Yin Yang VI

Before the Greeks and Romans, the scorpion pointed to the underworld of Ereshkigal.

When Nergal, god of war and strife, was rude to her vizier Namtar, Ereshkigal demanded that Nergal descend to the underworld to apologize. She meant to destroy him.

But when they saw each other, they recognized each other, and Nergal understood that change was coming, and he ran out of the underworld fearing the change to come.

He was sent back, and the goddess of the underworld made love to the god of war and strife and transformed him.


The Greeks placed the story of Artemis behind the scorpion. She is a part of the triple lunar goddess, the youngest of the three, the crescent moon.

Leto is her mother, the goddess of fertility and the rearer of children, and Jupiter is her father. When Leto was pregnant, Hera had the oracular Python chase her and all the lands shun her, but the island of Delos gave her refuge. It was in Delos that she gave birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis.


When the children grew to their full power, they protected their mother and defended her honour.

Apollo killed Python for tormenting her,


and when Niobe boasted that she was superior to Leto because she had seven sons and seven daughters, Apollo and Artemis killed her children.


Artemis is mistress of the animals and a huntress, a part of the natural world,

wild and chaste.

When Actaeon stumbled upon her while she bathed in the woods, he did not lower his eyes. She felt his presence and threw the hide of a stag at him, and his hunting dogs dismembered him.


Then she met one who was equal to her in the hunt; Orion.

The earliest story of Orion tells that he was a big game hunter who boasted that he would kill all the animals of the earth. To protect the animals, Gaia created the scorpion.


The later stories introduce Artemis, and the on the right is the deer sacred to her.

Orion became her hunting companion and when he boasted that he would kill all the animals, Gaia called forth the scorpion. A scorpion is sensitive to light and movement, but cannot see sharp images, and the scorpion made its way to Artemis, and Orion came between them.


Artemis mourning Orion before he is placed in the heavens by Daniel Seiter

Then Apollo was introduced to the story and the story grew complex, and there are many versions.

One version says that Apollo did not think Orion worthy of his sister’s company, and he tricked her into killing him. He challenged her in archery and pointed at a speck in the water. Can you reach it, he asked her, and she pierced the speck with her arrow.

Another version says that Apollo told her what Orion had done, that Orion had boasted about killing all the animals, or raped a priestess of Artemis, or run off with the goddess of dawn. When Artemis saw Orion swimming in the water, she shot an arrow at him, and when the water washed him to shore, she mourned him.


The scorpion was Gaia’s medicine.

There is death and transformation in the scorpion, in Ereshkigal and Artemis, goddess of the Moon.

The transformation in the sign is emotional.


Artemis grows to become Selene and grows old to become Hecate, she who holds twin torches. She guided Demeter in her search for Persephone, lit the way as she walked from one stage of life to another.


Hecate takes Persephone’s place in the underworld in the spring and summer. She sits beside Pluto, ruler of Scorpio.

Mars is the traditional ruler.


Mars with the signs of Aries and Scorpio by Pietro Facchetti

Stories in Aries begin with an imbalance.

The story was young when Helle fell from the golden ram. Phrixos did not fall; he made it safe to Colchis where he sacrificed the ram sent by the gods.

Aries comes from Pisces. In Pisces we sacrifice the human for the divine, and in Aries, we sacrifice the divine for the human.

We’re born in Aries, and when we’re born, we give form to soul and take our place in the world.

But not all of us are ready, like Helle wasn’t ready.


Then Jason walked into Iolcus wearing only one sandal.

On his way to Iolcus, an old woman had asked him to help her cross a river. He carried her on his back and lost a sandal in the crossing.


He walked into Iolcus with a slight limp because of the missing sandal, looking for his place in the world, and Pelias knew immediately who he was.


An oracle had warned Pelias to beware of a man wearing one sandal; he was the rightful heir to the throne he occupied.


Pelias told Jason that he would give up the throne if he brought back the Golden Fleece, and Jason agreed. He amassed a whole bunch of people to go with him on the Argo.

He entered the quest consciousness of Aries,

the need to step into the unknown and be challenged, to discover who he was and the resources he had.


When he reached Colchis, he found the Golden Fleece in the grove of Mars, protected by a fire breathing dragon that never slept.

In the early stories, he jumped right in and attacked the dragon, and the dragon swallowed him. But he had won the favour of the old woman he had carried across the river, and she came to his rescue.


Odysseus had found his place in the world with his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus, when Aries came looking for him. He avoided Aries and the call to fight in the Trojan War by faking insanity. He hooked an ox and a horse to his plow and plowed his fields with salt.

But the soldier Palamedes placed Telemachus in front of the plow, and Odysseus veered away from him, proving that he wasn’t imbalanced after all.


For ten years the Greeks tried to break through the walls of Troy, but the walls were impenetrable, protected by forces larger than themselves.


Then Odysseus came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse, and the Greeks entered Troy and won the war.


He developed excellence in leadership and stratagems during the years they laid siege to Troy. Homer describes him as a person of Arete, a person who uses all their physical and mental faculties to be effective.


It served him on his journey home that took another ten years, the quintessential quest for home.


An aside

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Athena who is Minerva taught Mars strategy in war. Athena was patron goddess of Jason and Odysseus.


In the later stories of Jason, the old woman he helped across the river wasn’t Athena, but Hera, and Jason discovered himself through someone else; Medea, King Aeetes’ daughter.

By then, it had been prophesized that if someone took the Golden Fleece from Colchis, King Aeetes would lose his throne, and the king guarded the fleece jealously.

Jason didn’t know this. He approached the king and asked directly if he could have it, and the king told him that he could have it if he yoked his fire breathing bulls, plowed the fields with dragon teeth, killed the warriors that sprung from them, and killed the dragon.

Jason and the Argonauts readied to undertake these tasks, when Medea intervened. Hera had asked Venus to make Medea fall in love with Jason, and Medea offered him her wisdom.


She gave him an ointment that would protect his skin from the fire breathing bulls,


she told him to throw rocks at the warriors that sprung from the dragon teeth, and they would fight amongst themselves and kill each other,

and she gave him a potion to put the dragon to sleep.


This is Odysseus.

On his journey home, Odysseus came upon the Sirens. Circe had warned him about the Sirens; she told him that if he heard their song, he would forget all about his wife and son. And so Odysseus had his men plug their ears with wax, but his didn’t plug his own. He wanted to hear the Sirens’ song, experience it firsthand. He asked his men to tie him to the mast, and no matter how much he begged to be untied, not to heed him.


This is Jason after he met Medea. She protected him from direct confrontation with the dragon.

Jason approached the dragon




Venus with the signs of Libra and Taurus by Pietro Facchetti

The zodiac is a circle of animals, and in this circle, there is an inanimate object; the scales. They are not scales of justice; Themis is not a goddess of justice. She is the goddess of civility and civilization. She asks that we remove ourselves from the instinctual and measure our actions, because anything can tip the scales.

She holds the scales away from the body and asks for some level of objectivity, to see what results our actions may have and how others may see us.


The ability to project into the future is Themis.

Her nature is oracular.


When Jupiter wanted to love Thetis, Themis warned him that the child of Thetis was destined to be more powerful than the father.

Thema means the alignment of the celestial bodies at a person’s birth, the horoscope, and Themis can read the horoscope.

As a result of her oracle, the gods married Thetis to the mortal Peleus, and Thetis gave birth to Achilles.


When Jupiter wanted to lighten the overburdened earth, he and Themis decided to start the Trojan War. Themis looked for ties between people and found the Oath of Tyndareus. She looked for fault lines too. She decided on a plan of action to carry out the will of the gods, divine law.

The thematis are divine laws, and Themis is called goddess of divine law; civilization and divine law.

She is associated with harmony. The Sun enters Libra on the autumnal equinox when day and night are balanced; harmony and civility and social grace. She is mistress of ceremony.

The ancients called her the balance of heaven.


She did not set a place for Eris at the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, and she brings Eris into Libra’s story; Eris and the apple of discord.

The ancients also called her the claws of heaven.


When Eris came to the wedding and was turned away, she dropped the golden apple among the guests in anger. There was no direct confrontation.


The apple read, To the fairest, and Athena, Hera and Venus claimed it, and they asked Jupiter to choose who should have it. Jupiter asked Mercury to lead the goddesses to Paris, prince of Troy.

Let him decide, he said.

Each of the three goddesses offered Paris a gift. Athena offered him wisdom and skill in warfare and great fortune in battle. Hera offered to make him the most powerful king, a conqueror with all of Asia at his feet. And Venus offered him Helen.

Helen was the most beautiful woman in the land, but Helen was married to Menelaus. Many men, among them Achilles and Odysseus, had sworn a solemn oath to defend Menelaus against anyone who did him harm; the oath of Tyndareus.

Athena and Hera offered to help Paris in what was to come, and Venus tempted him, and Paris chose Venus.


She studies the psychology of others.

She becomes deeply attuned to the psychology of those around her.


She capitulates to keep the peace and manipulates to start a war.

They say that she started the Trojan War with an omission in the guest list, and that she used discord to her advantage.

Others say that Eris and all the wedding guests were in on her plan, but it’s all hearsay; there is no real proof. There is only this image of her having a side conversation with Eris.


The gods took part in the Trojan War, some took the side of the Trojans and others took the side of the Greeks. A lot happened in the camps surrounding the walls of Troy; arguments between the men, power plays, capitulation and manipulation to keep the Greeks united.

It was a very different war from the war in Pisces where a change of ages was taking place. The gods themselves were in disorder; the Olympians warred against the Titans, and something unexpected came at them.


Typhon, father of all monsters, a personification of chaos.

Jupiter chased him and hurled thunderbolts at him, and Typhon grabbed him, and with a sickle, cut the sinews of his limbs and left him helpless.


Typhon hid the sinews in a cave, and Mercury and Pan found a way to recover them. Some say that Pan played his pipes to lull Typhon, and Mercury slipped inside the cave and found the sinews wrapped in bear skin.


Typhon lulled by Pan’s pipes, with Mercury beside him by Paul Reid

It brings back the story of Argus Panoptes.


Mercury, Argos and Io by Abraham Bloemaert

Mercury and Pan took the sinews back to Jupiter, and when they saw Typhon going after Venus and her child, Pan cried out.

The cry of Pan alerted Venus, and she tied a cord around herself and her child, jumped into the water and turned into fish. They stayed in the water, buffered from the chaos, until order was restored.


Cupid on a dolphin by Erasmus Quellinus

Order was restored when Jupiter recovered his sinews. He recovered them and felt a surge of power, and he picked up Mount Etna and threw it over Typhon, trapping him inside. It put an end to the war of succession and established the rule of the Olympians.

There is in Pisces the ability to function in a world in flux.

It can create a monster,

disarm a monster,

sound the alarm.

It can rescue and give refuge,

act quickly,

and take you by surprise.


The ancient stories are filled with goddesses called Horae, personifications of ideas, the seasons and time.

Diké, Eunomia and Eirene are Horae, goddesses of Justice, Order and Peace, daughters of Jupiter and Themis.


Thallo, Auxo and Carpo are another triad of Horae, goddesses of Spring, Summer and Autumn. They are associated with Persephone and her mother Demeter.


Virgo is a world of cycles, of the rituals in every cycle.

There is the story of Demeter delaying her daughter’s marriage, rejecting all proposals, protecting her purity,

and Pluto rose from the underworld and took Persephone to be his queen.


Demeter searched for her daughter and Hekate guided her search.


She delayed her grief by caring for Demophon, youngest child of Queen Metaneira. She tried to make the child immortal by burning off his mortality, and when the queen caught her putting the child in fire, she threw her out, and Demeter revealed herself to her, and demanded that a temple be built in her name.

When the temple was built, Demeter shut herself inside and allowed grief to come, and the earth turned cold, and there was no food left to feed the people, no food left to sacrifice to the gods.


Virgo would say it was the right time to grieve.

Horae comes from Hora which means correct moment, the right time, and the ancients said that the Horae belong in Virgo. They said that Diké’s story also belongs in Virgo. The maiden in the sky was first called Diké Astraea, the starry maiden of justice.


She used to live among us, hoping to eradicate crime and recklessness, lawless passion, harsh words and inhospitality, but we disappointed her; we didn’t live up to her standards, her sense of perfection. She remembered an age she called The Golden Age, when the gods and people intermingled and could love each other, when there was trust, simplicity, innocence, peace and everlasting spring.

We begged her to stay, but she preferred to sit beside her father in Olympus.

Seated beside Jupiter, she rewards our virtues and writes down our offences; punishments are meted out when the time is right.


Diké Astraea leaves the Earth by Salvator Rosa

The maiden in the sky is a Hora, Diké Astraea, Persephone and Demeter, goddess of agriculture.

Demeter grieved the loss of her daughter in Eleusis, and Jupiter sent Mercury to reason with her, and she would not see reason.


Demeter begging Jupiter and Hera to help retrieve her daughter by Antoine-François Callet

So Jupiter sent Mercury to negotiate a deal with Pluto, and the deal they struck brought us


the four seasons by Walter Crane

The Golden Age of everlasting spring was over.

To survive the new age, Demeter taught Triptolemus, oldest son of Metaneira, the art of agriculture, and he taught others how to plant and reap crops.


Triptolemus standing between Demeter and Persephone

There is in Virgo the memory of abandonment

of all the things people and the gods have done not to be abandoned

To be just and good to please a goddess

to serve, withdraw, threaten and beg, and to negotiate


And this, there is also this


There is in Virgo guilt for the loss of a golden age

and the spread of knowledge to turn the new age golden.


In the natural zodiac, Pisces is the twelfth sign, and there are no boundaries between us and the spirit world in Pisces. This is Pisces ruled by Neptune, planet that dissolves boundaries, planet of inspiration. 


Before Pisces is Aquarius ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is a planet of boundaries.

In Aquarius there is Tros who is earth bound, but he has horses that can walk on water, like Neptune’s horses.


He is earth bound, but he looks at Ganymede in the sky, a mortal among the gods, chosen to be cupbearer because of his ideal beauty, ideal form.


Aquarius is an air sign, a sign of the mind. It has access to Neptune’s waters of inspiration and to a world of ideals and pure form, but it is bound to the earth and to the social structures that Saturn rules.

In the natural zodiac, Aquarius is the eleventh sign, the house of the social groups we belong to. It is the most socialized sign in the zodiac, and Saturn asks that it put inspiration, imagination and exploration at the service of the group first.

In Aquarius is the Hoover Dam. It carries the name of a person, but the structure is based on the expertise of many who remain anonymous.


The Human Genome Project is also in Aquarius, completed by researchers who remain anonymous. 


There is detachment in Aquarius ruled by Saturn, the ability to put Self on hold for the needs of the group,

and there is detachment in Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the ability to protect Self from the group.

Uranus is the planet of individuality, and Aquarius learns to preserve its individuality. There is a part of Aquarius that will not be subjected to the group.


Number 17A by Jackson Pollock

Some say that Tros and Ganymede are one, and that when Tros looks up at the sky, he sees the part of himself he preserves.

Rebellious and untamed,






eternally youthful. 

He preserves his innocence and idealism, his dreams of a better world and fantasies of a different one. They feed his life and allow him an escape from it. 

They say that when Jupiter takes the Ganymede part of Tros and places it in the sky, it is a soul saving gesture.

There is no chance of escape in Leo.

It is a sign that is on the alert, vigilant of its surroundings,


and it monitors health, because bad things can happen if we fall sick.


The madness of Hercules by Johann Peter Pichler

It rises early to be helpful,


Hercules frees Prometheus by Christian Griepenkerl

and is well groomed and ready to perform tasks.


Hercules and the Hydra by John Singer Sargent

It is a labour intensive sign; hands on.


When Hercules saw his arrows bounce off the hide of the Nemean lion, he went after it into its lair, and the lion disappeared. The lair had two openings. He plugged one up with boulders, and the next time he went after the lion, there was no chance of it escaping.

He met the force of Hera’s rejection when he wrestled with the lion.


The origin of the milky way by Jacopo Tintoretto

And when he saw how frightened King Eurystheus was of the pelt, he wore it like mana, a power object.


Ruled by the Sun and tied to the earth; fire of the hearth. Leo defends its place in the world.

The labour of the hind of Ceryneia was supposed to anger Artemis and do Hercules in, but he charmed her instead.


Hercules with the hind of Ceryneia and the goddess Athena and Artemis

He defends his place with the charm and magnetism bestowed by the Sun, and the arrows given to him by Apollo, god of the Sun.


He has the directness of the Sun and the intuition of the Moon. The pelt he wears is of the Moon; she dropped the lion in Nemea at Hera’s request, and like Artemis, Hera too is a goddess of the Moon.

The moon wounds him and the moon protects him, and in Leo, we learn to see the vulnerability that lies behind ferocity, the inner child we all protect.


Leo defends its place in the world with body and soul,


Hercules and the Cretan Bull by Navid F. Rahman

always lit by the rising Sun.


Enki Ea made people to grow food for the gods and free them from toil; he brought leisure to the gods.

He made people out of clay with the earth goddess Ninmah, and they say that she got him drunk one day, and they made people who couldn’t cultivate the land. But Enki was a resourceful god and he found something for all of them to do, and there came to be many occupations; bards and craftsmen, administrators and inspectors, and maybe even an exorcist.

The line about the exorcist has been translated in different ways.

It can read that the pair of gods made a person who couldn’t hold their urine, and Enki exorcised the ill from them,

and it can read that the pair of gods made a person who had premature ejaculation, and Enki assigned them the role of exorcist because they were good at getting things out.

He had a sense of humour.


Tablet with the story of Enki and Ninmah and the creation of humankind, 2000-1600 BC

Settlement begins with Enki, and the laws to keep people safe in their dwellings.

He demarcated borders between dwellings and the agricultural fields, and the foreign lands beyond.


Tablet with a map, Babylonian, probably from southern Iraq, 700-500 BC

He was the god of plenty. They say that all he had to do was open his mouth for everything to multiply.


Tablet recording the allocation of beer, 3000 BC. The symbol for beer is an upright jar with a pointed base.

The crops multiplied and the animals multiplied, and the people multiplied too; they became too noisy and the gods couldn’t sleep.

Enlil, god of the sky, sent plagues and drought to lower the noise, and Enki would intervene to help people deal with the plagues and the drought.

When Enlil decided to flood the whole thing, he made Enki promise not to intervene, and Enki found a way around his promise. He went to the marshlands and told a wall of reeds about the flood, and the mortal Atrahasis who was behind the wall of reeds heard him say,

Wall of reeds, observe my words

Destroy your house and build a boat

Spurn property and save life.


When the flood was over and the gods had no food to eat, they were glad to see the boat, and they thanked Enki.


Enki Ea, stag of the fertile waters, antelope of the deep waters, goat of the subterranean waters of the Abzu.

The sweet waters rose in the marshlands, and the marshlands were sacred to him, and the marshland reeds a symbol of the horns he wore.


He sensed the pattern of things, recurrent patterns, and planned ahead.


Hercules and his labours are in Leo.

There were originally ten labours, but King Eurystheus disqualified two of them, and Hera had to come up with a total of twelve. He disqualified the cleansing of the Augean stables because Hercules got paid for it, and he disqualified the slaying of the Lernean Hydra because Hercules got his nephew Iolaus to help him.

He fell back into Cancer when he asked for help.

Atrahasis reached across the zodiac when he needed help to build a boat, and Hercules fell back to slay the Hydra.

In the natural zodiac, Cancer is the fourth house, the roots of our being, home and homeland. In Cancer we are part of a brood and depend on others.

There is healthy dependence in the sign.


Make way for ducklings by Robert McCloskey

When Hera saw Hercules defeating the Hydra, she asked for help, and Karkinos came to her aid. He pinched Hercules on the ankle trying to throw him off balance, and Hercules crushed him.


To reward him for his loyalty, Hera placed Karkinos in the sky as the constellation Cancer.


She is a lunar goddess. She breastfed newborns, and when she breastfed Hercules, she intuited whose child he was and pushed him away, and the milk that spurted from her breast created the milky way.

A thing of beauty.

She sent snakes to his crib when he was a baby, brought madness upon him when he was a family man, and designed his labours.

She turned him into a hero.

A thing of beauty.

She turned hurt into things of beauty in Cancer, in the lake of memories.

We return to the lake of memories to remember the past, and the past is different every time we go back.


First we say that Hera was Hercules’ enemy.

Then we say that Hera felt betrayed by Jupiter and took it out on Hercules.

Later on we may say that there would be no Hercules without Hera.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon travels quickly around the zodiac and is always changing. She sees things differently in every sign, and with every perspective gained comes deeper understanding.


Hera’s peacock by Lydia Zioga

The Moon binds the zodiac together, the birth chart together, us together.

There is healthy dependence and unity in Cancer.


Stadium by James Sparks

When Hercules took the lion’s pelt off and wore the shirt of Nessus, he could not bear the pain and he built his own funeral pyre.


Jupiter made him a god, and Hebe, daughter of Jupiter and Hera, brought him to Olympus.


Hebe had been replaced as cupbearer by Ganymede.


Hera watches Ganymede receive the bowl from Hebe by Peter Paul Rubens

She was free to marry Hercules.


The wedding of Hercules and Hebe by Pietro Benvenuti

Leo asks that we be true to ourselves, that we follow our heart.


It is the sign of personality and individuality.

Hercules marked who he was with a lion’s pelt, and when he was asked to wear someone else’s shirt, he could not bear it. He wasn’t a centaur.

Sooner or later we stand up for who we are in Leo.


Chart for December 18, 2009

This was a time when the Sun and Venus in Sag encouraged us to go beyond the familiar.

They sextile Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius, and in a movie, Neptune Jupiter in Aquarius could be utopia.

The combination of planets invited Jake Sully to fly into space and take his twin brother’s place in Pandora. Taste something foreign, they said.


Rahu in Capricorn allowed him to side step avatar training. He wasn’t even a scientist; he was a marine veteran and a paraplegic. He was recruited because he had the same genes as his brother and would be able to drive his avatar, and because he was available.

A dream came true when he joined the avatar program; he got to have legs again, walk and run again.


Colonel Quaritch was in charge of security in Pandora. He promised Jake treatment for his spinal injury in return for intelligence on the Na’vi, and Jake agreed.

Saturn in Libra asked for mastery of the sign, and Jake kept his agreement with the colonel; he passed on vital information.

But the more time he spent with the Na’vi, the more he saw life through their eyes and understood their psychology. He knew that they would never leave the places the colonel wanted them to vacate.

Ketu in Cancer affected his feelings. He began to see the beauty of the place his people called Pandora, land of sorrows, a hellhole. He saw the beauty of Pandora and the beauty of the Na’vi. He regretted having told the colonel so much about them and putting them at risk; he felt responsible.

He felt that out there with his avatar was the true world, and in here with his real body was the dream. Aquarius rules mediated experience, and such confusion can happen in Aquarius.

Jake didn’t know who he was anymore.


He fell in love with Neytiri.

The Sun Venus in Sag sextile Neptune Jupiter in Aquarius are attracted to the unusual.

Neytiri wasn’t attracted to him at first. She almost killed him, but woodsprites from the tree of souls came to rest on Jake, and she interpreted this to be a message from Enki Eywa.


She became his teacher reluctantly; her mother forced her to teach him the ways of the Na’vi because Eywa had chosen him.

In Capricorn, the messenger of the gods plans ahead. He is sextile to Uranus in Pisces, and his messages could be unexpected and silent, like the woodsprites, and they could be unexpected and loud, like this.


Uranus in Pisces awakens the unremembered dead, and Jake heard their voices in the tree of voices.


The spirit of the times called for peace, and peace came after chaos and destruction.

When the chaos and destruction came, the Na’vi blamed Jake for it and pushed him away.

He walked alone, and Mars in Leo asked him to be true to himself, to follow his heart.


He remembered his encounter with Toruk. Toruk had tried to kill him, and in doing so, had chosen him. He marked who he was with Toruk and joined his neural queue with his.


He became Toruk Makto, rider of the last shadow, and he stood up for who he was and for his adopted homeland.


To defend it, he accessed the Cancer Capricorn polarity, the polarity highlighted by Ketu Rahu.

He unified the clans of the Na’vi in Cancer, and together they won the war against the sky people. They changed the laws in Capricorn to respect their way of life.

In Capricorn, the shaman of the zodiac brings a change in the laws. He is squared to Saturn in Libra, and the square gave tickets to those who had broken a balance and abused their power. Only those who had adapted their mindset to the mindset of the Na’vi could stay.


Jake came to understand both. He played both sides at one point; Mercury Rahu can play both sides.


But when he had to choose, he chose the Na’vi.

He chose unmediated experience, of the body and soul.


I see you

Then he took it a step further. The shaman saw to his rite of passage.


Chart for April 1, 1965

She was chaste and wanted to become a nun. But she was also wild, and the hills called her, and she went out to the hills and was always late for service.

The reverend mother felt that she needed to spend some time away from the abbey, and told her  that a distinguished naval captain needed a governess.

She didn’t want to leave the safety of the abbey,

but she did; she accepted the position as governess. On her way to the captain’s house, she stopped beside a horse fountain to sing about her need to find confidence in herself, and courage.


There is song in Aries, in Mercury and the Sun, Venus and the Moon, and there is fight. There are educational songs, folk songs, romantic ballads, and the drumbeats of war.

A time of initiations.


Jupiter gives protection, and Jupiter in Taurus can be a fort, a vault, an abbey. There is also ample vegetation with this combination, and fertility.

The captain’s house was a grand house,  surrounded by gardens and next to a river, and he had seven children.

There is history and heritage in Taurus, and the captain was attached to the history and heritage of his homeland, Austria. He was a patriotic man who did not hide his feeling about the Anschluss; he refused to replace the Austrian flag with the Nazi flag.

There was protest in the air.

She protested about the way the captain was bringing up his children, calling them with a whistle.

Uranus was in Virgo questioning what was considered Just, and Pluto asked for change, and Mars came in to support the planets and to quench them.

The captain tried to quench the change that she supported.


There are rituals in Virgo, the rituals of the seasons and the rituals of every stage of our lives. The captain believed that children needed strict discipline, and she believed that they needed to play.


Fresco with cupids riding dolphins, Pompeii

They say that in Pisces lie unharvested waters, and in Virgo we harvest them. 

Saturn in Pisces asked that we pay attention to the unharvested waters, and Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo asked that we harvest them in a different way, a new way.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, was in Aries, the sign of new beginnings.

She initiated the children to a new way of living their childhood.

With music.


In 1965, there was a war in Vietnam and the Sound of Music played in the theatres.

Ketu was in Sagittarius and Rahu was in Gemini.

Soldiers were being shepherded to fight a war.

Children were being shepherded to fight a war.


She took them all over Salzburg, and they worked on their motor skills and fine tuned their voices.


She and the captain fell in love, and they got married, and when they returned from their honeymoon, there was a telegram from Berlin. The Nazis were offering the captain a commission in the navy. He knew that to refuse them would be fatal for the whole family, and to join them was unthinkable.

Guided by his beliefs,


he set a plan in motion.


They prepared to escape that same day, but they were caught in the act. They pretended to have car trouble, and said that they were on their way to sing at the music festival. Uncle Max showed them the program.


They finished singing, and ran away to the abbey, and the soldiers came after them. To protect them, the nuns too were guided by their beliefs and set a plan in motion.

There is divine rescue in Gemini, and there is also this.


The borders had been closed, and so the family drove to the hills and crossed the mountains on foot, to Switzerland. 

There is short distance travel in Gemini,


and long distance travel in Sag.


Chart for November 25, 1976, Philadelphia

He called himself Apollo, like the god of the Sun, and the Sun is conjunct Mars in Sag. He was the heavyweight champion, scheduled to fight in Philadelphia on January 1st, and his opponent had backed out because of an injury.

Apollo would not postpone the fight. He had done a million dollars’ worth of publicity and would not postpone. But he couldn’t find another ranked contender. The fight was only 5 weeks away; not enough time for anyone to get into shape

He turned toward the window looking for inspiration, and Mercury Neptune delivered.


He would give a local underdog fighter an opportunity. There was nothing more the public would like than to see Apollo Creed give a local Philadelphia boy a shot at the greatest title in the world.

Mercury Neptune and the Sun Mars in Sag can bring grand opportunities.

Apollo went over the books of all the local fighting clubs to find his snow white underdog, and he found The Italian Stallion. He liked how it sounded; Apollo Creed meets The Italian Stallion. It sounded like a good monster movie.

The Italian Stallion was Rocky Balboa.


He had just turned 30, had just had his Saturn return, and he was doing his Saturn. Saturn in Leo asks that we rescue people, and he rescued a drunken man on the street from freezing, and a 12 year old from getting a bad reputation hanging out with coconuts on the street corner. He rescued Bob; didn’t break his thumb like he was supposed to. He figured, if he broke his thumb, Bob would be laid off and unable to pay the rest of the loan he owed the loan shark.

Saturn in Leo asks that we protect our inner child and the inner child of others. When he looked in the mirror,


he saw his inner child. When he looked at people, he saw their inner child; he saw Adrian’s painfully shy inner child.

He composed jokes to uplift her spirit; he reached for Mercury in Sag to play with words, like he played with punches in the ring. Mercury brings Gemini into Sag, sign of the Dioscuri, of Pollux the unrivaled boxer.

He tipped his hat just so.


It was on ice skates that she opened up to him.


Love was in the air; Mars was cazimi the Sun, and Venus was in Capricorn. They say that Venus in Capricorn likes a partner in uniform, but that’s not it. Venus in Capricorn likes to clearly distinguish one stage from the next. She likes the rituals that accompany each stage,  the formality, the tradition, and people in uniform usually like that too.

She is sextile to Uranus in Scorpio, welcoming a disturbance to the clan, and she is squared to Pluto in Libra, demanding that relationships change.

The opportunity that Apollo Creed brought to Rocky sent an electrical current through his clan, and it transformed the relationship he had with the people he knew.

He had heart.


Venus rules Taurus, and once her bull had his relationships in order and a good support system, she began to make her way to a trine with Jupiter in Taurus.

Jupiter rules Sag and is behind whatever goes on in Sag, whatever opportunities come along. Planet of hospitality and bringer of gifts, but he makes us work hard for the gifts he brings.

In Taurus, he made Rocky rise at 4 in the morning, crack 5 eggs and drink them-


Libra rules the beaux arts, and Pluto in Libra doesn’t mind the beau laid.


In Taurus, Jupiter got Rocky used to the beau laid.

He had fought many small fights and never had his nose broken, and Jupiter was getting him ready for what could happen in a big fight.

By the time Venus trined Jupiter, Rocky was stronger.


Yo, Rock! Yo, Rocky!

He got stronger, and she got stronger too, bolder. She stepped out from behind her shield and moved in with him. Uranus in Scorpio can do that.


The night before the fight, he lay down beside her and told her that he couldn’t do it, couldn’t beat Apollo. It really didn’t matter if he lost; he was nobody before and had nothing to lose. He only hoped that he could go the distance; nobody had gone the distance before with Apollo. If he could still be standing when the bell rang, he’d know for the first time in his life that he wasn’t just another bum from the neighbourhood.

Someone had called him a bum after he won a fight at the Resurrection Athletic Club.


Ketu was in Taurus and Rahu was in Scorpio. He had trained hard in Taurus, and before he stepped into the ring for the big fight,

he knelt down and prayed.

There is a door to the underworld in Scorpio, that place of soul making.


Passions can run high when Jupiter touches the Sun and Mars, and with Mercury Neptune in Sag, the combination brings out the artistry of the fire signs.


Apollo made a show, and Rocky watched the show.

When the fight started, he welcomed the beau laid, insisted on it, asked that his eye be cut open. And when the fight ended, he was still standing.

He reached for Venus in Capricorn trining Jupiter in Taurus and called Adrian.


Chart for August 22, 1986, Castle Rock

Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern were friends, a tightknit foursome.

Three of them had been swallowed by their father, a father who hated him, a father who drank too much, and a father broken by war. They were playing cards in a tree house, when Vern came in carrying news.

He’d overheard his older brother say that he’d seen the body of the boy missing in their small town. The train must have hit him, because he saw the body next to the train tracks, where a back road met the river. But he had not reported it because he had been out there in a stolen car.

The Sun in Leo is square to Saturn in Sag, and it pushed the boys to step up. They decided to go search for the body; they thought that if they found it, their pictures would be in the papers and they would be heroes.


Vern was the only one not sure about going. He questioned the plan they came up with; Mars in Capricorn doesn’t like holes in a plan. But Venus is square to Mars, and she persuaded him to go, to keep the group united.

She is a peacemaker in Libra. 

The Moon in Aries is a passionate moon, and she can be volatile, and every time there was an argument between the boys, or a burst of anger, one of them would step in to make peace. 

Like when Teddy stood on the tracks to dodge the train, and Chris dragged him away, accusing him of trying to kill himself.


Teddy was mad and told Chris that he didn’t need a babysitter, and Chris asked for peace.


Skin it

They were shedding old skin with Pluto in Scorpio,


and with the Moon in Aries, they took risks,


and ran for their lives,


and knew when it was time to jump. 


She is square to Neptune in Capricorn and she could tell a story around the campfire, but she kept it brief. She told a story about revenge and a barf-o-rama.


Back in their small town, Vern’s older brother and his friends were using the energies differently. They were led by Ace who reached for Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces can put people in formation. He can do it gently, and he can use his thunderbolts.


Ace too picked up on the need to step up, and he made everyone get in the car to find the body. 

He found the foursome first and asked them to step aside; he asked Chris to step aside, and Chris wouldn’t. He was not going to allow him to take the body.


You’re going to have to kill me, Ace

Ketu was in Libra and Rahu was in Aries.

The boys had stuck together and saved each other on their quest to find the body of Ray Brower.

Along the way, they had conversations that defined who they were and opened possibilities for the years ahead. Mercury in Leo sextiling Venus and trining Uranus can bring revealing conversations.

The quest to find Ray had freed them from the father that had swallowed them, and they were going to protect his body.

Chris was willing to die protecting it,

but not Gordie. He grabbed the gun that Chris had taken from his father and fired a shot in the sky. 


He reached for Jupiter in a square to Uranus in Sag, and put Ace in formation in a way that was unexpected.


The boys stood by each other with Ketu in Libra, and took a stand with Rahu in Aries.

Neptune in Capricorn can whisper laws that are unwritten, and Gordie took a blanket and covered Ray’s body.

We can give away what Neptune touches, and he touches the Sun in Leo. Gordie decided they wouldn’t take the body with them; this wasn’t the way they were going to be heroes.

They headed back to their small town called Castle Rock, and made an anonymous phone call to say where the body was.


With the success of his film, Rob Reiner created Castle Rock Entertainment.


Chart for September 2, 2016

They read Louise’s book before they came to Earth.

In her book, she wrote that language is the foundation of civilization. It is the glue that holds people together, and it is the first weapon to be drawn in a conflict.

They came to Earth to teach us their language, to give us their weapon, so that in 3000 years, we would be able to assist them in a conflict using their language.

They reached for Uranus in Aries to arrive, because Uranus in Aries is bold; he enjoys stirring the pot and bringing change, and he fights for survival and learns quickly.

They arrived in 12 shells that hovered over different cities around the world. One of them hovered over Montana.


To learn quickly, there has to be a willingness to learn, and Mars in Sag is willing. He is willing to take risks too, but Saturn beside him brings caution, and time, the time it takes to learn.

Saturn Mars in Sag show a commitment to learning, like Louise and Ian did.

There is also recruitment when Saturn and Mars come together in Sag.


Colonel Weber came to get Louise, and she told him that she’d be ready in 20, and he told her they were taking off in 10.

She honoured the time.

There are the Horai in Virgo, and the Sun in Virgo honours the Hours and the order of things.

By the time Louise and Ian joined the team in Montana, the team already knew that the shell door opened every 18 hours.

They were scissor lifted inside, accompanied by soldiers.


Mars joins Aries to Sag, and Jupiter pulls them both into Virgo.

There is a teacher in Jupiter, and in Virgo he teaches things in order. He first introduced the bringers of the new language; they were seven footed heptapods.

When Louise and Ian saw them, they were thrown into Pisces. Pisces rules the feet.


Jupiter rules Sag where we cross the boundaries of what we know, with guidance.


Jupiter rules Pisces where we cross the boundaries of what we know, guided by our feelings and by something other than the senses. Neptune in Pisces accentuates extrasensory perception.


He lies across from the Sun in Virgo, and while the Sun upholds the order of the hours, Neptune breaks the order and blurs the timeline.

The human language relies on a timeline; the past, the present, the future.

Louise reached for Mercury retrograde in Virgo, and went back to the tools she knew to teach a language. In order to learn the heptapods’ language, she first had to teach them hers.


Their language did not have a timeline. They could see the future, humans helping them in the future, and it guided their actions, their coming to Earth.

The more Louise studied their language, the more flashforwards she had.

She did not understand them at first. She and Ian spoke about how a new language can rewire the brain and change the way we think. But the heptapods’ language was doing more than that; it was allowing her to see future episodes of her life, and to be informed by them.

In her language, Mercury retrograded to the past to help her in the present. In their language, Mercury retrograded from the future, bringing crucial information to the present.


Venus is in Libra, and they came in peace, but they used the wrong word; weapon. They spoke of the gift they brought us not as a language, but as a weapon. Use weapon, they said, and people panicked.


There is Pan’s cry of panic in Pisces, and if the cry is loud enough, it can dissolve the order that the Sun upholds.

But Saturn Mars are in a square to the Sun and to Neptune, making them work simultaneously, keeping the order and dissolving the order, without one winning over the other.

Encounters between two languages have never been easy, but the planets chose the best configuration possible for the human language to encounter the language of the heptapods successfully.

Neptune is sextile to Pluto. They have been in a sextile for generations, in different signs, and here Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn.

Capricorn studies the past, people’s behaviour in the past, to plan for the future, and Pluto is digging here, bringing riches. They came in the form of the heptapods’ language, offering Capricorn a window to the future. Neptune touches Pluto to give the language away.


The heptapods gave the language away right before the bomb exploded. Soldiers who’d been watching too much TV planted a bomb in the shell.


When they recovered from the shock, the bumps and the concussion, they went back to work, and Ian had an idea. He measured how much of the language given to them was data and how much was negative space, and the decimal number he came up with was 0.0833 recurrent, which as a fraction is one of twelve.


Uranus in Aries is in a quincunx to the stellium in Virgo, and Uranus in Aries awakens the teacher, and the teacher awakens the tribe, after hard work. Mercury retrograde asks that we go over the material we have, analyze it some more. He brings Gemini into Virgo to help see the connections.


They needed the data received from the other shells to have the whole language, to fit the pieces together.

The heptapods were forcing them to work together, to trade data, to play the non zero sum game.

Louise felt the heptapods calling her, inviting her to touch their language, and she went outside.


She looked up, where the knowledge was, and they sent a pod to get her.


She travelled to the unharvested waters of Pisces. The heptapods too had travelled to these waters when they came to Earth.


They met, and she understood that their language was the weapon they spoke of, and that it opened time.


Her unborn daughter guided her, gave her a hint, and she went back to Virgo to check their language, their footprints, and found that she could read them.


Venus in Libra asks for unity, and General Shang was uniting nations against the heptapods, preparing to attack. In response, the heptapods drew their language. They had the general meet Louise in the future, and he showed her his private number, and whispered his wife’s dying words to her.


Louise brought them back to the present, stole a phone and called him, and repeated his wife’s words to him.

She changed his mind and the nations reconnected.


With Ketu in Pisces she learned a new language and rewired her brain, and with Rahu in Virgo she used the language to change his mind and correct the mistake.

This does not mean weapon. It means gift.


The Sun holds our creations, and the Sun Rahu ask for a harvest, for the unborn child to be born and the unpublished book to be published. But Neptune and the Sun are caught in a t-square with the planets in Sag, still learning, still getting insights, but knowing what is to come.


Chart for July 17, 2009
Whenever Tom thought of Summer, She’s like the wind played in his mind.

He complained when she didn’t show any interest in him, and when McKenzie suggested that he ask her out, Tom said, Don’t be stupid.

Instead of asking her out, he reached for the Sun and Mercury in Cancer and went through his playlist. He looked for a song that would express his feelings, and he played Please, please, please, let me get what I want when she walked by.

She was the dream he wanted.

There is mirroring in Gemini, the ability to mold oneself to another, to adapt and fit in. Venus and Mars in Gemini can draw people who naturally mirror others.

Summer had this ability.

She could talk with him about banana fish and shared his taste in music.

She was the one.


The Sun is where our joy lies, and with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, he found joy in architecture, had studied architecture. Things didn’t work out and he got a job writing greeting cards, but he sketched buildings when he wasn’t writing.

He enjoyed walking around L.A. Mars in Gemini is energized with a good walk around the city, and Venus in Gemini finds places of beauty in it. His favourite spot was Angelus Plaza. It is here that he searched for words to explain how he’d make people notice the beauty, how he’d make it more beautiful, integrate the buildings better, and Summer gave him a pen and her arm to sketch on.


She mirrored him, and one day with the Moon in Taurus, she invited him to bed and they consummated their friendship.

It opened up Aquarius.

A dream came true and Tom felt that he’d been allowed entrance into a new league.

He became a better team player, contributed more at work.

She inspired him.


She mirrored him less, and her Aquarian personality became more noticeable. The retro side that Saturn rules was always there, in the way she dressed, but the Uranian side that demands a separateness and can be jarringly honest asserted itself.

Uranus is in Pisces, and she once came up with a game that got out of control.


Uranus in Pisces brings up that side of Pisces that can break up the order of the hours and blur the timeline, and when he looked back at their relationship, the narrative was not in chronological order. He reached for Saturn again and again, trying to fix the order and see more clearly when it was that their relationship began to fall apart.

He remembered the time when she told him the dream she had about flying, like she was superhuman. She would be running, and the terrain got really rocky and steep, and she’d notice that her feet weren’t touching the ground, and she’d be floating and felt free and safe, and then she’d realize that she was completely alone, and she’d wake up.

When she told him the dream, he felt that the wall that kept her from him was slowly coming down.

But it went up again, and when he thought he had the chance to break it down forever, his expectations did not match reality.


The day he played Please, please, please when she walked by, she kept on walking, but Jupiter heard him. There is a finger of god between the Sun Mercury and Jupiter Neptune in Aquarius.

They became friends after McKenzie told Summer that Tom liked her. She took an interest in him and activated his Sun, and the Sun joined Leo with Cancer. Rahu is in Leo where there is work to be done.


The Moon in Taurus romances with visits to the museum and historical tours, and he took her on a tour of the city. He told her the names of the architects who designed the buildings he admired, and the dates too.

She activated his heart.

Neptune and Jupiter touch in Aquarius, and a dream can come true when they touch, and a dream can be given away when they touch, and he had to give her away.


He plunged into darkness and the finger of god between the Sun Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn brought healing, death and transformation, and a change in his pattern of behaviour.

He quit his job and put a portfolio together.

This too was a dream he wanted.


To get it, he had to develop Arete; Pluto directed him to Mars, and Mars pulls in Aries and Scorpio.

Arete begins with the belief that no matter how many architectural firms said no to him, he was good enough to develop excellence in the field. In Gemini, he worked on molding his portfolio to what the architectural world wanted. He worked on molding himself to bring their walls down.

With every rejection, he got direction, and he kept on working.


The dream he wanted pulled in Sag and Pisces; the will to learn and a clean blackboard.

Uranus in Pisces can bring sudden inspiration, and Saturn in Virgo gives it form.

He gave his vision of beauty form.


The dream he wanted aligned him with his heart.


He had started off with the belief that he could never be happy until he found the one. He believed what movies and songs said about true love.

Summer didn’t; she thought true love was fantasy, and when she broke his heart, he stopped believing in it too.

But she restored his belief, sitting on that bench in Angelus Plaza, when she told him that it had happened to her; true love had surprised her.

She was sitting in a deli reading Dorian Gray, and a guy came over to ask her about it, and now he was her husband.

Tom had been right about true love. It just wasn’t her that he’d been right about.


With Ketu in Leo, Tom found the beat of his heart.

With Rahu in Aquarius, he rose above it to tell Summer that he really hoped she was happy.

Aquarius decentres and rises above to see the whole picture; him following his heart and her following her heart, and both of them meeting to give each other what they needed, and then breaking up and finding their own way, to meet again for an exchange that restored his belief in true love. She restored his dream of finding the one.

There are dreamers in Aquarius, and writers of fairytales. Aquarius purifies and wipes away the bad parts so that we try again to make a dream come true.


This time he asked her out.


Chart for June 11, 1982
They were both searching for E.T., Elliott who was 10, and Keys who had been hoping for a close encounter since he was 10.


Elliott found him first. He left a trail of candy, and E.T. reached for Uranus in Sag and followed the trail; he allowed himself to be shepherded because he’d been left stranded on Earth and needed a guide.

Elliott hid him in his room. He told his brother and sister that he was keeping him; he had found him and E.T. belonged to him.

They went to school and left E.T. alone, and without a guide, E.T. slid over to Mercury in Gemini. He wandered around the house, checking the refrigerator, looking at comic books, playing with the speak and spell, and watching TV. He appeared to be aimless, curious about things, easily distracted, but one day, when Gertie was watching Sesame Street and repeating words that began with the letter b, E.T. repeated the sound of the letter. On that day, his brain connected the pieces together and he could talk; Mercury touches Uranus, and the right trigger can bring enlightenment.

When Elliott came back home, E.T. pronounced his first sentence; E.T. phone home.


Before he could talk, he mirrored Elliott, imitated his gestures; it is how the bond between them began. Mercury is trining Mars in Libra and effort is made to bond with another.


Mercury trines Mars and sextiles Uranus in Sag, and Elliott bonded with an extraterrestrial in ways that went beyond gestures and words.


Saturn retrograde in Libra works hard to persuade people to be of like mind, and Saturn is in a quincunx to Venus in Taurus. Venus in Taurus would go to war to protect what belongs to her.

The frogs didn’t belong to Elliott, but they reminded him of E.T., of what grownups would do to him if they found him, and he persuaded his classmates to free them.

Venus squares the Moon in Aquarius, and the Moon in Aquarius can rebel against central authority.


The Moon joins Aquarius with Cancer, and Cancer holds the energy of the IC or the nadir, the home we grow up in. A home with the Moon in Aquarius gives everyone their separate space.

E.T. watched Mary read Gertie the story of Peter of Pan and Elliott joined him. He warmed him up with a blanket and put his arm around him.


E.T.’s home was somewhere out there in the universe.

Elliott and Michael had been rummaging in the garage, looking for parts that E.T. could use to phone home, and their conversation gave away what Keys was hoping to find.


Neptune in Sag accentuates the qualities of Sag; adventure and exploration, the search for knowledge, a taste for what is foreign. He lies across from the Sun in Gemini, and in essence, Gemini is a sign of rescue.

Keys worked for the government, and chances were that if he had found E.T. first, E.T. would have ended up in a lab, and that’s not what the planets asked for.

The planets tie the qualities of Sag and the essence of Gemini together and ask for search and rescue.


It was only after he listened in on the boys’ conversation that Keys found E.T. He came into their home when they needed to be rescued; he had his own key.

He brought a team wearing space suits, dressed to enter a territory made foreign by E.T.’s presence. They were dressed to cross the limits of what they knew.


Pluto is in Libra, digging in the area of relationships. It is here where Elliott and E.T. got entangled. Neptune sextiles Pluto and the Sun trines Pluto, and it is when they spent time together, understanding each other, rescuing each other, that their particles got entangled. Their bodies were synchronized and they had the same symptoms.


When E.T.’s vital signs began to drop, their particles separated and Elliott recovered. Medics reached  for the Moon in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra to work around E.T., and Venus in Taurus asked that all barriers be removed to save his life.


There is medicine in Scorpio, poison that can kill and poison that can heal, and Jupiter in Scorpio brings a gift of medicine. He joins Scorpio with Sag, and the medicine came in the form of an extraterrestrial.


E.T. got a gift of medicine too. His mates returned his phone call and brought him back to life.

There is an underworld in Scorpio, a place of soul making, a place of death and transformation.


There is clan in Scorpio, and Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio can introduce a new member to the clan. The rulers of Scorpio are in Libra, guiding Keys’ entry into the clan, and he checked on Mary’s emotions, mirrored them.


Ketu is in Capricorn and there are laws in Capricorn, and when Elliott’s parents got divorced, the laws of home were in flux. Michael was taking on a different role, correcting his brother, consoling him, understanding him.


He understood the bond that existed between Elliott and E.T., and when Elliott asked him for help, he did what he had never done before to help him; he drove forward.


He asked his closest friends to get their bikes and meet them at the playground, and when he drove into the playground, his friends were waiting.


In the natural zodiac, Capricorn is in the most public house; it is a self conscious sign.


In the natural zodiac, Cancer is in the most hidden house, and Rahu is in Cancer. Cancer can turn any space into an intimate space, a sacred space, where emotions can be freely expressed,


but there’s no place better than home.


Chart for July 16, 1993
There is beauty in this chart.

Mars in Virgo works out; this is the sign that carries Persephone’s ointment of beauty, and the sign that tries to please a goddess. Mars is in a square to Venus in Gemini, and there is a love of experimentation and movement and flexibility here.

Venus trines Jupiter in Libra, and all that goes on between her and Mars creates a wondrous body.


Jupiter can attract an audience, and Willy attracted an audience that weighed how much he was worth. They tracked his movements and captured him.


Wherever Mars is in the chart, there can be initiations, and Mars in Virgo tried initiating Willy into a craft, the craft of a performer.

Mars touches Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, and Uranus releases Enki, law maker mischief maker, and Neptune accentuates his qualities and gives them away, accentuates and gives away.

There can be disobedience here.

Willy would not be initiated; he would not allow Rae to train him. He defied her and showed her his own law his mischief.


Uranus Neptune drew Jesse into his life.

Uranus is a free thinker and Neptune is imaginative, and there is music in this combination, music from the sweet waters of the abzu and the salty waters of the ocean. Jesse tapped into this ancient song when he played his harmonica. It transported Willy to the place he came from, where Mercury retrograde meets the Sun in Cancer. It evoked past memories of home and lifted his spirits; he sang along.


Randolph brought Jesse to this same place when he told him the Haida story of a young brave. Natsaclane had carved a beast on a log, and when the log sunk in the water, a prayer came to his lips. He repeated the prayer, sacred words he had never heard before, and the carving rose from the water, but it wasn’t a carving anymore, it was a real whale, like Willy.


The story awakened a sense of mystery in Jesse, and the ancient song and the ancient story took him to Scorpio.

There is an underworld of mysteries in Scorpio, and there is an underworld of gangsta and things forbidden and taboo in Scorpio, and these two underworlds often meet.

Pluto is digging here, looking for riches, and he is in a square to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

Saturn is working hard to integrate individuals into society, into the groups they belong to, the pods they belong to.


There is social work to be done in Aquarius, and Pluto demands that both underworlds in Scorpio be incorporated into the work. He is digging for medicine that will allow both underworlds to participate, because the spirit of the times is

yin yang.

Jesse heard Willy crying and came to see what was happening. They had Willy in the examination net and Willy wouldn’t let them examine him.

Jesse looked at him,


and he looked at Jesse,


and Jesse knew what to do. He untied the net, and Randolph saw him do it, but instead of reprimanding him, said that he was sure Willy was grateful.

Like minds.

Jupiter in Libra can bring a gift of friendship with people who are like minded and share the same principles.

When Jesse fell into Willy’s tank and Willy rescued him, Randolph told Jesse that Willy must see him, must see his soul, recognize him.

Willy had been separated from his pod and was being held in a tank, and Jesse had been abandoned by his mother and had lived on the streets; marginalized. Mars in Virgo directs attention to people who are marginalized in some way; this is the sign where Demeter left Olympus to wander the Earth when she could not find her daughter.

Mars in Virgo can bring marginalized people together, and Jesse and Willy worked with him. They found a language they could communicate with, and with Venus in Gemini they practised tricks to please an audience.


The Moon in Gemini romances with rescue. She is in a quincunx to Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, and the romance can look like this.


But when music is involved and memories are evoked, the romance can look like this.


The day of the performance, Willy would not perform, and that night, when Jesse went to see him, he discovered why Willy cried.


He also discovered people making a hole in Willy’s tank.


He banged on Randolph’s door for help. Let’s free Willy, he said, and Randolph did not need convincing. Rae did, but Jupiter in Libra has influence, and he can influence people to follow the same principles.

They lifted Willy out of his tank, and when they stole Glen’s pickup truck to pull him to Dawsons Marina, they triggered the shaman of the zodiac.

The pickup truck got stuck in the back roads, and Jesse reached for Saturn in Aquarius and called Glen and Annie.

When they arrived, Jesse stood with Venus in Gemini; the three of them did. There is love here, love that will go any which way for love, and Jesse begged them to carry out the justice that Virgo holds and to follow the principles that Libra holds.


When the Moon in Gemini touches Uranus Neptune in Capricorn in a sextile to Pluto in Scorpio, romance can look like this.


It’s the kind of romance that breaks all barriers to save a whale.

Ketu is in Gemini, and Willy and Jesse practised communicating in Gemini, and Jesse used it to draw Willy away from the net that would capture him again.


When they came to the sea wall, an audience awaited the result of their hard work, and Jupiter in Libra promised a work of art.

Jesse stood on the wall and signalled Willy to jump. He had travelled through one of Scorpio’s underworlds, and here he met the other. Sacred words of long ago rose to his lips, a prayer to help a whale rise above the wall.


Rahu is in Sagittarius, and he guided Willy to freedom.


Chart for February 6, 2004
Maddy wanted to be like her father and her father had climbed Mt. Everest.


Her mother worked for a security company, and was in the process of installing a security system at Harderbach Financial. It would be the most technologically advanced security system ever installed in a bank, and until it was fully tested, highly trained attack dogs would patrol the hallways after hours.

She had great responsibility.

Mars in Taurus can draw people willing to take on great responsibility,

like Jupiter took responsibility of Europa, and left her with Talos, the automaton built by Hephaestus, and Laelaps, the unfailing hunting dog, to keep her safe in Crete.

She took the responsibility of securing a bank and keeping people’s resources safe. She designed the Lion Safe, suspended 100 feet off the ground.


Neptune is in Aquarius, accentuating the qualities of the sign, and Aquarius rises above to see things from a bird’s eye view;

Aries marching forth to conquer

Cancer marking the boundaries of the conquered and setting up home

Libra guiding the new lands with a set of principles

and Capricorn writing the laws.

Saturn retrograde in Cancer works hard to secure boundaries. He is in a sextile to Mars in Taurus, and Maddy’s mother had lined the halls of the bank with hundreds of motion sensitive cameras that fed images to a state of the art security booth.


Her father too had great responsibility. He owned a go kart track, and the track was lined with haystacks and tires, and he kept an eye on everyone.


He passed his love of climbing to his daughter. Venus in Pisces finds places of refuge, and he had found refuge climbing mountains.

He fed her stories of his climb to Everest, a climb that ended in a fall, and when he became paralyzed, he filled her in with a detail that he had previously left out. He told her that his gear got stuck 20 feet away from the summit, and when he looked up, he saw a perfect crack leading all the way to the top, and he free climbed it. But he lost concentration and fell, and the fall was the best thing that could have happened to him because it brought him back home.

In the natural zodiac, Cancer is in the fourth house of homeland and home, and Saturn retrograde in Cancer can bring the recollection of a father coming back home to see his child grow. He is in a trine to Uranus in Pisces, and Uranus in Pisces can bring a piece of information that changes our perspective.

Her father free climbing to the top changed her perspective of what was possible; it connected her with Pluto in Sag, digging for riches in places never been to before.


She had been to the bank with her mother, and heard Mr. Brisbane deny her a loan. They needed 250,000 dollars for a surgery that would cure her father’s paralysis.

After the bank, Maddy went for a walk that took her to a bridge for contemplation, and she triggered Mercury, messenger of the gods.


In Capricorn, Mercury holds the key to unlock a plan, a carefully thought out plan, but in this chart, he needs the approval of Mars in Taurus to hand it over.

Mars in Taurus asks for the willingness to take on great responsibility, and Maddy slowly built the willingness to take responsibility of her father and secure the resources for his surgery.

In the natural zodiac, Taurus is in the second house of resources, and Mars in Taurus can secure them by closing the door of a vault or opening the door. She was going to open it and rob the bank, and she reached for the likes of Hephaestus to join her, and Gus and Austin joined her.

They started off with Venus in Pisces, charming people to get the raw material they needed;

a tour of the bank to take pictures of the security system,


an architectural model of the bank,


and training on how to tame a Rottweiler.


Then they shifted to Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, and each one of them got the opportunity to perfect their craft; there is apprenticeship in Virgo.

The boys perfected their craft to please Maddy and win her favour.

When she asked Gus if he could make the go kart quieter and faster, he did. He even made jacks that he could eject to puncture tires, in case they were pursued. Hephaestus, after all, made weapons for the gods.


Jupiter is in a quincunx to the planets in Aquarius, and Saturn ruled Aquarius brings the old and the new together. Uranus ruled Aquarius is futuristic and enjoys virtual reality, and Austin made a digital blueprint of the bank to impress her.


They romanced her with the Moon in Leo, looking for their place in the world, competing for the place beside her. Choose me, they said.

But the Moon lies across from the Sun in Aquarius, and the Sun in Aquarius rises to see

Taurus securing food and shelter

Leo lighting the fire of self expression and competition

Scorpio’s exploration of the mind and one’s psychology, awakening sexuality and the desire to merge with another

and social participation in Aquarius; the integration of separate individuals into society.

The Sun would not allow Maddy to choose one over the other, so she chose them both.

She gave Austin LO,


and Gus VE,


and told them she had the other half.

She played them; Venus in Pisces plays games that she has never played before, out of necessity. She needed them both to carry out a plan and fulfill a responsibility.


They robbed the bank, and although they had to give the money back, they became local heroes. They brought out the hero in everyone, the Moon in Leo can do that, and the community came out to support them and give them donations. Across from the Moon is the Sun Neptune in a humanitarian sign.


Jupiter’s gifts can come with hardship, and because of hardship, Maddy worked to improve her  climbing skills.

She acquired them in Gemini where she was curious about what her father did. She would ask him to show her how he climbed, teach her how to climb. She took climbing lessons after school, and sneaked out to practise in the community. Some called her climber girl.

She got a chance to focus on her skills in Virgo,

and in Sagittarius, she climbed a wall twice the height of the water tower, guided by something her father told her.

When she became a local hero, she gave an account of how she did it, how she built the mental and physical strength to do it, and her account was added to those of other climbers in the collective, in Pisces, ready to be picked as raw material.


Ketu is in Scorpio, and there is romance in Scorpio and the desire to merge with another.

Rahu is in Taurus, and in Taurus, there is the responsibility that comes with loving, love making and having babies, the responsibility of family and clan.

He romanced her in Scorpio,


and he suddenly fell; couldn’t feel his legs.

They stayed in Scorpio. A crisis brings us here, there is medicine here.


Rahu is in Taurus and there are resources in Taurus that come from going on a hunt, tilling the soil, working to provide food and shelter. There are resources here to exchange for the medicine in Scorpio.

But they could not afford the medicine, and they began to walk the labyrinth that begins in Scorpio and leads to Taurus, trying to secure the funds they needed.


There are initiatory journeys in this labyrinth, and a bank that faces a crisis because it did not listen to the head of security goes on such a journey; death and transformation.

Mercury in Capricorn is ready to rewrite the laws of the bank, change its course of direction. He is in a square to Mars in Taurus who brings attention to the containers of our resources.

Taurus rules the containers of our resources, the places we keep them safe, like a water tank and a bank.

Al was put in charge of Harderbach Financial and gave it a heart, and Maddy’s family got a loan for her father’s surgery.


There is in this polarity the awakening of sexuality and the hunt for love, and love in Taurus begins with the senses; the guy has to smell right.

Maybe he did,


maybe he didn’t.


Maybe she preferred playing catch.