Yin Yang III

The closest we get to a centaur in ancient Mesopotamia is Pabilsag, forefather or chief ancestor of the nomads. They say he shepherded us into our nomadic existence and then back into the milky way when we died. He was fierce and we paid attention and allowed him to shepherd us.


He was a winged centaur holding a bow and arrow, and he had the tail and stinger of the scorpion. He was both Scorpio and Sagittarius, like the Sagittarius A-Star that lies between the two constellations in the sky, in the place they call the galactic centre of the milky way.


In the birth chart, the star and the galactic centre are in Sag, and over time, Pabilsag lost his wings and his scorpion tail and became more familiar to us. In ancient Greece, he was the wildness we all try to suppress,


 and the wisdom that comes when we join rational thought with our animal instincts.


Sag in the chart is the part that holds memories of our nomadic ancestry, of being travellers, of being


but going somewhere, pointing the arrow in that direction and being shepherded by something greater than ourselves


to a place that will not bind us. In Sag, the biggest danger is to be bound.

We express ourselves freely here, love freely, speak our minds freely, unafraid to displease and upset others, because back in the days, we’d pick up and leave and get back on our journey.

It’s the unsettler mentality, the traveller mentality, and it can get on the rowdy side,


image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

but then again, every sign in the chart matures over an arc of time.

In the beginning, we were an unruly bunch. There we are in Sag, in the house of community, third from the Sun.


Solar chart for Bytown, time unknown, September 26, 1826

Merc     Look at them dad, they’re totally inebriated-

Sun     Intemperate, son.

Merc     They’re clearly inebriated, dad.

Sun     I’m in Libra, and in Libra, it’s all about temperance and intemperance.

Mars     I seem to agitate them. When the day’s done, they’re all about asserting their beliefs; mine’s truer than yours! And Venus doesn’t help. She’s in Scorpio dividing them into clans, and they end up doing crazy things, like challenging themselves to a swim across the river-

Venus     May the best clan win.

Merc     Hope no one drowns and dies of intemperance.

Mars     What this town needs is some form of peace preservation.

Sun (looks at the drunken men jumping into the river and nods in agreement. He then looks at Merc and says)     Why don’t you help your brother with that.


Chart for the Bytown Association for the Preservation of the Public Peace, time unknown, January 1, 1847

Mars (something catches his attention)     Merc, what’s that police watchman doing?

Merc     Where?

Mars (pointing)     Over there.

Merc     He’s making inquiries; looking for an individual.

Mars     What did the individual do?

Merc     Nothing; he’s just some politician’s opponent. The politician wants him out of the way, so he’s paid the watchman to arrest him.

Mars     Merc! That’s illegal!

Merc (shrugs)     That’s how they make extra money. They’re only paying the watchmen a dollar for every culprit they bring in.

Mars     Dad!


Sun     The Association needs oversight; Mars tells me there’s been political interference.

Saturn     If you put them in uniform, I’ll oversee them myself. Right now, they all look like outlaws.

Venus     They need someone to shepherd them; they’re used to being shepherded.

Uranus     Find them a chief; someone fierce looking like Pabilsag.

Neptune     Have you considered giving them a proper salary? They’ll take policing more seriously if you pay them well.

Jupiter     We should train them first.    

Pluto     Hear, hear.


Chart for January 1, 1865, the year a fully salaried and uniformed police force came into being in the town once known as Bytown

Jupiter     Sun! I didn’t say that I was going to train them! I said, We should train them!

Sun     You’re stuck with them for a year, Jupiter; let’s see what you can do.

Saturn     Let’s see if all the things they say about you are true.

Jupiter     What do they say?

Saturn     That you’re a teacher-

Pluto     A preacher-

Neptune     A wise leader.

Uranus     Show us if you can be chief!

He showed them.

He stood with Mercury in Capricorn and gave lectures on the principles of policing. With Mercury retrograde, he took his time and his lectures were long.

In Aquarius, he introduced them to the technologies and firearms available to the police at the time.

In Pisces, he spoke about protecting the vulnerable, and the use of force to bring order to disorder.

He measured their ability to control impulsivity and fear in Aries, and anger in Taurus.

He showed them how to gather information in Gemini, and in Libra, he spoke about good relations, and he made them tidy up.

By the time he was back in Sag, everyone stood in formation, taming their wildness.

Then cars were introduced.

There’s nothing like cars to bring the wildness back into men standing in formation.


Chart for January 1, 1912, the year the first Model T Fords were introduced

Jupiter returned to Sag when Pluto was digging in Gemini; he was perfecting a machine for short distance travel.

Jupiter     Say Pluto, the police force could use one of those.

Pluto     Why don’t you send Merc to pick one up.

Jupiter (to Merc)     Go pick one up, Merc, and make sure you stay on the road.

Merc stayed on the road, and when he reached Pluto, he got in the car and got distracted. He first went to visit Venus in Scorpio,


and then joined Uranus on his mid morning break from work.


Jupiter    Where is he!

Neptune     Mayday, mayday, Merc’s missing.

Mars     He’s probably just wandering around; it’s in his nature.

Jupiter     I thought I fixed that.

Sun     You’re going to have to fix it again, now that you’ve given him a set of wheels.

Moon     If I may-

Sun     Go ahead, Moon.

Moon     We don’t fix natures and tame wildness in Sag. We teach them to have a dialogue between human and horse.

Jupiter     You’re so wise, Moon. Thank you.

Pluto     I’d better install a radio in that car; that way we’ll know where he is at all times.

Neptune     Make sure it’s high frequency.

Saturn     Make sure it works.


Moon     There he is! Coming round that bend.

Uranus (back from his break)     If he doesn’t slow down, he’s going to collide with that horse coming round the other bend.

Sun     When cars become popular, we’ll need traffic police.

Saturn     If everyone drives the way Merc’s driving, we’ll need a department that investigates collisions.

Mars     There could be injuries.

Venus     And fire! We’ll have to coordinate police with medics and firefighters.

Neptune     We should distinguish their cars with sirens.

All the planets except Neptune     No!

Uranus     That would draw traffic to them!

Pluto     Cars would pile up!

Merc parks the car and hands the keys to Jupiter

Merc     Are you brainstorming?

Jupiter     We are.

Merc     Because of the car?

Jupiter     The car has opened a door to the future.   (turns to look at the car) Who do you have in there?

Merc     Some drunken men I picked up along the way.


Chart for January 1, 1995, the official date for the police service in the town once known as Bytown

Uranus     Jupiter, are you sure you want this chart? I bend rules in Capricorn-

Neptune     I reach for the waters of the Abzu to open the imagination-

Mercury     I write fiction-

Jupiter     You’re the part that will allow them to be creative; we can’t have an inflexible police force. Can’t always go by the book.

Moon (pointing at herself and the Sun)     What about us?

Jupiter     If they have a little fun, you’ll hold their secrets.


POLICE OFFICER #1 (elbows police officer #2 and whispers)     Did you hear that?



Moon     Are you allowing them room to have a dialogue between human and horse?

Jupiter     Yes; in the polarity of service. Mars is in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces.

Mars     They will use rational thought to find practical solutions with me; sometimes all it takes is a glass of water to calm someone down. They will speak clearly and write their reports concisely.

Saturn     They will master their animal side with me and learn to trust their instincts and intuition.


POLICE OFFICER #2 (elbows police officer #1 and whispers)     Did you hear that?



Jupiter     With Pluto and Venus in Scorpio, our mission is clear; to protect our community and our own.

Pluto     The city’s growing-

Venus     We should recruit more people.

Jupiter     I’ll send Eros; he has a way of capturing the imagination.

Mercury     They’re centaurs, so he should use the word, Adventure. Tell him to start by asking them, Are you ready for adventure?


Jupiter is our protector in the sky; the catcher’s mitt. His gravity catches asteroids and comets that could hurt the Earth.


He rules the natal chart of the police force, there, in Sag, where it all began.

Every time Jupiter in the sky aspects Jupiter in the natal chart, he throws him a ball.

Sometimes the ball’s easy to catch, and sometimes it’s hard. But the best way to break in the catcher’s mitt

is to play catch.

Catch, he said, from across the sky in 2001.


Chart for the amalgamation of the town once known as Bytown, January 1, 2001

Synastry chart with the police chart in the inner wheel, and the amalgamation chart in the outer wheel, noon

Jupiter in the sky, in Gemini     Catch!

Jupiter in the natal chart, in Sag (catches the ball, reads the text written on it and says)     The town’s amalgamating and changing our name.

Venus (looks at Jupiter in the sky and says)     Why is he standing still?

Pluto     He’s going to be the town’s natal Jupiter.

Jupiter in the natal chart, in Sag     They’ve split us!

Saturn     You can now throw balls at each other.

Moon     Be nice, Sat.

Sun     Yeah; be nice, Sat. They can now play catch together.


The synastry chart activates the Gemini Sag polarity, the polarity of the traveller, in search of knowledge, and most vigilant of freedom. It defines the character of the city and her police force.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in the sky continues his transit around the zodiac, and every twelve years, he returns to Sag.


Chart for Jupiter return, December 12, 2006

Chart for Jupiter return, November 26, 2018

His returns bring synthesis and introspection, new opportunities and new direction. 

Ready to play catch again.


the question about women


They say Uranus was discovered unexpectedly. William Herschel was at his telescope looking at fixed stars of magnitude 8, stars barely visible to the naked eye, when an object moved in front of them.

That object was Uranus

Is Uranus

He has a way of showing up unexpectedly.


Future astronomers noted that he rotates on his side-

That’s Uranus too; he has a habit of breaking patterns and doing things his own way.

and when they followed his path around the Sun, they saw irregularities. He didn’t follow Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

They figured there must be a major planet somewhere out there perturbing his path, and using Newton’s laws, they made mathematical calculations and predicted where that planet was


and that’s when Neptune entered our consciousness and was discovered.


He was known to be there before he was seen.

With Neptune, we just know.


Uranus and Neptune come together every 171 years, and when they come together, a new cycle  of knowing which patterns to break begins.

The first time they came together, Prometheus defied the gods and brought us divine fire,



Fire gave us security, and with security, we let go of old fears, broke old patterns of behaviour, and our minds soared.

They came together in the 1820s in Capricorn, and we were still in that cycle when the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada was established.


Chart for the RCSW, February 3, 1967