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This is how Gemini picks up a book about quantum.

Mr C The Slide Man – Cha-Cha Slide (Official Video)

Friend 1     Wait up Gemini! Where are you going?

Gemini     I’m picking up a book about quantum physics.

Friend 1     I’ll come with you.

Gemini     Sure.

Friend 2     Where are you guys off to?

Friend 1     Gemini’s picking up a book about quantum physics.

Friend 2     I’ll join you.

Gemini     Sure. Who’s that with you?

Friend 2     My nephew.

Gemini     Hey.

Nephew     Hey.

Gemini     You still in school?

Nephew     Yeah.

Gemini     What do you know about quantum physics?

Nephew     Um, it’s about how subatomic particles communicate with each other.

Gemini     You mean like telepathy?

Nephew     Kinda, but they don’t send text messages or anything like that.

Gemini     So what do they communicate?

Nephew     More like their physical states.

Gemini     You mean how they’re feeling?

Nephew (puts out his hand)     If one does one thing, so will the other.


Gemini (signals with his hand)     We’re turning right here.

they all turn right


Gemini     So they imitate each other.

Nephew     Yeah, that’s it. But they first have to be entangled.


Gemini (signals with his hand)     We’re turning left here.

they all turn left


Gemini     You say this happens at a subatomic level? Have you seen it?

Nephew     I’ve seen a picture. I think it was the first picture they ever took of entangled photons.

Gemini     What was it like?

Nephew     Fuzzy.


four pictures of a pair of entangled photons interacting with each other

Gemini     Did it convince you?

Nephew (shrugs)     It’s something I’ve always known.

Gemini (puts his arms out and stops everyone from crossing the road)     Wait for the light.


Gemini     Quantum entanglement was a theory before they proved it. Did you know that?

Nephew (shakes his head)     No.

Gemini     It was a theory they set out to prove, because like you, we all know there’s something subatomic going on between us.

Nephew     They needed to see it?

Gemini     Some people needed to see it and the subatomic particles harmonized with them.

there’s a pause in the conversation

Nephew (looks at Gemini)     Do you really need that book?

Gemini stops walking and they all stop with him

Gemini     We’re going back guys.


The old physics says that the world has an order, and the new physics says that the world has a mind of its own sub atomically.

We study both in science. It’s like the marriage of Saturn and Uranus, and Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius.

The air of the public.

Aquarius can reassure the public with Saturn, with what’s already been established,


 and when the public is their public, they spring up Uranus and test it with something new.


Aquarius can also do the opposite. It can spring up Uranus first, like this girl did back in 2018. She has autism, a bit of an outsider.


Ganymede too was a bit of an outsider. He was the mortal that Jupiter carried away to be cupbearer. He became immortal but wasn’t one of the gods. His father was left behind with a son in the sky and horses that could walk on water, a bit of an outsider himself.


Harry Styles – Sign of the Times (official Video)


In 2018, the girl went on strike and young people around the world responded and took her lead. Saturn settled in.


When Saturn transited Aquarius between 1991 and 1994, followed by Uranus between 1996 and 2003, the digital age was established and new inventions sprung up.

Aquarius brought us a new way to blend and get entangled.

At a distance.

Separate but together.


CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls”) (Official Video)


The new technology is having its first Saturn return. A time of reflection, evaluation, choosing which way to go next.


Direction by Sandrine Michaux

Helle fell back into the waters of Pisces,


waters that tie us to those around us and those who came before us.

Aries rises from these waters, like Phrixos rose from these waters to ride away on Chrysomallus.

Phrixos means the ripples of water in the wind and the shivering of skin from fear.

He had to conquer fear to ride away. He had to leave fear behind.

In Aries we’re pushed out into the world by those around us and those who came before us to find ourselves, find our place, and Aries doesn’t settle. It’s a fire sign, ruled by



Always searching, always on a quest, and along the way,

inspiring others to conquer fear,

encouraging others to leave fear behind.


Panic! At the Disco – High Hopes (Official Video)


There’s a quest consciousness in the fire signs, visions to be fulfilled.

Brendon Urie is a Solar Aries and a Sagittarius Ascendant, and there are echoes of both signs in the words of his song.


Sagittarius rides away from the waters of Scorpio, familiar and protective waters of clan.


Sagittarius rides away to explore other clans. There is an attraction in Sagittarius to explore what is foreign to them.

Jupiter, or Zeus as the Greeks called him, was also attracted to the foreign, but Hera was his anchor.


Uma Thurman in ‘The Mundane Goddess’: Jameson First Shot 2014


Hera asked Karkinos to pinch Hercules’ ankles.

There was Hercules, fighting the Hydra with the help of his nephew Iolaus.

Throw him off balance, she said.

She didn’t know that we master balance in Aries, and by the time we reach Leo, we’re mastering strength.


Karkinos didn’t have a chance, not with Hercules’ strength, and not with Athena watching over Hercules, assisting him

like a guardian angel.


Amélie is like that.


Amélie (2/12) Movie CLIP – Helping a Blind Man (2001) HD


Her parents once thought that she had a heart condition, but she doesn’t. Her heart is strong.

When she discovered a tin box filled with a boy’s childhood memories in her apartment, she found out who lived there before her, and went searching for the boy who was now a man in need of

a guardian angel.


Amélie | ‘The Phone Booth’ (HD) – Audrey Tautou, Maurice Bénichou | MIRAMAX


She is a Solar Leo and carries the vitality of the Sun, generous, creative, theatrical.

She is also a Virgo Ascendant, and Virgo curbs the natural exuberance in Leo.


Virgo curbs it by bringing the end of summer the beginning of fall,

a change of season.

The story of Virgo begins gathering rosebuds late August,


‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may’  by John William Waterhouse, 1909

when Virgo was suddenly interrupted


and told to put their talents to good use,

perfect them,

or they would be thrown to the lions.


Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Official Video)


The chart begins with Aries and is followed by Taurus, and Taurus defines the second house as the house of resources, resourcefulness.

Daedalus was a resourceful man, a dexterous man. When Pasiphaë wanted to mate with the divine bull, he built a cow that she could lie in.


He invented a dancing circle for Ariadne, and when Asterion was born, Minos asked him to build a dancing circle that would confound the boy the bull and keep him quiet beneath the palace.


When he wanted to leave Crete, Minos would not allow it; he relied on Daedalus’ skills. This is when Daedalus designed wings of feather and wax for him and his son Icarus to fly away from the island.


Leonardo da Vinci was a Sun Venus in Taurus, and he was like Daedalus.

She is too. She has a stellium in Taurus.


My First ASMR Beauty Tutorial | Jessica Alba


There is in Taurus the other kind of love that Venus rules.

The story begins with Jupiter falling in love with Europa, daughter of a king and queen that lived in that part of the world where the ancient stories of Inanna Ereshkigal and Gugalanna come from.

He took the form of a magnificent bull and wore a crown of laurel, and his beauty and the scent of Apollo’s leaves attracted Europa to him.

He was in the fields every day she came to gather flowers and herbs, and every day she came closer, until the day she embraced him


and he carried her off to Crete. In Crete he made love to her and she birthed the line of Asterion, the line of the starry one, some say after the starry bull that Jupiter put in the sky to mark their union. The same bull that is Gugalanna.


Europa became the first queen of Crete, and to protect her from pirates and invaders, Jupiter gave her Talos, a giant automaton made by Hephaestus.

Such craftsmanship and invention would one day attract Daedalus to the island.


Talos by Michael Ayrton, Cambridge

There began in Crete a ritual to commemorate the dance of love between Jupiter and Europa, the beginning of the line of Asterion, a sacred ritual performed by the youth of Crete and a Cretan bull.


Minoan Bull Leaper, British Museum

Then Minos, child of Europa, became king and there was instability, and he prayed to Neptune for help, and from the waters surrounding Crete rose a divine bull that helped secure his rule.

But Minos did not sacrifice the bull back to Neptune; he did not want to part with it, and Neptune felt slighted. He asked Venus to make Minos’ wife Pasiphaë fall in love with the bull.

Venus directed the hand of Eros that holds the arrow with the golden tip


Versace Eros 2012 | Fragrances


and Pasiphae fell madly in love, with the bull’s natural beauty, with his scent.


This is the other kind of love that Venus rules. It doesn’t begin with entanglement, but with a gold tipped arrow that comes from above, from the gods, the goddess of love, the arrow of Eros.

The golden arrow joined two ill matched bodies long enough to create the story of the Minotaur, the story of a boy a bull that Theseus killed with the help of Ariadne.

The dance of love in an open air dancing circle was replaced with the dance of the labyrinth.


It has inspired art and poetry, analyses and interpretations over the centuries. 

It has brought up questions about the things that we hide about ourselves, the things that we kill in ourselves, the things that we repress. 

Freud had a stellium in Taurus and he spoke about the labyrinth as the subconscious and developed a technique for psychoanalysis. 

George Lucas is a Solar Taurus and a Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Taurus, and he talks about the psychology of myth and how myth teaches us the rules of society subconsciously.


George Lucas on the Meaning of “Star Wars” (Oct. 23, 2014) | Charlie Rose


In his art, Michael Bergt changes the rules and brings the Minotaur back to the surface, back to consciousness. He re tells the story of how Ariadne befriended her half brother, got to know him, danced with him, brought back the dance of love.

His art brings us back to our senses.


 Ariadne and Asterion by Michael Bergt

There is Enki in Capricorn and the priests of Enki,


mermen who donned legs to walk among humans, teaching them the moral code, the rules of conduct, agriculture and the crafts. They were called the Apkallu and they held a pine cone in one hand and a bucket of water in the other, dipping the cone and sprinkling the waters of the abzu, disseminating the laws of Enki-Ea.


There is also Pan in Capricorn, aspects of Pan, the woodland deity, beloved of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

If Eros is love and Psyche is soul, Pan is the body that completes the triad.

When Eros left Psyche, she threw herself into a river wishing to drown, but the river would not receive her, would not let her drown and washed her to the bank, and by the bank of the river was Pan. He told her that by her uncertain gait and pale hue, her sobbing sighs and watery eyes, he could tell that she was greatly in love. Don’t try to slay yourself, he said, but honour love and win him back by your promise of service.

Psyche took heart and continued with her labours.


Faouzia & John Legend – Minefields (Official Music Video)


Pan and Psyche by Edward Burne Jones, 1872

He was a playful god, the companion of nymphs,


Pan in ‘The Tease’ by Franz von Stuck, 1920

god of nature, of wildness, of instincts. When he fell in love with Syrinx, he chased her until she turned into reeds, and with the reeds he made his panpipes and played the first love songs.


John Legend – Wild (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) (Official Video)


Pan by Franz von Stuck, 1920

During the war between the Titans and the Olympians, Pan saw Typhon going after Venus and her child, and he gave a cry of panic that moved Venus to grab her child and jump into the waters of Pisces. They say that the cry of Pan froze the Typhon long enough for Jupiter to strike him with his thunderbolt.

Capricorn can be hard at work like an Apkallu, and a sudden sense of panic can drive them to leave conventional life behind.


Pan in Arcadia by Sarah Young

Capricorn can be hard at work like an Apkallu and suddenly hear Pan’s flute calling,


Dolly Parton – 9 To 5


and they act on their instincts.


The body speaks and Capricorn listens and relies on it to tell them when to leave a situation, when to move, when to act. There is wisdom of the body in Capricorn.

John Legend is a Capricorn Ascendant and a Solar Capricorn with the Sun conjunct Mars.

Dolly Parton is a Solar Capricorn with the Sun conjunct Venus.

She says that all she wanted growing up was to become a star. She wanted to be a princess like the princesses she read about in fairytales.

In the beginning, people joked about the way she dressed and talked about the size of her breasts, and she wished that they would focus on her voice, her music and the songs she wrote instead.


Dolly Parton – Coat of many colors


Venus came to her like she once came to Hera, and let her borrow the magic girdle that Hephaestus made for her, the girdle that made her irresistible. She gently lifted Dolly’s chin and said, Use it to your advantage.


Venus fastens the girdle for Hera by Andrea Appiani, 18th century

She did.

There is also this kind of body wisdom in Capricorn.


They say that Hermes who is Mercury is the father of Pan. Like Pan, he is an old Arcadian god, shepherd god who began as a woodland deity, but his association with other gods and with the planet in the sky that travels so close to the Sun changed him.

He became all that he is today, but there is still the trickster quality of a woodland deity in his nature.


Satyr making an offering of a lamb to Hermes, Renaissance cameo

Venus stepped on a thorn and limped until she found a rock to sit on. She draped her chiton over it before she did.


Venus pulling a thorn from her foot by Marco Dente, 1515

A light breeze touched her and Mercury appeared. He put his satchel and his caduceus down and held her foot.

“What’s the matter,” he asked her.

Before she could explain, he pulled the thorn and said, “There there.”

He told her that before they prayed to him as he is now, they prayed to a rock, a herm, like the one she was sitting on. He was a landmark that nomadic herdsmen were grateful to find.

“The next thing you know, they were asking me to make their cattle fertile, their sheep fertile, them fertile.”

“And did you,” she asked him.

A rabbit stopped to eat wildflowers at her feet and he said, “Someone did. They became so fertile that they began to worship me as god of fertility. My herm became a square pillar that was ithyphallic, and it had the head of a man who was supposed to be me. Sometimes the man was bearded.”

“Sounds like Jupiter,” she said.

“It does.”

“So what happened?”

“City folk began to say that if I protect nomadic herdsmen, I must protect travellers too, and they made me god of the roads.  They said that if I was fertile and could make everyone multiply, I could make gold multiply, and they made me god of trade.”

“That suits you better.”

“It does.”

“What about this,” she asked him, bending to touch his caduceus. When she touched it, the snakes uncoiled, and Mercury took the staff and brought it close to them.


Mercury inventing his caduceus by Antonin Idrac, 19th century

The snakes knotted their tails and coiled around the staff until they faced each other at the top, leaving that sacred space between them,

sacred space of Mercury’s magic.

“Watch,” he told her.


Mercury charming Venus by sculpting her likeness with his caduceus, reproduction of a 17th century cameo intaglio

Mars stepped on a thorn and limped over to a rock, and when he sat down, he wondered if the rock was an old herm sacred to his brother.



There was a sudden gust of wind and Mercury appeared.

“What happened,” Mercury asked him, and before Mars could answer, he pulled the thorn.

“Thanks bro. Listen, I think I’m sitting on one of your herms.”

“You are.”

“Remind me again how you managed to jump from being a pastoral god to the god closest to dad. First it was Nabu,


then Thoth,


Thoth by M. Korchagina

then boom, it was you.”

“A natural progression, I’d say.”


“Well, by the time the Greeks brought their gods to Egypt, I was going places in a chariot pulled by roosters. The Egyptians must have seen those roosters and thought, This Greek god called Hermes has the power of words; he must know how to communicate with mortals, spread the wisdom of the Sun, the messages of the gods.”


“They must have seen this too,” said Mars, bending to touch his brother’s caduceus. When he touched it, the snakes uncoiled, and Mercury took the staff and brought it close to them.


Mars watched the snakes tie their tails into the knot of necessity and coil around the staff. He said, “You’re not the first who can do that. Ningishzida, god of Sumer, did it before you. It allows access to the underworld.”

“Bur his magic and my magic aren’t the same,” said Mercury. “I can end things that need ending, bring things grown stale back to life, keep stories moving.”

“I could use some of your magic, Merc. Lately I feel like a genie stuck in a bottle.”

Before leaving, Merc touched him lightly with his caduceus.


relief of Mercury and Mars, 300 BC

That night, the Titan brothers Otus and Ephialtes escaped from the underworld. They stacked mountains to climb up to Mount Olympus, and when they reached, they abducted Mars and stuck him in a-

“Do we have a bottle,” Otus asked Ephialtes.

“No,” said Ephialtes. “We have a jar.”


Mars stuck in a jar by Mordicai Gerstein, from his book ‘I am Hermes’

Mercury picked the lock on the jar and freed him.

Mercurial people have dexterous hands.

Sathya Sai Baba had them.

He was a holy man from India, with Venus Mercury in Sagittarius.

There is a search for knowledge in Sag, a search for a set of beliefs to live by. Sathya Sai Baba found a set of beliefs to live by and preached about them. He became a guru.

Venus softened his voice and added music to his gatherings, and artistry. There is artistry when Venus and Mercury are together. With his hands, the guru materialized holy ash and golden necklaces that delighted his followers.


Sai Love 155 – Love in Action


His sleight of hand attracted critics, but his followers dismissed them. They knew better. They knew that in Sag there’s a teacher, a preacher, a shaman, and there’s a showman in every shaman. It goes with the territory. 


They say that when Bruce Lee was young, he got involved in many street fights. He loved to fight.

He had Mercury, Mars and Venus in Scorpio.

His parents decided to send him to the States, and in the States, something shifted in him. He replaced his love of fighting for the art of fighting. He began to teach martial arts.

He said that having a style in martial arts was limiting; style became doctrine and doctrine became the gospel truth. It was better not to be attached to a style, but to adapt to the opponent like water that is poured into a vessel and takes its shape.

He said that in a fight he penetrated his opponent and perceived their style, then he focused on attacking with maximum simplicity and a maximum conservation of energy.


Bruce lee interview 1965


Venus can fertilize an idea, Mars questions it and corrects any glitches, and Mercury says, let’s take it to the market.

Together they promote the idea, and with the Sun, there’s joy in the endeavor.

She has Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun in Taurus. 


Jessica Alba’s Secrets to Success


Barbara Walters had a sister with a disability. In school, she and her sister were excluded by their classmates, and so she stepped back to watch them. She watched how they related with each other, and over the years, tried different things to be included.

She says that she felt like she was auditioning, but she didn’t know what for.

She’s a Solar Libra and Libra Ascendant, with Mercury Mars in Libra.

As she grew older and her Mercury Mars matured, she stopped stepping back.

There’s trade in Mercury, and in the first house, it required her presence.

She began to trade questions for answers.


Mercury by Yliade

Some of her questions were bold, and some of the answers she got were as bold as her questions, but exclusion had toughened her up.


Mars by Yliade

She first interviewed Dolly Parton in 1977.

Dolly Parton is a Solar Capricorn, with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. There are laws in Capricorn, and laws have to be literal and cover every angle, and Mercury can be like that in Capricorn. But Venus softens the edges and brings out the panpipes.

In the interview, Walters asks if where she comes from, she would have called Dolly and her people hillbillies.

Dolly laughs and in her melodious voice says that if she would have, she would have probably kicked her in the shins. Her people are proud people, with a lot of country class. They may not be very educated, but they’re intelligent, with good common sense, horse sense as they call it.

In the interview, Walters tells Dolly that she’s beautiful and doesn’t really need to wear the wigs she wears and the extreme clothes she wears.

Dolly says that wearing them is a choice. She doesn’t want to look like everybody else. She wouldn’t stoop so low to be fashionable. That’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

She held her own.


The Dolly Archive: Dolly Parton Barbara Walters interview 1977


Head of Venus, Rome, 2nd century

A rooster accompanies Mercury.


Mercury putting the many eyes of Argus Panoptes to sleep with stories and music, Illuminated manuscript, France, 1496

A rooster accompanied Muhammad Ali.

He had Mercury Venus in Aquarius.

Venus in Aquarius is drawn to what’s eccentric. Mercury Venus can say eccentric things and find unusual ways to communicate,

unusual, but charming, disarming.

Ali described himself as the “astronaut of boxing,” and his opponents as “just jet pilots.”

He threw punches, rhyming couplets, poems and doggerel.

“You think the world was shocked when Nixon resigned? Wait till I whip George Foreman’s behind.”


Muhammad Ali Poetry collections and poetic moments


The rooster accompanied Helen Keller.

She had Mercury and Mars in Leo, and she spent her life learning to communicate, and showing others that she could. 

She began with gestures and finger spelling, and then learned to talk.

She opened eyes.


How Helen Keller Learned to Talk.


Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy, 1888

Nora Ephron was out doing groceries when she bumped into Rob Reiner.

“Rob! I’ve been meaning to call you.”

He invited her for lunch and they settled down to talking.

Rob had been single for about ten years since his divorce, and she asked him about his experiences as a single man.

He told her everything he was going through, and everything he put the women he dated through.

He divulged men’s secrets to her.

When he finished, he said, “I’ve told you all this stuff about guys, why don’t you tell me something about women that guys don’t know.”

“Women fake orgasms,” she said.

“Not with me,” he said.

“Absolutely with you,” she said.

He stormed out of the restaurant and into his office at Castle Rock, with Nora following behind him. He gathered all the women who worked there and asked them if what Nora said was true.

“It’s true,” they said.

Rob is a Solar Pisces, with Mercury and Mars in Pisces, and planets in Pisces can become unbound. He often has revealing conversations and conversations that reveal too much.

He and Nora decided to make a movie based on everything he said and she said that day.

She wrote the script and she had Mercury Venus in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini doesn’t censor, and Venus gives uncensored material elegance and humour.


When Harry Met Sally Discussion with Nora Ephron & Rob Reiner


Mercury, Venus and Eros by Louis Michel van Loo, 1748

There is a scribe in Mercury, Nabu, Thoth, inventors of writing.

The Greeks said he was adept with his hands, a good craftsman. He made the lyre from the carapace of a turtle and gave it to his brother Apollo who played it. Apollo, god of the Sun, of


There is music in the Sun, and Mercury was associated with music.


Mercury bringing gifts, artist unknown, Flemish, 17th century

Hans Zimmer says that he could always hear music in his head. Everything around him evoked music. His mother was a musician and signed him up for piano lessons, but he didn’t want to play other people’s music.

He has Mars conjunct the Sun, and Mars conjunct the Sun wants freedom and independence.

Mercury helps free Mars.

He has Mars Mercury conjunct the Sun in Virgo.

He quit piano and taught himself to write his own music.

Self taught.

He played in a couple of bands and got work composing music for commercials. He was noticed for writing music that didn’t announce or carry a product, but seemed to rise from it.

He says everything has its own individual sound, like a fingerprint. It’s a matter of recognizing it and expressing it in a few simple notes. All it takes is a few simple notes to create a cathedral of sound.


Range Rover – The Score with Hans Zimmer


Mercury seated, gilded silver plate, Gallo-Roman, 2nd century

Lake Lerna is where the story of Cancer takes place, and in the healing waters of the lake, there’s an entrance to the underworld; that place of soul making.

Cancerians can do that; they can create containers where they feel protected and at home, and where others feel the same.

Mars in Cancer does it on a grand scale.


They say games like soccer are the heart and soul of togetherness.

They can attract players with Mars in Cancer.


Messi and Maradona in the Sistine Chapel of Fútbol, Buenos Aires

Lionel Messi has Mars Mercury in Cancer in the eighth house of soul making. He has the ability to create unity in the dressing room and the playing field, and he’s taken whole crowds on a journey of togetherness.

She has Venus Mercury in Cancer. There is lyricism, eloquence, persuasion when Venus Mercury are together, and she has a way of getting people to watch the game.


Adriana Lima KIA World Cup 2014 TV Commercial Ads



Kurt Russell has Mars in Aries.

He used to jump into things without checking the temperature of the water, until he hurt himself so bad, he couldn’t play baseball anymore.

The doctor asked him, “Aren’t you also an actor?”

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Well, you’re an actor all the time now.”

The injury triggered his Mercury in Aries, and he began checking the temperature of the water and asking a lot of questions.

He asked so many questions in his aviation class, that the instructor said, “Mr. Russell, we’re never going to get through this class if you keep it up.”

It all made sense when he got inside the plane and saw this on the instrumental panel.


Before he could ask a question, the instructor said, “This plane will do anything you want it to do that it can do, and it will do nothing that you want it to do that it can’t do.”

Made sense.

He set aside his creative imagination when he was riding a motorcycle, speedboat racing or flying a plane.

He has Venus in Aries, and Venus Mercury Mars in Aries are creative and entertaining. They have a lot of fun.


BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Clip – Reflexes (1986) Kurt Russell


Before Venus and Mars could love each other freely, they had a torrid affair.


Mars had the young soldier Alectryon stand guard to warn the lovers when the Sun approached.

When Alectryon fell asleep on guard duty, the Sun discovered the lovers and warned Hephaestus, and Hephaestus trapped the lovers in a net.


For this, Mars punished Alectryon and turned him into a rooster, because a rooster never forgets to announce the arrival of the Sun.


Mars between Eros holding a torch, and Alectryon turned into a rooster, France, 18th century

He picked up the rooster and left, like he had left so many times before,


but this time, the Sun came after him.


In the beginning, Venus attracted many suitors, and there was strife among the suitors, and the gods married her to Hephaestus to settle everyone down. Everyone settled, except Mars.


Venus and Mars in the forge of Hephaestus by Aureliano Milani, 18th century

In the beginning, Mars had a bad reputation, he was pure aggression, and the gods entrusted Priapus to teach him the art of war. Before Priapus put weapons into his hands, he taught Mars how to dance.

God of war and god of dance.


Caroline de Monaco soutient la Capoeira pour la Paix à Goma, RDC


Venus brought out the dancer in him,  


From the ballet ‘The Loves of Mars and Venus’ by John Weaver, first performed in 1717

which is why the Sun was chasing him. He had waited to catch the lovers in flagrante delicto and arrange for them to be together, but Mars had picked up and left.


“Merc! Why is he chasing me!”

Merc got inside his car and said, “You’re making an awful lot of noise, bro; I thought you’d be going faster. Dad’s allowing you and Venus to love each other freely.”

“What about Alectryon?”

“What about him?”

“I punished him for falling asleep and turned him into a rooster. He’s in the back seat.”

Merc turned around to look at Alectryon  and said, “He can pull my chariot.”

“What chariot?”

“As herald of the gods, I should have one.”


Mercury in his chariot, Versailles

“I see it now. If anyone’s going to pull off riding a chariot pulled by roosters, it’s you Merc.”

“I can see it too. You energize my mind, Mars.”

“That’s what they say about me, that I enliven and energize anyone I touch.”


There is natural aggression in Mars that helps us survive and fight. He is our fighting spirit, free to roam the zodiac.

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun, and Venus is never more than 47 degrees away; they never square or oppose the Sun in the natal chart.

But Mars does.

Mars can challenge the Sun and the Sun can challenge Mars.

In our early years, the Sun is the father, the figure of authority in the chart holder’s life, and there can be struggle between them. But struggle helps define what it is exactly that Mars will fight for, what his war dance will be.

As we grow older, we internalize the Sun and he becomes our spirit, and the war dance defends it. 


Chart for John McEnroe, born February 16, 1959, Wiesbaden, Germany

The Moon holds our emotions and McEnroe has Mars Moon in Gemini. He is an expressive man, he cannot hide his emotions. He chose tennis as his war dance and he became famous in the tennis world for his emotional outbursts.

He challenged the umpire for calling the ball out when it had clearly touched the line. He spoke up for his rights on the tennis court.


John McEnroe’s epic Wimbledon meltdown: ‘You cannot be serious!’ | ESPN Archivesn 2019


He says that at first, his outbursts were genuine; he really lost it. But later, he could feel spectators waiting for them, and he delivered. They became part of his game and his showmanship.

He says that when his children were born, he tried to tame himself, but he didn’t play as well without the rage. There was catharsis in the rage.

He talks about it now and tries to make sense of it, and he’s having a good time as well.


Novak Djokovic challenges John McEnroe to a match! | US Open 2009


Chart for Sam Harris, born April 9, 1967, Los Angeles

Sam Harris talks about subjects that are taboo in his society. He says things like, Black Lives Matter can do more harm than good. He says it is a group that amplifies an incident and causes moral panic, making it seem like the country was living through the most racist moment in its history, when in fact it isn’t.

He provokes conversation. He could provoke anger, but he never loses his temper.

His parents must have taught him to stay calm when he got angry in conversation, and he found out that when he stayed calm, others followed his lead.

He has the Sun Moon in Aries across from Mars in Libra.

There is introspection when the Sun and the Moon, body and soul are together. But in a fire sign, perhaps it’s easier to reflect on one’s beliefs in conversation with another; Mars in Libra asks for engagement with another.

Mars is retrograde, slowing him down, making him put a lot of effort in the art of conversation, his war dance.

His aim is to be able to talk about touchy subjects in a civil manner, maintaining unity even when there is disagreement.


Sam Harris, author and neuroscientist – BBC HARDtalk


Mars wears the dragon that guarded the golden fleece in his sacred grove in Colchis, the Colchian dragon that initiated Jason in Aries.


Statue of Mars in Hadrian’s Villa, 120 AD

There are initiations wherever Mars is in the chart, and there is a war dance.

They say that when Mars touches Neptune, the war dance is in service to others.


Chart for Princess Caroline of Monaco, born January 23, 1957, Monaco

Mars in Aries squares the Sun in Aquarius, and she says that when she was young, she wanted to live in a flat of her own, have her own life, but her father wouldn’t let her; such things weren’t allowed in Monaco. So she did the next best thing to leave home; she got married at the age of 20.

The marriage lasted two years and she returned home in 1980. In 1982, her mother died, and her father asked her to serve as de facto first lady until her brother married.

She took her mother’s role in the principality, mainly in the arts, and it helped her find herself again, her strength. It also opened other possibilities of service, wider possibilities. This is how she became involved with AMAD. Both Mars and Neptune touch Pluto in Leo, and she’s made it her mission to transform the lives of children hurt by war.


Chart for Angelo Siciliano, born October 30, 1892, Acri, Cosenza, Italy

He has the Moon Mars in Aquarius and he was close to his mother, a dutiful son. His father abandoned them when they came to America, and his mother relied on him to work and help pay the rent.

He was skinny and weak as a kid and got bullied a lot.

His Moon Mars quincunxes Venus in Virgo, and Venus in Virgo on the Ascendant cares about health and physical beauty. She once sent Psyche to the underworld to obtain Persephone’s elixir of beauty.

She was attracting people with health and physical beauty into his life, people who bullied him.

He was with a girl on Coney Island Beach, when a hunky lifeguard kicked sand into his face. He swore revenge, but for that, he needed to build his body.

For that, he needed to own his Venus.

His war dance began with makeshift weights and ropes and elastic grips. He said that he exercised for months but had poor results.

It was when he watched a lion at the zoo that he had an epiphany; it was as if someone touched him with a magic wand. He realized that the lion’s muscular strength came from pitting one muscle against another.

He developed his own exercise program, flexing his muscles, using isometric opposition and adding range of motion.

He studied animals and birds to improve his program.

When someone said he looked like the statue of Atlas, he changed his name to Charles Atlas.


He looked for the right partner to market his program and found Charles Roman. Roman called the program ‘Dynamic-Tension’ and advertized it in comic books. It became popular among boys and young men and older ones too, and they would write to Atlas, and Atlas would write back with advice.

“God was good to me,” he’d say, “and I’m sure he’ll be good to you.”


Chart for Keiko Fujimori, born May 25, 1975, Lima, Peru

She is running for president this year; this is her third try.

She has Mars and Jupiter in Aries, and although the planets are more than ten degrees apart, they are in the same sign and give her incredible drive to work and form relationships. She must consciously or unconsciously reach for initiations through her work.


She spent time in preventive prison while she was being investigated for money laundering, and she says that when she first got there, she kept asking herself asking god, Why me. Then she realized that she was asking the wrong question. The right question was, Why am I here, What do I still need to learn.

Across from Mars is Pluto in Libra in her twelfth house. The twelfth house is where we retreat, and it also rules places of confinement, like hospitals and monasteries and prisons.

She says that a prison volunteer gave her a book by Hubert Lanssiers called, The Teeth of the Dragon. In it, he writes that a Peruvian prison can destroy you or transform you. She wasn’t going to let it destroy her; she was going to come out stronger than before.

We do soul work with Pluto.


She says that another volunteer told her to take advantage of her time in prison to do something that she hadn’t been able to do before, and she read the bible.

There is strategy in Libra.

She was in prison without being charged for a crime and she undoubtedly suffered, but she digs in strategy and uses the experience to her advantage. Her war dance is politics.

Mars sextiles her Sun and she has great spirit and a strong personality, and she maintains a good relationship with her dad.

The Sun progresses one degree every year, and she is now 46 years old. Her progressed Sun is at 19 degrees Cancer, conjunct Venus Saturn in her tenth house. Venus Saturn in Cancer are committed to their country.


Entrevista completa de Jaime bayly a Keiko – YouTube  (with English subtitles on facebook)


Mars loosely trines her Moon Neptune in Sagittarius.

When her father was president in the 90s, her mother made public accusations against him of torture and corruption and many other things.

She was young at the time, and when they asked her if these accusations were true, she said that her mother had the habit of telling ‘leyendas.’ She experienced her mom as a dramatic mom who made up stories.

But she is older now, has children of her own, and the Moon is her Moon. In Sag, it is a playful and a hopeful Moon, and with Neptune, there is joy in service, in spirituality and the arts.

She was born on a full Moon, a lunar eclipse in fact, with the Sun in Gemini in the eighth house. Her mind works best in a crisis, and every crisis brings her closer to her destiny in Sag.

She says that she cried at lot in prison, especially at night, and she prayed to ‘la Virgen de la Puerta,’ the Virgin of the Doorway, to reunite her with her children.

Legend says that the Virgin of the Doorway once protected Otuzco, a village in the highlands of Peru, from being attacked by pirates.

When she got out of prison, she went to Otuzco to give thanks.


Dante Alighieri wrote that he was born under the sign of Gemini in Florence in 1265. This is an imagined chart for Dante, born May 30, 1265, 10 am, Julian calendar

Neptune softens Mars, turns him into a poet, and in Leo, he becomes the poet laureate.


Dante Alighieri by Sandro Botticelli, 1495

Dante was a poet and a political figures in Florence. He was exiled from his city for political reasons, and it was from his twelfth house of exile that he wrote his Commedia.

Someone later on renamed his work, Divina Commedia.

Institutions can be formed when Jupiter and Saturn come together, and in his chart, Mercury Saturn and Jupiter are together in Gemini and Taurus, the sign that rules the hoi poloi and the sign that rules history.

Historically, Dante is known for establishing the use of the Italian language in literature. Before him, the people who could write wrote in Latin, the language of a few. Dante wrote in the language of the many.


Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus in his chart, and a Mars Uranus square can be explosive.

Leo is an expressive sign, a sensitive sign. When Dante was sent into exile, he was hurt and angry, and when his anger touched Uranus in Taurus, he broke open the earth. Taurus also rules the body the earth.

He looked down and said, This must be Inferno.


Sextiles are energetic, and a Mars Mercury sextile would take a quick look at Inferno and move on to other things, but not when Saturn is involved.

Mars sextiles Mercury Saturn in Gemini, and Dante took a guided tour of Inferno, through each and every one of the nine circles, and each and every one of the circles’ subdivisions.

He put all his enemies in Inferno, and he wrote them in Italian, so that everyone could read their names. His war dance at this point in the story was revenge.


But people showed him kindness in exile, in Verona and in the other cities he visited, people were kind and his anger subsided. He used the square to Uranus to build a mountain on an island, and he looked at it and said, This must be Purgatorio.


He put friends and people who respected and admired him in Purgatorio. This was a better place, not of punishment, but of remedies; every sin had a remedy, and in time, every soul ascended to Paradiso.

As he walked up the seven terraces of the mountain, he was recognized and greeted warmly. He had lively and humorous conversations, conversations filled with nostalgia, and conversations that proved how accomplished he was. Not only was his tour guide Virgil, but other poets of the past had heard of him as well. One of them recited one of his poems and said, I feel bad not to be part of the sweet new style.

He was feeling good, feeling grateful and showing off. His war dance in Purgatorio was to show off.


Beatrice was his guide in Paradiso.

Dante had set eyes on her in his youth and fallen in love. He would greet her in passing over the years, but had never spoken to her.

My lady looks so gentle and so pure / When yielding salutation by the way / That the tongue trembles and has naught to say / And the eyes, which fain would see, may not endure.

When he heard that she had died, he said he wouldn’t write about her anymore, not until he met her in Paradiso.

He had to walk through fire to meet her. The remedy on the last terrace of Mount Purgatorio was to walk through fire to purge the sin of lust.


Dante and Beatrice by Ary Scheffer, 1851

They say that a man’s ideal woman looks like his Venus, and Beatrice must have looked like Dante’s Venus in Cancer.

They say that a man’s ideal woman acts like his Moon, and Dante’s Moon is in Sag, in the fourth house of home and nurture, trining Mars in Leo.

When he met Beatrice, she scolded him like he were a child.

She said that when she was alive, she had been the inspiration that kept him on the right path, and when she died, he had gone astray. She had asked Virgil to bring him to her so that she could rescue him.

We are pilgrims in Sag, and Beatrice accompanied Dante on a pilgrimage through the nine spheres of Paradiso. She and the most prominent people in every sphere educated him.

She rescued him with a good education, and he used it to expose the corruption of the church and state that exiled him.

Dante’s war dance in Paradiso was erudition.


Dante and Beatrice speak to the teachers of wisdom Thomas Aquinas, Albertus Magnus, Peter Lombard and Sigier of Brabant in the sphere of the Sun, fresco by Philipp Veit in Casa Massimo, Rome, 19th century

He thanked his solar sign Gemini for his craft, and it is in Gemini that he wrote his Commedia, a poem that has over 14,000 lines of rhymed verse. A work of art.

He was forced to leave his beloved Florence, and in exile, he had time in his hands to write. He wrote lovingly with his Sun, and he wrote painstakingly with Saturn watching over Mercury.

But Mercury is strong in Gemini, the sign he rules; he has authority in Gemini.

He gave Dante the caduceus that allowed him entrance to Inferno and Purgatorio, and he gave Dante wings to fly to Paradiso. Go and explore the Christian afterlife, he said.


Dante holding a copy of his Commedia, next to the entrance of Inferno, Mount Purgatorio and the city of Florence, with the spheres of Paradiso above, by Domenico di Michelino, 1465

Mercury in Sag in the birth chart will work in partnership with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius.


Chart for Eva Joly, born December 5, 1943, 9:45 pm, Oslo

Every planet has a shadow and a light, and Jupiter’s light is to work for the greater good of society. In Leo, he helps people like Hercules, people who have been wronged.

Eva Joly has Jupiter in Leo on the Ascendant. When she wears her glasses, she sees problems of injustice.


She has Venus in Libra and her MC in Taurus. Venus and the signs she rules have guided her public life.

She was interested in beauty when she was young, and she participated in beauty pageants.

Later on in life, she joined the green party of France; there is strategy in Libra and a concern for the earth in Taurus.

But for the main part, she has practiced law; there is justice in Libra. She specializes in financial affairs and investigates fraud, a Taurean career.

Taurus rules history and the containers of history, like museums and libraries. Taurus rules collections, stamp collections and art collections. Taurus rules the earth’s resources and the containers of our resources, such as banks.

Dante Alighieri has Uranus in Taurus. He was a member of the White Guelphs and served as city prior. When the Black Guelphs took power, they accused him of corruption and financial wrongdoing. The Pope backed the Black Guelphs and told Dante that he could stay in Florence if he paid a fine. Dante wouldn’t pay the fine because he said he was innocent, and even if he wanted to pay it, he couldn’t because the Black Guelphs had seized his assets.

He exposed the corruption of the church and state in Paradiso. Eva exposes corruption in court, after a thorough investigation done in the Gemini Sag polarity.

Mercury in Sag trines Jupiter, and they come up with a plan of action, like they have so many times before.


The birth of Bacchus

Mercury rules Gemini and works with the planets in Gemini to make connections and trace the movement of money.

In an interview, Eva explains how a bank stole money from small enterprises when the amount of capital required for banks to operate increased.

She says that hoarding money to avoid paying taxes shows a lack of engagement in society; a Jupiterian thing to say.


Eva Joly interview in



Chart for Carl Sagan, born November 9, 1934, 5:05 pm, NY

He was an astronomer, and he opened up the skies for millions of viewers with his television series, Cosmos.

With Saturn in Aquarius, he was careful to separate facts from speculation. Saturn in Aquarius demands academic rigor and hard scientific evidence.


Pluto in Cancer     If you stick to the facts, you’ll have an empty stadium.

Uranus in Aries     Be daring, Carl. Add some speculation.

Sun Venus in Scorpio     Use your charm.

Moon in Sag     Tell them how you really feel when you look at the sky.


He felt wonder.


Jupiter in Scorpio wondered if there was life out there, and Mercury said, Let’s send them a message. He couldn’t send anything until the rulers of Scorpio approved.

Mars Neptune in Virgo     Be poetic and concise.

Pluto in Cancer     And make sure it’s inclusive.

Merc and Jupiter assembled sounds and images from around the world in two phonograph records, and sent them aboard the Voyager spacecraft.


Chart for Fannie Farmer, born March 23, 1857, time unknown, Boston

Jupiter, ruler of her ninth house of higher learning, is conjunct Mars in her solar house of Aries; an enormous concentration of energy pushing her forth to study, to teach.

But she was struck with polio when she was a teenager, and it would take her ten years to recover her ability to walk. She had to stay home.

Saturn in Cancer in her fourth house is at the bending of the nodes, and Saturn asked her to make good use of her time at home.

She studied at home and worked on her body, learned about her body. She ventured into the kitchen and experimented with food. She enjoyed her experimentation.

She turned her home into a boarding house and it became known for the food she served. She made good use of her home.

When the day was done, she went into Pisces, her house of retreat.

The Moon in Pisces connected her with the collective.

Neptune in Pisces inspired ideas that would serve the collective.

With Mercury in Pisces, she wrote.

In Taurus, she had found a correlation between what she ate and how she felt, physically and emotionally, and she wrote about it. She then wrote recipes for people like her, people who were sick and convalescing.

While she did this, Mercury opened the doors to the signs he rules; Gemini, in her third house of skills, and Virgo, in her sixth house of work.

She was getting ready to step outside, to teach, to run a cooking school, to write the first cook book that used standardized measurements in recipes.

But this is the one she wanted to be remembered for.


She was in the kitchen one day, following a recipe that told her to add

2 full handfuls of flour,
a good pinch of salt,
a piece of butter the size of an egg
and milk to moisten.

She could hear spirits laughing when she grabbed the handfuls of flour.

She wondered how many people asked themselves if the amount of flour they were holding was the right amount,

and a tin can dropped to the ground.

She bent down to pick it up, and knew what she was going to do.


Chart for John Constable, born June 11, 1776, 1 am, Suffolk, UK

We express ourselves wherever Mercury is in the chart, and here he is in Cancer in the fourth house.

Mercury in Cancer will work in partnership with the Moon, and John Constable’s Moon is in Aries in the first house.

He was a passionate man, passionate about his roots, his homeland, and he expressed it in his paintings.

In the beginning of his career, his paintings sold better in France than they did in England, and his art dealer suggested he move to Paris. He refused. His body was tied to home.

The Sun in Gemini enjoys short trips, and he traveled to the countryside and the coast for inspiration. Gemini rules the lungs, the arms, the hands, and he has Venus Mars Uranus in Gemini. He breathed life to a canvas, and they were big canvases, six footers.

His MC and Pluto are in Capricorn, and they say Capricorn gives maximum value to the smallest amount of space; diamonds are Capricorn stones.
His colleagues said he gave maximum value to a canvas. He said he tried to be as true to nature as possible; he let nature be his guide.

He was accepted to the Royal Academy and became a popular lecturer; dynamic.


Mercury in Cancer also says something about his family, and he came from a wealthy merchant family that expected him to work in the business. When he chose to study art, his family supported him, kept a close eye on him.

Mercury squares the Moon, and they energize each other, with arguments or with encouragement, but there is engagement.

We have something to say wherever Mercury is in the chart, and wherever he is, there is a heap of stones, a herm giving us direction.


Heaps of stone, a herm by Paul Noble, 2012

Chart for Alberto Fujimori, born July 28, 1938, 1:20 am, Lima, Peru

The Virgo Pisces polarity is the polarity of service and the polarity that teaches culture, and Alberto Fujimori has been a man of service and a professor.

Mercury is in Virgo in the fourth house; he is in a sign that he rules. Across from Mercury is Jupiter in Pisces in the tenth house; he too is in a sign that he rules.

When Mercury and Jupiter touch each other, like in Carl Sagan’s chart, there is great intelligence.

Here, they touch each other and connect homeland and career.

Fujimori is an agrarian engineer who taught at the agrarian university in Lima. He rose to become the rector of the university.

The rulers of Taurus Gemini in his first house are in Virgo in the fourth, with Neptune. Like John Constable, he is tied to home. His students and colleagues at the university found him to be polished, charismatic and knowledgeable.

To have knowledge of the land in Virgo is to know the climate, the soil, what will grow in it and how to make improvements. The agrarian university lies in that place between city and countryside, that place in between that Mercury rules; god of twilight. Fujimori came to know the people who worked the land and fed the cities.

He was encouraged to run for president, and when he began to campaign, he found that he had the power to unite his community.

He became president in 1990, and the cities said he was the dark horse who came from nowhere. His MC is in Aquarius, and he was seen as a man of science and agriculture, and not a politician. But if we step inside his tenth house,

there’s Jupiter in Pisces.

Fujimori put an end to the terrorism that was tearing the country apart.

Jupiter in Pisces can end a war.


One of the ways he ended it was by arming the people living in the rural areas of Peru, to defend themselves, their land. He had taught in a university, taught students who came from the provinces. He knew they were capable.

Jupiter pulls the house of crisis and healing in Sagittarius into his tenth, and Fujimori reached out internationally for aid. He opened the country up to solve the economic problems.

But every planet and every sign has a shadow.

Fujimori was found guilty of abuse of power and embezzlement, and has been in prison since 2007.

He is having a Jupiter return. Transiting Jupiter is over his natal Jupiter at zero degrees Pisces. Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius in July, and will return again in late December. It is a long Jupiter return, a powerful one, as it will be followed by his Uranus return.

The last time he had a Jupiter return was in 2010, when his daughter formed her first political party.

Returns bring a new stage of development in the house the planet is in, and he groomed his daughter for politics; she is a part of his career.

This time she is running for president, and she reminds people of all the good things her father did for the country. She is restoring his name.

Whether she wins or loses, it will bring a new stage of development.


Chart for Ingrid Betancourt, born December 25, 1961, 2:15 pm, Bogota, Colombia

The eighth house is the house of crisis and healing.

The eighth house is also the house of the hidden and the taboo. Secret societies and the mysteries belong here, and so do illegal activities.

Sagittarius is on the cusp of the eighth house in her chart, and Jupiter, ruler of Sag, is conjunct her MC in Aquarius.

Ingrid Betancourt studied at the institute for political studies in Paris, and she has become an expert on corruption. She says that for corruption to be effective, it has to contaminate all the bodies of society; it has to be present in government, in congress, in the judiciary, in the media, and religious institutions.  Corruption is a system.

She was running for president of Colombia in 2002, wanting to end corruption in her country, when she was kidnapped by the FARC. She was held in captivity in the jungle for six years.

She says that she had studied the Stanford Prison Experiment and was aware of Stockholm Syndrome, and during her captivity, she kept herself at war. She would not submit.

Even when they put a chain around her neck and tied her to a tree, she kept her freedom.

Mercury is in Capricorn, on the cusp of the ninth house of knowledge. He stands in that space between the eighth and the ninth house.

In Capricorn, Mercury works with Saturn.

With Saturn in Capricorn in the ninth house, she masters the laws of the land, laws that respect the land and human dignity.

With the planets in the eighth, she fights against the breakdown of laws.

Mercury in between informs the fight.


Life Learnings from Being Held Hostage for Six Years in the Colombian Jungle – Ingrid Betancourt.


Chart for Shirley Thomson, born February 19, 1930, Windsor, Ontario

Uranus     We finally have the budget to buy a new piece for the gallery.

Merc     I’m at the bending of the nodes; I should be the one to choose it.

Saturn     But you’re in my sign-

Uranus     and mine.

Mars     Why don’t you tell him the style you want, and he can choose the subject.

Saturn     Stick to the past-

Uranus     Break from the past-

Jupiter     What’s your subject, Merc? I’ll find something for you.

Merc     A herm.


Voice of Fire by Barnett Newman, 1967

Mars     Look at that Merc, it’s a herm energized with my colours.

Merc     That’s what happens when the god of the roads and the god of war come together.

Mars     It’s given a new look in Aquarius, a modern look. I don’t think anyone’s going to recognize it. Even the title doesn’t give it away; Voice of Fire.

Merc     People inclined to the spiritual will think it’s something like the voice that came from the burning bush.

Mars     People inclined to the secular will think it’s more carnal than that.

Merc     We touch Jupiter in Gemini and become intellectual art, art of the mind.

Mars     The holder of the chart’s war dance is her intellect. She’s educating the public, generating discussion, organizing a symposium to understand the artistic value of the work.

Merc     The art she buys is for the public good, a good investment.




Chart for Joseph Campbell, born March 26, 1904, White Plains, NY

Campbell studied those ancient stories we call myths. He said that myths are a valuable guide through the journey of life.

He has a stellium in Aries, and they say that we are pioneers in Aries, in the house that Aries is in. We may pioneer something as small as a new way of making the beds at home, but there is pioneership in Aries.

Aries is Campbell’s solar house, and he had a pioneering spirit.

Mars in Aries sextiles Pluto in Gemini, and he dug into myths from around the world.

Mars in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius, and he found that there were themes repeated in all cultures, joining cultures together.

He was attracted to myths that had initiatory journeys. He said they were part of a monomyth, the myth of a hero’s journey.


Merc in Aries works in partnership with Mars, scribing the research. But Merc isn’t alone; he is conjunct the Sun Jupiter, and there is a search for meaning with the Sun Jupiter, and a demand for more.

Joseph Campbell’s work on myth is monumental.

Uranus in Sag is at the bending of the nodes, energizing the planets in Aries, pushing them into new territory, groundbreaking territory.

The planets in Cancer are also involved, and with Cancer, there is a need to compile all the myths and protect them from disappearing.




Chart for Oliver Sacks, born July 9, 1933, London

Aquarius rules the nervous system, and Oliver Sacks studies the brain, the brain’s plasticity, and the brain’s ability to make accommodations.

He believes that life begins and ends with the brain, that the brain is the source of consciousness and spirituality, mysticism and artistic interests and any other kind of interest. He’s seen it happen, and it keeps his focus on the brain. He’s seen people with temporal lobe seizures have mystical experiences. He’s seen people struck by lightning develop a passion for music.

The person who was struck by lightning said he flew out of his body and saw people converge around his body and a woman give him CPR. He had his consciousness with him and he checked on his kids and knew they would be alright. Then suddenly he was thrown back into his body and felt pain.

This was the first time anyone had described an outer body experience to Sacks. He would have called it a hallucination, but he says that he kept a calm and neutral face. It’s important not to show any judgement of one’s own, but appreciation for what is being said.

There is mastery in a field ruled by Aquarius in his chart, and life has taught him to master his emotions.

But he can be funny when he tells stories of his patients, with their permission. Mars in Libra shows a strong regard for ethics.


Oliver Sacks on Music and Mind (case study at 39:00)


Mercury is conjunct Venus in Leo, and in Leo, Mercury works with the Sun.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto in Cancer, and the Sun Pluto may attract experiences that transform his life, but he may also be the one transforming people’s lives, an agent of transformation.

He has worked with numerous patients living with neurological disorders and brain injury, and Mercury Venus write about them.

Oliver Sacks has been described as a profound public intellectual in the mind sciences, and the poet laureate of medicine.


Venus, Mercury and Eros by Nicolas Chaperon, 1635

The story of Themis is part of Libra’s story. She did not prophesy day to day events, but events that would change the order of things, like the trojan war. The advice she gave to Jupiter was based on the repercussions his actions could have. She rose above a situation to look at the whole picture.

The stories that are part of Taurus have the body as the locus; the bull of heaven, Europa, Pasiphae, Asterion. The experiences in Taurus are embodied experiences.


Chart for Maria Montessori, born August 31, 1870, 3:30 am, Chiaravalle, Italy

In Maria Montessori’s chart, Neptune in Aries is at the bending of the nodes, and she diffused a new method of teaching, a sensory based method.

Her MC is in Taurus.

She became a doctor, and she worked with children with disabilities in hospitals and asylums, in the twelfth house.

Mars is conjunct Uranus in Cancer in the twelfth, and he energizes Neptune.

Mars with Uranus in Cancer doesn’t want to be sheltered or contained. He wants to break free of the old shell, old molds, olds rules, and create new ones to live by.

This is her energy and the energy she attracts into the twelfth; it inspired her new method of teaching.

Mercury is in Libra in the third house of early educations, and Mercury in Libra works with Venus. She is in Leo, over the Ascendant, showing herself only when she needs to.

Maria Montessori believed in guiding a child, without letting them feel the presence of the teacher too much.

To achieve this, she rose above the classroom with Mercury, and designed a plan that would allow the children mobility and easy access to the activities.


Chart for Jessica Alba, born April 28, 1981, 1:51 pm, Pomona, CA

Jessica Alba has a stellium in Taurus that brings out her love for natural products. She owns a company, and her focus is to ensure that nothing in her products will harm the body.

Her energy and drive are in the ninth house of knowledge and teaching, and she talks to her public about her company and the ingredients in her products.

She mentors from lived experience, and not from a theory or method.

The stellium in Taurus quincunxes Jupiter Saturn in Libra in her second house of resources. Design, overview and strategy are some of her resources in the boardroom.


Jessica Alba at USC | Full Interview


Jupiter rules the cusp of her fifth house of children, and she says that she started this company thinking of her children.

Jupiter also rules her eighth house of crisis and healing, and she is perhaps healing something within herself with the work she does. The eighth house is the house of our psychology, a hidden house.

They say it is the house of other people’s money. Theft and debt belong here, and so does looking for investors. It took her a long time to be taken seriously and find a partner, but she persevered, polished her presentation and found one.

Looking for a partner took her through a transformation.

When she found one, she entered the seventh house of partnerships. Saturn rules her house of work and her house of partnerships.

Jupiter Saturn in Libra are balanced by her stellium in Taurus.


Chart for Edward Said, born November 1, 1935, 5 pm, Jerusalem

For those who knew him and those who read him, he is a remembered dead. When we remember him, his chart comes alive.

Transiting Jupiter is at 1 degree Pisces, conjunct his natal Saturn. People are recurring to his knowledge and understanding of a troubled part of the world.

He was a scholar who described himself as a secular Palestinian.

In this interview, given in 2001, he begins talking about his body; he was battling leukemia. He then walks over to Mercury in Libra in his house of work. He rises with Mercury to see the bigger picture with a critical eye, and dips from time to time into the psychology of the region with his Sun in Scorpio.


Edward Said interview (2001)


Chart for Rocco Siffredi, born May 4, 1964, 11:30 am, Ortona, Italy

Rocco Siffredi finds it difficult to rise above his body.

Jupiter is conjunct his MC in Taurus, with his Sun and Mercury.

Jupiter rules his fifth house of the things we do for pleasure, and Jupiter rules his eighth house of what is hidden and taboo in the society we live in.

He has made a career out of something taboo. He is a pornography actor, director, producer. He says that he has tried to quit many times, thinking of his children, but the impulse is too strong, like an addiction. It has also been a source of suffering.

Jupiter is conjunct Mercury and Mars in Aries, in the most public house in the chart, and he talks about such matters openly.

It frees him to talk, and perhaps he frees others.

Mercury in Taurus works with Venus, and Venus is in Gemini in the eleventh house.

Gemini is a youthful sign, not particularly concerned with morality, but with exploration and experimentation. Venus in Gemini will cater to a Geminian audience.


When the pandemic started, Rocco and his family went live to answer questions from his audience, young people he calls ragazzi. He and his wife give them advice; they point out the difference between the mechanical sex they see in pornography and romance.


Rocco and the Family (part 1)

Rocco and the Family (part 2)


There is the protection of clan in Scorpio that comes from the stories of Artemis and Apollo.

Artemis, lunar goddess, wild and chaste. She mingled with Orion, lesser than herself in her brother’s eyes. Orion betrayed her, or so she was told, and she called on Scorpius to put an end to him.

Apollo, god of the sun, god of prophecy and music and the healing arts. Coronis betrayed him and he shot an arrow through her, and before she died, she said that she was carrying his child. He cut the child out of her womb and called him

Asclepius, to cut open, Asclepius, god of medicine.

His father Apollo and the centaur Chiron were his teachers, but they say that a serpent taught him the secrets of pharmakon, poison that can do harm and poison that can heal.

He brought sick people back to life with his secrets.


The Temple of Asclepius by Robert Thom, 1957, University of Michigan Museum of Art

There are secrets of pharmakon in Scorpio, and there is a taste, a thirst for initiations that come from the stories of

Mars, god of war and god of dance, consort of Inanna Ereshkigal,


and Pluto, shaman of the zodiac. He sees us through every stage of our lives, from birth to adolescence, loss of innocence and old age, and death, and in every crisis, he brings us down to that place of soul making that he rules, that place of healing that is called the underworld.


Chart for Morgan Spurlock, born November 7, 1970, Parkersburg, West Virginia

With Neptune in Sag at the bending of the nodes, he could have left his homeland to explore foreign lands,

but Rahu in Aquarius in the fourth house keeps him tied to his roots, to a humanitarian destiny in the place where he is rooted,

so he explores what is foreign to him in his own land.

He has a grand stellium in Scorpio, his solar house, and this place of clan and medicine and psychology compels him to look for initiations, to find meaning in them and have stories to tell. When he goes looking for an initiation, Mercury connects him to Gemini in his eighth house.

Gemini rules the air of pedestrians.


He grabs a meal and wonders what would happen if he were to eat only McDonald’s for a month.

An idea begins to form.

He doesn’t mind that it’s not elegant; Mars Uranus in Libra give him a taste for pop culture and the beau laid, and Pluto in Virgo gives him a taste for the peripheral.

His idea becomes the documentary Super Size Me. The experience hurts his liver and his sex drive plummets, but what he reveals has an impact and puts him in the spotlight.

They call him a truth teller.

He goes back to Gemini looking for more ideas, more initiations that he can document.


There can be a magnanimous spirit when the Sun and Jupiter are together, but there can also be excess.

He gave this interview before his ‘fall from grace’ in 2017.

The interviewer tells him that after the Super Size Me craze, it would be easy for him to get caught up in his own momentum, and to think that what he’s doing is more important than it is. Does he think he’s at this stage?

Spurlock answers that the key to not getting caught up in his own


is to surround himself by NO men, men who tell him that he’s being a jerk when he’s being a jerk, and that his ideas are terrible when they are terrible.

In this way, he describes Saturn in Taurus in his house of partnerships, lying across from his grand stellium in Scorpio.

He finishes the interview saying that he tries to make his films as entertaining and engaging as possible. His intention is to give medicine that tastes like cotton candy; easy to swallow, but food for thought for later.


FULL INTERVIEW: Morgan Spurlock


In December 2017, he joined the MeToo movement by writing a confession about his own personal sexual misconduct.

Nobody was after him; he simply felt compelled to come clean.

He was having a Jupiter return when he wrote his confession, and his progressed Sun had just changed signs and entered Capricorn.

His progressed Sun was in Sagittarius when Super Size Me was released in 2004, and he had since ventured into many foreign areas, foreign to him, including prison and a coal mine.

There is expansion in Sagittarius, and there is contraction in Capricorn, and in 2017, there was a change in how he felt and what he considered important.

There can be excess when Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, an excess of activity, an excess of emotion, and a Jupiter return can energize the excess

and free us,

The NO men dropped his Super Size Me 2 project, and he was free to do some soul work.


Morgan Spurlock on his next big fast food venture, addressing #MeToo confession I Nightline


Mercury keeps stories moving,

but they begin with Jupiter and his desire. Wherever he is in the chart, we can take the initiative to begin new stories.

Bold and bountiful god, fertile god; every child of Jupiter is an aspect of him.

There are Castor and Pollux, born of Jupiter and Leda; gods of rescue. When there was a storm at sea, sailors prayed to them, the Dioscuri, for their protection.


The Dioscuri protect a ship by Bernard Picart, 1731

The goddess Nemesis entrusted them with the mission of bringing people down, people who had become too inflated, too identified with the gods.


Nemesis and the divine twins, design from a red figure vase, 4th century BC

There is Dionysus, born of Jupiter and Semele; god of wine and rituals and madness.


Marble head of Dionysus, 2nd century AD

There is Athena, born of Jupiter alone; she sprang from his forehead bright eyed and full grown. Goddess of wisdom and strategy in warfare, guide and protector of heroes.


Pallas Athena by Rembrandt, 1655

Chart for Atsuko Yuya, born September 1, 1968, Nagasaki, Japan

The story of Virgo is Demeter’s story, and from her story came the Eleusinian mysteries, secret rites that initiated the ancient Greeks to secret knowledge about the cycle of life, death and rebirth, death and renewal of the land.

When Demeter came to Earth looking for her daughter Persephone, she came to Eleusis disguised as a old woman, a nursemaid.

She offered her services to the king and queen, and cared for their child Demophon, fed him ambrosia, and laid him like a log in the hearth to burn off his mortality.

Until the queen saw what she was doing and made her stop.

Demeter revealed herself to the queen, and the queen built a temple to honour her.

There is a factory beside Demeter’s temple in Eleusis, and there is a smoke stack behind her statue.


Some call it disturbing, and others call it appropriate, because it is from fire and smoke that Pluto’s riches come, and Pluto is in this story.

He took Persephone to be his queen in the underworld, and Demeter turned the Earth barren and cold with her grief. When she rested at the well of Eleusis, Baubo tried to cheer her up telling bawdy jokes.


It is this lighter side of the story that Atsuko Yuya picks up in her professional life.

She has a grand trine in fire, an interest in foreign cultures, courage to fight crime, and she doesn’t mind working backstage.

Mars in Leo is behind her Sun,

and her Sun is in a grand stellium in Virgo.

She is a voice actress and a dub-over actress in Japan, and she plays many roles.

She synchronizes her voice perfectly.


Characters and Voice Actors – Resident Evil 3 Remake (English and Japanese)  She plays the first character.


She has found a career that allows her to spread out the powerful energy of her solar house, energy that can feel demanding, demand greatness.


Mohamed Atta, ringleader of the September 11 attacks, and hijacker pilot of American Airlines flight 11, was also born on September 1, 1968.

His religious beliefs made him a part of a terrorist group and he worked undercover. He must have worked hard on his psychology to conquer fear and play god.


Athena, goddess of the mind, virgin goddess,  never disarmed by love. She taught  Mars strategy in war.


Mars, god of instincts, protector of life and guardian at the gates, god of war and god of the war dance, always disarmed by love.

The ancients say that he embraced Ilia and she bore him twins, but Ilia’s father would not believe they were children of Mars. He ordered his servants to cast them into the river, and when they did, the waters receded and the children were left in the river mud. A she-wolf heard them crying and came to nurse them. They drank her milk and she licked them clean with her tongue, and all the while, a woodpecker guarded the wolf and the children from above.

When the herdsman Faustulus came upon them, the wolf went back into the forest. Faustulus took the children to his wife who was with grief; she had given birth to a stillborn. He and his wife raised the twins and called them Romulus and Remus, children of Mars, founders of Rome.


It is with Mars that we latch on to feed, and it is with Mars that we push away and assert our independence.

He is our personal will,

but the will of Pluto can be stronger.


Puberty is plutonic, and there is not much Mars can do to stop puberty.

In our lives, there can be struggle between Mars and Pluto, between personal will and the will of Pluto, what Mars wants and where Pluto wants to dig.

As a transit, they say Pluto is the inexorable force driving history.

As a transit, they say Mars is our collective will.

We feel Pluto’s power when he transits a sign; we cannot not pay attention to the issues he digs up. When he was finishing his transit through Libra in the early 80s, a disease that seemed only to affect gay men came to our attention. It came to our attention through the activism of people who loved the men dying of this disease.

Libra rules the kidneys, the organs that control the body’s fluid balance; it is a sign of balance. We have two kidneys, but we can live with one; there is a woman who gave one of her kidneys to her adoptive father when his were failing. She said that her kidney closed the biological gap between them. This is Libra, a sign of partnership, relationship.

When Mars in Aries opposed Pluto in Libra in March 1983, AIDS activist Larry Kramer published an article in the ‘New York Native’ asking his community to get angry, get angry at the lack of government support for sick and dying gay men, get angry at the slow pace in finding the cause of AIDS.

Pluto digs up issues and initiates conversations that keep us evolving, and when Mars and Pluto oppose each other, there can be struggle between collective will and Pluto’s will, struggle that can prepare us for change.


Chart for March 31, 1983, NY

Saturn Pluto were conjunct in Libra and Scorpio, announcing changes in relationship and sexuality, and the Sun Mercury trined Jupiter Uranus in Sag, announcing a breakthrough.

A breakthrough came that year in May, when Dr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and her colleagues reported that a retrovirus could be the cause of AIDS.

When Pluto transited Scorpio, the sign that rules the sex organs, we were educated as a collective about AIDS and HIV. The disease generated talks about early sex education, gender and sexuality, and how we work with blood.

The result of all those talks is a census questionnaire that reflects a society very different from the one in the 80s and 90s. It asks questions that were unthinkable back then; what is your gender, what was your gender when you were born.


Chart for June 2, 2021

Mars is transiting Cancer and Pluto is at 26 degrees Capricorn.

Our personal will as a collective is in opposition to the will of Pluto in Capricorn, and we may be feeling the struggle somewhere in our lives.

Capricorn rules the bones, the joints, the skeletal structure, and Pluto is digging up issues that have to do with the structures and rules of our society.

We may be asked to align ourselves to rules that we don’t agree with, that don’t make sense, that feel unnatural, and we may be having discussions about them, protests against them, fights. There are challenges here.

Mars begins to break away from the opposition when he enters Leo on June 11, but he will quincunx Jupiter in Pisces, and later, he will be in an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius, and the challenges continue.


Chart for August 24, 1776, Philadelphia

Pluto is a slow moving planet; he takes an average of 244 years to travel around the zodiac.

The last time he was at 26 degrees Capricorn was on July 4, 1776, when the United States ratified its declaration of independence from Great Britain. At first, the king dismissed the declaration as trivial, but in August, he sent troops to quench the rebellion.

This wasn’t just a Mars and Pluto opposition, this was a Mars Jupiter and Pluto opposition, and Jupiter expands what he touches.

The Americans fought a war against the British troops to defend their anti monarchical views and the structural changes they wanted.

The American Revolution continued during Pluto’s transit through Aquarius and Aquarius rules the  nervous system. The American Revolution sent an electric charge around the world that sparked other revolutions and fights for independence.


The nervous system by Sonaz Izadi

When Saturn and Pluto cross paths, they bring structural transformation, and it was with Pluto Saturn in Aquarius that the Americans created the Constitution of the United States.


Chart for the Constitution of the United States, September 17, 1787, Philadelphia

It was also with Pluto Saturn in Aquarius that the British politician William Wilberforce wrote about the need to suppress the slave trade.

In 1791, he sponsored a motion in the House of Commons to abolish the slave trade carried by British subjects on the coast of Africa, but it was defeated. He tried again in 1792, adding the word gradual, to gradually abolish the slave trade with a target date of 1796, but it did not receive the consent of the House of Lords.

Sentiments changed in 1800 when Pluto was in Pisces; abolitionists outnumbered slave trade supporters.

Pisces rules the feet, and feet carry the weight of the body, they are connected to the whole body, they have more nerve endings than any other part of the body. Pisces will not stand for shackled feet.

When the bill to abolish the slave trade was presented in parliament in January 1807, Pluto and Mars were breaking an opposition, and the House of Commons voted 283 for and 16 against.


Chart for January 1, 1807, London

But then Mars retrograded. When the bill was in the House of Lords for royal consent, Mars retrograde and Pluto opposed each other. There was the matter of a ship that had been given clearance to sail on April 27, and they decided that this would be the last slave voyage by a British vessel. The Abolition Act came into effect on May 1.


There would be more challenges as Mars moved direct and opposed Pluto again


Eros and Venus riding two sea creatures by Marco Dente, ca 1515

Pisces rules the feet, and Gemini rules the lungs, the  arms, the hands.

When Pluto was in Gemini at the turn of the twentieth century, the Wright Brothers built a plane with a petrol engine. Their first documented flight was on December, 17, 1903, in Kitty Hawk, NC.


The will of the collective was in Aquarius, energizing invention, and the Sun Uranus in Sag dared Pluto to push the limits. Adventure was in the air.

Pluto was still in Gemini when the engineer Charles W. Chappelle presented his plane at the First Industrial Aero show in Brooklyn, NY. He was the first African American to display a plane, and he had invented a plane that was designed to travel long distance.


Chart for January 20, 1911, Brooklyn, NY

Mars was in Sag; the will of the collective was in the sign that rules long distance travel and foreign ideas.

15,000 people attended the show, and the show introduced people to the idea of travel by air, and the idea that a black man could participate in such inventions and win a medal.


First flight by Slava Posudevsky

We have a photograph of him; photography was becoming increasingly popular when he lived.


It all began with the daguerreotype.


Daguerreotype, 1837

It is a still life with plaster casts, and there is a head of a ram on the wall.

Pluto was in Aries when Louis Daguerre took it, and Aries rules the face, the head, head first, birth.

Daguerre kept his process of photography a secret, but secrets can leak, and people advised him to sell his patent to the government.

He began by presenting it to the French Academy of Sciences on January 9, 1839.


Jupiter was in Libra, and Jupiter’s transit through a sign frees up its qualities, and Libra rules aesthetics. Pluto in Aries across from Jupiter announced a new form of aesthetics that would transform us.

Mars was in Virgo, and the Academy asked Daguerre to reveal his invention in detail; they wanted a demonstration before they took his request to the government.

The French government debated on how to proceed with his request while Mars transited Libra. Mars was conjunct Jupiter when he opposed Pluto, and they must have worried about chemicals and lab explosions.

“We won’t have to sit all those hours to have our portraits painted ever again.”

“I’d much rather sit than die!”

 Then Venus stepped in and they thought about the possibilities; portraits of their children, portraits to commemorate every occasion. 

On August 19, 1839, the French government bought the patent and announced that the invention would be free to the world.


The Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union began when Uranus and Pluto were in Leo; it began with the launching of satellites into space.

When Pluto entered Virgo, the two countries took the race in a different direction; they prepared to put a man into Earth orbit. Virgo rules the gut and gut instinct, and this time, the race wasn’t just about technological superiority, but gut superiority as well. We need a strong gut for the take off and the splashdown.


To put a man into Earth orbit, the United States created NASA.


Chart for NASA, July 29, 1958, Washington DC

Pluto and Mercury were conjunct in Virgo, inviting people on a shamanic journey.

NASA chose 7 men for the project they called, Project Mercury.


The training the men underwent hardened the gut, sharpened the mind, and connected mind to instincts.


Astronaut Training | Project Mercury: America’s First Manned Space Program | NASA Documentary Film


NASA had spread the seven manned missions between the years 1961 and 1963, but the last one was cancelled.

On March 15, 1962, two months before his mission, astronaut Donald K. Slayton was diagnosed with a heart murmur.


It brought a crisis to the organization.

NASA studied all the medical options available, and when Mars was in direct opposition to Pluto, they made the difficult decision of grounding Slayton. Astronaut Scott Carpenter took over the mission in May.

Slayton was given a managerial position. He had trained to fly solo, and had to readjust and work with a lot of people.

He worked on his health as well, hoping to be restored to flight status, and he succeeded in 1972, before Pluto left Virgo.

But he went into space in 1975, with Pluto in Libra.


Slayton with Alexei Leonov in the Soyuz spacecraft

Mars and Pluto opposed each other in the early degrees of Aries Libra in 1973. This is when General Secretary Brezhnev came to the United States for the Washington Summit. He and President Nixon discussed global peace, nuclear disarmament and cultural exchange.


Chart for June 24, 1973, Washington DC

Brezhnev addressed Americans on television and radio-

The spirit of the times was in Libra after all; it was a time of connectivity.

The collective will was asked to align itself to a new relationship, a détente between two rival nations.


President Nixon Welcomes Leonid Brezhnev to the United States


The ancients called Venus Aphrodite, Lady of Cyprus, born from the foam of the sea, worshipped in Paphos.


Cyprus was due to join the EU on May 1, 2004, and it was hoped that the two communities would join together as a united republic.

A peace process began between the two sides in 2001; there are peace talks when Venus Mercury are together.


Chart for November 8, 2001, Paphos

Pluto was in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius rules the thighs, the legs, mobility, purpose, direction.

Across from Pluto was Saturn retrograde in Gemini.

We try harder under the influence of retrograde planets, and the two sides tried harder to master negotiations and reach an agreement.

Negotiations continued under the auspices of the UN in 2002; there is diplomacy when Venus is in Capricorn.


Chart for January 1, 2002, Paphos

Mars in Pisces wished Pluto Godspeed.


They came up with a plan to unite the island, and referendums took place in both the Greek and Turkish areas on April 24, 2004.


In the middle of a noisy and busy day, full of chatter and activity,

Pluto asked for one direction.

He got one direction from each area of the island.

The Turkish Cypriots voted in favour of the plan, and the Greek Cypriots voted against the plan.

Heads of State who had followed the negotiations of the plan voiced their disappointment, criticism, opinion. But they focused their attention elsewhere as Mars broke away from the Pluto Mars opposition and Venus took his place.

It was time for celebration. Pluto was getting his one direction as Greek Cyprus along with many other countries joined the EU.

The largest expansion of the EU took place on May 1, 2004.


Capricorn rules official stories and Cancer rules unofficial stories.

Cancer rules what may go unrecorded, but slips into personal conversations, diaries, private letters.

Cancer rules what we keep in our chest. When we say, Get it off your chest, we’re in Cancer.

Pluto transited Cancer during WWI.

In early December 1914, the Pope asked for an official truce to be held on Christmas day, but the authorities of the warring governments refused.

The truce happened spontaneously.

French, German and British soldiers crossed trenches to exchange greetings.


Chart for the Christmas Truce, December 25, 1914

Saturn Pluto were changing unofficial ways of communicating in the middle of a war.

The men must have struggled to let their guards down and do what was a natural thing to do on Christmas day.

The will of the people aligned itself to the will of Pluto in Cancer. The will of the people defied authority while Mars and Pluto were in opposition.

Authorities tried to prevent the spontaneous truce from reaching the media; they tried to censor the stories of men exchanging greetings. But the stories slipped in the letters the men sent home.


Leo rules the heart, following our heart, what we feel with our heart,


On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges lay down on her couch for a quick nap, when a meteorite fell from the sky, punched a hole in her roof,


bounced off the radio and struck her on the hip.


She was hit by a space rock.


Chart for November 30, 1954, Alabama

Earlier in November, when  Jupiter Uranus were conjunct in Cancer, and Mars was beginning his transit through Aquarius, the Japanese movie ‘Godzilla’ had premiered in Tokyo. The movie had triggered fears of a nuclear holocaust, and people began to unite against atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Pluto was digging in Leo, in matters that are heartfelt.


Mars in Aquarius was in direct opposition to Pluto when the Hodges Meteorite distracted people from anti nuclear protests.

Eyes gazed beyond the skies in panic, and scientists rushed in to reassure the public that they were more likely to be hit by lightning than by a meteorite.

Stories about space began to appear in newspapers and magazines. By the time Mars was in Pisces, space was being discussed in schools and other institutions of learning.

In December of that year, Soviet scientists proposed a developmental plan for an artificial satellite, and the following year, American scientists followed suit.

It would one day lead to this.




Taurus rules many things, but in terms of body parts, he rules the neck, the throat and what we put in our mouth.

When Pluto transits Taurus, he can dig up issues with what people eat and drink, and as a consequence, issues with health, with the quality of the soil and water.

In 1854, there was an outbreak of cholera in London, and the attention of the authorities went to Taurus.


Chart for August 31, 1854, London

Uranus in Taurus trined Jupiter in Capricorn. He asked for improvement of the city’s infrastructure, but that was a long term project, that was that costly sewage system drawn up in the 1700s.

They needed a quick fix.

Across from Pluto was Mars in Scorpio, and there is medicine in Scorpio.

Call the doctor.

They called Dr. John Snow. Dr. Snow had written an essay expressing his skepticism over the miasma theory of disease. He wrote that foul air couldn’t be the cause of cholera; it was more likely to be something that was ingested and that multiplied in the intestines,

something in the water.

The good doctor interviewed the people affected, and found that they all drank water from the same water pump. He asked the authorities to take the handle off the pump immediately.


It takes time for one theory of disease to replace another, but Pluto moves slowly; he gives people the time they need.

Mars takes an average of two years to go around the zodiac, and Pluto and Mars opposed each other again in the Taurus Scorpio polarity in 1856.

There was another outbreak of cholera in 1856.


Chart for August 9, 1856, London

The people affected were people who got water from the Thames, and the Thames was an open sewer.

Joseph Bazalgette was hired to update the plans for the sewage system drawn up so long ago, but costs deterred the city from starting the project.


Chart for July 1, 1858, London

Until the Great Stink of July August 1858.


Chart for July 1, 1858, London

By then the will of the people and the will of Pluto were in alignment, and money was drawn from the coffers to build London’s sewage system. Jupiter was in Gemini, putting hands to work.


During the three oppositions, Venus was in Leo, applying pressure for clean water. When the first portion of the sewage system was inaugurated in 1865,

she was conjunct Pluto in Taurus. 


They brought a change in lifestyle.




With such matters occupying the British crown in the 1860s, they wished their colonies to become more economically and politically independent.

Pluto was digging up issues with land safety in this part of the world as well. With the Americans fighting a civil war, there were fears of American expansionism.

And so delegates from the maritime colonies and the province of Canada came together to bond and to discuss confederation.


Chart for September 1, 1864, Charlottetown, PEI

There is Jupiter, freeing up the qualities of Scorpio, and Scorpio rules the clan, protection of the clan.

The delegates continued their discussions in Halifax, and then in Quebec.


Chart for the Quebec Conference, October 10, 1864

Venus joined Jupiter in Scorpio, and Venus is love, and love is binding.

The idea of confederation was to bind Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada into one big clan,

for reasons of security.

Venus and Pluto opposed each other, and there was persuasion around the table, and not a struggle of wills.

There was a lure to bring them together, a railway that the federal government would build. The spirit of the times was in Gemini, fueled by Mars, and they highlighting technological advancements to open new markets, to trade.

The Sun Saturn in Libra asked for


and Neptune in Aries diffused an air of pioneership. Together they wrote 72 points that would form the basis of their union.

PEI and Newfoundland opted out, and the rest were in, but they still needed the approval of their respective clans.

Their respective clans seemed to agree, until Venus was conjunct Pluto in Taurus. That’s when the changes that confederation would bring dawned on them.


Chart for July 13, 1865

Mars in Leo squared the conjunction, and a Mars square can energize or halt changes that are heartfelt.

When Mars and Pluto opposed each other later that year, there was dissent.


Chart for October 30, 1865

The spirit of the times was in Cancer, calling for the preservation of the stories of the clan. There were fears that unification would obliterate the heritage of the original clans.

Jupiter freed up the qualities of Sag, and Sag will not be bound. Mercury too freed up Mars, and he is the will of the individual,

but the Sun Saturn were with them in Scorpio, reminding them about security issues, and Venus said, Let’s re negotiate so that your fears are assuaged.

New Brunswick wouldn’t, until the Fenian Raids in 1866.


Chart for July 1, 1866

By the time Mars was conjunct Pluto in Taurus, New Brunswick was convinced that confederation was the way to go.

The will of the people and the will of Pluto were one, in defence of the land.

Saturn sealed the union, and Venus in Leo bound them to it.

Jupiter freed the qualities of Capricorn, and with Mercury, made laws of unity, a unity that would respect the character of every clan.

The Province of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were united on July 1, 1867.

Then came September, and a crisis. When Mars began his transit through Scorpio, Nova Scotia decided it wanted out. It didn’t need a railway after all; its prosperity was based on international commerce and the sailing ship.

In October, the British Crown told Nova Scotia that it couldn’t have out.


Chart for October 18, 1867

Mars Mercury tried to break free, but they were flanked by Saturn and Venus, reminding them of their commitment,

and the will of Pluto opposed them.

The matter was settled on October 30, 1867.


Saturn stood beside Mars. He pointed at Pluto in Taurus who was securing the land and building the railway with shared resources.

He pointed at Jupiter who was freeing the qualities of Aquarius, and Aquarius rules the group. There would be no betrayal of the group.

To ease the alignment, Venus opened the coffers and increased Nova Scotia’s provincial subsidy.

She can bring us together for a cause, for a rally, for change,

and she can make alignments to the will of Pluto easier.


Chart for July 1, 1867, Ottawa

This is Canada’s planetary foundation.

Pluto is in Taurus and Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio.

The country digs in Taurus, in the stories of the Bull of Heaven and Inanna Ereshkigal, of Jupiter and Europa crossing the sea, and of Hephaestus’ protection. There is Minos asking the god Neptune for a bull to secure his land, his reign, and there is Pasiphae and Daedalus’ invention. There is Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur,

and there is Ariadne and Asterion.

We can re dream the stories; Pluto is about death and transformation.


The country works hard in Scorpio.

Scorpio holds the stories of Nergal and Ereshkigal, Artemis and Apollo, Orion and the scorpion, and of Asclepius.

They say that Athena gave Asclepius drops of Gorgon Medusa’s blood, blood that could kill and blood that could heal, and Asclepius healed so many that Jupiter got annoyed.

Athena makes her way into Scorpio through Asclepius and through Nergal who is Mars, whom she taught strategy in war.

There was a priestess of Athena with beautiful hair called Medusa. She was seduced by Neptune on the steps of Athena’s temple, and Athena took offense. She turned Medusa into a monster, turned her hair into serpents, and she helped Perseus cut her head off. She wore the head on her shield, and Mars wore it too.


Athena and Neptune had a rivalry that went back to the time of the founding of Athens. Neptune offered the city a water spring, an access to the sea, and Athena offered the olive tree. The people of Athens accepted her gift and made her patron goddess of Athens, and Neptune took offense.


Neptune and Athena and King Cecrops, first king of Athens

In the middle of these stories is Saturn retrograde, working hard to keep a clan together.

He worked overtime when Pluto in the sky transited Scorpio in the 80s and 90s.

Pluto was conjunct natal Saturn within a 5 degree orb between 1988 and 1992.

This was the time when Quebec asked for constitutional change, to have more provincial powers, to be declared a distinct society.

This was also the time when the Cree of northern Quebec wanted to stop a hydro-electric dam project in James Bay. They campaigned against it, and in the spring of 1990, they took their campaign to the United States, where some of the electricity from the dam would be sold. They built an odeyak and paddled to New York City.


They got there in time for the Earth Day Concert in Times Square.


Chart for April 22, 1990, NY

Mercury in Taurus was conjunct natal Pluto, and the Cree told stories of the ancestral land they wanted to protect, soul stories.

Mercury trined Neptune Uranus in Capricorn, myth making planets, myths that can guide us through life, that can influence the structures that hold us up.

Jupiter was beginning his transit through Cancer, freeing the qualities of Cancer. He was conjunct natal Sun Uranus Moon, awakening the country to what is possible with activism, with stories that capture the hearts of people.

And all the while, Pluto was conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio, digging up issues with the clan, while Saturn held the clan together.


During this time, things weren’t faring so well with Quebec’s proposals, and there was growing support for sovereignty in the province.

In 1993, Pluto broke away from the conjunction with natal Saturn, and Jupiter began his transit through Scorpio, freeing the qualities of Scorpio.


Medicine by Gustav Klimt, 1900

In 1994, American agreements to buy electricity from Quebec were cancelled, and the construction of the dam was postponed indefinitely.

In 1994, the Parti Québécois won the elections in Quebec.


Chart for September 12, 1994, Montreal

Jupiter was conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn was conjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces.

We make new what is old when Saturn and Jupiter come together, and the construction of the dam would be renegotiated. It would take into consideration the protection of ancestral land, and it would create jobs for the Cree.

We make new what is old when Saturn and Jupiter come together, and Quebec’s proposals would rise again and be taken seriously, but only after a crisis.

First, Mars in Cancer energized unity.

He energized the conjunction in Scorpio, grace and talks around the table, and myths that would influence Enki, bringer of laws.

Then he continued around the zodiac, and when he reached zero degrees Scorpio, the crisis began.


Gorgon Medusa on a pediment from the Temple of Artemis in Corfu, 580 BC

On September 7, 1995, Quebec drafted a referendum question that asked Quebecers, Yes to sovereignty or No to sovereignty.


Jupiter was in Sag, freeing the qualities of Sag, and Sag has a taste for risk and adventure.

Quebecers were leaning toward



The campaign for the Yes vote and the No vote officially began on October 2, 1995.


Mars was conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio,

and across from Mars was natal Pluto digging in Taurus,

digging in Taurus since the time when concerns about American expansionism brought the colonies together to discuss confederation.

The No vote began to rival the Yes the vote.


Map of the Eastern British Provinces at the time of confederation, 1864

The date for Quebec’s independence referendum was set for October 30, 1995, and on October 24, Venus was conjunct natal Saturn in Scorpio.


On this day, the James Bay Crees held their own referendum and voted to stay in Canada.

Then the prime minister addressed Canada and the leader of the Parti Québécois addressed Canada,

and Canada paid attention.

Mars had joined Jupiter in Sag, and suddenly, Canadians from every province felt the urge to travel, and they all travelled in the same direction.

To Quebec.


The Unity Rally

At the rally, the prime minister said he would support reforms to give Quebec more power and to be declared a distinct society. He would do whatever it took to keep the country united from sea to sea.


In 1980, Quebec’s independence referendum was defeated by 59.56 percent.

This time it was defeated by 50.58 percent.

Battles began about the legality of the rally, the funding to lower plane tickets and to provide buses to get to Montreal.

Battles began about the legality of the elections. There were questions about the long line ups at the polling stations where No votes were most likely, questions about why most of the votes considered invalid were No votes.

The crisis reached its peak in 1998, the year of the country’s Jupiter return.


Chart for January 4, 1998

The year began with an ice storm in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario that lasted 5 days.

Millions were left without power.


Hydro workers repaired the lines, and the federal government deployed the Canadian Forces to provide assistance.

Chiron, the wounded healer, was on natal Saturn, healing wounds.

Venus in Gemini is at the bending of the nodes in the natal chart, and the disaster showed us how connected we are, how much we need each other.


On February 16, the Supreme Court was asked to rule on the legality of Quebec separatism.


Chart for February 12, 1998

Jupiter was beginning his transit through Pisces, freeing the qualities of Pisces, and Pisces rules the feet, the freedom to run from sea to sea, unencumbered by barriers.

Pisces rules places with no barriers.


Terry’s Marathon of Hope

In the natal chart of Canada, Jupiter in Pisces trines the Moon Uranus Sun in Cancer, in the sign of the homeland.

Uranus rules individuality, originality, distinctness.

The trine asks for a balance between having no barriers and preserving the distinct character of a clan, and a Jupiter return highlights the trine.

It highlights places like public schools, where there are no barriers and where the distinct language, stories and customs of a clan can be taught.

As Jupiter continues his transit through Pisces and reaches the middle degrees, he trines natal Saturn in Scorpio and sextiles natal Pluto in Taurus, reassuring them that all is well; the country is holding together.


On August 20, 1998, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Quebec cannot legally secede from Canada without the federal government’s approval.


Chart for August 20, 1998

Jupiter was at 26 degrees Pisces trining Mars at the last degree of Cancer, sealing the unity of the country.

He retrograded back to 18 degrees Pisces and trined natal Saturn and sextiled natal Pluto again before turning direct.

He went back to show them the Supreme Court ruling.

In Pisces there are no barriers between us and our remembered and unremembered dead.