to the black market makes it immoral.

Mercury Venus were in Taurus, and there is the responsibility of clan in Taurus.

Venus   Free him and we’ll institutionalize him.

Merc   Fill up the coffers in the open market.

Venus   Quality control.

Merc   Quantity control.

Merc and Venus   Derivatives.

It would change Canada’s reflection. Jupiter transiting Leo can hold up a mirror to see if a country is ready to change its reflection.

They say that when Canada’s neighbour threatened to slow down border crossings with searches for cannabis,

the bill was dropped.

Mars takes about two and a half years to return.

He met Jupiter when he returned to Aquarius in 2009, and they were conjunct with an orb of less than 5 degrees throughout February.

Energizing the sign, bringing gifts.

In Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, ruled by Uranus, Jupiter can bring opportunities to belong to a group, break away from a group.

To belong to the group that keeps Prometheus bound, or to unbind him.

Mars was at 20° Aquarius on March 2, 2009.

Mars within bounds

The mood was changing. Pluto was no longer digging in the riches of Sag, breaking down outworn beliefs. He was digging in the riches of Capricorn, breaking down outworn mes.

A bill to increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for cannabis trafficking died, and would die again in 2011.

Venus is in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius. Solidarity to initiate a new social group,

with all the scientific reports and sociological data collected.


Uranus   That’s plenty of raw material. (looks at the data and measures the pulse of the collective) An even pulse.

Saturn   Hand it over. I’ll have the courts analyze it. It may soon be time for the plant to become a-   (looks at the Moon looking at him) a regulated cultural practice.

In 2015, Mars returned to Aquarius. He was across from Jupiter in Leo when Owen Edward Smith took his case to the Supreme Court. He was going to challenge the constitutionality of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations because they only allowed access to dried marihuana. Legally, patients had to smoke it.


Chart for January 7, 2015

Mars within bounds

This was the day of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Neptune in Pisces can mobilize a crowd fueled by its commitment to a belief, energized by an ideal, in solidarity with freedom of self expression.


The crowds couldn’t see it, but they would influence the breakdown of laws that restricted individuality and personality.

The spirit of the times was in Aries,


and unselfconscious.


Mirror No. 12 by Daniel Rozin

On June 11, 2015, the Court concluded that the prohibition of non-dried forms of medical marihuana was arbitrary and unconstitutional.

It pointed out that dried marihuana wasn’t subject to the oversight of  Food and Drugs, so who was to say that it was safer than cannabis cookies.


Chart for June 11, 2015

Mars oob, declination 23°44′

It was a time of migration,

but on this day, Saturn was making his way back to Scorpio,

and migration would become an in house problem.

Gemini rules siblings and neighbours, and R. v. Smith brought the provinces and the territories, the clans of the land together.

It is an opinionated sign, and compasses were brought out to see in which direction people wanted to go with cannabis. Criminalized, decriminalized, legalized.

Mars had returned to where he’d been when Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct, in Gemini, in a trine to Uranus in Aquarius.

Mars and the Sun in Gemini, in a sextile to the planets in Aries and Leo.

Aries is an initiatory sign. It is in Aries that Jason went in search of the golden fleece, and the dragon swallowed him, and Athena intervened.

Data showed that the average age of initiation to cannabis is 18, and after that, people use it to reach the gods and to play.

There is play in Leo.

There is exchange in Gemini,

and the nectar for initiation and for play is in Aquarius. Mars in a trine to Uranus in Aquarius can ease exchange or make it difficult.

The country got into a national discussion about the trine.


Mercury R, god of the roads, is in Gemini, in a square to Neptune in Pisces, and in Pisces there are things that we cannot control, and things that can get out of hand. Mercury R in Gemini can bring back directions to handle such matters.

There is also the collective in Pisces, and the crowd, and Mercury R in Gemini can sway a crowd to go in one direction or another. He lies across from Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio, and conversations can go from being international to being local, and the commitment is to the clans of the land. Venus in Leo touches them both, and the commitment is to the children of the clans of the land.

If there are choices to be made, Saturn in opposition to Mercury can limit the choice to one,

and once the choice is made,

the Sun and Mars in Gemini can open doors to get there.

When Jupiter and Uranus touch, there can be breakthroughs to open doors,

keep doors open and border crossings flowing.


If Canada’s closest neighbour expressed surprise at the direction the country was heading, Canada showed them the border crossing signs.

Ketu in Aries was taking the countries on different trajectories, but Rahu in Libra asked for unity.

On April 13, 2017, a bill to legalize cannabis was introduced to Parliament.


Chart for April 13, 2017

Mars within bounds

Mars was activating the degrees of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus in 2000.

There are journeys of initiation in Aries,

principles that guide us in Libra,

mes that rule us in Capricorn, and the structures that hold young and old up.

Breakthroughs involving the three signs,

with the focus in Taurus, and the Moon in Scorpio keeping an eye on Mars.

Rahu was in Virgo,

and would enter Leo in May. The work would be in Aquarius until early November 2018.

It was the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology that made amendments to the bill.

On June 21, 2018, the bill was given royal assent, and Mars in Aquarius stationed retrograde.


Chart for June 27, 2018

Mars within bounds

Mars went out of bounds with a declination of  -23°31’on July 7, 2018.     

He is a warrior and a dancer, but in Aquarius he seemed to


Levitate by Milija Jakic

It was a time when the provinces and territories had to choose a framework to implement legalization. They had to have all the logistics in place by October 17.

Mars energizes a sign. He is strategic in retrograde motion, not so impulsive. In Aquarius, he can bring groups together to set up a plan of action.

In a square to the spirit of the times in Taurus, he is fueled by the need to ensure safety and security. In a square to Jupiter in Scorpio, he listens to the experts in the fields Scorpio rules. In Scorpio there is Artemis, protector of the chastity of youth. There is Apollo, protector of clan. There is Asclepius the healer.

The pressure was on.

Nerve racking.

Hence the levitation.

Aquarius is the most socialized sign and does not like to disappoint, likes to meet deadlines.

Capricorn is the most self conscious sign and likes to meet deadlines too.

But when Mars retrograded from Aquarius into Capricorn, both signs had to admit they wouldn’t meet the deadline.

When Mars reached 29° of Capricorn and was at the peak of his declination, some of the provinces announced that they would have things running online for sure by October 17, but needed more time for the bricks and mortar.

They took their time. In these two charts, Saturn in Capricorn lies across from the Sun in Cancer, and Pluto in Capricorn lies across from the Sun in Cancer, and there is commitment and faithfulness to the homeland, and pride to do it right.

There is law enforcement too in the Uranus Venus Saturn grand trine, cracking down on organized crime. And if people thought they could party and light up before the set date, they were surprised to find out that the new freedom came with strict rules.

While Mars levitated in Aquarius, Venus and Mercury transited Leo, a push for creativity and a push for rescue. To get creative with pot, to rescue with pot. When it was legalized, a variety of munchies would become available to the public, and there would be recommendations to use pot to alleviate a variety of disorders.

As the day drew closer, those who wanted to keep cannabis criminalized or decriminalized were forced to accept the new reality.

But there is hope in the charts. Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh house, and the ancients called it the house of hopes and wishes, dreams, ideal form. The hope that the country would become a model for institutionalizing a plant that can be harmful and that can be medicine responsibly.


Today, Mars is transiting Gemini. He will enter out of bounds on October 23 with a declination of +23°29′. He will leave oob on May 5, 2023.

When he is oob for a long period of time, it is because there is retrogradation.

Mars will turn retrograde at 25° Gemini on October 31, 2022, and will turn direct at 8° Gemini on January 13, 2023. Back to where he was early September 2022.


Mercury will enter oob on November 24, 2022 in Sag, and he will leave oob on Dec. 22, 2022 in Capricorn.

Venus will enter oob on December 2, 2022 in Sag, and leave oob on December 24, 2022 in Capricorn.

They seem to enter oob in the same polarities as Mars.


The Moon is always out of bounds in the Gemini Sag and Cancer Capricorn polarities. She can be at a declination of -24°11′ in Capricorn, and when she enters Aquarius, her declination is within bounds at -20°12′. She can be at a declination of -22°12′ in Scorpio, and when she enters Sag, she is at -25°38′. In Cancer at +24°44′ one day, and the following day, in Leo at +21°43′. She does not enter oob in the other polarities.


Kt Boehrer brought out of bounds into astrology,

born September 25, 1923, Texas.

With her Moon in Aries she was pioneering something new, a belief that declinations reveal a hidden dimension in astrology.

If 2 planets are not touching in the birth chart, but have the same declination, they form a parallel aspect.

If 2 planets are not touching in the birth chart, but one has a declination of -5° and the other a declination of +5°, they form a contra parallel aspect.

A parallel or contra parallel aspect means that the two planets are connected and have a relationship.

If a planet is out of bounds, it does not have an average relationship with the Sun. It is beyond the normal conditions or expectations.

Her Moon lies across from the stellium in Libra. Saturn, Mercury R, Venus and the Sun in Libra.

She was pioneering something new, something that derived from her studies in astronomy, and applying it to an ancient art, an ancient practice.

Saturn asks for mastery. Mercury retrograde can ask that we think again, go over, re do. She introduced a technique to convert longitude to declination, the longitude of a planet to its declination in the birth chart. She taught her technique, and the questions people asked must have made her think again, go over, re do, or defend.

With the Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury, she swayed astrologers to incorporate the principles of declination into their practice.

She had been looking for something in the birth chart that would indicate the capacity to go beyond the norm, in bad behaviour or good behaviour.

When she learned in her astronomy classes the physical fact that planets exceed the angle of the ecliptic periodically, she thought of applying it to astrological interpretation.


The angle of the ecliptic is approximately 23°27′, and summer solstice is June 21 or 22, Sun in Gemini, Sun in Cancer, and winter solstice is December 21 or 22, Sun in Sag, Sun in Capricorn

Maybe here was the answer she was looking for. A planet exceeding the angle could be an indicator of the capacity to break norms.

Neptune is in a square to Jupiter and there is determination in the chart. Neptune in Leo in a square to Jupiter in Scorpio, natural ruler of the eighth house, so many possibilities. The crossroads and the mysteries. Labours and the mysteries. Personality and the mysteries. She signed her messages, the declination lady.

There is a grand trine in water.

Pluto in Cancer digging for riches in a lake of memories, looking for answers.

Uranus in Pisces finding answers in new raw material, creating his own answers.

Jupiter in Scorpio can give a taste for the mysteries, draw experts in the mysteries.

The grand trine is in a kite, with Mars in Virgo as the focal point. Driven to bring justice, put in order, teach.

But there are trines and sextiles in a kite,

and trines and sextiles can block and reprimand, and Kt’s work can draw those who say she is disrupting a sacred lake, bringing an unnecessary dimension,

and trines and sextiles can ease and bring opportunities, and Kt’s work can draw those who embrace her work, and find examples to prove that people with out of bound planets break norms,

people like Björk, born November 21, 1965, Reykjavik.

Jupiter loved Leto, daughter of Titans. When Hera found out that Leto was with child, she made the lands shun her. She would not allow Leto to give birth on terra firma.

Delos was a floater, not on the mainland and not an island, and Delos gave her shelter, and she gave birth to twins, Apollo and Artemis, a solar god and a lunar goddess, of Titan and Olympian blood.

Before she left Delos, she gave it four pillars that would root it to the ocean floor, and Delos built her a temple.

She travelled with her children, and came to a place where the locals would not let them drink water from a pond. They disturbed the mud that lay at the bottom, and turned the waters murky, and she turned them into frogs.


Leto transforms the Lycian peasants into frogs by Tintoretto, 1542

In Aquarius, we kiss the frogs to break the spell and make our dreams come true.

Scorpio casts the spell, Scorpio-


Artemis grew to become goddess of the hunt and mistress of the animals. She was wild and she was chaste, and Björk has been like that, wild and chaste. A performer since the age of 11, but she would grow shy in interviews, shy when she was praised, uncomfortable when the praise rose to summarize her melody

shimmering with sweetness and innocence, and scaring the hell out of us.

In Aquarius we can rise to see the forest, and in Scorpio there are the trees, and she has preferred to stay with the trees, and not get distracted with how she is seen, not get distracted from work.

Her work is in Capricorn, and in Capricorn, the gods lived on earth. Enlil was the great mountain from where the sun rose, and Enki was in the abzu, in the marshlands, in the reeds.

Scorpio and Capricorn.

There is family in Scorpio, natural ruler of the eighth, house of the remembered dead, house of inheritance . She grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories, and singing folk songs that use intervals of fifths,

and she grew up walking the land. She says Iceland is still young, raw, explosive, and she records the sounds of the land,

and brings intervals of fifths and the sounds of the land into her music.

The Moon in Scorpio is in a sextile to Mars in Capricorn. The Moon says something about the mother, the grandmother, and there is the opportunity in a sextile to bring them into her work, and to express her feelings through her work.

Neptune in Scorpio is in a sextile to Venus in Capricorn, and Neptune accentuates the qualities of the sign, and in Scorpio there is Artemis,


Artemis and her nymphs hunting, sketch by Rubens, 1636

and Venus in Capricorn can ask that she give her form.

The Sun says something about the father, the grandfather, and what brings us joy, and the Sun in Scorpio is in a quincunx to Jupiter in Gemini. Her father and grandfather were electricians, and she became obsessed with electricity, techno. She didn’t see it until she did, that they gave her tools for her music.

There is multiplicity in Gemini, and with Jupiter retrograding in Gemini, she would search for many tools, and walk many lands.

The determination to leave Iceland came in 1992, when Jupiter in the sky transited Virgo. Her band dismantled and she packed her bags and went to London.

Pluto in Virgo can dig for riches in culture, in the culture of sounds and music. He can break down what is outworn, and Uranus can create something new, new sounds and music.

Pluto Uranus lie across from Saturn in Pisces, and in Pisces there is Typhon, father of all monsters, a cacophony of sounds, chaos.

Saturn can ask to give chaos boundaries, and Typhon birthed Hydra, Cerberus, Chimera, Sphinx. Each one with unique traits, identifiable.

They say Björk’s music is deeply rooted, and uniquely her own.

Pluto Uranus are in a square to Mercury in Sag, natural ruler of the ninth house. She shies away from praise, but not from explaining her work, where it comes from, what she means to convey. She says that her work is largely academic. Collecting sounds for a piece of music may take a year, then she rolls up her sleeves in the studio and sees where they take her.

Björk : Interview (Attacks Reporter Clip) & I Miss You (720p)


They say she has taken a dramatic left turn with her latest album.

Uranus in the sky is transiting Taurus, across from her natal stellium in Scorpio, and Uranus awakens.

We do not have her time of birth, but Lois Rodden rectified her chart with Uranus Pluto in Virgo conjunct the Midheaven.

Her dramatic left turn and her recent podcasts may suggest something different. The Ascendant in Leo, the Nadir in Libra in the third house, the Descendent in Aquarius, the Midheaven in Aries in the ninth house.

She is not hearthfire. She has been her own critic.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, joins Scorpio with the first house.

She says that she comes from a mother who came from a mother who came from a mother, all the way back to the beginning of Iceland. She cannot help carry it with her, and in the way she looks.

She says that the landscape and her emotions and real life inspire her songs. If a song reminds us of another song, then the song has not succeeded.

Leo asks that we distinguish ourselves, and she distinguishes herself and her music.

Her Nadir is in Libra in the third house. Memories of childhood may take her back to a commune. She lived in a commune with her mother after her parents’ divorce. Libra can bring like minded people together, and her mother was an activist and an environmentalist.

Jupiter is retrograding from Cancer into Gemini, and Venus is in Capricorn. Her solidarity is with the landscape of her homeland, but it has grown to include other landscapes with her travels and work abroad.

The Sun in Scorpio is in a quincunx to Jupiter, and she may or may not see that she has come to represent her country. Documentaries made about her are about Iceland as well.

The Moon can say something about her public, and the Moon is with Neptune and with the Sun in Scorpio.

Unafraid of Artemis,

willing to shield her.

Unafraid to feel,

to be with the trees.

She offers her public what is personal to her. She offers them matters of the eighth house, complex house.

Taurus in the tenth asks for clarity, and a sensual experience. She goes on stage barefoot, and most of the space is taken by musicians. The music and her voice.

björk : jóga


She was born in November 1965, and earlier that year, in July, there was a wildcat strike in Canada. Jupiter in Gemini was in a square to Pluto Uranus in Virgo. The government had to negotiate with the country’s civil servants.

There can be documentaries and negotiations in Gemini,

There can be civil servants in Virgo, sign of the worker, the apprentice,

and there are cultural practices.

In Björk’s chart, Mercury in Sag is in a square to Pluto Uranus in Virgo. There is a love of learning here, a love of discussion, debate. It’s what she does with her friends. It helps define who she is and where she stands, what should be questioned, gotten rid of, and what’s wrong with music that mixes nature with techno.

When she first came into the scene, she assuaged fears about her use of techno. She would say that electricity has always existed, in thunder and lightning, and in Thor’s hammer. And if people answered that there was no soul in it, she would say that there was no soul in a guitar either. People put it in there.

Saturn in the sky is transiting Aquarius, and Uranus in the sky is transiting Taurus, across from her first, and across from her fourth, squaring each other in her seventh and tenth house. She has released a podcast where she and her collaborators discuss her albums. No longer afraid to look back, no longer afraid to leave the trees and see the forest, as she approaches her second Saturn return.

Jupiter in the sky took a dip into Aries this year, touched her Midheaven in the ninth house, and went retrograde. He is retrograding back into Pisces now, and will re enter Aries in December.

Guide, teacher. She has always been teaching us what she does and what she believes.

Does she mean to shock.


Maybe she just likes to cast spells.

She has three planets out of bounds.


Mercury   -24°57′

Mars   -24°28′

Venus   -25°36′

Moon   -14°44′

Sun   -20°08′

Jupiter   +23°00′

Saturn   -09°16′

Kt would say that Mercury, Mars and Venus form parallel aspects. They support each other.

In her podcast, Björk says that she’s taken the sounds of every album and given it form on the album cover. Her album covers are sonic symbolisms,

and there is Venus in Capricorn, giving form.

Mars the warrior, Mars the dancer, dancing in the landscape, with the landscape.

Mercury in Sag can argue his way to a destination. Björk finds words to explain to her collaborators, fellow musicians, what she means to express, and doesn’t give up until they understand.

Kt would ask if they break norms, if they escape the Sun.

The Sun is in a stellium in Scorpio, with the Moon at the lowest degree.

They’ve braved their way to bring Leto and Artemis forward.


Leto giving birth to Artemis and Apollo on the island of Delos by Giulio Romano, 1560

He was born the day after she was born.


He says that he didn’t want to dance, didn’t want all the attention focused on him, but the director directed him to dance.

He welcomes direction in his professional life.


Chart for Mads Mikkelsen, born November 22, 1965, Copenhagen, time unknown

He says that he was a gymnast, and someone noticed him and asked if he wanted to be a dancer, and he was a dancer for about 8 or 9 years.


In 1996, with Jupiter in the sky transiting Capricorn, he began his acting career. They say that he began by playing marginalized people in comedies, and as he became better known, he was able to choose roles that were more psychologically challenging.

Martin Campbell directed him in Casino Royale, and Campbell’s natal Mercury conjoins Mikkelsen’s stellium in Scorpio. They had extensive conversations about the best way to get the password from Bond.

Thomas Vinterberg directed him in Another Round and in the The Hunt, where he is falsely accused of exposing himself to a child. Vinterberg’s natal Mars conjoins Mikkelsen’s Mercury in Sag, and there is brotherhood here, the help and direction needed to give form to the psychology of a man cast out.

Joe Penna directed him in Arctic, and Penna’s natal Uranus and Saturn conjoin Mikkelsen’s Mercury in Sag. He enlightened Mikkelsen on survival skills, and brought the discipline needed to carry the work through in harsh conditions.

Mikkelsen chooses roles that keep his character and the audience in some state of emergency. He chooses roles that keep him and his audience with the trees.

He makes it sound like things happened to him, fell on his lap. He was a gymnast, he became a dancer, he was asked to say a few lines, he liked it, he became an actor.

The year he was asked to say a few lines may have been the year Jupiter transited Virgo in his tenth house. A few lines that brought a new intensity into his life, a new means to provide for the family he wanted to have, and he went to drama school to learn the craft.

Pluto Uranus are in a square to Mercury in his first house. He had been digging in dance for almost a decade, had probably tried every movement he could make with his body, thinking how long he could go on doing this, what if he got injured, he was getting older.

The search for a new intensity, something new to dig in, a new form of expression, and necessity

may have walked with him to drama school.

They say he made waves in drama school,

and in 1996, the director of Pusher offered him a part in the movie. When the director says that in Pusher Mikkelsen set a new standard for actors in Denmark, Mikkelsen mentions the other actors in the movie, and says that they did too.

His Midheaven is in Libra in the eleventh house, and he is careful with what he says, careful not to take undue credit,

conscious of how he’s seen.

He even wears a suit at the dinner table.


He has discussed Hannibal and Will’s psychology at length, and has discussed the writer of the series as well. Bryan Fuller has Jupiter Uranus in Libra in a sextile to Mars in Sag, breakthroughs in artistic compositions, tableaux that are explosive, morbid yet beautiful, and that never cease to surprise him.

Saturn in Pisces in the fourth house can speak of longevity, a long life or a name that will be remembered.

Saturn in Pisces can speak of mastery in a field Pisces rules, and in Pisces there is war in the heavens, there are places of refuge, there are the things that get out of hand, there is seminal fluid,


Saturn is in a sextile to Mars in Capricorn in the second house of resources. Opportunities to find a structure for one’s creativity. Opportunities to learn from the past, to practice and improve, develop Arete. There is trust in one’s potential here.

He studies his body and he studies human nature, like Enki studied human nature and wrote the mes to bring order.

Venus in Capricorn holds the mes, and Venus in a sextile to Scorpio can uphold the mes of a clan.

He has learned to talk like other actors talk in interviews, representing the work of a team, promoting the work.

Jupiter can draw the experts, and in Gemini they can be critics, and the critics give him good, fair and bad reviews, but they all agree that he’s an asset to Danish cinema and to Hollywood.

Sex appeal and a rugged face that can communicate emotion.


He may not see it until he does, that he is influencing others.

With Neptune at the lowest degree in Scorpio, he explores the mysteries of the mind, gives form to the light and the shadows. When asked if he prefers playing good guys or bad guys, he says that both have weaknesses worth exploring.

He says that he accepted to play Gellert Grindelwald because of his children, so they’d think him a cool dad. He called his daughter for any information he needed about the story and the characters. David Yates directed him in the movie, and Yates’ natal Neptune and Mars conjoin his stellium in Scorpio, and brought out the dark wizard. He got to hold a magic wand and cast spells.

There is craving in this chart. Mercury on the Ascendant in Sag, holding the caduceus with two snakes that almost touch, almost satisfy his search. The Nadir in the fifth house, in Aries, initiatory sign. The Sun in Scorpio, sign of initiations.

Kt would ask if the planets out of bounds break the norms, escape the Sun.

They’ve kept him safe, in an industry where he can get initiated again and again.


Mercury goes out of bounds 2 or 3 times a year for short periods of time, sometimes for as few as 4 days. Fleet footed messenger of the gods.

France, May 1968.

It began with French communists and socialists forming an electoral alliance. Students attended meetings about class discrimination and the unequal distribution of resources.

On May 2, 1968, universities were shut down because of student unrest. They wanted, Down with de Gaulle.

Jupiter in Leo in a t square with Taurus and Scorpio. A test on how to resolve conflict without losing sight of the responsibility of clan. New leadership to distribute resources.


Students rioted, and on May 13, workers joined the students. They were not led by the unions.

Mars and Mercury had entered Gemini, sign of the Dioscuri.


They walked around communism, socialism, exchanging points of view, holding rallies, agreeing, disagreeing, putting it into practice to see what it was like.


The country came to a halt.

Union leaders tried to negotiate with them, higher wages, shorter work days, but they wanted what the students wanted, to oust the government.

On May 24, two people died at the hands of the rioters.

It put an end to experimenting with utopias, but it empowered a new group of people to participate in changing the culture. Students.

On May 30, at 4:30 pm, de Gaulle dissolved the national assembly and called for new elections. The socialists and the communists agreed to them. The day ended with de Gaulle’s supporters marching through the Champs-Élysées waving the national flag.

Venus was in Aries when it all began. She can fan a revolution when she’s in Aries. She was now about to cazimi the Sun and become an evening star, rising after the Sun.

Mercury and Mars were conjunct in Taurus on May 6, and Mercury entered Gemini first on May 7. Strong in the sign he rules. He can stir the intellect, and Mars can accelerate action.

Mercury entered out of bounds on May 10, in Gemini, and left out of bounds on June 4, in Cancer.

Mars entered out of bounds on June 2, and Venus on June 16, in Gemini.

They may not have had a relationship by declination, but they were


boxing together by Ivan Golubovskiy

Karl Marx and the Dalai Lama have Mercury in Gemini.


Chart for Karl Marx, born May 5, 1818, 2 am, Trier, data from birth record

Mercury declination +23°48′

All other planets within bounds

In Libra, and under the influence of his Ascendant sign, he studied Plato.

Plato said that nobody ignorant of geometry would enter the academy in Athens. There are harmonies in geometry, ideal forms to strive for,

ideal beauty, the ideal person.  

The ideal person found happiness in virtuous conduct and in serving one’s community.


Marx took what he studied and walked to Gemini, and wrote down his own philosophy.

He pointed at the Leo Aquarius polarity and said that we live in a world where personal interest and community interest are separated. Then he pointed at the Capricorn Cancer polarity and said that this separation gives rise to the state that governs us.

If personal interest and community interest were merged, there would no longer be the need for a state.

Once a country reached a level of industrialization and advancement that brought material  abundance, we could walk the path of merging person and community, people serving the interest of the community,



He pointed at Taurus and said that they key to communism was material abundance. With material abundance, we’d take away private property and private means of production, and eliminate the division of labour.

Scorpio  One big happy clan.

Venus   But how will you distribute the fruits of everyone’s labour.

Don’t worry about that, said Marx. It will work itself out.

Hearing this, Enki rose from the waters of the abzu and asked, What about human nature. Some may loaf away, some may hoard.

To answer the question, he came up with an evolutionary theory. He called it the law of economic history. He said that capitalism was a stage in the development of society, and that the ultimate stage was communism. As we changed the economic base from private to communal, consciousness would alter, human nature would be transformed.

Greed, envy, and all those shadows were the result of having to put food on the table. Eliminate necessity, and people would work for the good of all. Morality would no longer need to be dictated from the outside-

More questions arose,

and every question was an intellectual challenge.


It drove him to expand on his philosophy, walk around it, change his mind, make corrections, go to the library and study some more.

His wanted to differentiate his work from the work of the utopian socialists. His approach was scientific,

a scientific analysis of a society’s economic conditions, monitoring the stage of development it was in, whether the time was right to introduce change, peacefully or through revolution.

If he wasn’t writing, he was handing out pamphlets. He was censored half the time and asked to leave Germany, Belgium and France.

He wasn’t the only one. There were many in the Uranus in Sag generation agitating society with talk of ideological change. During the early 1840s, Uranus in the sky was finishing his transit in Pisces, squaring his generation’s natal Uranus,

inciting them to action.

But he was the only one to leave a mark that would influence generations to come. Mercury in Gemini is strong in the sign he rules. He isn’t touched by the outer planets. He gives the chart holder access to all his significations.


Marx and Engels in the printing house of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung by E. Capiro, 1895

Mercury joins Virgo to Gemini,

the eighth to the fifth,

other people’s money to the house of romance, children and creativity.

His wife would receive an inheritance that would free him up to spend time in the fifth,

and he also met Friedrich Engels. Engels came from a wealthy manufacturing family. He gave Marx the financial support he needed, not to have to worry about putting food on the table.

They published the Communist Manifesto on February 21, 1848, with Marx as the principal writer.

He was having a Saturn return, and Saturn was trining transiting Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter would be conjunct his natal Mars 3 times in direct and retrograde motion.

He was becoming an institution that many would welcome and many would fear, an institution that could get out of hand and bring about revolution.

By then Uranus was in Aries with Pluto, breaking down old ideas and bringing in new ones. They were trining his MC, natal Uranus and Neptune in Sag, putting him at the forefront of the times, to be admired, to be suppressed.

Either way his writings would influence societies far and wide. Translated, interpreted, misinterpreted, opening doors. 


Mural with Karl Marx by Diego Rivera, 1923, Mexico City

Chart for the Dalai Lama, born July 6, 1935, 4:38 am, Tibet, data from birth record

All planets within bounds, Mercury declination +19°19′

With Venus in Leo in the second house, his biggest resource is his individuality. He took it with him from Tibet to India.