Yin Yang VIII

Chart for June 20, 1975

The Jupiter Mars conjunction in Aries pushed the Chief to take immediate action and close the beaches,

but the Mayor curbed his authority.


Saturn in Cancer was in a square to the Jupiter Mars conjunction, and Saturn can discipline and bring limitations. In Cancer, he can limit the ability to exercise authority in a community.

The Chief was reminded that it was his first summer in Amity, and that Amity depended on summer dollars,

and later, an islander insinuated that he didn’t quite belong.


The Jupiter Mars conjunction in a sextile to Mercury, lying across from Neptune in Sag, drew a leader in a field of study to the island, an oceanographer interested in sharks.

But his authority too was curbed by the Mayor.


Jupiter Mars in a trine to Venus in Leo brought Quint to the town meeting. He was a seasoned shark hunter, a veteran who served in the USS Indianapolis. He got everyone’s attention by scraping his fingernails down the blackboard, and he offered to hunt down the killer shark.


Nobody curbed his authority. The Mayor thanked him and said that they would take his offer under advisement,

but it was the Chief who picked up his offer at the same time that he picked up his authority.


Chiron was in Aries, asking that everyone mind the gap in survival,

and the Mayor had been thinking of survival in terms of dollars,

but when he witnessed what happened at the beach on the fourth of July, he got in tune with Mars, like the Chief.

Mars, ruler of Aries, carries with him the instincts of a parent; father of Romulus and Remus.

He carries with him initiations, and a Jupiter transit through Aries and a conjunction with Mars can bring the opportunity for an initiation

with others.

Across the conjunction was Uranus in Libra, awakening the sign, and Libra works with others.

If it had been Saturn in Libra, the initiation would have been properly planned and would have followed a set of principles, with everyone knowing the role they would play.

But it was Uranus, and Uranus is unorthodox, and he brought these three men together,


and put Quint in charge. Quint gave orders with his Jupiter Mars trine to Venus in Leo, and kept them working around him, and with his Venus trine to Neptune in Sag, he taught him the basics,


and with Uranus that united them, he spoke his mind.


With Uranus that united them, he spoke his mind too.


All the while the shark kept out of sight.

They knew he was big and strong; Jupiter Mars in Aries can give muscular strength,

but in a quincunx to the Moon in Scorpio, he could swim unseen, keeping his fins beneath the surface, and from the Moon in Scorpio he could reach Saturn in Cancer, where he had marked his territory, in the beaches of Amity.

But the beaches were empty, and he followed a trail of food that a boat was dumping, and found himself in the Jupiter Mars opposition to Uranus, and Uranus exposed him,


and in Libra he became their open enemy, ready for a duel.


There is also camaraderie in the chart. With the Sun in Gemini in a trine to Uranus, they compared wounds and laughed at a wounded heart,

and then Quint told them what happened when the USS Indianapolis sank,

and to lighten the mood, they sang.

But the story gave Hooper and the Chief a sense of Quint’s psychology and the psychology of a shark, and the danger that was in the water,

and then the shark came back.


Ever since he first saw the shark, the Chief had been saying that they needed a bigger boat, they should call the coast guard and ask for a bigger boat,

and when the shark damaged Quint’s boat,

he went to make the call, and Quint smashed the radio.

There can be a surge of energy when Jupiter and Mars come together in Aries, and a release of that energy when Uranus touches the conjunction,

a release of physical energy,


a release of creative energy that can inspire a movie script in Gemini,


the music that will accompany it in Cancer,


and the visuals that will pull us into the story in Leo.


When Quint smashed the radio, the Chief became aware that there was a gap he had to mind in the water, and a gap he had to mind on the boat.

Hooper too became aware that there were two gaps instead of one.


When the engine blew, Quint no longer united them, and they stood as separate individuals in a sinking boat.


All each one had left was the will to live, and when they reached for Mars, he was conjunct Jupiter in Aries, and the will to live grew stronger and gave them courage. Jupiter Mars took them to Mercury in Gemini, and they were reminded of the skills they had, their expertise, and when Mercury in Gemini took them to Venus in Leo, she united them as friends who would each in turn take the limelight.

Hooper took the limelight first.


He lost the duel with the shark, but managed to escape and to hide, to protect himself.

Quint took the limelight next, and he lost the duel.


The Chief took the limelight last.

He had seen this picture of a shark when he did research to understand the problem they had in Amity,


and when the boat was still whole, Hooper had screamed at him to be careful with the tanks; they could explode.


All that knowledge ran through his head when a tank floated toward him, and he picked it up and threw it into the shark’s mouth.

He had developed Arete on the boat. There are quick reflexes in Aries,


and with the sextile to Mercury in Gemini, there is accuracy.


He won the duel.

Hooper rose to the surface to meet him,

and with every kick it took to get back to Amity, he marked his territory.


Chart for August 6, 1993

With Chiron In Leo, we mind the gap in who is blamed and who takes on the blame.

He was blamed and sentenced to death, and when the Moon touched Aries, he felt that he had been given the opportunity to make a fresh start.


Venus in Cancer can look for a place to get comfortable, a place to call home, and in a square to the Moon touching Aries, she can push to find such a place, a safe place,


and the Moon can push back with a warning not to stay for too long.


It kept him moving, kept him on the run, but Jupiter in Libra would not let him compromise his principles.


He couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help doing his job before taking off.


The Sun in Leo in a sextile to Jupiter in Libra drew main characters driven by their principles; two men who wore their jobs like a mantle, two men who followed their hearts.


There is romance in the chart, in the Moon Venus Jupiter t-square there is passion and love of territory and partnerships that bind people together, watching over each other,


that bound him and his wife together.


Mars in Virgo, lying across from the Moon, gets involved in the t-square, and Mars in Virgo can fight for justice. He fights for justice by putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and to do that, he had to get back to Chicago.

There is an old story of Mercury rescuing Mars that rises when the planets touch each other, and here they touch each other in a sextile that joins Cancer and Virgo;

territory we’re comfortable in and the work we’ve learned to do;

territory that opens up through the work we learn to do.

Mercury is intellect, and in Cancer, he isn’t afraid to rely on hunches and dreams and intuition, and Mars is action, and in Virgo, it is meticulous action. In a quincunx to Saturn in Aquarius, they come together with a commitment to care for others, public service, social work, group work that can involve rescue,

and with the Sun in Leo, there is stamina,


and they took central roles.


He triggered the Mars sextile to Pluto and the trine to Uranus Neptune when he heard a train approach.

Mars in Virgo measures before he jumps,


Pluto in Scorpio pushes him to jump in a crisis,


and Uranus Neptune in Capricorn make him reach for the waters of the abzu to make his own laws, and he needed to do that because he was a fugitive.


He did that too to protect one of his own,


and he didn’t hesitate to take responsibility.


They were alike the two men that Jupiter’s transit through Libra brought together. When they met, Kimble told him that he didn’t kill his wife, and Gerard replied that he didn’t care; he declared himself an open enemy with those words.

Across from Jupiter was the Moon in Pisces touching Aries, and Pisces carries the energy of the twelfth house, the house of secret enemies.

To prove to an open enemy that secret enemies had killed his wife,

Kimble reached for Mercury.

With Mercury trining the Moon, he saw flashbacks


and heard voices from the spirit world that guided him.


With Mercury across from Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, he used his ingenuity to cross barriers and get the information he needed.


With Mercury in a quincunx to Saturn, he did his craft and left a trail.


Mercury in a trine to Pluto had Gerard follow the trail and pick up the investigation. 


Gerard didn’t want to,


but Mars in Virgo loves solving puzzles,

and Pluto in Scorpio digs to find motivation for a crime,

and Uranus Neptune in Capricorn sing

to awaken,

to bring change,

to cross barriers;

this kind of barrier


and this kind of barrier.


They can sing


and help people escape.


By then, Kimble had left Gerard a clue to help him with the puzzle,


and he already knew who wanted him out of the way.

He went to find him, ready for a duel,


and when Gerard caught up and told him, 


he felt relief. He reached for Mercury and Mars and struck with lightning speed to protect an ally.

In return, Gerard sat beside him, took his handcuffs off and gave him a cold compress.

Jupiter expands what he touches, and when Jupiter’s transit through Libra touched the Sun in Leo, all enmity between them was erased, and an alliance that would protect an innocent man glowed.


Chart for December 28, 1994

In Virgo, Chiron asks that we mind the gap in marginality.

He was at the centre of his kingdom, like the Sun,

and with the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, he spoke of the state of affairs of his kingdom, bills to be passed, the loss of the colonies, and nostalgia for the past.

With Uranus in Capricorn, he could make shattering remarks, but Neptune beside Uranus brought artistry and a sensitivity that softened the harshness and that  distinguished him.


The Sun in Capricorn shines a light on Enki, lawmaker, mischief maker, lover of mankind,

father figure.

In a semi sextile to Jupiter in Sag, he is expressive,


and likes putting people on the correct path,  


and doesn’t like it when they break out of formation.


Although the king could have had other women, he was faithful to his wife; there is faithfulness when Pluto and Venus are together, and in Scorpio, the king and the queen had never been apart. All that Venus in a sextile to Mercury, Neptune and Uranus offered, he experienced with his wife,


and his clan. The Moon in Scorpio brought in the clan.


Then the illness came and the king lost that which distinguished him,


and the prince tried to take his place, the place of the Sun in Capricorn. But the Sun was in a sextile to Saturn in Pisces and in a trine to Mars in Virgo.

The Sun and Saturn asked him if he had any ideas of his own. Had he rummaged through raw material and come up with ideas that he would commit himself to.

The prince pointed at the people who supported him. They had enough ideas, he said.


The Sun and Mars asked if he had a plan of action, a plan to bring his ideas to fruition. Was he ready to work hard and follow the rituals and the order of things. Was he now willing to wave.


As a transit, Saturn through Pisces can slow down endings and new beginnings. In opposition to Mars in Virgo, he can slow things down until an apprenticeship has begun,

and the prince got his first lessons in parliamentary matters; the debate, the proposal, the vote, 


the time it took for a vote to change.


And so the king kept his place in absence, a place secured by the commitment and the loyalty of those who served him.


There is a shepherd in Sag and a plumber in Scorpio; one looks to heal the spirit, and the other to heal the soul.

Jupiter in Sag conjunct Pluto in Scorpio drew Dr. Willis.


He had been in the service of the church and now practised medicine in a hospital in Lincolnshire. He had a farm where his patients tilled the soil and cultivated; he believed that working the land helped order the mind.

With Jupiter Pluto touching the stellium in Capricorn, he brought modern ideas to the table. He used restraints and rewards to modify the king’s behaviour, and introduced art therapy.


He was under pressure to restore the king’s health, and he took control. Jupiter in his own sign is high god of Olympus, and with Pluto beside him, in his own sign too, he took the king on an initiatory journey that peeled off every layer of madness,

and almost peeled off the king.


The queen had come from the margins to bring him the bill that would make the prince regent; she had reached for Mars in Virgo and gone to see the king

to protect him,

to protect her,

from marginality.


After she left, he went outside to read, and when he reached for a book, Mercury handed him King Lear, a king betrayed by his two eldest daughters.


In a sextile to the Moon in Scorpio, Mercury took the king back to his own territory, his upbringing and the language of kings.


It awakened his solar house,


and when he was himself again, he took back his Jupiter.


There are margins in Virgo; Demeter marked them when she walked the earth disguised as a servant, looking for her daughter.

When she rested beside the well at Eleusis, Baubo entertained her; there can be entertainment in the margins, entertaining marginalia.


When the king fell ill, Mars brought attention to the margins,


and the Sun in Capricorn, in a trine to Mars, brought the margins to the fore,

with Enki humour.


When the king recovered, order and hierarchy were restored, and the margins receded.


The prince stood next to the king and waved.


Chart for December 12, 1988

Chiron in Cancer asks that we mind the gap at home and in the lake of memories, and he can bring opportunities to close the gap.


Earlier that year, when Mars entered Aries and Jupiter entered Gemini, he sold four Lamborghinis.

He had never dealt with Lamborghinis before, and he had been assured that they’d pass the smog emission test in time for delivery, in time to finalize the trade and pay back a loan.

Then Jupiter retrograded back into Taurus and the Lamborghinis were still sitting on the floor, in need of more attention and threatening his business.

He was self made and only had himself to depend on, and he was preoccupied.

Preoccupation turned into anger and a feeling of injustice when he found out that his father had left all his money to someone else, and he set off to find out who it was.

He began a journey with Mars in Aries and Jupiter retrograding in Taurus.

Taurus carries the energy of the second house of resources and resourcefulness, and with Jupiter’s direct transit, he had nourished plans to sell the Italian cars,

and now Jupiter’s retrograde was bringing him a financial crisis,

and something he needed to find out.

Taurus holds secrets of the past, some buried under layers of time, and some lying on the surface,  waiting for the right moment,

and when Jupiter touched Uranus in Sag and Capricorn, he found out that his father left all his money to a brother he never knew he had.

He was about to come into knowledge that would explain the past, and bring back the Rain Man who sang to him as a child.


Their father’s old Buick brought them together.


They say that the Sun says something about the father, and the Sun in Sag in a wide quincunx to Jupiter in Taurus speaks of a father who knew the value of an old convertible, and how to grow prize winning hybrid rosebushes.

There is in this quincunx an understanding and appreciation of human engineering, mechanical and biological.

There are systems of thought in Sag. A language is a system of thought that organizes the world in a particular way, and Uranus Mercury in Sag introduced Charlie to Ray’s language and way of thinking. It was hard to pin down in the beginning,


and he thought he could impose his will over it,

but he learned that he could not. He learned that when his brother said he didn’t know, he really didn’t know, and that he only understood things when he saw them, and that whatever his brother said in an even tone of voice was of supreme importance.  


It was changing the structure of his life. Saturn in Capricorn maintains a structure, but  with Uranus and Neptune beside him, he can break a structure, mold a structure, make it more flexible.


He was always good at problem solving and improvising,


but his brother was sharpening his skills.


Jupiter retrograding in Taurus brought back an old nurturer,


and brought out the nurturer in him.



Lying across from Jupiter was Venus in Scorpio, and Venus is love, and in Scorpio, she holds the clan together.

Mars in Aries protects, and he’d figured out that he could never take his eyes off his brother,


but he was now emotionally involved. There was the responsibility that comes from loving someone.

When he found out that they had repossessed the Lamborghinis and he needed to come up with 80,000 dollars,

his brother inspired his next move.


Mars in Aries is creative, and in a square to Neptune in Capricorn, his creativity is linked to the way Enki thinks;

make good use of what you’ve got.


By the time they got to L.A., he wasn’t claiming the inheritance as his birthright anymore. He was claiming his brother as his birthright.


He’d always been in Ray’s lake of memories, and now Ray was in his; he closed a gap of years in six days.

He had reached for the Moon to revisit the lake, and rose above it with the Moon in Aquarius. He no longer blamed his father for disinheriting him, but couldn’t understand why he never told him about his brother.

He left the question with the audience.

Pluto was digging in Scorpio, digging into the mysteries of the mind, digging out what people were ashamed of, social stigmas. He was changing perception, bringing transformation.


He let Ray go back to Wallbrook, to the place that was his home, but he’d come visit in 14 days.


Chart for June 8, 1984

Gemini rules bridges and doors, the doors to the library, doors that lead to belief systems; there is study in the sign.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury.


Thoth was identified by the Greeks with Hermes who is Mercury.

Thoth, god of wisdom, learning and magic, the inventor of numbers and letters, and scribe to all the gods.  


In Gemini, the part of Mercury that is Thoth comes to life, and he can read up on a subject, and learn new words, and play with the words to come up with a whole new vocabulary, like PKE and ectoplasmic residue.


In Gemini, the part of Mercury that is the brother of Apollo comes to life too,

and in a quincunx to Neptune in Sag and Capricorn, he can draw inspiration from literature of the past, the kind of literature written by frolicking centaurs and merpeople, and imagine something new, a whole new belief system.

In a quincunx to Pluto in Libra, he can give the new belief system its own set of principles, and make it entertaining.


Trying to grab the apparition didn’t work.

They say we’re born in Aries, unselfconscious, babies in Taurus, in need of nurture, and toddlers in Gemini, explorers; the sign learns through trial and error.


They’d have to invent a way of capturing apparitions, and they went back to the university to experiment some more, only to find out that their grant had been terminated.

Uranus in Sag had been attracting unconventional types into universities to bring the new and cutting edge into old fields of study, like science,

but the dean did not approve of them, one of them in particular.


Their termination didn’t break them apart; there is camaraderie in Gemini.

With Mercury touching Neptune in Sag and Capricorn, there can be talk of endless possibilities, and there is hope. 


With Mercury touching Pluto in Libra, there can be persuasion, and Peter persuaded Ray to mortgage his property so that they could go into the business of catching ghosts.


Jupiter transiting Capricorn was bringing them the opportunity to establish themselves, and Uranus in Sag asked for something foreign, and Saturn Mars in Scorpio asked for something that would be useful in a crisis, that would require great commitment and discipline-


They rented an old firehouse and modeled themselves after firefighters, and once their name was up,


pigeons spread the word.


Name something in Gemini, and it can become real, by repetition. The logic follows the name; if there are ghostbusters, there must be ghosts.

She turned the TV off and went to the kitchen, and when she opened the refrigerator door, another door opened inside the refrigerator.


There is multiplicity in the sign,

one door leads to another,

and they were back to doing research.


Ray would check out the structure of the building she lived in, Egon would check out the name Zuul, and Peter was figuring out how to get a girl.

He had tried subtlety before,


and now he decided to go for broke.


Uranus in Sag awakened a thirst for belief systems and theories,

and Gemini tested the theories to see what would happen.


Chiron in Gemini asked them to mind the gap in unintended consequences,


and they learned to mind the gap and be more accurate as they went along,


and they became popular.

There is rescue in Gemini, and with Venus conjunct the Sun, music accompanied every rescue mission,


and there was gratitude,  


and there was play.


They grew passionate about their work,

and drew a passionate man from the EPA who shut down the protection grid, freed the ghosts, and had them incarcerated.

They continued doing research in jail,

and Ray did what Gemini does best. He took difficult words,


and simplified them so that everyone could understand what was going on.


Then Egon told a story about a secret society that caught the attention of all the inmates, and that explained what was about to happen,


and Peter broke the tension with a song.

There is storytelling in Gemini, and lying across was Uranus in Sag, opening a dimension of imaginary gods.

The mayor sent for them, and with the Moon in Libra measuring the consequences of one’s actions, in a square to Jupiter in Capricorn where there is leadership,

he measured and let the ghostbusters lead.

They set out to meet Gozer with Arete and discipline in Scorpio,

and with Scorpio touching the Sun Venus in Gemini, they had the passion to save the day.


There is an underworld of mysteries in Scorpio, and they had the passion to save the day too.


There was also this. Scorpio carries the energy of the eighth house, and there is experimentation in Gemini,

and the spirit of the times was in Sag, the sign ruled by the god of desire with a taste for what was foreign to him, mortals.


There is Helen in Gemini,

and the Sun Venus lying across from Uranus in Sag brought them a god from another dimension who allowed them to


Ray couldn’t keep his mind blank; it’s a busy sign Gemini. He chose the marshmallow man from his childhood.


Then Egon suggested they cross the streams. He had previously told Peter that crossing the streams was bad, and Peter wanted an explanation because


There is that too in Gemini, fuzzy about good and bad.

It helps save lives.


Chart for April 26, 1996

There is the work of Self with Mars in Aries, and a Saturn transit can bring self doubt and the discipline needed to clear it up.

When Mars touched Venus in Gemini, she found herself charming her callers, answering the questions they had about their cats and dogs.

They can germinate something new when they touch, the male and female principles in the sky, and when the Moon in Leo got involved,

she helped Brian get the skates off a dog and triggered a friendship,


and she protected her neighbour from an abusive boyfriend and triggered another friendship.


She sealed her friendship with Noelle like this, with a whisper,


and Noelle played along. When Brian said that she sounded completely different on the air, Abby touched the microphone and Noelle knew what to say.


Mercury and Venus joined Gemini and Taurus, and they shared their perspectives on each other’s body, and their own bodies, and the effect their bodies had on others.

Venus brought in Libra, the sign of relationship, and Chiron in Libra asked that we mind the gap between people, close the gap between people, a gap created by a whisper, and Noelle hoped that Abby would tell Brian the truth, because she was beginning to suffer the ripples of the whisper.


With Mercury lying across from Pluto in Sag, the women ventured into each other’s territory, the territory of animals and beauty and broadcasting.


With Mercury and Pluto touching Saturn in Aries, they learned about each other’s sacrifice, the sacrifice involved in being a model, the sacrifice involved in study,

and they learned about each other’s limits,


and strengths.


Brian too was suffering the ripples of the whisper.


When he called her that night and she imitated Noelle, he asked her to speak in her radio voice.

The Moon was in Leo, and the Moon in Leo stirs the heart, and in a sextile to Venus in Gemini,

they stirred each other’s heart with words and with their hands.

Jupiter in Capricorn, in a quincunx to the Moon and Venus, marked this night as the night they would remember when the gap was closed and the hurt forgiven.


When she was ready to tell Brian the truth, Noelle offered to tell him for her, but when she got to his apartment, he stirred her heart with his hands and with his words, ,

and she didn’t tell him.

Jupiter in Capricorn, in a quincunx to the Moon and Venus, marked this day as a day she would remember when the gap was closed and the hurt forgiven

because it changed what she wanted from life.


With the Sun in Taurus, they had nurtured each other, and with the Sun in Taurus in a square to Uranus in Aquarius, they had awakened the possibility of making their dreams come true,

and now they shared a dream.

To fix the problem, Noelle came up with two ideas, and they chose the Judgement of Paris.

Abby hoped that he would figure things out on his own and recognize her, 

but he had been told that Noelle was Abby, and he was minding the gap in Libra.


The work was in Aries, and Noelle worked on her Self, disciplined herself,


She would too, after Brian’s unexpected visit.

He came over and reached for Mars in Aries in a square to Neptune in Capricorn, and he said something poetic, something about appearances, something that perhaps he had experienced and learned as a photographer.

He ended it by saying that he loved Abby and it didn’t matter what she looked like.

That’s when Jupiter moved the side table out a little, and he bumped into it and saw who she really was.


They went to the valley of Nep. Have you been there?


They say that when a friendship or a romance grows strong enough for a hurt to feel like a betrayal, it enters the seventh house of relationship. The eighth house follows the seventh, and the eighth can test a relationship, whether it is strong enough to enter the house of wisdom.

Abby told her about a job at the station, and Noelle told her to go talk to Brian,

and she went to talk to him.


She worked on her Self, felt better about herself.

There is Hercules holding a club in Leo.


The ancients knew that it wasn’t just the weapon of a hero. It was a bough, the branch of a tree, that could be planted and could bear fruit,

in time.


Chart for December 25, 1998

Scorpio, sign of Artemis, goddess of the Moon, and of Apollo, god of the Sun, father of Asclepius. Asclepius has his place in Scorpio, medicine man, healer. When he tried raising the dead with Medusa’s blood, Jupiter struck him down with his thunderbolt; he struck him down for attempting to close the gap between humanity and the gods. In Scorpio, we mind the gap in power, officially.

He went to the apothecary for help; he had lost his gift in writing.


She wanted to be in a company of players, and she dreamed of love like there had never been on stage, love that overthrows life.


He wanted to keep his feet,


and he offered the moneylender a partnership in his new production.

The energy was in Libra.


Mars and Venus squared each other in Libra and Capricorn, upholding the principles of the time, hierarchy and tradition,

and they pushed for a new work of art; there is art in Libra, and there are players in Capricorn waiting for the right role.

Then Jupiter transited Pisces and touched the square. He is a fertile god, Jupiter, and a shapeshifter in Pisces.


They were struck by love,


and minding the gap in power,

they declared their love for each other in the twelfth house.


Pisces carries the energy of the twelfth, the house behind the scenes, the house we go to for raw material, the house of secrets, and secret romances.

They say that Jupiter in the twelfth is a guardian angel, and when Jupiter touched the Moon in Pisces, she became the guardian angel that protected their secret.


They went to Greenwich,

and the queen told Viola that playwrights taught us nothing about love,  


they could not make it true,

and when Viola said that she believed there was one who could, people gasped, and she corrected her mistake, and Wessex did too.


He woke up Mercury in Sag, Mercury conjunct Pluto in Sag, and his writing hand began to itch, it itched to break the boundaries of convention, with the queen’s permission, and write a play about true love.


With Mars on fire, and Pluto Mercury itching to transform the stage, and Uranus in Aquarius,

he wrote of love that unites humankind, no matter the difference in gender or culture, profession or class,

no matter the difference in power.

He wrote of love that closed the gap in power.


There are open rivalries in Libra, but there is also this. When the Rose was shut down, he offered his.


The say that Jupiter in the twelfth is a guardian angel, and when Jupiter touched the Moon and trined Venus in Capricorn, the queen became their guardian angel,


and in a square to Mars in Libra,

and with Chiron in Scorpio,

she kept everyone in their place.


Saturn was retrograding in Aries, and they had always known their place and all that divided them,

and they said their goodbyes,

and strangely enough, it all turned out well.



Chart for October 1, 2010

In Aquarius, Jupiter took ideal form in the shape of Ganymede to be cupbearer of the gods. He gave him immortality to pour the sweet nectar, but Ganymede was never a god.

In Aquarius, Chiron asks that we mind the gap in belonging.


He wanted to do something substantial to catch the attention of a final club. He associated the clubs with power and said that Teddy Roosevelt became president because he belonged to the Porc. He wanted to belong so bad

that he ended up creating a final club of his own, one that gave the power to punch and not punch to every individual that joined.


It all began with a breakup

 that took him to the Moon in Cancer

 in a trine to Mars Venus in Scorpio,

and he ran to his dorm and put his emotions into creating something,

something that would take him under;

the chart craves initiations.


He used this journey into the underworld to secure his place and reputation in Harvard land,

and to improve Harvard land security.


He caught their attention.


Jupiter is a fertile god and Uranus awakens, and Jupiter Uranus in Pisces can rummage through all that has come before

and come up with something original.


In Pisces, Jupiter became high god of Olympus after a war, and Uranus carries the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods to give to humankind, no matter the punishment.

It was Jupiter who punished him.

A theft that comes with punishment; a daring conjunction.

In Pisces, the theft wasn’t fire,

but an idea that had potential,

and he ran with an improved version of the twins’ idea to Eduardo, his friend, his partner.

With Mercury in Virgo he gave it form,


and a random person added the final touch.


He made it exclusive like the twins’ had wanted it to be, but Pisces dissolves barriers,


and with Mercury in Virgo in a quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius, he expanded and disseminated a social network that college students began to rely on.

Then the Sun and Saturn joined in Libra. There is courage in this conjunction to do this,


and this,


and this.


When the Sun Saturn were in a square to Pluto in Capricorn, they sat around a table with their lawyers.

With Pluto in Sag, the chickens had roamed free.


With Pluto in Capricorn,


he settled.

He had closed the gap in Aquarius,

and had enough to share.


Chart for April 12, 2002

There is the story of Atrahasis in Capricorn who heard the reeds tell of a flood that was to come. There was no one physically present, just the reeds and the wind, but the reeds were on grounds sacred to Enki Ea, and he took it upon himself to build a boat.

Capricorn carries the energy of the tenth house, and traditionally, the tenth is the house of the father, the figure of authority in our lives.

In Capricorn, Chiron asks that we mind the gap in authority.

Cancer carries the energy of the fourth house, and Jupiter in Cancer speaks of a bountiful home, and in a sextile to Venus in Taurus, a home of natural beauty, protected. It is a place that contains and nurtures, and touching Neptune in Aquarius, a place where resources are pooled to ensure the group’s well being.

Tulimaq’s sons had grown to restore the story of a home

broken by a stranger.


He had accused Sauri of helping the stranger kill his father, the leader among them, and he’d known scarcity and been the butt of Sauri’s jokes until his sons grew up.


Mars was in Taurus, in the sign that carries the energy of the second house of resources, and his sons were here. He had named the eldest Strong One and the youngest Fast Runner,

and with Mars in a square to Uranus in Aquarius, they were bringing back the ways of the past, reviving the ideals of the community.

Tulimaq invited everyone to a feast,

and when Atanarjuat made his way to Atuat, Oki bashed his head.


They would punch heads for Atuat at the feast, and Mars joined Aries with Taurus.


The feast took place on a new moon in Aries. The community gathered together, and there were games, and the battle between the two men, and a marriage.

Sauri stood against it,


but everyone knew that he was wrong.

It was his mother who reached for Jupiter and social order. She pointed out that the bet for Atuat was her grandson’s choice.  

She reached for Jupiter in the sign that is traditionally the sign of the mother. Cancer carries the energy of the fourth house, the roots of our being, ancestry, and Jupiter joined Cancer to Sag and their belief in reincarnation, and to the spirit world in Pisces.

She had recognized her mother in Atuat and called her little mother, and when she sensed the evil stranger among them, she had asked her dead husband for help.


The spirit of the times was in Aquarius, and Aquarius can decentre and brings focus to the peripheries. With Mercury in Aries in a sextile to Uranus in Aquarius, there came a story from the peripheries that was both foreign in the way of life and familiar.

In the beginning he was clumsy; a tap or a bump made him lose his balance.


Then came that fateful day when Oki killed his brother and he ran for his life, naked.

Mars joined Scorpio to Aries and Taurus and it was an initiatory run, physical.

Qulitalik showed him the way with his magic,

the magic that is Enki’s.


Saturn joined Gemini with Capricorn, and Qulitalik had mastered Enki’s magic from the village that raised him.

He walked and studied the patterns of the earth, read the patterns, and if he found many eggs, he knew there would be many who were hungry, even if he could not see them yet.


He rescued Atanarjuat before he fell back into the waters of Pisces.


When Atanarjuat was strong enough, and the ice was solid enough, he wanted to go back home, but he wasn’t sure that he could stand up to the evil spirit behind Oki.

Then Panikpak asked Qulitalik for help, and they went back together.


With antlers on his feet to steady himself,

he closed the gap in authority.


They exorcised the evil spirit, and this too is Enki magic; it was Enki who wrote the rules, the rituals and incantations.


With Pluto in Sag touching Saturn in Gemini, the way of life of a people, their customs and beliefs, was thoroughly researched and portrayed as accurately as possible,

and shared with the public.

Saturn in a semi sextile to Jupiter in Cancer brought the story from the peripheries into the lake of memories,

the centre.